Inspiration Board: Pink, Green & White Delight

My inspiration for this board actually came from an early time in my wedding planning, when I was pondering a pretty palette of soft pinks, minty greens and ivory whites. Though I’ve since moved on from this color scheme, I still love it dearly! Who knows, maybe it demands my return…
Pink, Green & White Delight

Credits: Silvana Difranco, Millie Holloman, Lisa Lefkowitz (3)

Thinking these colors might be just right for your wedding? If yes, be careful; I would suggest prominently featuring only one of the scheme’s stronger colors – either the pink or the green – in your implementation. Equal parts pink, green and white can result in a wedding that fails in the sophistication category; too often looking more like children’s party, or a Sweet Sixteen.

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Love all of this...

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