WEDDING TRENDS | Part I | The Dessert Buffet: Why it Rules.

Happy Monday, everyone!  How’s everyone holding up?  As most of you probably expected, I had a pretty fantastic Saturday, to rub it in, and then a pretty hectic Sunday, for good measure.  So I think it’s safe to say I broke even this weekend.  Good times!

So… umm… I’m still a little stuck on yellow… it seems to have carried over from Friday.  Can you tell?

You may have noticed that, these days, it’s quite insanely popular to present a dessert buffet of some sort to your guests at some point during the reception.  This makes perfect sense; who doesn’t love colorful displays of tasty treats, arranged on dainty doilies and adorable cake plates?  No seriously, I’m asking.  Because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think that’s a stellar idea.

I believe it was my girl Kim over at Bride Goggles who first brought this specific display to my attention.  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  I personally adore this one because of the honey sticks.  My good friend, Abby, and I went apple picking one time waaay back in grade school, and I remember chowing down on some honey sticks and melty maple candy.  Oohhhh that was the life.  It was so good, I remember the taste of it to this day.  Truly, whether or not you put out honey sticks and maple candy (which I HIGHLY SUGGEST if you’re inviting me), the majority of your guests will love you for going out of your way to provide such a delicious array of treats.

The great thing about a dessert buffet is that it offers variety for those with choosy palettes.  And not everyone wants your cake, I can promise you that.  :)  Yeah, I put a smiley face there to lessen the blow… but I’m serious.  Cake is not for everyone.

And then… there’s the photo factor.

If you do this buffet thing right – and there are people you can hire to do just this, like Amy Atlas, to name a leader in the industry – the eye candy your photographer can get out of an organized, exceptionally presented display of adorable, color-coordinated, scrumptious candy treats can rival those s/he’s taken of you.  Kidding; nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will look as amazing as you do on that day.  I mean that, no sarcasm there.  But your dessert table will definitely result in some mindblowingly delicious eye candy for your eye taste buds… your eye buds?

Photography: Kelly Chau

So, let me know; are you planning on having a dessert buffet?  And will you be tackling the thing yourself, or are you hiring a professional?

xoxo!  – Alison


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Love all of this...


  1. Julie on September 27, 2010

    I’m doing a dessert buffet for my wedding – I’m going to have all different kinds of cakes, mini cupcakes, and cake pops. I’m so excited to see how it turns out!

  2. Super Burbs on September 27, 2010

    I love yellow and I love dessert buffets – sooooo…I love this post :)

  3. anna on September 27, 2010

    doing a dessert buffet that I am….MAKING MYSELF…with coconut cupcakes, brownies, mini lemon tarts, truffles, and MAYBE mini pocket pies, if I can perfect the regular ones before the wedding. And my fiance has requested I make homemade ice cream. That will not be happening, for 175 ppl. Hell no.

    I need to go sit down now, just thinking about doing it all

  4. Silvana on September 27, 2010

    Love this idea. It’s 9 in the morning and I want a sticky bun! Great post!

  5. TenThouBride on September 27, 2010

    Agreed…dessert bars freaking rule…and how could you not be obsessed with yellow…it’s one of the three best colors there is.

  6. Leanne on September 27, 2010

    I love this post; yellow everything rules! And I’m definitely doing a dessert table. I’m also definitely having someone do it for me. I know that’s going to be too overwhelming for me to handle. It’s not a simple DIY project I can store for months; desserts have to be made and kept fresh. I know I won’t have the time OR PATIENCE for that in the days leading up to my wedding!

  7. Aleah + Nick Valley on September 27, 2010

    We were just talking about this after this weekend’s wedding. Dessert buffets are just too fun, everyone loves them, and they are a chance for the happy couple to bring in delicious and fun favorites. While we love the idea of still having a traditional cake to cut, opt for a mini cake for cutting and enjoy the tasty treats, too!

  8. anna on September 27, 2010

    Actually, you can freeze a lot of stuff if you seal it up properly! The cupcakes will be made like a week before and frozen, then frosted the day before. Truffles will keep for MONTHS in the freezer, brownies are good for a week or so, same with the pies. The tarts however will be made the day before…good thing baking calms me down :)

  9. Bea @ BEA's Bride Guide on September 27, 2010

    The dessert buffets look wonderful! And probably taste better then a lot of wedding cakes!

  10. Esther Lee on September 27, 2010

    the lollipops are such a cute added touch. we had both though. the dessert bar and the (cup)cakes. i still can’t let go of cutting the cake.

  11. on September 27, 2010

    So adorable! Love the colors and bunting flags with the cute runner!

  12. Kim @BrideGoggles on September 27, 2010

    You have made my Monday – not only because you mentioned my name, but because you featured such a happy, bright dessert display!!

  13. Lauren Elise Crafted on September 27, 2010

    yellow + desserts = happiness!

  14. Postcards and pretties on September 27, 2010

    today is a pretty gloomy rain day and this cheerful dessert buffet actually brought a smile to my face!

  15. Lemon on September 27, 2010

    Love the yellow, of course. And thanks for making me drool on my screen. Gotta go get Windex now. Mmmm. Thanks for the little burst of happy on this rainy Monday!

  16. Larissa @ The Sassy Bride on September 28, 2010

    Mmmm, that last one looks darn good! I bet I could eat that entire thing all my myself! LOL

  17. Lisa Marie, Orange and Blossom on September 28, 2010

    Who doesn’t love the look of these? Just make sure there’s a plan in place so any extra desserts don’t go to waste. Have a few guests with a large family take them home, donate to a homeless shelter, etc. Our tiered tea stands were meant for tea but are finding their way to wedding dessert buffets. I hadn’t even thought of that! Then the bride & groom keep them and use them for years. The rest of the vessels and display pieces can be a mix donated by family & friends for the occasion. A tribute to all the love!

  18. lunaandchloeweddings on September 29, 2010

    Wow, this is just adorable! Love yellow, and desserts so it is a perfect combination! How cute is that bunting…and those polka dotted wrapped boxes…LOVE!


  19. Jay Hsiang Studio on October 1, 2010

    i love the colors! and dessert bars is such a popular, SMART idea! definitely photo-worthy, and you get to satisfy all kinds of taste buds. beautiful~

  20. Hilarygr on October 2, 2010

    I LOVE yellow and the idea of a desert buffet! I will definitely be having one. The addition of the cookies and mini cinnamon rolls is genius. I was planning to do cookies as well. :) This gave me the idea of lollipops though. Also, I LOVE the addition of the honey sticks! I will definitely be hunting those down!

  21. wedding headbands on November 16, 2010

    Can you please share a few recipes for the candies. They look very yummy.

  22. swarovski sklep on May 6, 2011

    It is excellent article ! I simply love’d this !


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