E!’s Bridal Plasty + *Moderately Dope* Giveaways courtesy of Vendor Love members + Glittery Holiday Fun!

Happy Friday, pretties!  We had to do some back-end testing this morning for some, ehhem, *things* we’ll be bringing to you next week or thereabouts, so here’s a pretty little post comin’ atcha faces, afternoon-style.

What we shall address today… Issue #1: Bridal Plasty.  Issue #2: Card and Vendor Love Photography Giveaways.  Issue #3: Miscellaneous.

But first, a miniature glittery Christmas Village I found on A Field Journal.

… I obsess over A Field Journal.  And it’s healthy to have obsessions.  That’s my personal opinion.  Especially when they bring you things like this:

Ok, for real now.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.

(lol.  Sorry.  That gorgeous feather ring above is made of brass and I just said “brass tacks” so I had to share it here.  The timing was too perfect to pass up.  Ok, MOVING RIGHT ALONG…)

Issue #1: as promised, E!’s Bridal Plasty.

This was unpleasant.

Let me start off by saying that none of these women need plastic surgery.  I was hoping that at least *some* of them would have deformities from birth, and that the show would be affording them the opportunity to improve their lives in ways they couldn’t afford themselves.

… But no.

I waded through the torturous chamber of suffocating self-hate that is that show last night.  And I have to say, I resent you guys for making me do that.  I approached it with all the positivity in the world, as I had just eaten some pizza, and pizza makes me very happy and ready for anything.  So I nestled into my wraparound couch, positioned my laptop on the top of my lap, and proceeded to multitask (there was no way I was going to donate my full attention to this newest legitimate reason to hate America).

Now… I knew it would be ridiculous – most bridal reality shows are – but nothing… nothing… prepared me for THAT KIND OF RIDICULOUS.  Cases in point:

The first competition involved grabbing syringes and the reward was admission to a syringes in the face party.  The last thing these girls needed was injections.  Aren’t they trying to lose weight?  And aren’t they all extremely young and *not* in need of age-defiance procedures?

One girl who had already been apart from her fiance for untold months while he was away fighting in Iraq, opted to be on the show instead of being there to greet her beloved at the airport upon his RETURN FROM WAR.  She left a note on the dry-erase board in their family room.  I don’t remember exactly what it said so here I’ll tell you what it might as well have said:

Sorry babe- had to go tape a show where I’ll be competing for lipo.  Oops!  Totally sux that it’s at the same time you get back from war.  MY BAD!  Oh well – hope war went well!  Oohh and there’s cold pizza on the table from the weekend.  Ok, off to get famous and cut up my body so you’ll love me more!

Dry-erase boards are for grocery lists.  They are *not* for welcome home from war messages.

Another young lady considered being on the show “a good deed,” and this was her way of feeling good about being away from her fiance for four months.  Let me repeat that, more clearly: she was lamenting the need to separate from her fiance for four months to tape the show, but considered it a good deed, so it was worth it.  She also cries a lot, so I was over her early.

Ok, forget that this show is a soulcrushing reminder of America’s widespread dissatisfaction with the self.

Forget that there’s something very, very wrong about competing for plastic surgery.

Forget that these girls are emotional basketcases and do not – by any stretch of the imagination – fit the criteria for a good plastic surgery patient.

Forget that they get major procedures done in between competitions – which makes absolutely no sense to me.

Forget everything that’s wrong with this show.  … And there’s a lot so I’ll give you a minute to forget all of it… ok… done?  Ok, read on…

Here’s what weirds me out the most:

The “winner” of the show will “unveil herself to her groom ON THE DAY OF THEIR WEDDING.”

I have so many things to say about this, that they come all the way around to having nothing to say about this.  If that makes sense.  I need to wrap this up, I think I’m going to die a little death if I have to keep assessing this show.  It’s making me dumber.  (Dummer? … S***!!!  <– See, I’m getting dumber!  … or is it “more dumb?”  ABORT.  ABORT.)

Issue #2: Giveaways!

I assume you’ve entered our current giveaway… correct?

Well, when that baby’s over, we’ve got many more coming.  Next week, the first of our amazeballs photography giveaways begins, and you better buy some diapers because these packages are going to make you crap your pants.  No seriously, you’re gonna love love looove these giveaways.  Here’s why they’re awesome: you get free photography.  That one’s obvious.  But here’s how we *know* you’re going to love them: because the giveaways are being offered by a few of our most favoritest photographers…

… Also known as members of Vendor Love, The Knotty Bride’s Preferred Vendor Guide!  That’s right – in celebration of the guide going live *quite* soon, we’re doing a series of killer giveaways, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring all of this to your deserving faces.  We heart our vendors, and you’re about to seriously heart them, too. :)

Issue #3: Miscellaneous Time!

Ok, just gotta show you one more brass ring from Old Gold Boutique.  You know, for old time’s sake:

I need you Casie.  Please and thank you Kate Spade.

Oh, and I love this Lace Decorative Sticky Tape from Cox & Cox, for your wrappin’ needs.

And, finally, this, via the world of tumblr, which I’ve been saving within a folder on my home away from home, Pinterest

Wait, one more thing  – is it weird that I want this gift wrapping suitcase for a Christmas gift?  That’s sort of ironic, right?  In an Alanis Morrissette kind of way, I mean.

Via Elements of Style Blog

Ok, that about wraps it up for now.  (Tee hee.)  Have a positively wonderful weekend, friendlies.  See you back here on Monday!  Oh and get your thinking caps on, cause next week is another giveaway, and we’re looking to make it interesting.  (Ohhh what could she mean?)

Peace and love!

Seacrest out.

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Love all of this...


  1. Meli @ Lovely Paperie by Meli on December 3, 2010

    Those shoes are AH-mazing! Love the post and the hilarious review! :)

  2. Nicole @BH Bridal Bliss on December 3, 2010

    COMPLETELY agree about Bridal Plasty! I watched for the same reason you did, and I swear we’ve got to be sisters b/c I thought the same thing. How embarrassing for E! – and what a terrible show! Oh and I LOVE the shoes, want them! :)

  3. gigi on December 3, 2010

    Love this post. I giggle every time you write stuff like this. Oh, and I LOVE those shoes. I have to have that tape in all colors!

  4. lizzie [ten thou bride] on December 3, 2010

    i’m glad i don’t have cable. i would rip out my tv from the wall if i saw even a moment of bridalplasty. c’mon E!

    can’t wait for more giveaways…is it weird that i’ve just now become obsessed with the second ring?

  5. Ariella on December 3, 2010

    Re: Home from war message

    Did her fiance write, “It’s over” underneath? I know I would have.

    Re: The follow your dream print

    I love it. I wish bills weren’t so expensive so I could quit my job and do what I love full time instead of on my lunch, after work and on the weekends. That being said, I’m pursuing what I love a lot more than I used to. Baby steps.

  6. Estefy on December 3, 2010

    I’m so eternally disgusted with that show that I refuse to even watch a little of it. I can’t believe E! would do that, or any channel. It’s horrible and idiotic and I feel the exact way you do where I don’t even know how to put it into words!

    PS the glittery houses are way too cute and it makes me want to make some but then I wouldn’t know what to do with them. I have no room for cute stuff at home. So sad. lol

  7. Lena on December 3, 2010

    Your assessment of BridalPlasty was absolutely pitch perfect. The clip of the syringe challenge was really all I needed, and while the show is vile, I do feel bad for these girls. Obviously no one taught them they were beautiful, or gave them hope that just being themselves was enough to make someone love them.

    But a dry erase note to your solider returned from WAR to say “Glad you’re back, see ‘ya l8r!” is NOT okay.

    Thank goodness for all the lovely sparkly bits before and after! The amazing ring, those divine shoes-almost made me forgot about the soul-crushing hate spiral that is BridalPlasty!

  8. Alicia @CharityWedding on December 3, 2010

    Ok if you would have said, “Alicia, I have fake (obvs fake as no trees are pink) pink Christmas trees on the blog today.” I would have said, “Oh hell no. Pink Trees are trash Allison and I expect more from you.” BUT those are SPECTACULAR. Like straight from dreams. Sorry I doubted you, even if only in a fake conversation. I am more than happy I didn’t watch Bridalplasty based on your recap. I was tempted. But I saw commercials and everywhere I was searching for the grossly obese, cleft palettes, maybe even a tragic car accident victim. But all I could see was a bunch of BARBIES. Sickening. I’ve gotten sucked in to some stupid sh*t on TV but this one I am steering clear of.

  9. Lindsay on December 3, 2010

    Ok, this is DEAD ON how I felt about that show. You naaaaiiiiilllleeeddd it. Of course, my inner commentary was nowhere near as hysterical as your assessment, but still. And I think I need that gifting suitcase in my life, too. It’s just so perfect. So, so, so perfect.

  10. Glamour and Grace on December 3, 2010

    I’ve been in LOVE with that Kate Spade for quite some time!! Gorgeous!

  11. Lauren Elise on December 3, 2010

    I’m not even going to waste my time commenting about Bridal Plasty because it’s just horrible…you are right that things like this make me loathe Americans and make me consider moving. But I will comment on the amazingness that is A Field Journal. Olivia is just so talented and she inspires me so much. Great crafty projects and photography!

  12. I love the inspirational word board. Great advise!! As to Bridal Plasty, hopefully eventually women will start accepting ourselves as we are and really feel great about who we are.

  13. The Demoiselle on December 5, 2010

    Love those holiday images & the wise words of course! I posted it last Sunday – so inspiring!! :)))

  14. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on December 5, 2010

    I very much doubt that show will make it here and it sounds like a good thing!!! Now as for that gift wrapping suitcase…. that can certainly wing it’s way down in my direction!! I MUST have one!

  15. The anti-aging analyst on December 7, 2010

    Thanks for sharing your Bridal Plasty post. I am SO glad to see in the other comments here that women are responding in disgust towards the show.

    I too wrote a review of the premiere show. I will not watch it again.

  16. Christine@Bridal Banter on December 9, 2010

    I just wrote about BridalPlasty too! I can’t bring myself to watch the show.

  17. Hillary on December 14, 2010

    1. Bridalplasty was approached by myself and received in the same way as you.

    2. Love your Vendors, too!

    3. The poster/sayings made me tear up. Very inspiring and I don’t care that I’m cheesy for it. I am who I am and the poster says to LoVE it!


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