Jesse D. Green Photography

Jesse D. Green Photography

Phone: (248) 794-6073
Location: Metro Detroit, MI. Will travel anywhere.


I love photography. Plain and simple. I’ve loved it since I played with disposable cameras and my parents point-and-shoot and I will continue to love it until the day I die. It’s the way a great picture tugs at your heart. The emotion it evokes from people to see fantastic images of their daughter or son getting married, or the little detail shots from a day that was so exciting, it seemed like an amazing blur.

I am truly motivated every time I get a camera in my hands. My photographs don’t capture a moment, they tell a story from beginning to end. A story of your love for life; of love for each other. I do this by getting to know you personally, hearing your story, and laughing together. I capture creativity; I capture love and passion within people’s souls.

I long to create images that are timeless. I long to create your images. But not as just any studio would create them; I want to create them to tell the story of your relationship. Down to every last second.

Examples of my recent work (click on any photo to view gallery):