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Hey everybody! Happy Tuesday! How were your holiday weekends? Ironically, mine was full of labor, with only a few breaks. If I was part of a union, I’d be getting a talking to.

Alright, today I’ve just gotta share with you a little invitation love. If you don’t know about Nole’s blog Oh So Beautiful Paper, you’ve just gotta check it out. It’s chock full of papery goodness, and it’s on a blog near you. It’s where I gawked these beauties, and it’s got gads and gads more invitation inspiration… I mean, that’s sort of the point of the blog. Here are just a few examples of what I recently peeped out there. I’m completely cuckoo over all of these:

Woodland crest



Paper heart

Images by Angela Higgins for Mitchell & Dent via Oh So Beautiful Paper

This next set is just brilliant. Nole points out the gorgeous Memo­riam font the couple used, and I just can’t get enough of the flourishy goodness going on all over these pretties.

Images by Jean-Pierre + Kiera on paper crave via Oh So Beautiful Paper

I love a little creativity in a wedding invitation. While I’m a huge fan of elegant sophistication, I definitely thrill over hefty doses of personality. How do you feel?

xoxo! – Alison


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Love all of this...


  1. Super Burbs on September 13, 2010

    I am SO obsessed with stationery suites and Oh So Beautiful Paper is like my drug. I would create a new event each day just so I could have an excuse for more invitations…

  2. Aimee on September 13, 2010

    I love the pink and black suite! Gorgeous!

  3. Jaime Carter on September 13, 2010

    Awesome! love the last set….wish I had done the EXACT SAME THING!

  4. Hattie on September 13, 2010

    The Honeycomb is so striking and modern…love it. And that last set with the memoriam font is so unique.

  5. TenThouBride on September 13, 2010

    STUNNING invites. beautiful designs.

  6. brancoprata on September 13, 2010

    Oh SO Beautiful Paper is the Holy Bible of wedding invitations!! One of my daily reads for sure!!!

  7. Mia Cupcake on September 13, 2010

    I think our invitations are going to be the hardest decisions (beyond the Great Colour Scheme Argument we seem to be having).

    I want personality. Lots of personality. But I would also like a tiny bit of sophistication.

    I’m thinking all that’s a tall order and not going to be cheap :)

  8. claire gallam on September 13, 2010

    Gorgeous invites. Simple yet really elegant. And i want one of those cookies. haha.

  9. Naomi on September 13, 2010

    Gorgeous! I agree with you Alison, creative invites are the best. To me it gives guest a taste of what to expect. Love the choices!

  10. Aleah + Nick Valley on September 13, 2010

    LOVING the honeycomb suite! What a great find!

  11. Alicia @CharityWedding on September 13, 2010

    The blue floral one is not something I would generally be drawn to but it looks SO cute with those little birds and little cream holder, or whatever it is. I can imagine them being perfect for a vintage-ish outdoor spring wedding!

  12. Kim @BrideGoggles on September 13, 2010

    LOVVVE @osbp!!! Thanks for featuring their amazing designs :)

  13. on September 13, 2010

    Oh SO Beautiful Paper is one of my faves!! Love all the great stationary you featured!!

  14. YesBride on September 13, 2010

    My fav is the honeycomb. Love the yellow, bright color with jet black text. Nice contrast.

  15. Larissa on September 13, 2010

    Ummmm….LOVING the last two invites!! The hearts & the pink one. So pretty!! – TSB

  16. Phyllis Cheung on September 13, 2010

    The pink/black ones are my favorite…but I think I’m partial to that color scheme!

  17. hindsightbride on September 13, 2010

    Delicious, wonderful, terrific fonts! I am a total font nut. My husband and I were in the book store the other day and I swear I could hear his eyes rolling around in his head he rolled them so hard afterI literally squealed upon a book entitled “1001 fonts.” Awesome finds!

  18. Bret on September 13, 2010

    I think I love looking at invites for the same reason I love office supply stores. I don’t know what that reason is exactly but I imagine it’s the same.


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