BOHEMIAN BOUDOIR + TIPS | For a woman who wants to celebrate her body, but the getting naked part? Not so much.

Happy Monday, lovelies!  How’s everybody doing this fine morning?  I hope you’re all doing better than our little puppity wuppity…

Ear canal shot!  These make up the vast majority of pup shots.  Not on purpose.

Our sweet baby boy (I didn’t pop out a child yesterday, I’m talking about the puppycakes) got his second round of shots on Saturday and he’s been in pain all weekend.  It’s SO SAD.  All he does is cuddle in a huggy position around my waste – pictured above - and constantly look up at me while I type, as if to say, “stop doing stupid things that don’t involve caressing and loving me back to health.”  His typically cold, wet little nose hasn’t been cold OR wet ever since.  Whatever that means.  (I don’t think it’s good.)  And he winces a bit every time you pick him up.  Of course, all he wants is to be picked up.  AAAAHHHHH.  What do you do with that?  By the way, while we know soreness is not atypical after booster/rabies shots, but we both got a little concerned when the lovely young nurse at our vet’s office gave little McPuppyPants his second shot and BLOOD PROCEEDED TO SHOOT OUT OF HIS HIND LEG.  These things happen, yeah, fine.  But oy; just imagine seeing blood spurting out of your pristine cream-colored puppy’s leg, and him wincing throughout.  Of course, she said it was fine.  But you seriously should have seen my honey’s face.  He was white with concern and a smidgen of anger aimed directly at the woman who essentially attacked his baby boy.  Sigh.  ”Nurse Jennifer” probably won’t be going near the little guy anymore.

Hey, howsabout we totally switch gears now?  :)

I’ve been meaning to bring some more boudoir to your faces recently because, well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been like ages since we featured a session!  Crazytown.  And you guys know I love boudoir – I mean, obvs; there’s a whole category dedicated to it on this bliggity bloggity bloo.

I think it’s just hard to focus on the sexier side of life when you’re raising a baby, even if it *is* a furbaby.  But now that I’m aware of it, I can address my problem…

So, when Corinne Krogh submitted this California desert gem, I kinda knew I wanted to bust it out right quick on y’all, Monday-style.  We’ve got quite a few sessions laying in wait, that’ll positively blow ya minds.  But I’m super excited to be starting with this whopper of inspiration.

This shoot is all about having fun, celebrating your current self, and just enjoying a day that’s all about you.  And if you’re one of the one hundred gazillion million lovely ladies out there who are hesitant to bare it all, then take some pointers from this session.  It’s proof that sexy is in the woman… NOT the body.  … aaaand maybe in the clothing choices.  That’s why I asked Corinne not only to discuss the shoot experience, but to share with us the origin of those fabulous ensembles and any advice she has for brides wanting to do their own shoot.

Ok, take it away, Corinne:

Our idea was to go “Bohemian Bridal” and to push the boundaries of what’s expected traditionally from a bride, fashion or otherwise. I wanted to demonstrate that stepping out of the traditional world can result in a fun, sexy, personalized celebration of the goodness of being a woman in love. So often brides are only captured in their engagement and wedding photography, but never make the investment to be captured just by themselves in the wonderful glowing glory of being young, vibrant, and in a new and exciting chapter in their lives. I encourage the brides that come to me to stay true to themselves and enjoy and celebrate their unique femininity. I love seeing them slowly unwind before my camera with their personalities shining through because they’re comfortable being themselves! Lexie is a gorgeous girl who has a style all of her own and it was so fun to capture something out of the ordinary.

I know the origins of a few of the pieces which I’m happy to share. The cropped lace shirt and little lacey bolero were vintage pieces that were sitting in an artists closet. She had purchased them at various antique stores over 20 years ago in Seal Beach. The oldest piece possibly dates back to the 1910′s. The bralets (is that a word?) are from urban outfitters, and the pants are actually ones she wore to her graduation! Handmade vintage pants, I believe. Her mamma gifted her the earrings. Not much help there.

Lexie and her boy aren’t officially engaged yet, but I have no doubt they will be whenever that time comes for them. She and her boy are an absolute perfect match for each other and just made a huge move together cross country. That’s one reason I chose her to photograph her, she’s in a new transition in her life. She moved to a completely new area and culture to support her man and is building a new life with him in a quiet little mountain town. How much more romantic can it get? I wanted to capture the beauty that she felt in that moment in her life. (I may mainly say that because I’ve been doing the same thing… :).

As far as tips for brides on how to unwind and get the most of the the session, there’s a few things I’ve found to help. First is taking along flask. Seriously. :) Okay, more seriously is to find a photographer you really connect with. Chat with them via email or phone, get to know each other. The more comfortable you are with your photographer the more comfortable you will naturally be in your photographs. Also to not fill your thoughts with doubts about how you’re looking, but trust your photographer that they will MAKE you look good. That’s their job! A passionate photographer will go to any length they can to find the best angle and light for you. A lot of it is simply trust. If you don’t feel confident, just fake it! Before you know it you WILL be confident. And if you feel uncomfortable, speak it out loud and laugh about it! Laughter is the best medicine for awkwardness. I also find that letting the bride see one of my shots on my camera screen early in the session helps a lot. I choose one I’m really excited about and when they see it they realize how amazing they look and the worry just wipes right off their face. That’s the best feeling! It just get’s better and better after that.

So, what do you guys think of this shoot?  The ridic ensembles?  Do you, like me, want ALL OF THEM?

Finally, what do you think of the fact that a sexy boudoir shoot doesn’t mean you have to be three quarters nude?  Would you go for the gold, knowing that a bra and panties aren’t necessarily the required attire for a bitchin’ session?

xoxo!  - Alison

Pssst… I’m dying to announce the Sarah Seven giveaway winner just as much as you’re dying to know who won.  Sit tight, pretty things.

Photography: Corinne Krogh Photography

Label(s): Mr. McPuppyPants, {Real Boudoir}

Love all of this...


  1. Nicole Hill on April 18, 2011

    I heart this sooooooooooo much. I’m going to keep this in mind for my boudoir shoots:)

  2. Koru Kate on April 18, 2011

    LOVE, love! I didn’t do a boudoir session because I wasn’t comfortable stripping down to next to nothing with a photographer. Something like this I would go for in a second- sweet, sexy & clothed! I’m keeping this in mind for our first anniversary.

  3. Em on April 18, 2011

    Love! The desert and truck make me swoon.

  4. Shana MacDonald on April 18, 2011

    I love this! Exactly what I want for my boudoir shoot coming up in a month! I love that she is sexy without being overt about it :) Perfect perfect perfect!!!

    p.s. My puppy says to tell your puppy to feel better. He says he had a rough few days too when he got his shots.


  5. Lindsey on April 18, 2011

    This shoot really inspires me to do one myself. I looove boudoir but my butt is my insecurity. I didn’t ever think I could wear pants or skirt – I have no idea why I thought there were rules!

  6. Alison on April 18, 2011

    Koru Kate – I’m delighted to know that this shoot has changed your perspective! It’s totally up to the woman how much you’d like to bare. Comfort and great pics are directly correlated imo! :)

    Shana – my puppy says “Fank ooo!” (Puppy language?)

    Lindsey – I don’t think I know many people w/o a slight butt insecurity. You’re in the majority, dahling ;)

  7. erin * sparkle & hay on April 18, 2011

    you know… i am one of those people who is not a huge boudoir fan… but i absolutely positively love these! such great style and personality!

  8. Lauren Elise on April 18, 2011

    Alison, I think it’s awesome that you’re promoting boudoir but also letting women know that it’s about what makes you feel confident and comfortable, not about wearing the trashiest, most revealing outfit. Just like in weddings, there isn’t one right answer…it’s whatever you’re the most comfortable with. Like Erin said above, I’m not a huge boudoir fan but when it’s done right, like this shoot, I definitely appreciate it!

  9. the Perfect Palette on April 18, 2011

    Love this Alison. This would be more my speed or comfort zone so to speak. Thanks for sharing. Such a creative shoot. Truly beautiful.

  10. Rhiannon Nicole {Hey Gorg} on April 18, 2011

    Oh these photos are so beautiful!! What a lovely shoot, Al :)

  11. Susannah VanDyke on April 18, 2011

    Gorgeous, stunning, elegant. Yes, all three.

  12. Mia Stella Photography on April 19, 2011

    I absolutely LOVE this shoot! She is beautiful as are the photos! I recently did a Boudoir shoot (owner of Mia Stella Photography in SoCal)! Not naked of course…I love that women can feel beautiful no matter what they are wearing! (wink) I wanted to be sure to give you a proper SHOUT OUT! Awesome job! Absolutely Stunning!

  13. Lena on April 19, 2011

    I absolutely love this shoot! A gorgeous girl in her skivvies is pretty damn hot, but there’s something irresistible about these photos, and the fact that she ISN’T baring it all!

  14. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on April 24, 2011

    I’m with Erin… not a big fan of the boudoir shoot but this is awesome… I find this so much sexier than the more traditional boudoir. Love the colours, it’s just gorgeous!

  15. Kate N. on July 24, 2011

    I’m looking through old posts and I get to this one and I’m all “holy shiz, I know her!” Lexie was my brother’s high school girlfriend and they still get along so great and I just love when she comes back to town. Love love love this girl, there is not a sweeter or prettier one in the world!

  16. Footstone Photography on August 2, 2011

    Love this entire concept–both the model and scenery are breathtaking.

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