The Lingerie Diaries: Where I WON’T be purchasing my panties. {… Plus, my new bridal necklace OBSESSION.}

We went to Macy’s this weekend and somehow had tons of fun there. This was not part of it:

You know what’s weird about Macy’s? They keep their intimate lingerie right smack up against their baby clothes. Maybe I’ll get this one day, when I have a baby. But right now, it’s crazytown to me. First: surrounding me and my sweetie with adorable but threatening-in-terms-of-what-they-forbode baby clothing is not conducive to an enjoyable and therefore profitable-for-you lingerie shopping experience. Second: WTH. Why are you juxtaposing baby clothes and intimates, all on one level? Ok, I DO get the connection, but why did you guys choose the logical approach to store organization in lieu of the profitable one?

Anyway, guess what? We left with nothing. And while the baby clothes didn’t help, it’s mainly because I’m not a fan of purchasing my underthings off of tables that look like they’ve been rummaged through by those women who somehow get their makeup all over everything they try on. Where are you women who do this? And how do you manage to do this? Because this cannot be accidental, this getting of makeup stains onto underwear. Unless you pull on your panties from over your heads. Which is imposseeeblay.

Anyway, I wanted to show you these rad lace necklaces this morning, so that’s what I’ll still do. Because you guys need to hear more about these lace necklaces, and less about dirty underwear.

Is your dress lace-less? Do you think you’d like a touch of lace in your look? Would you like to go with something other than pearls for your wedding day look? Or does that completely not apply to you, but you enjoy fine things? Great, check it – the most gorgeous lace accessories I’ve seen in a while, by LiveInStyle, who I found on my beloved Etsy. (Note: I’m not going to link to each individual piece, because they will sell out and you might be like, “what?” and I’ll be all “damn.” But don’t worry; that’s just how Etsy works. New items are constantly posted, you just need to check around the shop.)

By the way, the one all the way at the top is called Stella, and it’s also my favorite. But I adore all of these, too…




Emily (Black):



By the way, I considered recounting my very unexpected though totally right on politics-wise Sarah Palin dream, but I figured that would be a bore and a half. I also considered discussing Courtney… excuse me, Kourtney… Kardashian’s love life, but there’s a child involved, so I don’t really feel like ripping on any baby daddies today. Then I considered talking about the extremely sad reality that today’s the last day we’ll be babysitting my cousin’s boxer, Apollo, and I realized that would just make me sad.

So I went with makeup-stained underwear from Macy’s. Go, stories!

Anyways… what do you think of these lace-tastic little numbers? Pretty creative, eh?

xoxo! – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Annie Packman on September 13, 2010

    When I was in 7th grade, I asked for and got 15% off on an adorable shirt at the Gap that was all makeup stained and obviously wasn’t my color foundation/blush (well, that and I didn’t wear a speck of makeup back in 7th grade). It was a proud bargaining shopping moment for me.

  2. hindsightbride on September 13, 2010

    Agreed! Your lace-tastic necklaces are indeed fantastic, and quite fitting for to illustrate your underwear story. Perhaps the makeup ladies are trying on said panties as scarves or necklaces. Perhaps you will inspire more of the same behavior with this post. Anyway, the connection between the two is brilliant!

  3. The Thirty-Something Bride on September 13, 2010

    Thank you for the panty-recap, although I’m intrigued by the Palin dream.

  4. Jennifer on September 13, 2010

    Love these necklaces!

  5. Beyond Beyond on September 13, 2010

    Yup, I is loving the laciness of the lace necklaces. I love them and I gotta buy me one soon.

    Love the underwear set up, buy panties for getting jiggy get a crumb snatcher free!!!!!!!!!!

    Drats to those make up blotters you know what happens those are the freeloaders who go to the make up counter first get their faces made up and then think ‘I know what I will do – Imma try me some clothes and rub my freeloading made up face all over it’

  6. Dailyrunway on September 13, 2010

    wow i love those necklaces!! As for makeup .. on UNDERWEAR?? wtf?? i agree .. that’s impossible. Clearly these women are rubbing their faces on the underwear :)

  7. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper on September 13, 2010

    yes, being seeing and loving those necklaces too!

  8. Alicia @CharityWedding on September 13, 2010

    I am VERY bothered my makeup on underwear!! What are they DOING in the dressing room?! Also, do people really try underwear on? I was always under the assumption that you just know your size. Also the fact that people are both trying on underwear and putting it near their faces is disgusting. I hope at least it is the same people. Anyway, the necklaces are adorable. I am also interested in the Sarah Palin dream and I offer my condolences for having to hear her voice in your sleep.

  9. Brancoprata on September 13, 2010

    You literally crack me up with your posts!! … and i’m loving those neck…laces !!

  10. goodlifeevents on September 13, 2010

    Hilarious! Love those necklaces, too!

  11. Melissa @ The Loveliest Day on September 13, 2010

    EW! I hate when I find makeup or smudges on brand new clothes. Even worse, deodorant marks.

  12. Beyond Beyond on September 13, 2010

    @Melissa Deodrant marks aren’t too bad as least you know they wash. I have been to a store and someone had left Eau de B.O in the top. Nice!

  13. Candice Coppola on September 13, 2010

    thanks for featuring danielle’s wedding! :)

  14. Naomi on September 13, 2010

    I’m in love with those necklaces so much I’m getting one! You are a nut but in the best of nut ways! Love you!

  15. Alison on September 13, 2010

    Oh my goodness, Alicia. You made me laugh so hard with your comment. I mean, ALL of these comments are hysterical, but I just read yours just now and DIED. I keep laughing when I reread the line “the fact that people are both trying on underwear and putting it near their faces is disgusting.”

  16. Brianna Phelan on September 13, 2010

    I’m always a non-fan of the heavy perfume smell on clothes when trying them on. I’m just not a fan of smelling other people on the clothes – makes me wonder how many people have tried them on :|

  17. Shelby on September 13, 2010

    These are such cute necklaces! I really would like to get something like this to wear during the summer!

  18. Tiffany Luxe on September 13, 2010

    The Stephanie necklace has been saved in my Etsy favs for for-ev-errr, I love them! I even tried to get one of my bridesmaids to wear one of the white ones but she found something with pearls on Etsy instead. It was still awesomesauce!

  19. Mia Cupcake on September 13, 2010

    I totally do not understand putting the baby clothes next to the lingerie, and I have babies.

    Maybe a warning? For me, it would just be a horrible reminder that it’s more likely that we’ll fall asleep before Chef gets to even SEE the lingerie.

    Which reminds me, we need a kid-less vacation. :)

  20. estherJu*Lee on September 13, 2010

    i’ve been seeing these floating around and have been wondering where they are from!

  21. Brit @ Landlocked Bride on September 14, 2010

    These are fantastic! I love their delicacy, but they are so modern and fresh!

  22. Jillian, Dame Chic on September 29, 2010

    Really like the lace necklaces as well! I love your story about going shopping too. ha ha


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