YOUR DIY WEDDING | DIY Modern Matchbook Stationery in Two Colorways {+ Free Template} | Lauren Elise Crafted

Hi Knotty readers! 

Lauren Elise here and I must say, it’s that time again… DIY time!  Today I’m sharing a unique save the date idea that is my own new twist on something I’ve seen before: matchbooks and ticket stubs.  They are not new to weddings and I’ve seen both executed quite adorably before.  But I came up with a way to combine both ideas into one and also to use my latest fav crafting technique: stitching paper!  Yes, I’m obsessed.  Of course I know the sewing machine was intended for fabric but I love throwing out the rule book.  Running a stitch on paper adds a great detail that is fairly easy to achieve and cost effective, two things that are perfect for the DIY bride.

I gave these save the dates more of a modern style and color scheme but alter the design to accommodate any look and feel.  I also used free fonts that anyone can download so if you want to use my template, you can easily replicate the same look on your own.  Here are the steps to make these save the dates.  Enjoy!

Materials ::

° white cardstock (to print on) and colored cardstock (I used mustard yellow & grey)

° metal-edge ruler

° x-acto knife

° pencil

° bone folder

° fine, decorative paper (I purchased mine from Paper Source and they have a great selection of fine papers)

° PVA glue or paper glue (I also got this from Paper Source and it is specifically for paper and bookbinding.  I think Mod Podge glue would also work & that can be found at local craft stores)

° sponge brush

° printer

° sewing machine

° design software like Photoshop or Illustrator (create your own design or you can start with my template)

° thread in complimentary colors to your cardstock

° washi tape or drafting tape for temporarily positioning paper

Fonts ::

° Anivers – free from Font Squirrel

° Museo Slab – free from Font Squirrel

° Museo – free from Font Squirrel

Directions ::

° Start with the provided template and personalize it or create your own original design in a program like Photoshop.  The template is 3 ¼” wide x 5 9/16” tall.  Do not put any text or graphics in the bottom 1 ½” of space because it will be covered up.  The fonts I used were Anivers, Museo, & Museo Slab, all free fonts.

° Cut out your envelope from the cardstock, sized at 12” x 4 ½” {image A}.  At one end, create a mark at 1 ½” {image B} and fold up a tab at that point {image C}.  At the other end, mark 4 ¾” and fold and make a tab there.  So the two tabs should now fold up and form a matchbook shape {image D}.

° Cut some of the fine, decorative paper, sized at 10 3/8” x 4 ¼” {image E}.  Use a sponge brush to spread PVA glue onto the back of the fine paper {image F}.  The glue dries quickly so immediately position the fine paper over the cardstock and press down.  Use a bone folder to smooth out the paper {image G}.  Leave the 1 ½” tab free from decorative paper as shown {image H}.

° Print out your save the date design {image I} and cut it down to size {image J}.  From the bottom, pencil a mark at 1 5/8” as a guide {image K}.  Now prepare your sewing machine.  You can use your sewing machine to create a perforated line, like a ticket stub, so that the save the date could be ripped out from the envelope.  You will want to remove the upper and lower thread so only the needle will be passing through the paper.  Adjust your stitch length, I set mine to 1.4 as opposed to the normal 2.0 {image L}.  Line your needle up to the 1 5/8” mark and slowly run the paper through the machine, trying to stay as straight as possible {image M}.  Once done, you will be left with a perforated line that will leave a clean tear {image N}.

° Replace the upper and lower thread into your sewing machine {image O} and reset the stitch length.  I used a yellow thread for the grey envelopes and a white thread for the yellow envelopes.  Place your save the date into the envelope and temporarily hold in position with some washi tape or non-sticky tape {image P}.  Fold up the 1 ½” tab over the save the date and then run through your sewing machine.  This will secure the save the date and envelope together.  Once finished, remove the washi tape and trim any excess thread.

✭ Right click on the template image above and save to your computer. ✭

*It has been a pleasure to be here with you today!  If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog.  I am also available to make anything you see.  If you are interested in custom paper goods, save the dates, or invitations, get in touch because I would love to craft something special for you.

… And, because I adore The Knotty Bride, I am offering all TKB readers a discount on custom design work.  Let’s chat and talk details!

xoxo!  – Lauren

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  1. Lara Sidich on March 21, 2011

    I’m always so impressed with the care that goes into these. Too cool.

  2. Very cute!! Love these and their so simple to re-create.

  3. KI on March 21, 2011

    lurve that background blue dotted paper. and the stitching accent is fantabulous. totally love that look!

  4. Katherine {flower & honey} on March 21, 2011

    another home-run from Lauren! well done :)

  5. Tina on March 21, 2011

    OMG, imagine if you could also strike matches on it. Homerun! :)

    Love the modern look. And the paper and stitching really lend to the texture. I like.

  6. Jenny @ Hank+Hunt on March 21, 2011

    Love this! Lauren is amazing AGAIN!

  7. lizzie on March 21, 2011

    those are super cute! love ‘em!

  8. Brancoprata on March 21, 2011

    I LOVE IT!!!! The colors, the design… the WHOLE idea!!!!

  9. Koru Kate on March 21, 2011

    Wow, I’m so impressed these save-the-dates are DIY! They look like pricey, custom invites. I love them!

  10. Alison on March 21, 2011

    Koru Kate – Couldn’t agree more. Lauren’s work always looks incredibly professional/expensive, and that’s because, in our estimation, she’s simply at the very beginning of what will undoubtedly be an incredibly successful business in this industry. We love her, and know she’s going to blow up like WHOA! :)

    Tina – we love the texture, too! So awesome.

  11. Steph on March 21, 2011

    I really love this. So simple yet so striking… I wish I had another wedding to plan for myself. Oh, wait! I will just renew my vows, right? :D

  12. Lauren Elise on March 21, 2011

    THANK YOU EVERYONE! Hugs to you all. The texture in this project + the stitching is my favorite thing about this save the date.

    Koru Kate – It’s all in the details! They always make things look more expensive/professional in my opinion. Details are my secret! :)

  13. Lena on March 21, 2011

    This is just DARLING! I love it!

  14. Jayne on March 21, 2011

    freaking out. love these. so perfect.

  15. postcards and pretties on March 21, 2011

    Another great save the date by the fabulously talented Lauren. These are awesome!!

  16. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on March 22, 2011

    These are awesome!!! I love stitching on paper too!! Great job Lauren!

  17. viv @ the eclectic life on March 22, 2011

    lauren elise crafted is simply brilliant!

  18. Amma // Beyond Beyond on March 22, 2011

    This is such a cute project and I need to have me a crafternoon with my sewing machine. Really creative, and just really gorgeous – awesome project!

  19. Liz on March 27, 2011

    How would someone mail these out? Put them in an envelope or secure them closed and mail as is. What would you suggest?

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