BRIDESMAID GARDEN PARTY INSPIRATION | How to Have an Outdoor Garden Party, Indoors + Freixenet Bubbly Giveaway!


Want to have an outdoor party, but the weather’s lousy?  NO PROBLEM.  Here’s a hack… sort of.

One of the most coveted styles of party these days remains the outdoorsy, woodsy, greeny, lush and naturey look (I definitely just made up some words but whatever).  That usually means: wood elements, at LEAST a few succulents because SUCCULENTS ARE EVERYTHING, other types of plant life, generally a rustic vibe and – because who doesn’t love it – a bit of gold speckled throughout.  Not too much, because that’s tacky.  But just enough.  By the way I might have thrown in a bit too much gold.  Hopefully it’s not tacky, though.  Sorry I LOVE GOLD.

Featured in today’s shoot are some sharp mini champagne bottles, because – cool giveaway alert - Freixenet is doing a giveaway of their adorably packaged champagne bottles.  Would you like to win 125 beautiful little mini bottles of Freixenet bubbly, plus a ginormous Memory Magnum bottle as well, to use on your wedding day, all for the low low price of free?  The appropriate answer is who wouldn’t.  So yeah if you’d like a shot at winning one of six of these prize packages, pop over to Freixenet’s All Love Sparkles sweepstakes, which is taking place over on their facebook page.

30 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

Now, as I was saying — while we’d all like to have a lovely little garden party outside, sometimes that just doesn’t work out.  Depending on where you live, it’s possible your only viable option for parties may be indoors!  In other cases, the weather for an entire week leading up to your party day could be full of sunshiney rays, and then BAM, rain all day.  Huge bummer.

Not so fast.  It doesn’t have to be a bummer!  I decided for this shoot I’d show you guys how to have that coveted outside garden party look, indoors, if the weather just isn’t cooperating.  Stupid weather, doesn’t it know who you ARE? :)

I really wanted to show you that you can still have the garden party of your dreams, even on the dreariest of days!  I DIY’d a crapload of the things you’re about to see, like these terrariums in lightbulbs for example:

11 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

… so lemme know if you’d like me to share how to at some point later on the blog.  Aright, to the pictures…

-13 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

1 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

0 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

35 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

36 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

37 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

38 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

Yes, that’s a Pez dispenser spray-painted gold.  Because why not?

40 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

42 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

44 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

4 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

5 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

6 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

That little golden cake is an eraser!  Just another little favor for your bridesmaids to take home.

7 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

8 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

9 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

10 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

11 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

12 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

Lovely little botanical-inspired notebooks from Rifle Paper Co., again, for your lucky bridesmaids to take home!

14 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

16 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

17 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

18 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

Watch out, btw, if you decide to introduce wildlife in your indoor styling… they may steal your treats..

19 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

21 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

22 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

23 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

24 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

26 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

27 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

29 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

30 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

31 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

32 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

33 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

34 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

TKB fleur

Remember, if you wanna win one of those enormous prize packages, enter here, friendlies.  You get 125 beautiful little mini bottles of Freixenet bubbly, not to mention a ginormous memory magnum bottle as well, all for you to use on your wedding day.  What’s not to love about that :)

What do you think of the inspiration today?  I’m no professional, but I did my best!

xo, Alison

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GIVEAWAY | Shop Your Way & TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” Will “Sweep” One Lucky Bride off their Feet with a Dream Wedding!

It’s me again.  I have a giveaway to share with you guys today!  YayYUH.

Ok, so – if you’re like most brides, planning your wedding can be both emotionally and financially stressful.  There’s the struggle to find the perfect dress, the perfect accessories, not to mention plan that perfect honeymoon – and all within a budget.  Talk about overwhelming.

That’s why I’m pretty pumped to introduce to you this killer opportunity.  Shop Your Way Sweeps & TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” are offering you access to win a dream wedding prize worth over $30,000.  YESSSSS.  Not only is that a whopping helluva prize, but it’s super simple to enter to win it, too.  The prize includes a dress credit, a fitting from one of the top bridal shops in Manhattan, a dream honeymoon, and jewelry and apparel from Sears and Kmart.

Shop Your Way and TLC Say Yes To The Dress

Enter now through April 14, 2013 – click right here to enter, sweeties.  While you’re there, you might want to check out all the other great benefits of Shop Your Way Sweeps.  There are 1000’s of sweepstakes live now, and lots more added daily.

Lots of luck, my friends!

xo, Alison

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TRAVELER’S JOY + A GIVEAWAY! | Here’s my favorite way to reconnect as a couple, once the wedding is over…

New experiences bond couples.  It’s a fact.  Sharing a new experience, like traveling together to a foreign land or even just hiking up an unfamilar trail does something chemical in your brain, the result being that you feel happier to be with your partner and that much more connected to one another than before.  It’s science.  And I think that beats getting a blender any day.


I don’t know about you but honestly the last thing I want is a blender for my wedding.  I have a blender.  I have plates.  I have flatware.  We’ve been living together for a while, we have acquired the basic necessities of living an adult life.  What I don’t have is a sensational 7 night stay in St. Lucia for zero dollars out of pocket.  I WANT a 7 night stay in St. Lucia for zero dollars.  Or Bali.  Or Italy.  Or Greece!  Or all of the places all in a row.  And Traveler’s Joy can give this to me.  Therefore, I love Traveler’s Joy (and I’m far from the only one).

I’m inclined to think you’d agree, too, that make out sessions on the same old couch can get kinda boring.

french bulldog and frenchie puppy kissing

Bambino and Little Guy enjoying a makeout sesh on – where else? – the couch

A couple needs a change of scenery every once in a while.  Especially after they’ve gone through the emotional ups and downs of planning a wedding together.  That shit can get hectic.

So that’s where Traveler’s Joy comes in.  Traveler’s Joy let’s you have your cake and eat it, too.  It lets you go on a totally free-to-you dream vacation on the backs of your dear wedding guests.  This is a win-win situation, since nobody in their right mind actually wants to buy someone a blender to celebrate the fact that they got married.  What a SNORE.  I’d much rather contribute to a couple’s adventurous sexcapades on an island in the southern Aegean Sea…


You can go ahead and get started on your registry right now if you’d like: click here to get going.  It’s mighty easy and super fast.  Or click here to see some of the best and coolest honeymoon registries already crafted by other couples, for inspiration.  It’s arranged by region of the world.  ORRR, check out some of the most romantic honeymoon getaways possible.  I could spend all afternoon in there.

How it works: you can have a complete registry in just a matter of minutes.  Couples choose from a list of 50 theme based (think beach, cruise, or mountains) or location specific (think Italy, Hawaii or St. Lucia) item lists.  With one click, the items and experiences your hearts desire are added to your registry.  You can edit or delete any item at any time and/or add more later on.  And it’s not just the voyage you can register for; couples can register for physical items, like cameras and video-cameras.  Even flip-flops, people.

Btdubs, group gifting is what makes this so special: it’s easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable portions.  This way your guests can spend what they personally feel comfortable spending on you, while still contributing to what you really want.

But wait, there’s more!  If you dig giveaways you’ll want to sign up with the quickness, because between May 1st and October 31st of this year Traveler’s Joy is running a stellar special offer — every month they’ll pick one lucky couple on their wedding day and TRIPLE the honeymoon gifts they receive from their registry.  What?  WHAT?  It’s just too good a deal to pass up.  If you register by April 30th you’ll automatically be entered to win!!!

In closing, let me just say that at the tippy top of my list of fun things to do with my person are a) travel to amazing vacation spots and b) spend absolutely none of our own hard-earned money facilitating these travels.  Suffice it to say, the two rarely (never) go hand in hand.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY PEEPS.  I promise you, it’ll be the second best decision you ever made, second only to marrying your beloved.

*This is a partnered post.  Of course, I hand-pick all sponsors of TKB to make sure they’re a perfect fit for you guys and for the blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Happy Friday!  -Alison

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‘THE BACHELOR’ RECAP | Season 18, Episode 2 | Naked Photo Shoot For a Good Cause, Drunk Victoria & The Hymen Maneuver.

It’s Saturday.  Here, finally, is your Episode 2 recap.

photo (27)


The show starts with previews of the show.  EVERYTHING is going to happen.  Yet nothing at all.  I’m ashamed at how excited I am for such manufactured nothingness to unravel.

Flash to Dog Lover’s dog, Molly, who is swimming in the pool.  Molly couldn’t swim before The Bachelor but this pool is filled with the salt of 27 women’s tears so she’s practically floating.  It’s really good to see that at least one of the girls is growing from this experience.   {Continue reading…}

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‘THE BACHELOR’ RECAP | Season 18 + Episode 1: You Guys, I Don’t Juan To Watch This Show Anymore…

I haven’t showered in almost three days and if I had an office job this would be the point where I decide I’m going to sprinkle baby powder on my scalp tomorrow morning to cover up the grease.  I am a disgusting manifestation of a human being.

In comparison, these girls are immaculate.  They look like they shower every day.

bachelor juan pablo season 18 cast shot

Somehow, however, this show still manages to make me feel really good about myself.

Welcome To Your Long Overdue Bachelor Recap

I have to start by saying,  {Continue reading…}

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CHRISTMAS CRAFTS | Gold Leaf + Twine + Tags = Easy Holiday Place Settings That Shimmer! | By Kindred

Happy Holidays lovelies!

It’s been so long since I’ve been back here to write a DIY and am excited to share this pretty place setting for all your upcoming holiday parties!  Easy, fresh, and a little bit of shine… what every table needs!  {Continue reading…}

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LAST MINUTE GIFT GUIDE | For you procrastinators out there…

All of these items were currently still in stores as of this morning in my area…


(Fun Tip: Still searching for a gift for your parents?  Assuming a baby’s out of the question ?? then may I suggest {Continue reading…}

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CONFESSIONS | installment 1 | 25 Things That Shock Me About Myself, and The World. [NSFW-ish]


I think I’m getting my period and there’s no chocolate in the house, so I’ll be writing some pretty emotional stuff today.  Even though I would rather be eating chocolate.  Here goes.

The following is a stream of consciousness list I put together about things that still manage to shock me, as the world has become so frigging shocking to me sometimes that I don’t even feel like I have the ability to be surprised anymore.  I think I’m making this sound too upbeat.



1. How much “likes” and “favorites” {Continue reading…}

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THANKFUL FOR… | Cool Thanksgiving Wedding Inspiration + The Prettiest Gold Dress + Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes I Love


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Pretty big deal in these parts.

Walmart didn’t get the memo. {Continue reading…}

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Looks like it’s that time of the year again…

So it’s that time of year again, known these days as any time of the year.  When a populated area of the world is rendered suddenly dangerous and uninhabitable due to extreme weather.


Somewhere a mayor fights for his right to do lines while officially running a city.

Somewhere women are fighting while sitting on couches wearing (hideous) couture.

for-philippines-with-love-blog (1)

Somewhere a young superstar is arguing the point that nudity and sexually suggestive gesturing on stage at a music show for teenagers is feminist.  And she really believes this.

And somewhere in the Philippines, people just lost everything.

But the first three I mentioned have gotten a much bigger chunk of airtime in comparison to the last.  Which is weird right?


Sometimes my dog is like, “I’m gonna shit in your kitchen.”  That is something that pisses me off.  But then I remember I have a kitchen, and I calm down.

Dude we are so lucky!

We have a kitchen.  We have a grocery store stocked with food and water, too, pretty much at all times.  (Though it does close at midnight which gets annoying since cravings usually hit around 1am.)

Point is I didn’t just have my house and community literally ripped from under me by harsh winds and torrential downpour.

So what I’m getting at is,


It’s lovely to pray but praying doesn’t put food on the table.

It’s lovely to tweet thoughts of love, and send your good vibes to areas of the world via the internet but none of that rebuilds infrastructure.

It’s lovely to do any of those things, of course, and I encourage the continued doing of them, but obviously it’s most helpful to donate hard-earned money.  Whatever little or lot you can, as I’m really into – and I’d like to bet you are too – actually doing things that change lives tangibly, especially when I can do it by passively clicking some buttons on my computer screen and then getting back to watching those women word-murder each other in prom dresses (<–this is my personal shame).

The best reward is knowing your money will have real impact on the place you want it to, imo.  You feel me?

You can donate here.

Thanks to For Philippines With Love for getting this off the ground in coordination with the world-changing Shelterbox.

Here is the hashtag for this awesome fundraising effort: #ForPIWithLoveFromMe



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I’M OBSESSED… | This Sale On All The Things I Didn’t Know I Wanted For The Holidays


Found this little sale going on at West Elm on everything from monogramming to gold flatware this week and I fell in love.  I usually don’t fall in love with sales.

But when free monogramming is involved and it’s not cheesy, I-look-like-a-self-absorbed-little-fuck type monogramming, but instead pretty simple lettering that adds some attractive umph to the item, I’m all for it.  Which essentially means this is the first time I’ve ever been for it.  Makes a great gift for your bridesmaids in my opinion – or for yourself because we all deserve a little reward now and then, yes?  The answer is yes STOP PUNISHING YOURSELF.

Btw- I feel shameful about this but I am still hopelessly into little arrows and a touch of golden trim and shit like that.  I try to limit my purchasing of these things because I’m trying to avoid looking like someone on Princesses Long Island.  You have to admit though all the stuff below is just too cute to ignore.

For example…

This metal-wrapped wood tray, $59:


This metallic case, $9:

west elm metallic zipper case

west elm metallic zipper case silver gold

This little leather case, $34:

west elm leather zipped case monogrammed arrows

(except the mustache one – ENOUGH with the mustaches)

leather zipper case small - west elm

west elm leather zipped case monogrammed arrows 2

Comes in small, medium and large, $24 – $49

west elm leather zipped case monogrammed arrows 3

This tray, $29 – $34:

west elm gold metallic monogrammed tray

west elm gold metallic monogrammed tray 2

This jewelry box, $59:

rustic wood monogrammed jewelry box

This jewelry box, too, $24 – $49:

mirrored monogram jewelry box west elm

The snowflake stocking, $24:

west elm monogrammed felt snowflake stocking 2

west elm monogrammed felt snowflake stocking

This ipad case, $34:

baggu dipped ipad case 2

And the rest of the Baggu Bag Collection – Navy + Gold, $34 – $99:

Baggu Bag Collection - Navy + Gold

p.s. – I also love some things that are regrettably not monogrammable but I just had to include in this post:


this wireless bamboo keyboard, $69 // these color blocked utensils, $8 – $12 / this gold flatware, $23 – $84


gold serving set, $23 // gold cheese knives, $23


So guys, am I just smitten because they happened to burn my actual name into a lot of these things, or are these actually really fun and happifying-to-look-at additions to a lady’s wardrobe and daily life?

I have a personal post coming up, it’s taken me only a thousand years to finish it so I’m sure that’s not weird.  That’s not weird, right?

I missed you guys.


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GIRL TALK + SORTA NSFW | I need to talk about our vaginas for a minute…


I found out about a tumblr site recently; the site is *VERY GRAPHICALLY* devoted to your itty bitty kitty.  Specifically– loving the one you’re with.   {Continue reading…}

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FASHION + GIRL TALK | 15 Ways Models Are Just Like Us…

View More:

Every night before I drift off to sleep, I either voluntarily or involuntarily participate in what I call my pre-slumber worryfest.  It’s very simple; instead of sleeping, I worry about shit.   {Continue reading…}

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DIY + GIRL TALK | Easy Gold Leafing DIY, and the Only 3 Bridal Shower Activities You Need For a Great Party!

Me again.  Happy Friday evening, peeps..


One fun thing I like to do from time to time is not drink enough water all day and then see how my work suffers.  This game I don’t recommend trying at home.

However I do have some games for you today that I think you should definitely try at home…
{Continue reading…}

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IN-LAW ISSUES, YAY! | Dealing With A “No Boundaries” In-Law, In Today’s Letter From A Reader.


In today’s exciting installment of In-Law Issues Revealed, one lady is trying to plan the wedding of her dreams to another lady’s beloved son, and that second lady is so totally not having ANY of it.  LOL!  High kick, woot!

No but seriously this poor girl.   {Continue reading…}

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Honey and I ate a strawberry today that was so good, like it was so sugary and scrumptious, that we couldn’t even enjoy it for a second before jumping to conclusions about the strawberry being artificially flavored or genetically engineered to taste like that.  ”Probably added sugar to it. Bastards,” said Honey.  ”NO way is this naturally how a strawb (he calls them ‘strawbs’) would taste.”  Look at how jaded we’re getting, you guys.

I shared this anecdote with you not as a cry for help, but as a message to couples everywhere: this is how hard it’s become to genuinely impress us with a thing.

Enter, this wedding. 

Thanks to The Bird & The Bear (aka, Caryn and Bryan) {Continue reading…}

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Markel Wedding Insurance | Because Sh*t Happens… And Your Wedding Day Is No Exception.

markel wedding insurance

When you think about your wedding day, what do you focus on?  Do you think about your dress?  The decorations?  Your walk down the aisle, and whether or not your sweetie’s gonna cry when he first catches a glimpse?  Maybe you think about your first dance as husband and wife, and what it will feel like.  Maybe you think about your family, and how everyone’s going to be together in one room, just to celebrate the love you two share.  Whatever it is, I bet you tend to focus on the good stuff, right?  I certainly do.

But if you’re smart, you’re probably also aware of the things that can go wrong…. the many, many things that can go wrong…. on your big day.  Or maybe you’re not at all aware of them.  Or maybe you’ve been told not to worry, so you put it out of your mind.

Because why stress over such things?  Wedding planning is stressful enough.

Here’s why: because sh*t happens.  And your wedding day is no exception!  So that’s where Markel Wedding Insurance comes in.

No one really talks about it, but wedding insurance is kind of a necessity in my eyes.  It’s also one of those things you don’t think about until you suddenly and desperately need it… and by that time it’s too late.  For example:

“As a little girl, Catherine’s mother shared stories of her wedding day while they looked through her mother’s scrapbook.  The pictures of her mother in her beautiful dress and her father gleaming as her mother walked down the aisle were what brought her parent’s love story to life for Catherine.  When Catherine thought about her wedding day, she knew she wanted all of those special moments to be preserved in the same way as her parents – awe-inspiring photos.  When she chose a wedding photographer, she made sure that no stone was left unturned – not only would she have gorgeous pictures and a scrapbook to share with her future children, she also would have a DVD album and a slideshow of the day. Catherine checked “Wedding Photographer” off of her “Wedding To-Do List” and went on with her planning…

A week after she booked her photographer, the photographer called and said he could no longer photograph her wedding for her.  The photographer (an independent photographer contracted through Catherine’s venue) refused to work with Catherine’s venue, as they still owed him money from a few previous weddings. Suddenly, Catherine was back at square one.  She had to find a new photographer that would work with her venue and provide all of the services her original photographer was going to offer.  Catherine would also have to pay for it herself, as the venue had already taken her payment for her current photographer.  Then she remembered that she had purchased cancellation insurance from Markel Wedding Insurance.  Catherine was able to recoup the deposit she had paid for her first chosen photographer, plus: Markel paid for another photographer to complete the keepsake DVD album and slideshow for her, as those were included in the original contract but the second photographer was unable to perform those services.”

Markel’s Wedding Cancellation insurance reimburses you for any non-refundable deposits you may have if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, such as:
• Extreme weather
• Accident
• Illness
• Military deployment
• Vendor bankruptcy

Just because your event does take place, doesn’t mean you are free from the need for wedding cancellation insurance.  You also have coverage in case of the following:
• Lost wedding rings
• Damage to special wedding attire
• Vendor no-shows
• Lost / damaged photography / cinematography
• Lost / damaged wedding gifts

One more thing!  Markel also offers Wedding Liability Insurance coverage (which many venues now require), which would help protect you and your groom from financial loss if an accident occurred at your wedding.  That’s pretty neat you guys.  Like if someone accidentally fell on the dance floor and got hurt, or if a friend had a few drinks too many and got into a car accident on the way home.  See? This is the sh*t you don’t expect.  But it happens.  More often than we’d like it to.  So why not be prepared?

Visit Markel’s Reviews & FAQs page to learn more, if I haven’t succeeded at convincing you here.  You guys know I don’t write these posts if I don’t believe in them.  I strongly urge you to consider this option.

xo!  Alison

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OPEN LETTER TO DES HARTSOCK | 10 Tips As You Embark On Life With A Man For Whom You Seem To Be Settling..

“There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it.”

― Judith McNaught


I finally found an exception to that rule.

The Bachelorette Finale – Part II: All You Don’t Need Is Love?

It’s such a shame to me when a girl {Continue reading…}

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TROJAN VIBRATOR GIVEAWAY | Yes, We Are Literally Giving Away Vibrators. [Filed under: Buzz-Worthy]

We’re giving away vibrators today.  Ain’t no other more dignified way of sayin it.

You want one?  Cool we’re giving away 3 separate packs to 3 separate winners.



1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us you’d like to win.  <– Each individual may leave up to 5 comments of this type, on this blog post to increase your chances of winning this random drawing!

2. If you’re on Pinterest, extra entry if you pin any one of the images contained in this blog post (must leave an additional comment on this post indicating that you pinned.)

3. If you’re on Twitter, receive an extra entry by tweeting the below (tell us you’ve tweeted, by leaving an extra blog comment):

Just entered a #GIVEAWAY on @theknottybride!

4. Extra entry if you “Like” The Knotty Bride on Facebook (again, let us know you’ve done so with an extra comment in the comment section of this post)

5. Extra entry if you blog about this giveaway on your blog, either as a stand-alone post, or within a post.  Must link to the contest, obvs.

6. Posting about this giveaway on Facebook (like with the others, tell us in a separate comment on this blog post).


The prizes: 3 separate winners will receive a Bridal Expo Pleasure Pack from Trojan; each pack features two Expo tickets (optional) and five Trojan vibrators (5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111).

FYI: Giveaway will close Sunday morning.  ANYONE CAN ENTER.  And if you’re shy, you’re welcomed to put a fake name – just make sure the email address you fill out is one we can reach you at, a’ight?  We’ll be contacting the winners via email.

Happy entering, peeps.

By the way:  This is separate from the giveaway, but if you’re going to be in or around Secaucus, New Jersey this Sunday, and you think you might want to grab some free vibrations, Trojan‘s giving away vibrators at a Bridal Expo they’ll be at this weekend (while supplies last – and they’re vibrators so early bird probably gets the worm here).  Anyway here are the details on that, if you wanna go:

Date: Sunday, August 4th
Time: 11:00-6:00PM
Location: Bridal Expo New York
Meadowlands Exposition Center
355 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094


Ok, good luck everyone!

xo, Alison


Today’s sneak peek image comes from an upcoming wedding we’ll be sharing by The Bird & The Bear Photography, an extraordinary photography studio and member of Vendor Love.  Do not miss it!  (Sorry that I yelled.)

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DEAR TKB: “I Think I Need More Sex Than My Partner… What Do I Do?” PLUS: Royal Baby News (UPDATED) & Would You Wear This Sheer Wedding Dress? | NSFW

Clearly I have a lot to talk about.


Today’s letter for our Dear TKB advice column is the first I’ve received of its kind, but the issue the reader is facing is turning out to be a lot more common than I think we as a culture realize.  Friends of ours have gone through it.  I’ve been through it myself in the past.  Lots of taboo around it but there shouldn’t be!

Obvs. the goal with these posts is to have some real conversation about stuff that’s otherwise difficult to talk about, for some.  I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and advice, if you have any you’re willing to offer!

Ok now,  {Continue reading…}

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Things I Can’t Live Without This Summer! PLUS: How To Make a Cool Rustic Leather-Laced Boutonnière | DIY


This summer, I can’t go without a few things.  Whether I like it or not.

Let’s just jump right into this…

This summer, I can’t go without: 

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Love all of this...

10 GREAT IDEAS FOR JULY FOURTH | Patriotic Snow Cones, Patriotically Menstruate, Cool-Ass Nail Art, Alcoholic Drinks In the name of Freedom, Kid Crafts…

So July 4th, let’s do this.

last minute ideas for fourth of july diy party

Actually first a couple of cool gifs I thought you might like:

- watch hot glass being formed into a horse. via reddit

- watch this :)

Independence Day is one of ma faves, y’all.  I may not know how to file a tax return on my own but that doesn’t mean I don’t love celebrating the fact that I can, should I choose to educate myself one day, because FREE COUNTRY.  And who doesn’t love a day of drinking fully condoned by Big Brother, {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...