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Hola, loves!  Hope you’re having a pleasant little Friday in your neck o’ the woods, as my bestie Al Roker likes to say.

It’s a rainy day where I am, and my wonderful apartment neighbor is moving to San Fran today.  Sad face.  She’s a lovely person, and we’re seriously going to miss her.  We also hope nobody totally sucky moves in in her place.  Ohhhh how that would suck.  Cross your fingers for us, and for Sir Nameless McPuppypants.  Which reminds me – thanks, you guys, for continually reassuring me that this whole taking-forever-to-pick-a-name fiasco is totally normal and not harmful to our furbaby.  ’Cause I’ve been feeling serious guiltia majora about the whole thing.  Sigh.

Aaaaanywho!  Our friends over at Groomstars are quite possibly the savviest people we know when it comes to the ‘guy side’ of weddings.  And that’s pretty rad if you ask me.  Because… well, here’s the thing…

No matter how hard I may try to get inside my honey’s noggin’ when it comes to gifting, I rarely nail it… if ever.  Ok, I don’t know if I’ve ever nailed it.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the only time he’s every really, really, REALLY LOVED a gift of mine is when I got him a poker set, like this one from Groomstars…

I’m really into putting love and care into the gifts I give, but if I’m honest, I have NO CLUE how to gift a guy.  So sometimes, you just need to ask a fella.  And the fellas over at Groomstars are those guys.  And here’s the beauty part: they’re doing something pretty cool right now that I think you might like.  What’s that, you ask?  Well, how does a $1000 gift certificate to use on their site sound?

Here are some popular options for ya…

The contest is called “Calling All Grooms.”  Every month, they’re drawing one winner of a $1,000 gift certificate to the site.  And all you have to do is sign up/complete your profile.  That’s it; you’ve entered.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

While you’re over there, you might want to check out their Father of the Bride gifts.  I’m a pretty big fan of those.  That’s probably because I love my Popsicle, and therefore, believe all popsicles deserve a super distinguished gift or three of their own.  Especially on the day they’re expected to, essentially, relinquish their baby girls!

So, in conclusion, $1000 is approximately a lot of money.  Kinda seems worth a go, but that’s just my opinion. ;)

Check it out, won’t you?

xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – A special thanks to Groomstars, one of our incredible Vendor Love members, for being an important part of the fabulous network of amazing vendors who support The Knotty Bride.  It’s because of sponsors like Groomstars that we can keep bringing inspo to all those lovely faces out there! :)

P.P.S. – In celebration of how much you all freaked out (did I call it or did I call it?!) over Rhi’s wedding yesterday, I’m putting together a post inspired by the thing.  Yeah.  Hope you’re excited, ’cause I am. :)

‘Til then!

Addendum: I present to you… our next Supermodel… The Knotty Puppy.

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Love all of this...


  1. Abby's guy on April 8, 2011

    My fiancee (that looks so uppity typed) showed me this post and I dig it. The golf cufflinks especially.

    Those are my preference, Abbs. But the money clip is nice, too. Anything gold to match the ring.

  2. gigi on April 8, 2011

    I love the golf ball cufflinks. But, I too have a hard time figuring out what to get a guy. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. maddie on April 8, 2011

    love those cufflinks! and love nameless mcpuppypants too! we went through baby name websites when choosing our pups name! we had lists and narrowed it down. haha

  4. Kristen on April 8, 2011

    I have to be honest…I initially clicked just to see your puppy (he’s just TOO cute), but found a great site. I’ve got to get my fiancee those skull cuff links.

  5. Katie Smith on April 8, 2011

    Awesome post, and your puppy is PRECIOUS! Congrats :)

  6. Lena on April 8, 2011

    I had to grit my teeth because he is TOO DAMN ADORABLE! Please follow your neighbor to SF so I can dog sit every weekend when I force you to leave your home.

    Also, I was just thinking that John’s birthday is less than 30 days away and I don’t have a gift picked out, so horray from Groomster, which will probably be saving my butt!

  7. Tara on April 8, 2011

    OHEMGEE!! That Doggie! I can’t believe his cuteness in that bowtie. I also cant believe how I have never come across your blog until now in my wedding planning. It’s going straight on my favourites. Seeya… everyday from now on. :o) x

  8. LAG - Southern Aisle on April 9, 2011

    Your pup is so stinkin’ cute! I just want to squeeze him! ;)

  9. Madison on April 12, 2011

    i was seriously loving those skull cufflinks then i saw ur cute dog and forgot everything else!


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