CLASSIC SOUTHERN WEDDING | Cuppie-cake love and underwear shopping…

Happy Monday, y’all!  Did you guys enjoy your weekends?  It felt like this one went by at warp speed for me, but there were a couple of serious highlights: I bought a brand new pair of amazing ruffled shoes yesterday on sale for $25 (have you been to Lord & Taylor lately?  This was my first time in years and I was shocked to find that they have, like, nice stuff now.  When did this happen?) and the boy sought out and discovered an even sexier brand and style of undies yesterday.  Sorry, honey, I know you said something about not mentioning that on the blog or something like that…? (;

↑ Love the bouquet?  It’s comprised entirely of pink football mums! ↑

… Believe it or not, those unequivocally fantastic happenings are NOT the best and most exciting things on my mind right now.  Wanna know what is?  My Style Me Pretty guest post for this week, which is comin’ atcha TODAY, also known as Monday.  Once it’s posted, I’ll link to it RIGHT HERE – I promise.  No really, I promise I’ll remember this time.  So check back when ya feels likes it, my peoples.  Because the wedding I’m featuring today on SM-to-the-P is a glowy, romantic wonderland of subtle, naturally occurring pastelicious florals and simple, sweet decor, plus a freaking CUPPIE-CAKE.  Yes, I did just say that.  There is a CUPPIE-CAKE in the wedding I’m featuring on Style Me Pretty today, and I’m kind of totally excited for you to see it with your own eyes when the post goes live.  Because it’s pretty pink, pretty tasteful and pretty filled with love.   I’ve sprinkled in a handful of tastes, but you’re definitely gonna want to check out the real thing, too.

By the by, I think it’s obvious that I love southern weddings, and I think it’s equally as obvious that I enjoy a good cuppie-cake, as I’ve coined them, so today’s SMP feature is probably going to rank up there as one of my favorite inspirational guest posts.  And once you’ve seen who shot this wedding, you’ll get why my panties are all in a bunch over it.

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. claire gallam on August 16, 2010

    I love a nice cuppie cake!!

  2. Anonymous on August 16, 2010

    Ohhhhh now i can’t wait to see that post!!!! This wedding looks sneak-peek-amazing!!!!!

  3. Erica on August 16, 2010

    what kind of flowers are those? Amazing!

  4. Alison on August 16, 2010

    Hi Erica – the bride’s bouquet is made of pink football mums. Aren’t they gorgeous?! They’re chrysanthemums, however they got the name “football mums” because it was tradition in the 1950s for girls to wear huge mums to football games (in addition to 6-ft scarves with your college colors, penny loafers, camel-colored coats, etc…).

  5. Postcards and pretties on August 16, 2010

    i’m not a huge fan of football mums but they look so chic in that bouquet

  6. Erica on August 16, 2010

    thank you sooo much for answering my question! That helped out a lot as I am researching different kinds of flowers to use in my wedding next June!

  7. Jennifer on August 16, 2010

    Love that bouquet!
    And far as I know Lord and Taylor always had pretty nice stuff..I don’t go there much since it’s out of my way and I never know when the sales are since its too expensive to shop there normally.

  8. Anonymous on August 16, 2010

    Your ruffled shoes sound like a must-have! :) I’m also not a huge fan of mums but in that bouquet they look so amazing! Wow!

  9. Weddingsanprettythings on August 16, 2010

    Classic and cute cake topper! Love it! Can’t wait for the SMP read – I’m sure it will be amazing as per usual! ;~)

  10. on August 16, 2010

    Love your SMP post and that bouquet is beautiful!!

  11. Annie Packman on August 16, 2010

    I love her shoes and that dress! And that color of pink mums is divine!

  12. Erin*Sparkle&Hay on August 16, 2010

    total cupcake crush right now… love all the pink today!

  13. Kate Holland on August 16, 2010

    I’m loving that Mum’s bouquet – gorgeous!!! Happy Monday to you!

  14. Becoming Mrs. Ford on August 17, 2010

    that wedding is SO cute. the bride must have one laid-back hubby :)

  15. on August 18, 2010

    Your SMP post is stunning!!! And who doesn’t like a little cuppie-cake!!!


  16. wedding jewelry on August 23, 2010

    Wow! It looks dreamy and magical. I love the whole theme.

  17. dara on February 23, 2011

    I love your cake topper! Where did you find that lovely detail?


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