LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS | From cubicle neighbors to wedding favors… for this couple, it worked out brilliantly. But what do YOU think of romance at the office?

Today’s engagement session is not just beautiful… it’s kind of important.  For two reasons.  One of those reasons has to do with photography (obvs.), the other has to do with romance at the office. 

I was so excited when Kelly Dillon sent this shoot my way.  First of all, it’s pretty freaking gorgeous.  Let me count the ways: I heart ring shots, and it’s got ring shots.  I heart pretty little white dresses, and it’s got one of those, too.  It’s got a seriously in love couple, and, well, that’s the most stellar thing about this shoot, imho.  Seriously in love couples = the most stellar thing about ALL SHOOTS, if you ask me.  What’s better than frozen love?  Still shots of emotion are one of the best parts of my job, and adding in all the pretty pretty prettiness just makes it that much more delicious to ingest.

Ok, so – one reason this shoot is kind of important is this: Kelly Dillon does a remarkable job with black and white photography.  I adore that she sent me what was essentially a color batch, and a black and white batch.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, wedding blogs tend to shy away from featuring black and white, because they aren’t eye-catching enough.  And it does make sense, in a lot of ways.  But I happen to be a GINORMOUS fan of black and white photography.  Firstly – and brides, take note – b&w photography is the most forgiving type of photography you could ask for.  Worried about how you’ll look in your close ups?  Solution: black and white photos.  You’ll see.  Secondly, black and white prints have a way of lending something so timeless and romantic to photographs, it’s beyond description.  I’ve peppered in quite a few b&w photos in this post; take a look at them in comparison to their color counterparts.  Do you love both?  Or do you have a personal preference?

Ok, now onto the next, more pressing topic… the topic I’d really like you to weigh in on.

As you’ll read in Kelly’s write-up on Jen and Samer, the two lovebirds met at the office.  This is an alarming concept, and immediately brings to mind thoughts of inevitable heartbreak and 9-5 awkwardness…  once the two of you ultimately break up.  It’s painful, and it sucks.  It’s how most office relationships end.  I know, because I have several friends who’ve experienced it.  This shouldn’t be surprising, though, because if you think about it, most people spend the majority of their lives IN THE OFFICE.  It’s a fact.  And if you work as hard as most people do these days (which is TOO HARD, in my opinion), well then you’re spending a disproportionate amount of time in the workplace, at the expense of your personal life.  What’s a person to do?

That’s how it starts.  And both participants typically start off with the best of intentions, I’m sure of it; no one deliberately enters a romantic relationship with a coworker hoping that it will, one day, result in making his/her place of work the interpersonal nightmare to end all interpersonal nightmares.  But, more often than not, this is what happens.

So, before we get into the gorgeous imagery of what is a fairly rare but incredibly inspiring successful office love story, I want to ask you a burning question:

What do you think of dating people at work?

Let’s have a real conversation about this in the comments.  I’ll be joining in.

Here’s some background on this gorgeous couple, from Kelly:

Jen stood out for many different reasons.  Samer took a liking to her the minute she showed up in the cubical closest to his office.  It was fate.  Love at first sight.

Years went by, and Samer watched. Patiently, from a distance. Jen’s good looks lured me in, but her tender heart and sense of humor made me quickly realize she was the one.

These two are romantic, fun and adventurous.  Together.

After their first date at 28 Degrees in Boston’s South End, they were smitten.  They’ve been together ever since and are now planning their fabulous wedding at the Boston Public Library.  I’m honored to work with such a special couple and I’m incredibly excited for what’s in store this May!

Photographer: Kelly Dillon Photography / Via: Two Bright Lights / Wedding Reception Venue: Boston Public Library (can’t wait to see it!)

Ok, it’s time to get the gears moving on this office romance discussion.  Would you be willing to date someone at work?  Have you?  If so, how did it go?  Are you, or is someone you know, living happily ever after with his/her coworker turned life partner?  Maybe you tried the whole office romance thing, but it didn’t work out and you still work together.  If that’s the case, do you regret it?

Chime in below, and I’ll jump in shortly.  Let’s have a real discussion about this.

xoxo!  – Alison

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  1. Loe on February 23, 2011

    I was a little apprehensive about dating someone from work. But at the same time, when you spend time with people and get to know them through work, you can learn a lot about someone. So I gave him a change.

    And well now, we’re engaged. :)

    Once we started dating we worked together for an additional year before I switched departments for a better opportunity, so I’m not sure how it would have played out had we kept being in the same place.

    I think the biggest hurdle with dating someone at work is making sure that while at work, you remember you’re at work! (I’ve known people who have forgotten that). And if it doesn’t go well, I think you have to remember how to be civil towards someone (even if you hate their guts).

  2. Kim on February 23, 2011

    First of all, this couple is gorgeous. The photography is phenomenal and I applaud Ms Dillon – this is just perfection.

    On dating someone at work: I’m super happy that it worked for this couple, but I’m even happier to see it being discussed on a wedding blog. Relationships are 98% of the battle in this whole wedding planning thing, and it’s just refreshing to see that real issues are being discussed, and not just which shoes we should wear for the ceremony (even though that’s an incredibly important decision to me :)

    I’m definitely apprehensive about office romances, as a rule. I have a friend who had one, and they dated for about 4 months and then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. She cried in my arms regularly, and I felt so bad for her. It was not a good break up. I never told her I told you so, but I had warned her early on that it was risky. Still, I’m really happy that it works out for some people, because you’re right – we spend most of our lives at work! Let’s hope we like our jobs! I sorta kinda like mine. ;)

    Thanks for this type of post! Keep them coming, please! :)

  3. Lauren Elise on February 23, 2011

    It helps when the black and white photos are stunning…which these DEFINITELY are!

    If every office romance could be guaranteed a Jim & Pam happily ever after then I’d be 100% for them. But I’m a bit on the fence about them.

  4. Emily on February 23, 2011

    Answer #1 (Black & White vs. Color photgraphy)

    Until I met my photographer (the talented Nancy Ray) I ONLY wanted black and white. I knew it would be more flattering to my almost translucent skin, and more timeless. But she does amazing things with light, so I have favorites from both styles.

    Answer #2 (work romance) I met my husband at work, so I’m a little biased. But, we weren’t working in a office type situation, so it’s different. I see why people date people from work, especially when it’s work they love – it’s a common interest. But yes, remembering at work that you are at work (and even harder, keeping work at work when you’re done) is incredibly important. It gets easier the longer the relationship, in my experience. I still work with my husband a few times per week, and people are often surprised to find out I’m the Emily he always talks about, as we’re pretty professional about the whole thing.

  5. Andrea on February 23, 2011

    This post actually hits home for me because I’m actually considering dating someone on my floor at work. (My engaged friend sent me this link. Haha. Thanks Sara! ;D)
    I’ll be interested to read up on peoples thoughts. Any advice would be most appreciated! :D Thanks for bringing this to discussion.


  6. First of all, gorgeous photos!

    Secondly, I think an office romance can be great as long as you have balances! You’ll be spending a lot of time with that person at work and outside of work so you have to make sure to leave work at work. Making sure you spend quality time together outside of the office is important! Love all these great stories, thanks for sharing!

  7. Honey on February 23, 2011

    I met someone at work 7 years ago this March and now… 7 years later he is my wonderful husband. It’s funny because I tried so hard not to like him (I convinced myself he had a funny shaped head, which it is not) but he kept pursuing and we are now best friends. We were a lucky couple who eventually lived together and worked together at one point and it worked for us.

    I think if you don’t open yourself up to the people who surround you in your daily life, you are not committing to yourself, and you could miss some great opportunities.

  8. lizzie on February 23, 2011

    they are too cute! i think to be open to meeting someone wherever you are and life takes you is key…but i also believe actively looking for someone in any situation, including work, can bring you to a state where you can create embarrassing situations that are a bit difficult to live with and can make things awkward. you definitely have to be MORE careful in an office relationship than outside of one.

  9. Claire on February 23, 2011

    That’s how I met my fiancee, so i’m totally okay with it! I know plenty of people who have met their husbands/wives at work.

    On the flip side, it can get really awkward if you break up. My friend dated a coworker and when they broke up, it was kind of tense. However, they both acted professionally and kept their personal feelings out of the office.

    There’s a way to do it and a way not to, I guess. It’s kind of like that with any relationship.

  10. Alicia @CharityWedding on February 23, 2011

    I have to say that I also LOVE B/W photography and would love to see it more often. To me, it can sometimes be more striking than color because it lends itself to a whole new feel. In terms of dating in the office… K and I didn’t work together ever, until now! We have our own biz and spend our days together as co-workers. Which can create a whole new set of issues… you should discuss that next! But I agree it is risky to date in the workplace but like you said it is also tricky to meet people otherwise. 2 of my good friends both started their relationships in the workplace, while both couples are still together-one married, both ladies no longer work there. So I guess if the relationship doesn’t fail, the job might.

  11. Brittany on February 23, 2011

    Can I first say that this photographer is unreal. Her work is stunning. Someone should definitely hire her for their wedding!

    I too met my, now, husband in the office. It was tough at first, but really if you are in love, who cares. Take the chance and see where it goes! You might end up very happy or not, but you won’t know until you try.

  12. Alison on February 23, 2011

    Hey all, it’s me, Alison. Two cents follows…

    First of all, GREAT discussion, people. Throughout today, I’ve heard DOZENS and DOZENS of real life office romance success stories, both in the comments and on Twitter, AND via email. So GO, THAT! I honestly didn’t think I’d be hearing about so many happy outcomes that started in the office. I must admit, I’m a bit shocked to hear just how many of you are planning weddings with your current or former coworkers! Amazeballs!

    By the way, speaking of office romance stories… I have a fun personal detail to share with you:

    My own parents met at work. And, fortunately, it’s a success story.

    … But you might have already picked up on that. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your experiences/thoughts on this hot topic! More sharing is welcomed, of course, if you’ve just arrived here. These discussions tend to go on forever.

    Lastly – YES, KELLY DILLON RULZ. Agreed, my peoples. Agreed like crazy.

  13. Jadey on February 23, 2011

    My Fiance and I have a twist on this – after being together and in completely different industries for more than 10 years we have started working together.

    Him leaving a job of 18 years and me leaving a job of 4 years 1 month later to follow him.

    It’s been great!

  14. postcards and pretties on February 23, 2011

    the shoot is absolutely stunning!

  15. I met my husband at work when I was a co-op student assigned to his shift. He blew me away with how smart (and cute) he was.

    It started off with rides home and then dinner…we kept it hush hush.

    We are going to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary this June!

    Best work assignment I ever had!

  16. Lena on February 24, 2011

    What GORGEOUS photos! You were right-plenty of shiny, sparkly ring shots, divine clothes and an outrageously loving couple!

    As for office romances, a close cousin of mine started dating a co-worker just before he was promoted to partner in their law firm. When they married this September, their code names for each other were a huge part of the ceremony!

  17. Amanda Hagood on February 26, 2011

    Love what you said about black and whites! I love color as much as the next girl, but give me some fabulous black and whites, too :)

    About office romance – I used to be a cubicle gal back in the day, and I dated (later married) the boss’s son. Even that close of an “office relationship” was tough. It’s worth it when it works out :)

  18. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on February 28, 2011

    I’m a big fan of black and whites too… they really bring out the emotion. As for office romance, well I started a new job and sat opposite my now husband for 12 hours a day, six days a week for two months before we got together. He left the company the week after which probably helped but we moved in together the following month and now 11 yrs later we’re happier than ever :-)

  19. Sabina on March 2, 2011

    That ring is absolutely gorgeous and they look so quit together.

  20. E on March 11, 2011

    I’m a high school teacher and my boyfriend is the teacher who works in the room next door to me. :) We both teach the same subject and we spent a lot of time planning lessons together and getting to know each other when I first started at the school. We ended up having a lot in common, in addition to the both of us being young and single. What started off as a proximity crush developed into something much more when we realized how much fun we had together and how closely our pasts and values lined up. Now we are living together and I definitely see us in for the long haul. We work at a difficult school and we experience challenges I think other people have trouble understanding. Because of this, we are a great support network for each other, both professionally and personally. Plus, we can collaborate about lesson plans or ideas any time the ideas pop in our heads. We are very reflective teachers, always trying to find a better way to approach our subject or classroom management so having a sounding board who knows from experience.

    I love working with my boyfriend and we make an awesome team. We keep things very professional at work. He is truly the love of my life. I think risking an office romance gone bad would be worth the chance of finding “the one.” Besides, if I had listened to everyone’s advice about staying away from an office romance, I wouldn’t be with the man I love today.


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