WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY | Editor’s notes on black and white photography. Also, I watched Bridalplasty again.

I watched Bridalplasty last night.


There are many things about that show that evidence the demise of humankind, such as a) the fact that the show exists, b) the fact that you can win plastic surgery on television via wedding planning aptitude competitions, c) the fact that the only girl who actually deserved to get the surgery she wanted was the girl who had parts of her breasts removed due to breast cancer.  And guess what?  She was the first to be booted off by her fellow brides, because SHE POSED THE STEEPEST COMPETITION.  So, that set me up to hate each and every competitor on that show, which was conflicting because I simultaneously felt beyond awful for them because they all hate their bodies so much that they went to the effort of signing up for an E! plastic surgery reality show competition.  So, yeah it’s very conflicting.  But the scales are always tipped by the utter lack of human decency expressed by the lot of them when it came to voting off the only deserving girl in that first round.  How could anyone vote off the young woman who hated the shape of her breasts after they had been deformed by breast cancer?  Seriously, how.  Howwwwww.  I’m asking.  How is this possible.  And don’t even get me started on Jenessa.

Anywho!  This has been quite a week here on TKB, eh?  Eh?  Yup, it sure has.  First and foremost, voting began on our Free Wedding Photography Giveaway on Wednesday, and it continues all the way through to next week, where it closes on Thursday morning at 9am, PST.  And, clearly, you all have your favorites, because there have already been approximately a lot of votes cast thus far.  I’m thinking we should make this interesting, a gentleman’s bet, perhaps?  One prediction was that there would be about 1500 votes overall.  Well, given that it’s morning of Day 3, and HOLY SHIT we’re up to 612.  Em, seriously, you’re gonna need to find your graphing calculator.  My TI-84 has too many games on it from Calc class to operate properly.  I’ll go look for my abacusseseeses – abaci.  Can’t wait to track those IP addresses!  No, but seriously, we love how into it you guys all are, and we can’t wait to see who comes out victorious!  But I digress…

It’s a snowy Friday morning where I am, and snowy days always bring to mind black and white photography.  Here in NY, when it snows, all you see is concrete and flurries.  And I know that doesn’t necessarily sound too lovely, but trust me, it is.  Anyway, you don’t see a lot of black and white photography on most wedding blogs because, quite obviously, it doesn’t *pop* like color photography does.  And this is a valid concern, in many respects.  But black and white photography, done right, is supremely gorgeous and can most definitely *pop* with the rest o’ them, not to mention, it can often be far more successful in capturing the mood and emotion of a moment, without the distractions that color might bring to the image.  So, on that note, I’d like to share with you a brilliant couples shoot by one of our amazeballs Vendor Love members, Chudleigh Weddings.

Britt Chudleigh is based out of Utah, but shoots weddings worldwide.  Britt and her husband, Peter, also a photographer, found themselves in Central Park, NYC for this shoot.  By the way, I just wanna note here that Britt is totes one of my favorite people in the world, let alone, in this industry.  She has the kindest soul and the most playful, upbeat personality!  Couples lucky enough to work with her are in for the most amazing experience, mark my words.  Ok, here’s what she had to share about Kimmy and Chris’ soft, romantic shoot:

We met Kimmy and her husband, Chris, early in the morning at our hotel on the West Side.  After enjoying a breakfast of bagels and orange juice we hit the streets.  Ladies, if you ever want a pick me up, look like Kimmy, put on a wedding dress and walk around Central Park.  I can’t even count how many people stopped us to tell Kimmy how lovely she is or congratulate her and Chris.  Of course it helps when the model is stunning, the gown is fabulous and the groom is devastatingly handsome.

You know, this just articulates one of the reasons I love this industry.  I love weddings.  I love people in love and apparently, so does New York.  We have shot in public places in our hometown before and were not met with this enthusiastic response.  It was a little magical.

Chudleigh Weddings is a member of Vendor Love, The Knotty Bride’s Preferred Vendor Guide.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you to decide what you want out of your wedding photos.  Color, black and white, or both (we think a nice mix of both is the optimal way to go).  Color photography is absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t get enough of it in our wedding diet – which is probably pretty obvious if you visit us daily.  :)   We’re just hoping to bring to light the magnificence that can be achieved with black and white photography… when done right.  It’s just as magical as color, if not more at times, and we don’t want its brilliance and timeless appeal to get lost in the shuffle!

P.S. – I almost forgot, I’d love to know what you think of Bridalplasty.  Let me know on Twitter or here.  I just can’t believe a show like that EXISTS, and I’ve gotta know if I’m in the majority on this.

Happy Friday, friendlies!

xoxo!  – Alison

P.P.S. – OMG you guys, Colin Cowie named us in his #FridayFollow again!  AGAIN! (FYI, “#FridayFollow” is Twitterspeak for people you suggest should be checked out/followed by others.The event planning genius of our time suggested that people follow us.  We just set up shop on Cloud 9.  Wheeeee! :)

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Love all of this...


  1. Stacy on January 7, 2011

    This couple is HOT. I love b+w images – they definitely capture the emotion like you said. They’re gorgeous!

  2. Alison on January 7, 2011

    I know how powerful and striking black and white photos can be. And these are outstanding! I love, love, love these shots. GREAT photography.

  3. Kelly Sauer on January 7, 2011

    As a photographer, I always make it a point to deliver some of my images in black and white – there is something so timeless about it. Have you seen some of Carlo Carletti’s (Italy) work? He is fantastic with black and white!

  4. Marie @ Emici Bridal on January 7, 2011

    Having a shop on Cloud 9 is great Alison! You are on your way to Cloud 10 as I type this.

  5. Aimee Wendell on January 7, 2011

    Gorgeous photos. I’m pretty mad at the bride for being as skinny as I wanna be though! She’s too cute!

  6. jacin {lovely little details} on January 7, 2011

    i get so distracted by the ruffles in that gorgeous dress that i almost missed the rest of the post. totally agree on the bridalplasty, it breaks my heart that this is what some people have come to.
    and congrats on the #FF from the ringleader of weddings himself :)

  7. lizzie @ love your way on January 7, 2011

    bridalplasty is…a bit of a mess, i only watched part of the pilot and wanted to call my mom and family and just tell them i love them…you know…that there’s still some good in the world.

    i LOVE this shoot…black and white requires a serious art to get it right and “Wow” and she did a GREAT job with this shoot.

  8. Emily (Gem Photo) on January 7, 2011

    gorgeous britt! i love the story that b&w photos tell.

  9. Lena on January 7, 2011

    Bridalplasty makes my head spin, I’ll say that. I completely understand your dilemma-I feel bad for despising them since they’re not full up on self-esteem, but they’re so terrible to one another!

    As for black and white photos vs color, I agree that a mix is the best way to go. More and more opera companies and directors want to see color photos, so I always make sure I have a good mix of both for my headshots to make everyone happy!

  10. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on January 7, 2011

    I adore black and white photographey… in fact I requested far more of that than colour for my own wedding… it’s more forgiving. These are just so striking.. and I’m dying over the ruffles on her dress! As for the Bridalplasty… I’m sure it’ll never make it downunder but it sounds truly appalling!

  11. Aileen@Love&Lavender on January 8, 2011

    I haven’t seen Bridalplasty but the idea of it makes me feel sad and disgusted :( Love that wedding dress though!!

  12. BR on January 10, 2011

    I love her dress. Absolutely stunning.

    I also agree with doing a mix between black and white with Color photos. Mix is good because some shots doesn’t do as well as B/w as they would in color.

  13. Michelle - Shadowbear Photography on January 10, 2011

    Her dress is gorgeous! Very sweet photos. :)

  14. Candice Cossel on January 10, 2011

    Awww… cute. That was the dress my sister wanted for her wedding :)

  15. ALAN on January 11, 2011

    krissi and Drew

  16. ALAN on January 11, 2011

    Krissi and Drew for sure

  17. Kristin Reimer on January 14, 2011

    Thank you so much for explaining the lack of b&w images on the blogs and for taking a chance and being different by posting these images. B&W is classy and timeless and conveys so much emotion. These images were a pleasure to see, and the post a nice way to start my day.

  18. Megan @ Fashionable Bride on February 2, 2011

    I absolutely love this shoot. Black and white is timeless and really lets you focus on the couple and how beautiful they are together on their happiest day. Great post!

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