WEDDING + HOLIDAY CONFECTION SUGGESTIONS | edible art edition | You want pretty? You got pretty.

I have a new obsession. The only problem is that, for it, I have very few words.  (“I have no words” isn’t in my vocabulary.) 

I can’t seem to grasp the right phrasing to properly describe just how transcendentally spectacular these fabulous confections truly are.  So the pictures will have to speak for themselves.

These gorgeous creations have been sitting in my December folder for a while now, and I nearly forgot about them.  That’s why I’m soooooo glad I saw a few of these pretty things over on the very inspirational Flights of Fancy.  It’s quite possible I would have forgotten about these lovelies… forever.  *Gasp!*

These cakes and various other confections are pretty ideal for a wedding.  I mean, that goes without saying.  Go with these guys, and you will not go wrong.  Not to mention OMGYOURWEDDINGPICTURES.  Holy crap how far past amazing would your wedding pictures be?!!  We all know confections and dessert buffets/tablescapes make for some delightful and visually delicious imagery.  So imagine throwing some top of the line tasties, like these, on a particularly nicely dressed up table.  Just imagine.  And then do it.  And then send me the pictures so I can feature them.  Please and thank you.

Anyway, what I meant to get to was this: these beauties aren’t just for your wedding.  See those perfectly packaged macarons up top?  I’d be quite pleased to receive one of those on my doorstep this coming Christmas.  Or under the tree – listen, whatevs, it really doesn’t make a difference to me.  I just want them.  Honey, are you reading this?  Mom?  Dad, I know you like to check in sometimes, see how I’m doin’.  Well, this is how I’m doin’ = I want those macarons.  THANKS, LOVE YOU!

Moving on… this one below is entitled “Enchanted Forest.”  I believe I would like to live inside of there.  Though it would be a daily challenge not to eat my surroundings.

All of the awesomeness you see here is courtesy of the completely unbelievable Cake Opera Co.  I honestly can’t say enough good things about these people.  They are wholeheartedly committed to their craft of confectionery perfection, and they take care to present their work in *the most fabulous way possible.*

I can’t get over the pomegranate preciousness going on below.  It’s just… it’s… it’s too much.

They call this “Bohemian Chic.”  I call it AMAZEBALLS.

Check out the chocolate truffle tower on the far right, below.  Yeeeeaahhhh isn’t that great?  I want to set it in the middle of my dining room table for the duration of dinner, and I want to swat my friends’ hands as they attempt to steal away with one or two before dessert.  I dunno, it sounds like fun to me.  Mean, evil-spirited fun.  But still fun.

All images courtesy Cake Opera Co.

Are you planning on going all out for your wedding cake?  Or will you be opting for a dessert buffet tablescape?  Or, are you not doing any of these things, and think the whole concept of eating dessert is completely overrated and needs to be outlawed.  OR, do you think I didn’t get enough sleep last night?  OR, do you think my three and a three-quarters-year-old nephew keeps asking to play, and so I’m a little out of sorts today?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

xoxo!  – Alison

P.S. – A very chic, very lovely printable freebie is coming your way just in time for the holidays!  You are going to LOVE it.  Bonus: your decor will love it, too.  Ooh, and by the way, it involves two of my absolute favorite fonts, so it’s edging its way up into my top 5 most loved printable things ever.  I know, WOWZERS.

P.P.S. – I know you guys are anxiously awaiting our announcement of the FOUR FINALISTS for Gem Photo’s Free Wedding Photography Giveaway.  Sit tight, friendlies… and stay tuned, because the announcement isn’t far off.  And we can’t wait for the voting to begin!!!

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Love all of this...


  1. Kate on December 22, 2010

    First, I am dying over these desserts! I want to eat them off the screen! Second, I’m shaking with anticipation over your announcement of the finalists! So excited to vote, and hope a great couple wins!

  2. Jennifer on December 22, 2010

    The pomegranate cake is my favorite. That is my dream cake. Thanks for introducing me to Cake Opera!

  3. Fyra {vintage + handmade} on December 22, 2010

    These are all so beautiful, like each one needs an entrance song! drool…..

  4. Sarria on December 22, 2010

    Bookmarked this for my wedding!! Thx!

  5. Emma on December 22, 2010

    So, I’m obsessed with the first one + would love to find those under my tree! Wish I spotted them sooner so I could gift to friends at Christmas! And, ‘Bohemian Chic’? GORGEOUS. (Of course, your ‘AMAZEBALLS’ is pretty accurate.) ;)


  6. Katherine on December 22, 2010

    love the Enchanted Forest group! YUM-O! PS: on the edge of my seat to hear about these Gem Photo finalists :)

  7. Aleah + Nick Valley on December 22, 2010

    LOVE that all-white cake that’s askew. It’s beautiful!

  8. Leah on December 22, 2010

    How lovely all this is. I’m beside myself. I would love to have one of these cakes at my wedding-what a dream!

  9. Kelly Sauer on December 22, 2010

    omigoodness – these are GORGEOUS!

  10. Brancoprata on December 22, 2010

    Shut the front door…. Now i really need to eat something sweet…. These are all amazing!!!!!!!

  11. Glamour and Grace on December 22, 2010

    These are so amazing I don’t even know!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Diana on December 22, 2010

    Food can be sooo pretty! Love that pink cake and all the cupcakes! YUM!

  13. Sharyn on December 23, 2010

    I don’t know where to start. These are all such works of art and I love the way you put the beautiful frames around them. I’m definitely gravitating towards those chocolate truffles though!

  14. postcards and pretties on December 23, 2010

    the macarons trees looks absolutely divine!!

  15. Marie @ Emici Bridal on December 26, 2010

    These look divine in every way. Wish I had some right now. I would start with a cupcake!

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