NAUGHTY SHOES + SUCCULENTS | An *aggressive* Sam Edelman pump and out-of-this-world succulent decor!

Before we get to ↑ THAT insanity ↑ … as promised, here’s what I bought with the honey on a visit to Toys in Babeland…


This thing is amazeballs.  I’ve always wanted a portable peeing device, and I guess now I have it.  I’ve been dreaming of the day that I could roam the land without a single worry as to my nether regions, and… ladies and gentlemen… that day has come.  Ladies, we can pee like boys now, as needed!  They sell these things cheaper in other places, but I wasn’t exactly on a determined search for a portable pee pee device when we visited Toys in Babeland at the outset of date night – if you know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge.  No, actually, we weren’t on the search for anything that night.  We just sorta parked right in front of the place, and were like, “awww!  It’s been awhile since we’ve been in there!”  True story.

Now, how perfect would this baby be for the bride who, on a visit to the loo, doesn’t have time to worry about all the annoyances of sitting, hover-sitting and wiping?  Not to mention having to bend down and grab the super-thin-to-guarantee-flushability-but-not-to-guarantee-effective-wiping toilet paper they have in those public bathroom stalls?  Psh.  I think a GOGIRL is making a lot of sense right now.  Just lift up in the front, pull out your trusty GOGIRL… and GO.  ;)

Ok now, let’s get to the two actual topics of today’s post!  Succulents and shoesies!

This here’s the Sam Edelman ‘Lorissa’ Pump.  We saw it on a little trip to Bloomingdale’s yesterday and I said, out loud in my CAPS voice, “THIS IS GOING ON THE BLOG.”  And here it is!  It’s an exTREMEly naughty shoe, obvs.  You could probably seriously injure someone with these, on or off.  Intentionally or unintentionally.  So bear that in mind… I dunno… if you care about that sort of thing (inflicting injuries).

Like it?  Hate it?  If it’s the former, it’s the Sam Edelman ‘Lorissa’ Pump  and…

♥ You can purchase it here

It also comes in Nude Leather…

… but I’m not sure I’m digging them in this color.  I may be alone in this, buuuut they kinda make me start to think about Silence of the Lambs… “it puts the lotion…” – you know where I’m going with this.

ANYWHO!  Now for the succulents!

I bet you’re wondering how those succulents got so…



It’s simple – they spray-painted them!!!!

Succulent decor via Flowers by Bornay

What do you think?  Would you consider spray-painting plants to get them to match your decor?

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Kim on February 1, 2011

    Yes! Absolutely, if they were going to turn out like this!

  2. Lisa on February 1, 2011

    Love the shoes. Love the succulents. :)

  3. Diana on February 1, 2011

    Love the purple succulents, what a great idea to spray them! Those shoes are pretty hardcore, like you love the black ones more. They would be pretty kickass for a bachlorette party!

  4. Sarah @ HereComesTheBlog on February 1, 2011

    Great idea to spray paint them to whatever color you want, i think they’re gorgeous!

    As for the shoes, it takes a strong girl to pull those off! I couldn’t do it!

  5. Brit @ Landlocked Bride on February 1, 2011

    I have no words for that device.

    As for the succulents and coloring them – genius idea! And, love those shoes. A friend of mine owns them in black. I’m quite jealous.

  6. Janine on February 1, 2011

    LOVE THIS POST! Succulents are my favorite wedding decor, they look so good in photos, love em!

  7. Theresa on February 1, 2011

    The nude ones do look a bit creepy. This shoe also comes in white. Those are fierce. A couple friends of mine have ‘em.

  8. Lauren Elise on February 1, 2011

    Few people are addressing the GoGirl in the comments so I’m going to do it!

    I cannot believe you bought this…ahahahaha! Beyond hilarious. I can’t believe this thing exists. I checked out the website and everything. I can definitely see why it would be handy for camping and stuff. The website says they are working on a “pee collection device.” Not good…that will give people even more excuses to not leave their desks. Alison…you must leave Photoshop for a minute and go pee…Ha!

    Amazing, you never cease to amaze me with your posts…even when they’re about pee! Love those succulents by the way. I want to cover my life with them (if that makes any sense) :)

  9. Danielle on February 1, 2011

    The shoes? They kinda look like they have a disease. I’m not a fan. LOVE The peeing device but wondering what you do with it once you’ve used it and you’re not in a ‘bathroom’ per se. And I would NEVER… repeat NEVER spray paint a PLANT. Might as well have a plastic daisy bouquet. Gross.

  10. Lindsey Smith on February 1, 2011

    These are definitely the shoes I’d be wearing if I were getting married… I want them so bad.

  11. Emma | Emmaline Bride on February 1, 2011

    I love succulents! These are beautiful! And, I may just need to investigate one of those GOGIRLS…. interesting… :)

  12. Lena on February 1, 2011

    The GoGirl…I’m still processing.

    As for those studded Edelmans and spray-painted succulents, I’m totally on board!

  13. gigi on February 1, 2011

    I’m thinking of the “GOGIRL” as a fun Bridal Shower gift. Love the succulents.

  14. Glamour and Grace on February 1, 2011

    I love the succulents! They don’t look spray painted at all! I though they put them in colored water! Gorgeous and unique way to let your succulents pop! (PS- I was going to shorten succulents with a little nick name of sorts like succies, but that sounds a little too x rated, so full word it is!)

  15. lizzie on February 1, 2011

    love the shoes and succulents…
    when i was in berlin, we went to this bar called “Klu” – toilet – and the first thing they handed us was a disposable gogirl to be used as a coaster if you want…it was hilarious.

  16. Margaret Ivory on February 1, 2011

    I’m not sure about the peeing thing but I think the shoe is interesting and the succulents are pretty. Never thought of spray painting a plant but they are pretty…

  17. Ashley on February 2, 2011

    Uhhh, yes! I love those deep purple succulents, but the ones I have right now are dumb green. Bring on the spray paint!! Also, I’ve been thinking a lot actually about the fact that my wedding dress is large and after about 1.5 glasses of champagne I’m going to have to pee every frickin 15 minutes. I’m slightly confused though as to how you wouldn’t have to wipe? Maybe I’m missing something… Other than that, it’s a golden idea!

  18. Wedding Dress Cleaning on February 2, 2011

    WOW! Naughty shoes! These are definitely for me.. Oh my…:-)

  19. BR on February 3, 2011

    Love those Succulents! Totally fabulous like you!

  20. jaci on February 3, 2011

    The painted succulents are beautiful, seeing more and more of them in arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets. Though they are wonderful to begin with, adding the paint is a fabulous way to bring in your colors!

  21. Joan~Five Grain Events on February 4, 2011

    Ok, LOVE the pumps…but I agree the nude ones are awful. And even though I’m not sure how I feel about spray-painting the succulents, I have to admit they DO look really gorgeous!

  22. modanista junkie on February 15, 2011

    I’ve seen these pumps before and they are a total DIY possibility on my list.

    p.s I’m loving your blog. :)


  23. kathleen on April 25, 2011

    Love the succulents. Just have to pass on a gorgeous potted succulent shoe that’s in the current Viva Terra catalog. I’m going to use these as table decor!! And maybe some spray-painted ones elsewhere.

  24. Sumdachk on January 11, 2012

    lol wow I don’t think shoes can get anymore “aggressive” than that! Hard to believe they’re related to the old school Sam and Libby Shoes!

  25. meital on March 17, 2012

    The succulents are amazing, great idea, just couldn’t take my eyes off them for a few long minutes. Loved it.

  26. Shawna on March 18, 2012

    I hope those are plastic succulents that are being spray painted…. otherwise, how is the plant supposed to process sunlight if its coated in paint? I couldn’t see myself suffocating a plant just so it would fit my wedding colors.

  27. Justy on March 19, 2012

    does the spray paint harm the plants? Like, can you keep growing them or are these simply for display and short term decor.

  28. Janet on April 1, 2012

    Will the spray paint kill the succulents? Good idea, but I bet it turns into a dead succulent???

  29. Heather on April 14, 2012

    Yep, those puppies will be deader than a door nail. Please don’t spray paint your plants.

    Not a big fan of the shoes’ “look”. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’d hurt myself on them.

    The pee-on-the-go gadget is a funnel. Plain as day. And I wouldn’t ever try to pee in a funnel. Pretty sure I’d still wind up wearing my own pee. I’ll stick with the good old reliable cop-a-squat, thanks.

  30. Carol on June 11, 2012

    what kind of spray paint did you use??

  31. Jackie Walters on September 17, 2012

    Hi, I am getting into painting my succulents. I make living wreaths. I’m kicking the idea around about trying some that are painted. I have painted some already and they are still living. But they will grow out of the paint, which is okay. I wondered why kind of paint you used. I got a spray paint that is used by floral designers to spray flowers with. Is that the same you used? Thank you for your time. Jackie Walters

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