Paige + Blake Photography

Paige + Blake Photography

Phone: (713) 988-3019
Location: Orange County, CA

  • Hello! My name it Paige
  • My favorite color is (appropriately) green.
  • I’m a closet wedding planner.
  • Practically everything in my purse was purchased on ETSY.
  • I have about 10 favorite songs, most of them from the years 1998 – 2003.
  • Before we were even engaged I sent Blake multiple pictures of the exact rings I wanted.
  • I love Beaches, but I hate bathing suits.
  • We don’t’ have T.V. but thanks to the marriage of NetFlix and Wii, I do have favorite shows. (House, Bones, the Office, Friends, Myth Busters…)
  • I don’t sing in the shower, but I belt it out in the car.
  • I still feel like I’m on one very long date with my husband.
  • I’ve studied Photography since Junior High.
  • I’ve also studied Theatre since Junior High.
  • I cry during most wedding ceremonies and I am truly giddy at all of them.
  • No one has ever loved the way I love my Blake.
  • I fully expect you to feel the exact same way about your fiancé.
  • My natural hair color is brown… I also dye it brown… I’m still not sure why.
  • Ariel is my favorite Disney princess.
  • I don’t like carnations or roses, but I ADORE peonies.
  • Socks make my feet feel trapped.
  • Little kisses are my favorite.
  • I see the world in lines and light.
  • I think all love is beautiful.
  • Always.
  • Hi, I’m Blake.
  • My favorite color is blue, or red, or green.
  • I’m indecisive, sort of.
  • I like trying new things, sometimes.
  • I speak Spanish fluently (Spain Spanish… the original Spanish).
  • I can play almost any instrument (not well, but I can play them).
  • I love card games, but I hate Vegas.
  • I once flew out of a car window.
  • Being in the same room as Paige makes me happy.
  • I’m an Eagle Scout.
  • I love communications and advertising.
  • I get the urge to dance at all wedding reception (but I don’t act on it… usually).
  • I hate nuts.
  • I have a milk shake almost every night.
  • The Simpsons is the coolest cartoon, aside from Thunder Cats.
  • I love it when our clients trust us with their memories.
  • I dig it when our clients become our friends (both usually happen).
  • My wife is my best friend.

We are Husband and Wife, Comedian and Chuckler, Light-placement specialist and Wardrobe fixer-upper.

We are Partners and Best-friends (and so are you).

We know the beauty and significance your wedding day holds for you and your fiance. We value and honor that beauty; Its what we strive to capture.

We adore photographing families and couples, because we truly love each other.

- and love can clearly see love.


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