DIY SUCCULENT VALENTINE | Mason jars, bunting, mini flags, burlap, kraft paper and jute twine amount to a not so typical Valentine’s Day | By Lauren Elise Crafted

Hi TKB readers! 

It’s me Lauren and as promised last week, I have a great Valentine’s DIY to share today!  I am super excited about this one because it is not your typical Valentine’s craft project.  (Not to mention, it can do double duty as wedding escort cards, or table decor for your reception!  Just food for thought:)  I am all about embracing what you truly love and to be honest, we all can’t love hearts and chocolates and pink all the time (well, maybe we can always love chocolates).  But the hearts and pink can get a little old or overdone so I decided to embrace a different type of Valentine’s inspiration this year.  So today I bring to you: V-Day…desert style!

To me, the desert is all about the colors and textures.  So I drew inspiration from the natural color scheme and desert plants.  Inexpensive materials like burlap, kraft paper, and jute twine are perfect for this desert look.  Use burlap to quickly make bunting or mini flags.  Stamp a personal message onto kraft paper, wrap with twine, and adorn with a paper feather to make a non-traditional Valentine’s greeting.  Mason jars and succulents make up the perfect gift.  Mini cacti would work great too.  Nothing says love like a plant that can survive despite periods of plant-owner neglectfulness (definitely speaking for myself here…I have yet to kill my succulents!).

What type of Valentine’s Day are you having?  Are you all about the traditional, the reds, the pinks, the hearts?  Or is something like this more your style, something different?  Personally, I’m all about both!  But honestly for me, Valentine’s Day is not about the candy (I wait for those chalky candy hearts every year!) or the heart paraphernalia but about spending time with those I love.  Our family and friends should always know how we feel about them, but it’s nice to use a holiday like Valentine’s Day as an excuse to make those around us feel extra loved.  So go give some love today!

Materials ::

° succulents

° mason jars – I used wide-mouth, half-pint jars

° thick jute twine – I found mine at Home Depot

° hot glue & glue sticks

Directions ::

° Remove the lid from the mason jar and get your twine and succulent {image A}.  Plug in the hot glue gun and get it ready {image B}.

° Put a thin line of glue along the bottom edge of the mason jar and press the twine down into the glue, holding for a second {image C}.  Do a little section at a time and slowly work your way around the mason jar {image D}.  If you do too much glue at once, it will harden before you have time to stick the twine down.  Once you make one loop with the twine, start on a second loop, butting it up next to the first {image E}.  Continue wrapping your mason jar with twine {image F} until your entire jar is covered {image G}.

° Repot your succulent into the mason jar {image H}.  Water and provide tender, loving care!

It has been a pleasure to be here with you today!  If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog.  I am also available to make anything you see.  I would love to craft something special for you!

xoxo!  – Lauren Donaldson

**Pictures taken at The Ace Hotel and various other areas in Palm Springs.

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  1. Kathryn on February 10, 2011

    This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’ve been dying to see with valentine’s day approaching. It’s so cool to see something different!

  2. Priscilla on February 10, 2011

    Yours truly has a date with a succulent and some twine tonight.

  3. Aileen@Love&Lavender on February 10, 2011

    LOVE! This is so cute

  4. Kim N. on February 10, 2011

    I’m sorry, but these are amazing. Not one speck of pink in them. I can’t tell you how much that pleases me.

  5. Alessandra on February 10, 2011

    I think this is my favorite valentines day post so far. But I love succulents so I’m partial. :)

  6. gigi on February 10, 2011

    Love the succulents! The card with the feather, twine and message on it is my favorite. Great post.

  7. Junia on February 10, 2011

    Super adorable! The burlap flags would be so cute to incorporate in a garden. Definitely got my creative juices flowing with this post! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The Perfect Palette on February 10, 2011

    pretty cute! love that it’s a unexpected idea.

  9. Marie @ Emici Bridal on February 10, 2011

    These are really sweet. I know somebody who would love them. ;) The feather is a great touch, it’s an unexpected detail and those are what you remember. This post makes me want to go out and get some succulents right now!

  10. Very cute & different! Great idea for a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

  11. Diana on February 10, 2011

    I just love succulents and this is a great DIY project. Now I want a succulent plant! :)

  12. Alicia @CharityWedding on February 10, 2011

    Can you hang bunting in your house? Would that be tacky? I LOVE bunting. And succulents too. So if you come over be prepared for a slap in the face of bunting and succulents upon entry.

  13. Lauren Elise on February 10, 2011

    Thank you everyone for the sweet, sweet comments! I heart you all!! :) I’m so glad we all appreciate something a little different at Valentine’s Day

    And to Alicia, yes, you can definitely hang bunting in your house. I have it in my room and studio…it helps make my space a happy space ;)

  14. Emma on February 10, 2011

    Lauren, amazing as always! This is beautiful :) I love this alternative to the traditional pinks and reds!

  15. Katherine {flower & honey} on February 10, 2011

    This is stunning! And such a creative take on a holiday that is often “overdone.” Very refreshing :)

  16. Aleah + Nick Valley on February 10, 2011

    What’s not to love about this? Talk about goodness overload!

  17. postcards and pretties on February 10, 2011

    you had me a burlap & succulents…well done Lauren!!

  18. Lena on February 10, 2011

    How very sweet! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, without all the pink and red that could make your sweetheart cringe!

  19. jacin {lovely little details} on February 10, 2011

    are you serious right now?? LOVE.

  20. Annie @ Marry You Me on February 10, 2011

    Loooove this… Lauren – amazing job as always!

  21. Katie on February 12, 2011

    Gorgeous DIY as always Lauren! Love the succulents & twine together xo

  22. Brancoprata on February 22, 2011

    Absolutely LOVE everything Lauren does!!

  23. jasfitz on March 25, 2011

    Oh my goodness. I am late to the party, but this is swoonworthy.

    I’m particularly enamored with that lettering… can you divulge where you acquired it?


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