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I get that that title doesn’t make any sense.  If you come here often, you know that my blogging attire is usually comprised of yoga pants and one of the honey’s many Bar Mitzah tees.  And that’s if I’m wearing anything.  Joke.  Too many windows in this apartment, and our neighbors don’t have blinds altogether, which is weird to me, but more importantly, means I can’t nude it up in my own home.  Thrills of working from your home office out the window.

Moving on… I have a few redonkulous things to share with you, today, in the form of a countdown to lift-off, so to speak.  (Look at me, Mom, I themed it up today!)

Number 10: So, this is possibly the only time I am going to talk about the Royal Wedding… well, other than that time before we redesigned the blog that I talked about it, sort of.  And I got in the paper for that one!  High kick, woot!  Anyway, word on the street is that Prince William will not be wearing a wedding ring during his marriage.  This is an aristocratic tradition, which is code for “let’s not wear our wedding rings for various reasons, all lascivious, and let’s (*snicker*) call it a “tradition.

How would you feel about your honey not wearing his wedding ring?  All opinions are welcome, obvs.

Number 9: I’m quitting blogging.

Number 8: ↑ April Fools’.

Number 7: yup, today is April Fools’ Day!  So, please, don’t forget to do something totally eff’d up to someone you know, as that’s the day’s tradition.  I suggest something that involves coworkers – preferably coworkers who are already not on great terms and talk about one another with fellow employees when one of them goes to the bathroom.  Fuel that fire, peeps.

… Yeah, let me know how it goes.

Number 6: Sarah Seven dress giveaway, on the blog, NEXT WEEK.  So, who’s gonna be there?  Raise your hand.

Number 5: I have some pretty killer shots from last night’s runway event – Pronovias presented the new 2012 Manuel Mota and Pronovias Advance Collection, and I like me some Pronovias (NYC Flagship Store is the first store I ever visited to try on wedding dresses!).  I’m thinking I’ll either tweet the dresses throughout the day, or chuck ‘em in your faces on the blog.  (This is where you let me know how you’d like it to work.)

Number 4: remember that advance copy of a not-yet-aired television show – which I mentioned in this post - and how I hadn’t even opened the FedEx envelope containing the dvd yet, because I was so concerned about hating its living guts and having to report that to the network?  Well, I was 32 flavors of wrong.  And I’ll be discussing those 32 flavors on Monday.  But for now, I’ll tell you that yes, it’s a reality show about wedding planning; yes, I cried happy tears THROUGHOUT and, yes, it stars one of my favorite actresses from my teenage years.  Also, this wedding immediately came to mind when I started watching it.  You won’t get that right now, but you’ll get it when you see the show, which airs in early April.  Or you’ll get it when I spill my guts about it on Monday.  The latter is most definitely how this is gonna go.

Now, for Number 3: AWESOME. NEWS.  You know that little problem we’ve been having with road noise and sleeping?  Well, after sleeping with earplugs the entire time we’ve been living in our new diggs (which has been leading to a weird, tough case of head claustrophobia which is hard to explain) we finally got some good news, which I’m sooo going to expand on when it reaches the “happened” stage.  Right now we’re in the “ok, we’ll replace your bedroom window with 3 panes of glass; should get done in a week’s time.”  But I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Number 2…

Ok, one more thing you guys, what should I wear to all the runway shows I have coming up.

I really don’t know.  Also, I left my curlers in storage.  So I have no curlers.  My hair is going to be a mess, it just is, and I accept that.  So I have to OVERCOMPENSATE for this with bangin’ness – shape of: outfit choice.  Sequins?  I’m getting to an age where I think sequins are going to become my go-to.  Here’s the depressing thing: I supposedly ordered some killer unique black triangularish stockings/tights, but they were the one thing missing in my recent ASOS delivery.  It was traumatizing.  And I can’t wear the fishnets that DID come (it always happens like that), even if they *were* the same ones Rihanna wore somewhere that one time.  I can’t. wear. fishnets. to bridal market runway shows.

Right?  I just want confirmation on that.

Can I wear black tights with nude pumps?  I got some nude pumps from ASOS that are bitchin’ however when they arrived I immediately demoted them to “bedroom shoes.”  You understand.  But I’m really thinking they might be right for bridal market.  I think I could benefit from a good trip-n-fall a la this.  That’s Lindsay Lohan, by the way.  And before I knew she had fallen, I could have sworn she was just really jonesing for some coke, means-of-delivery-not-important.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Should I wear this?

Perhaps I should wear the killer dress in what is our Number 1…

Today’s high-flying engagement shoot!  The fabulous Christina Carroll submitted this fantabulous shoot recently, and I was all like, “this is Friday’s post.”  Why?  Not just because it’s super duper straightforwardly awesome engagement inspiration, but because our soon-to-be-bride, Ashley is rockin’ the most killer frock I’ve seen in a while, and it’s kind of the perfect dress for photos.  Did I say kind of?  I mean IT’S THE PERFECT DRESS FOR PHOTOS.

So, of course, I asked her where she got it.  And she was kind enough to let us know.  Bitchin’.  Enjoy the ensuing, my loves!  And find out where to get her look (the belt is INCLUDED!) at the end of this post…

Listen up, loves – here are some words from Ashley:

Let me start by saying, these pictures turned out even better than I could have imagined. When looking for a photographer and location for our engagement pictures, I wanted something that captured the main characteristics of our relationship, classic but playful. Playing on the romantic feel with a touch of adventure, my dress (a Jessica Simpson collection piece from Dillard’s) was a last minute find, but exactly what I was looking for. Justin’s suit also fit perfect with the fun jet-setter theme and his businessman personality. I had previously seen Christina’s amazing work and fell in love with the other shoots she had done at the Georgetown Airport. Christina’s creativity with various props, acute attention to detail and really listening to what we desired from the results, make each picture unique and show true emotion. We absolutely love our pictures, so much that we have had a hard time deciding which ones to use at events and in invites.

The obligatory “An Education” pose, which, my friends, is a bit of a must, these days.  I’m SO not sick of it, yet.

Photography: Christina Carroll Photography

Ok, first of all, the DRESS.  Do you not LOVE IT?  It’s perfect for an e-session, and I applaud Ashley’s sense of fashion.  I couldn’t have picked a better dress myself.  In fact I’m very tempted to purchase hers.

Like she mentioned, it’s the Batik Halter Print Dress from Jessica Simpson and, in the company’s words, it “features vivid hues and an abstract pattern with a stretch belt for ultimate wearability.”  Yes, all of that, it does that!  NEED.

If you need it, too, here’s where you can get your hands on it.  (Thanks, Ashley!)

I really, really loved that session.  Ashley, you look beautiful.  You make the cutest couple, truly.

Makes me want to do yet another session.  So.  Badly.  They’re just so freaking FUN.  I mean, look!  Those two had FUN.  They got to play with planes.  Imagine the possibilities?!!!

Happy Friday, lovelies!  And I wanna hear what you think of the Prince William ring thing.  It’s really not a discussion about the Royal Wedding – yaaaaawn – it’s much more a discussion about wedding ring wearing, and what you think of the decision not to do so.

Aaaand… GO.

Oh, and I need outfit suggestions, too.  Don’t forget that.

xoxo!  - Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Nicole on April 1, 2011

    What a gorgeous e-shoot! Love the couple and LOVE her dress!

  2. LemonBride on April 1, 2011

    Her dress is adorable!! I love the shots of them with the luggage by the plane. I literally let out a breathy little “ohh how pretty!”
    I wish I could help more with your debacle, but as I’m a huge fan of pajamas the moment I step foot in the door, fashion’s not a huge thing for me. Unless you count Chucks. Those suckas better NEVER go outta style! Then again, if you like to turn heads, that Kardashian outfit would do it. :)
    Happy weekend!

  3. Katie Smith on April 1, 2011

    Longest comment. Ever.

    I never wear my rings around the house. Mine are platinum, and are more susecptible to wear because of cleaning chemicals. When I’m out running, I just wear my band.

    My Mom was the first generation not to be raised conservative Mennonite, so I grew up with my Grandfather never wearing a band. My Grandmother has a beautiful diamond e-ring, and platinum band. She never wore her diamond though, and always wore a very simple platinum band.

    I’m getting myself just a super simple silver band to wear when I’m working out/working with horses. If I ever do work with out gloves with horses, I always take my ring off b/c of it being a safety problem.

    I don’t see a problem with people wearing them or not. As long as you’re openly talking about your spouse, and not opening inviting flirtation, you’re fine. But I’ve always found wearing a band doesn’t deter people from flirting with you, it’s a matter of how you respond to it.

    Enough of that! Fashion advice time :) I’m blunt, though. So.

    Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear solid black tights with nude pumps. Nude pumps are great to make your legs look longer, and that’s what nude pumps are amaaazing for. You will look like you have stubby ankles if you wear nude with black. I mean, it also depends on how defined your legs are, and how tall you are. You can get away with it (maybe) if you have long legs. But, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I have long legs (bleh).

    Get some awesome nude pretty tights that have a pattern on them if you want something fun, like a swiss dot pattern. Or a lighter color, not necessarily nude. Not white, white is for nurses.

    I LOVE Ashley’s dress, and she’s wearing nude pumps :) See how long and lovely her legs are?

    Cognanc of course is still a hot color and would look fab with that dress, too.

    I LOVE sequins. I haven’t found a dress I love enough to buy, though. I got one for NYE but they were BIG sequins and I felt like a black disco ball. Ya. I donno what to say about Kim’s, uh, outfit :D.

    That’s that! GL!

  4. BCD_jessica on April 1, 2011

    Please get 2 and prance around your apartment with all the blinds up!! You just can’t keep that goodness to yourself.
    Seriously though, maybe nude fishnets, dress 1 [which is totally rockin!] and some ridiculously awesome nude shoes.

  5. Susannah VanDyke on April 1, 2011

    LOVE this – what an adorable engagement session! My Dad was a pilot, so it makes me happy! :D

  6. Brit @ Landlocked Bride on April 1, 2011

    Love this session. So so much. And, gets me excited for my little flying trip with the hubs on Tuesday. Yay.

    Also, love her dress. And, your April Fool’s joke. AND, I have a feeling which childhood star I think you’re talking about, but I’ll keep mum until you spill the beans next week.

  7. love this. you are hilarious. happy friday!!!

  8. Cris on April 1, 2011

    My guy will not be wearing his wedding band. Not because he wants to cheat but because he is a high voltage electrician and wearing one could literally kill him. I’m happy to wait until he retires to see him wearing a ring 24/7 so long as he keeps those paychecks coming…I mean, stays alive because I love him.

  9. Mia on April 1, 2011

    I can’t wear my engagement ring at work, nor will I be able to wear a wedding ring when we finally get married.

    BUT! That is because I work with my hands. And I’m not a princess. Or royalty of any sort.

    You can bet your sweet bippy I’m wearing my ring the rest of the time though…how else am I going to keep the hotties away? HAHAHA

    No seriously, Prince William can do pretty much whatever he wants. I’m fairly certain that 90% of the free world (and 58% of the not-free world) will be aware that he is married. To a lovely girl.

    So it’s not like he’s not wearing his wedding ring so he can still hit on the ladies….I guess.

    Anyone else who doesn’t wear a wedding ring probably doesn’t have a good excuse :D

  10. Katie on April 1, 2011


  11. Katie on April 1, 2011

    p.s. I think it’s pretty wiggity-whack that Prince William won’t be wearing a ring. I’m sorry, but I think it’s sexy for a man to wear a ring. Maybe he’s just not comfortable with his sexuality or somethin’?

  12. i love you girl :-)

    My dad never wore a wedding ring, so i’m kinda used to it. He’s not the jewellery type, with a hands on manual job = it makes sense.

    G *hates* jewellery, but says he will wear a ring when we eventually wed yay!

    If that’s what the future King wants to do, it’s he perogative, i think i’d be a little disapointed if i were Kate though.

    This e sesh is so gorge, i’m off to peek at the dress hehe

    Lou xoxo

  13. Koru Kate on April 1, 2011

    I don’t know how I would feel if my hubs didn’t wear his ring. But I will say he is Filipino & his Dad, Grandpas, Uncles, etc don’t wear their wedding bands. All of their marriages are loving & there are no divorces in his family which is more than I can say for my side of the family who did wear wedding bands. So maybe not wearing a wedding band isn’t all bad . . .

  14. Jackie P on April 1, 2011

    for a soon-to-be MAJOR head of state not to wear a wedding ring is sort odd to me. but, it’s a double-edge sword: if marriage is a very public declaration, than clearly everyone will already know a) that mr Prince is married, and b) who Billy Boy is married TO; but on the other hand, it seems less than proper for such a public figure NOT to wear a wedding ring if he is, in fact, married.

    as for men wearing wedding rings in general, i’m not sure how i feel about it. for me, it’s an act of solidarity: if i am wearing a ring every day as a sign of our commitment, than so should my hubs. as for other folks, i do find it odd when a married dude is not wearing a ring, but if it’s cool with his wife, than who am i to judge? i definitely think it should be a conversation, though, and both parties should be on the same page, and happy and comfortable with the ring-wearing decision.

    enough about me. let’s talk about your nude pumps. i agree – no-go w/the black tights. if your fishnets, though, were nude, those would be a-ok for traipsing around a bridal market. i wear nude fishnets to work. yeah, i said it. how about sequin-y top, dark skinny jeans and nude pumps? not so bedroom-y. sophisticated, yet fun. i could be wrong….

  15. Alex on April 1, 2011

    Firstly, as a photographer myself, I first have to say how awesome those photos are. Secondly, as a man that one day hopes to marry my bestfriend/gal of my dreams, I fully intend on wearing that sucker until my fingers are too fat, wrinkly, and worn out for it to be removed! There’s no way around it…it’s not coming off, unless that finger is bitten off by some wild rabid animal.

  16. Lena on April 1, 2011

    I thought of you when I read that recently-and I’m not sold. I mean, it’s not like anyone on planet Earth will have missed that he got married the other day to this pretty brunette lady and there’s all this crazy shit with their faces all over it EVERYWHERE, but still. It seems slimy.

    This coming from a girl with two married parents, neither of whom have ever worn rings, to my knowledge. Oh well.

    Weighing in on bridal market-I had a very hard time wearing nude pumps with black tights. I tried really hard, and just ended up going bare legged and freezing. Nude pumps make you legs look 5x longer and slimmer than they are naturally, so wear those suckers to market!

    As for fishnets, there should be no rules. Wear those suckers-I want to see photos.

    And I want to watch this bridal reality show, because this is bound to be good.

    Oh, and that shoot is gorgeous, and those people are stunning, and I suddenly hate what I wearing today.

    Have a wonderful weekend, darling!

  17. girlywedding on April 1, 2011

    I love the photo shoot! Ridiculously cute. And no no no no no wearing black stockings and nude shoes. Love both just not together. I know the guy should wear his wedding ring but my dad never wore his and he is as devoted a husband as they come. So I’m not overly bothered by it. The dress in the pics- thumbs up way up. And you my dear are adorable but maybe you should give your neighbors blinds.


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