I ADORE THIS | Ruffled DIY Ice Cream Piñata + Marchesa fresh off the runway… guess which ONE I like, of the entire line?

Happy Monday, bubalas!  Did ya miss me?  Awww, I’m assuming that was a collective yes from all of you, so I’m blushing.  By the way, OMGILOVETHISDIYICECREAMPIÑATASOMUCH.

But first, here are a couple of *interesting* dresses by Marchesa from my town’s recent runway shows. 

Do you think any of these are wedding-appropriate?  Are you laughing after reading that question?  Out of all of them, I like one.  Think you know me?  Ok… which one do you think it is?  Have at it.  Hint: it’s not the one that looks like she’s birthing a material alien baby.  With the bad hem job.

Now, I did call that colorful paper maché thingie up there a DIY piñata… which means you can make the damn thing.  Are you loving this?  This might be more for my shotgun brides.  Or if there will be wee babes at your wedding.  Or this has nothing to do with weddings and I just couldn’t pass up posting a freaking DIY PIÑATA IN THE SHAPE OF A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL ICE CREAM CONE!  P.S. – a balloon is involved.  That’s pretty much how we make all round, hollow things in DIY projects.  The more you know.

Credits: Piñata / Marchesa

* * *

And now, the video of the day.  We heard this on the way to Whole Foods yesterday.  I kinda love this song – it’s relaxing, and I hadn’t heard it in a while, so I asked the boy if he thought it was a good pick for today’s blog.  He said, “eh, I mean… not, not really.  But your readers are mostly girls, so…”


So, do you: love the DIY piñata / think the piñata is adorable but totally irrelevant to weddings and thus you’re angry at me for posting it and wasting your very limited wedding-blog-browsing-at-work-time / feel happier for seeing this DIY project / want to smash me like a piñata and eat my treats.  Ew.

… How ’bout you just comment on the fashions.

xoxo!  – Alison


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Love all of this...


  1. Claire Gallam10 on September 20, 2010

    Did you make the pinata yourself?? HOW NEAT. I love the super ruffley gown the best, the ivory/light pink one. STUNNING.

  2. Kim @BrideGoggles on September 20, 2010

    You KNOWWW I love anything and everything ice cream. And Marchesa!!

  3. anna on September 20, 2010

    LOVIN the pinata…I think I may make some for our wedding, only not in ice cream cones cuz it’s in march in MN…if only the ice cream pinata were filled with ice cream :)

  4. Amma // Beyond Beyond on September 20, 2010

    LOVE. IT!

  5. TheDemoiselle on September 20, 2010

    Somehow Marchesa just missed the mark this time around! It was like a poor man’s version of thier last collection. Wierd. The pinata rocks totally rocks though! ;)

  6. Megan Acosta on September 20, 2010

    Love the ruffled ice cream pinata!! So cute and can easily be translate to a wedding! Love Marchesa as well!!

  7. Postcards and pretties on September 20, 2010


  8. Aleah + Nick Valley on September 20, 2010

    Lovingthatpinatasomuchit’ssocuteandfunforanytypeofbash! {Whew!} That first Marchesa frock is quite lovely – though I’m not loving the rest. {Aleah}

  9. Super Burbs on September 20, 2010

    Ummmm that pinata is sorta amazing. I also just like saying pinata over and over for fun. Try it.

  10. Alicia @CharityWedding on September 20, 2010

    I actually like the first dress but that is trumped by the scariness of the last one. It reminds me of the part in Space Balls where the alien pops out of his stomach and starts singing “Hello My Baby.” (Seen it?) Either way, it looks like she is ripping open and something frightening is about to make an appearance!

  11. makeupbyjanine on September 20, 2010

    Marchesa, eh. Hope her collection at Bridal week is better :/

    I’d like the first one, except for some unfortunately-placed lumpage & bumpage. So I’m guessing third one, but without the accompanying fabrege egg…

  12. lunaandchloeweddings.com on September 21, 2010

    Marchesa is music to my ears….oh aren’t they just dreamy pieces!?!?!? And that DIY ice cream pinata is like nothing I have ever seen! Awesome find…thanks so much for sharing!!!


  13. Mia Cupcake on September 21, 2010

    I’m sorry, but none of those dresses are something I would wear…and the last one on the bottom right reminds me of naughty lady parts.

    And I can’t stop giggling. Hi! I’m five!

  14. LaBelleBride on September 21, 2010

    holy pinata man!

  15. forget.me.knot.weddings on September 21, 2010

    LOVE the Piñata!!

  16. Faith on September 27, 2010

    I think the piñata would be a great decoration for an outdoor garden wedding. Adds a bit of levity to a serious occasion and great fun for everyone (not just the kids). Fun pics too of the bride and groom taking a swing.

  17. Dorian Teranishi on August 18, 2011

    We will certainly see dresses by Marchesa today and ever on the Red Carpet. Remember how charming Kate Hudson looked in Marchesa. The other look that Sarah Jessica Parker delivered a stunning night was a gorgeous Marchesa Fall 2010 mini dress


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