TORI + DEAN | a chic, casual vow renewal | Color Scheme: Grey + Yellow + White + a Touch of Gold!

First, a quick admission.  We had Cheesecake Factory again last night. Laaaaawd help me, I am obsessed.  Those taquitos… once they hit your lips… and that cheesecake.  Well, obvs.

Ok, so you know Tori Spelling, right?  Ok, stupid question.  I think it’s safe to say that we all know quite a bit about her.  But here’s something you may not know… she has PHENOMENAL TASTE IN VOW RENEWAL PARTY DECOR.  The photos you are about to behold were snapped by the amazing Elizabeth Messina, and they are TO DIE.  Simply, TO DIE.

Hellooooo amazetastic detail inspiration!  How’s it goin’?

WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!! Right?  Am I right?

I mean, seriously, how much are you loving this?  Because I’m just sitting here, in awe of how much I actually adore each of these details.  And not in a hyperbolic blogger sense.  I mean it.  If I was standing right now, and I saw these images, I’d probably faint 0ut of – ok, now we’re getting hyperbolic.  Lemme bring it back down a notch.  But seriously, I am crazy about Tori and Dean’s taste in decor and if I had the honor of Tori planning my affair, I swear to the heavens, I’d give her carte blanche.  I’d honestly let go of the reigns entirely, and let her run free and style away.  Don’t believe me?  Well, unfortunately I won’t get to prove it to you because Tori’s probably busy.  I could check… but yeah that’s not happening.  But if she was into it?   You’d see.  Yeah, you’d see.  Carte blanche.

Now, aren’t these the cutest?

The typewriter and wall of photos are both killing me with their charm.

And now for my favorite board of all: the yellow motorcycle slash chalkboard inspired signage slash pool with a flower pom board.  Oh heaven, I have found you here on Earth.  In Tori and Dean’s vow renewal party.  Who knew?

I know you guys are obsessing over the chalkboards.  I know.  And I’m right there with you.

By the way, here’s a photo of the cute couple and their darling little bebez:

{Photos by Elizabeth Messina via her gorgeous blog, Kiss the Groom}

Let me know how you all feel about this decor inspiration.  Do you like it, love it, or – the most extreme – want more of it?  Chime in!  By the way, hope you’re having a pleasant little hump day.  Ahhh, Wednesdays, how I sort of {heart} you, but not really.

xoxo!  -Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Super Burbs on June 23, 2010

    I secretly love Tori Spelling – particularly because I always imagine her as Screech's girlfriend on Save by the Bell.

    She looks AWESOME in that yellow dress! She's come a long way for sure!

  2. brancoprata on June 23, 2010

    As Naomi says…. THIS IS BANANAS!!!!!!! :)))) Love it!!

  3. TenThouBride on June 23, 2010

    She's got FANTASTIC style, what was this shoot for?! They just caught them…hangin out as a family looking so stunning?! They have that signage all over their place!? What. They are wow.

  4. Weddingsandprettythings on June 23, 2010

    Um LOVE!!!

  5. Bret Turner on June 23, 2010

    Here's something that I really love about your blog: it's your unabashed excitement over the stuff you like. Some wedding blogs are like, “hey here's some pictures of some cool stuff I guess,” but you're all like, “GUYS I AM SERIOUS YOU HAVE TO DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING.”

    And you know what, you're right. The stuff you post is the best.

  6. goodlifeevents on June 23, 2010

    Love this! How awesome are those chalkboards? Thanks for the peek into this event!

  7. Melissa @ The Loveliest Day on June 23, 2010

    I just about died when I saw this event on their show. It is SO gorgeous!!! Love, love, loveeeee!

  8. Glamour and Grace on June 23, 2010

    This is just too fabulous for words!

    ps- you are one of the only blogs I actually read, you are fun and delightful!

  9. Naomi on June 23, 2010

    I saw this episode…it was amazing. I loved the colors and yes she had a head full of ideas. Great post! I don't care what anyone says I like the show!

  10. Naomi on June 23, 2010

    BTW I just saw Sofia's comment it was bananas! LOL…love you ladies!

  11. Lucy Dylan Weddings on June 23, 2010

    AMAZING! I love those chalkboards.

  12. Brit @ Landlocked Bride on June 28, 2010

    I love the yellow, like super love it. And, those chalkboards are awesome! (You called it).

  13. Rachel on July 9, 2010

    i watched this tori and dean episode about 17 times…it’s safe to say that i’m obsessed

  14. Rachel on July 9, 2010

    i watched this tori and dean episode about 17 times…it's safe to say that i'm obsessed

  15. Amber on February 16, 2011

    Any idea on where i can buy that dress Tori wore for her vowel renewal party? Its SO cute!!!

  16. Erika on May 17, 2012

    Does anyone know the designer for this yellow dress Tori wore?


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