FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | A WEDDING PALETTE DONE RIGHT {+ some Glee love… c’mon, you know you love it.}

It’s Friday, and that means I’m on day three of trying a new, slightly stronger concoction of coffee than I’m used to.  I don’t really know why I’m continuing to do this – it all started just ’cause I was almost out of half-caff and there was a whole tin of regular in the pantry.  But oh man, the boost that bit of regular gives you.  I find myself taking more efficient showers, speaking faster and generally doing things harder.  For most of you guys this is probably Busch League, but you’ve got to understand that I drink one, single, solitary cup of half-caff every morning and that’s typically more than enough of a tackle-the-day kick.  But on this stuff I wanna punch a mountain lion in the face.

And the dangerous part is that I have the false confidence to do it.  And then brag about it to his mountain lion family.

Alright, SO!  As the title declares, amazing color palette inspo is the name of the game today… and we’re going with one of the most popular color combos around: YELLOW + GREY.

Fun note: I did a massive poll on Twitter this am, trying to settle the GREY vs GRAY debate.  Guess what?  They’re both right. Gray is the American version, while grey is from our friends across the pond.  I chose the ‘grey’ spelling a long time ago, and I’m sticking with it for the sake of consistency.  Ok, here we go!

It’s pretty obvious that this is a very popular coupling for brides these days.  But how do you do it right?

Feast your eyes on our first proper manifestation of the palette, as photographed by Stephanie Williams.

These grey bmaids frocks are effing fantastic.  They’re by Sarah Seven, a personal fave.  Here’s some Sarah Seven love, if you’re interested (and if I know you, then you are).

Silver-grey pales.  Simple.  Cheap.  Perfect.

Photography: Stephanie Williams / Dress: Alvina Valenta / Shoes: J Crew / Flower Shoe Clips: B Poetic / Hair Flower: Arbie Goodfellow / Bridesmaid’s dresses: Sarah Seven / Suits: Express / Flowers, Cake, and Decor: Dazzling Details

* * *

Keeping it chic and simple is essential, in my opinion.  Now you don’t have to do that, but I’m going on the assumption that you want your photos to rock, of course.  And here’s what rules: sometimes, you don’t even have to lift a finger.  Here, the walls provide the palette:

Le sigh.

How perfect is this bouquet for the colorway we’re discussing?  Truly, you can’t go wrong with simple.

Via Sedona Bride / Wedding dress: Oscar de la Renta from Destiny’s Bride / Brides shoes: Miu Miu / Wedding cake: Julia Baker / Wedding rings: James Elliot / Floral: Avant Garden Flowers / Live music: The Instant Classics / Groom’s tux: Ralph Lauren / Armani tux shirt: Armani Exchange tux shirt / Shoes: Hugo Boss

* * *

This cake is kind of a big deal.  The thing is completely color coordinated, which is amazeballs.  It’s also my cake of the week.

Via The WeddingWire Blog

I want to insert it into my cheeks like a hamster and store it for the winter, I love it so much.

So, have you decided on a color palette for your wedding?  Would you consider yellow and grey?

An important note to our friends and fans

Thank you to everyone who’s been calling, emailing and twittering about your excitement over what is going to be a completely reworked, brand-spankin’ new blog design and neat (I’m being humble; they’re fantastic) new features we’re launching very, very soon.  We can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been working on constantly, and for quite some time.  We put every last ounce of our time into the new site – in fact a meeting we had this morning about it happens to be the reason today’s post went up so late!  Sorry about that; we got a little design-happy and conversations went a bit long.  Our bad! :)

But yeah, the new site is going to be AMAZEBALLS (obvs.), and we’re so frikin’ psyched because we’re so frikin’ confident you’re going to love it.  Sit tight… it’s coming soon.

* * *

P.S. – I’m going grape stomping this weekend and OMGIAMSOEXCITED.  I guarantee you’ve seen this video already, and I was really iffy about posting it  because a) it’s really unfortunate and b) laughing at the sounds of a woman in excruciating pain is sort of a life fail, but everyone – seriously, nearly ALL OF YOU – told me I should post it when I hinted last week at my approaching grape stomping trip.  So here it is, as requested.  Laugh it up, hyenas.

Ick.  I’m not proud of ending on that.

Here’s something sweeter for the road.  My favorite performance from Glee this week, featuring Charice Pempengco, that amazing young talent Oprah once showcased:

Also from Glee, this one features Lea Michele and Charice Pempengco.  So fun.  Enjoy!

xoxo!  – Alison


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Love all of this...


  1. Estefy on September 24, 2010

    Oh wow… the couch idea on the beach is interesting. I wonder how much all that was. I like it tho… very original, simple but classy. Seems tho like it was in fact a lot of work. Lovely tho!!!

  2. Natalie on September 24, 2010

    This is quite possibly my favorite post ever, in the history of wedding blogs. Bookmarked and mental-snapshot taken. Everything about this is absolutely perfect. And that grape lady was hysterical. Just laughed really loudly at work! (Oops!)

  3. Allison on September 24, 2010

    That last cake is DEFINITELY a big deal! I love it!

  4. Naomi on September 24, 2010

    OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD…I’ve seen this before but this is hilarious!!!!

  5. postcards and pretties on September 24, 2010

    grey or gray…for me it changes on daily..dont ask me why. oh that grape stomping video NEVER GETS OLD !! ♥ it & u! have fun!

  6. Anna Leigh on September 24, 2010

    This is such a great colour palette – I lurrrve the BM dresses at top!!!

  7. Victoria Sharkey on September 24, 2010

    GREY and yellow! YES PLEASE!

  8. Sarah on September 24, 2010

    These are awesome colors together – beautiful feature and that bride’s dress from Oscar de le Rente is GORGEOUS.

  9. suzanne on September 24, 2010

    Love the yellow and grEy palette ;) and PLEASE tell us where the beach venue is! It’s amazing!

  10. Jenna on September 24, 2010

    Love this. Any idea who is responsible for that beautiful invitation?

  11. postcards and pretties on September 24, 2010

    grey or gray…for me it changes on daily..dont ask me why. oh that grape stomping video NEVER GETS OLD !! ♥ it & u! have fun!

  12. Emily on September 24, 2010

    We’re doing a yellow/gray color scheme, and I can’t wait to start buying all the decor for it. Besides finding a photographer, it’s probably going to be my a favorite part of planning! I love the details you’ve included here! And I agree with you about that last cake lol

  13. anna on September 25, 2010

    grey and jewel tones…maybe a HINT of mustard yellow, but mainly charcoal with purple, blue, fuschia.

  14. TenThouBride on September 25, 2010

    LOVE the color palette AND obviously the way its done. THAT CAKE! We have nooooo idea on color scheme and don’t even want to begin thinking about that yet, haha. We’re both very bold and obnoxiously loud, however, so probably something that follows suit. No pastels allowed.

  15. Kim @BrideGoggles on September 27, 2010

    Although I missed this on Friday, these fabulous finds will have me floating through Monday – love each and every one of them (as usual!)

  16. pell grant on September 28, 2010

    this post is very usefull thx!

  17. Jessica on October 1, 2010

    ah that’s my wedding! thanks for posting :) – the beach venue is Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort and the invites are from – thanks for the compliments!

  18. Jessica on October 1, 2010

    I replied below but thought I’d reply here also – they are from

  19. next page on May 12, 2016

    Very nice. Congratulations on the new site. Ill definitely check it out next time I take a break, if that actually ever happens!


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