HAVE YOUR WEDDING AND EAT IT, TOO | Pretty Little Desserts + Wedding Inspiration Fabulousness + Super Hard Evidence of McPuppyPants’ Relentless Shenanigans.

I’m, like, really excited about today’s shoot.  And I say that a lot, I know, but I think you’ll get me in a few seconds.  

When my girl Shauna Younge submitted this ridiculousness to me a couple of weeks ago, I performed Buffalo Bills’ outside linebacker Shawne Merriman‘s “Lights Out” dance in celebration.  It’s that good, friendlies.  And, to be clear, the last time I broke out my Lights Out dance was in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, last summer when I caught a baseball in a mitt that was unraveling and essentially pocketless.  It was a big deal (for me).  So, clearly, I don’t break out that end zone surprise for just anything.  So I’m, uhh, I’m moderately pumped to share this with you.

But first, here’s the evidence of McPuppyPants’ shenanigans, noggin’-bopping-style (I just want everyone to be aware of the fact that, as I type this, McPuppyPants is dropping more Optimus Farts whilst napping in my lap, and I am slowly dying.  But, I blog on… for you.)

Who, me?

Yes, you.

… me?

Yes, YOU, McPuppyPants.

Wait, meeeee?  Really?  ME?


Ok, fine.

Aright, that was quite a lot of nonsense right there, wasn’t it.  Pardon the weirdness.  Puppy fever does some weird crap to your brain.

Anywho!  I present to you, Exhibit A (this is the only exhibit, fyi):

Fortunately, he didn’t bump his cranium on this run, but you get the idea.


Can I tell you what else I’m super psyched about, aside from this shoot which I promise I’ll show to your faces in a few secs?  Easter Sundizzle!  Have you guys seen that commercial with the guy who paints the Easter eggs all camouflage-like?  And the wife is all sad that he wants to eff with the kids like that, but he’s beaming with pride?  Well, I was proud of him, too.  Because he is amazeballs and that idea is amazeballiscious.

Which means I’m now dead set on painting some eggs camouflage colors, like in that commercial.  The beauty part is that, when I mentioned my desire to do this, it was such a pleasant surprise to watch so many of you offer up your nieces and nephews for me to mess with!  I mean, awwww!  It touched my heart!  If I had all the money in the world, I’d fly all of you and your nieces and nephews here to me, and we’d put on the most spectacular impossible Easter egg hunt imaginable, and we’d mess with those kids ’til the cows came home.  Oh what fun!!  What fun!!

Anyway, obvs. that can’t happen, which is incredibly disappointing.  But guess what’s not?  THIS SHOOT, Y’ALL.  BOOYAH!!!!

From Lisa Gilbertson, Event Stylist & Wedding Planner from Simply Fabulous Events & Design:

“The Inspiration for this photo shoot came straight from the photographer’s mouth.  Emily Steffen, of Emily Steffen Photography {who contacted me to design the shoot} said two words: THINK SPRING.  From there, I knew I wanted to create this shoot feeling dreamy, textured, soft, and romantic.  I started with the color palette and loved the idea of pastels, but with different textures to offset any feelings of “too Easter Egg-ish”.   Platinum, Antique Blues, Soft Corals, and Ivories were all a part of this palette.  I also knew I wanted glass throughout because there is something that always feels timeless when used throughout a tablescape.

I am a  huge lover of florals, so peonies, anemonies, and ranunculus  gave way to such a romantic feel on the table, from the centerpiece to the individual blooms in my grandparent’s dessert compotes.  Sadie’s Floral and Event Design just completely enveloped the vision I was dreaming of for the florals throughout the shoot! The bouquet was tied with twine and a soft coral colored ribbon and secured with matching pins.  Just lovely!  Also a perfect addition to the table was the stationary created in the color scheme with platinum, soft pink florals, and ivory resting on each place setting.  A divine love from Birdy Blue Design!

I created an altar inspired by a past window display at Anthropologie.  Although the inspiration shoot had a more classic feel to it, I loved the idea of incorporating a unique altar that had some modern form to it.

The dessert table from Shauna Younge Dessert Tables gave way to one of my favorite classic desserts- bundt cake {which I didn’t even tell Shauna about} !!  The whole table looked amazing with glass stands, personalized wrappings, and soft crepe paper streamers floating as a backdrop.  Perfection!!

The dress  was PERFECT for the shoot.  In working with Michelle at Bridal Accents, we discussed the look for the Bride and the Enzoani gown and accessories were amazing!!”

I like ornate framage.  So, I like this. ↴

Umm, ROCK CANDY?  Yes please. ↴

↓ Sorry, but I am OBSESSED with that pink cake.

Now, here’s a little video Shauna provided, in which she talks about the items in this very shoot!  Check it out:

↑ Get in my mouth NOW. ↑

Like it?  Love it?  Want more of it? :)

xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – Sarah Seven dress giveaway winner announced on Monday.  Ooohhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.

Photography: Emily Steffen / Event design, concept and styling: Lisa from Simply Fabulous Event Design / Location: Mpls Photo Center / Flowers: Sadies Floral / Dessert Table: Shauna Younge Dessert Tables / Linens and Rentals: Linen Effects / Hair and makeup: Aubrey Thoren / dress designer: Enzoani / Dress and bridal accessories from: Bridal Accents Couture / Paper Goods: Birdy Blue Design / Fabric pom poms on cakes: Potter and Butler

Label(s): Color, Mr. McPuppyPants, Pink, {Inspiration Shoot}

Love all of this...


  1. Maja on April 22, 2011

    Oh my goodness, I just adore your blog. Being a puppy parent I completely am in love with your little man. Puppy fever does do some weird stuff, just know that it doesn’t go away…I thought it would but I’m on year two with my little guy and I’m still crazy about him!

  2. Anna on April 22, 2011

    Umm, that dress is pure GORGEOUSNESS! Love this shoot!

    I can’t decide what I want to go out and buy more, that dress or a puppy twin to yours. Because omgods, your puppy.

  3. Marie @ Emici Bridal on April 22, 2011

    Beautiful, love the flowers especially the PEONY! Sorry, did not mean to shout, I just get a little excited when I see their fluffy petal goodness. This is a lovely shoot.

    On another note Alison I like the camouflage egg idea. Although I think your puppy blending into the couch has great camouflage action too. It’s the perfect pooch hiding spot. Just don’t tell him that.

  4. Brancoprata on April 22, 2011

    Beautiful shoot!! The details are gorgeous… but that dog of yours…. i can’t get enough of him….. CUTE!!!!!

  5. kerri on April 22, 2011

    ok freaking out over everything in this post. love this, please don’t stop gimme gimme! i am so loving the weddings and the puppy mixes! they make planning my wedding so fun!!!!!!!

  6. Linda Simone on April 22, 2011

    What a cute pink mini cake!

  7. Shauna Younge Dessert Tables on April 22, 2011

    Alison, thank you so much for sharing my dessert table and this shoot! I loved working with all of the talented vendors.

    Unfortunately we didn’t take a photo of our team of pros who designed the shoot. The last photo is actually of Emily Steffen and her photography students.

  8. Elizabeth on April 22, 2011

    I am so with you with the pink cake – it’s really looking very, very delicious to me… and so simple, too!

    (also, really love your very, very cute dog :) )

  9. Alison on April 22, 2011

    Shauna – ha! oh well :) I’m sure they’re equally as fabulous as all of you. Of course, now I need a shot of you guys – I’ll add it when it’s achieved… so, a couple months from now, can we get this done? ;) xx Great job with all this gorgeousness, love. Totes in awe! Thanks so much for submitting it :)

  10. Cate on April 22, 2011

    Let me count the ways I love this shoot. Those cupcakes. That dress. Those florals (I really love that bouquet; anemones are going to be in mine!) And McPuppyPants? Are you serious? I think I’m in love with you. Or at the very least I love your blog! So fun and inspiring at the same time!

  11. Brittney on April 22, 2011

    This shoot is beyond gorgeous…Lisa continues to surprise and amaze me with her talent and sheer awesomeness. Kudos to everyone involved!! :)

  12. Chelsea on April 22, 2011

    I officially read for puppy updates. Don’t get me wrong, the wedding was off the wall adorbs GORGEOUS, but I’m a sucker for the nameless pup.

  13. erin * sparkle & hay on April 22, 2011

    He is BEYOND precious, and this design is SO gorgeous – might have just made my day! (& hello – a pile of fluffy paper poofs in the corner – dreeeeeeeeeeamy!!)

  14. Lisa on April 22, 2011

    AHH!!! A divine LOVE of working with all of the talent for this shoot! All of these amazing, lovely vendors brought the board
    I was blessed to be asked to be a part of it! Doing what you LOVE and LOVING what you do…a blessing every day!

    Thank you Knotty Bride for showcasing Minnesota and Wisconsin’s fabulousness!! Much love to Emily Steffen for bringing us all together as well!

  15. Lena on April 22, 2011

    I need to remember that you are NSFW-I can’t help but bust a gut whenever I read about Crazy McPuppyPants and your plans for a camo egg hunt. AMAZING.

    As for that shoot, it’s equally heavenly. I’d like to have that pink cake at every birthday, holiday and moderately happy event from now until one of my future kids bitches about pink.

  16. Madison on April 22, 2011

    gorgeous wedding and gorgeous dog, this is why i love this blog!

  17. Alicia @CharityWedding on April 22, 2011

    This is so crazy stunning. Like an Easter Basket for my eyes. Also I have not seen that commercial with camo eggs but that is HIII-larious. Perhaps I can talk Kyle into a friendly hunt and create some high stakes bet. He’ll never know what is coming!

  18. I love how you combine your personal life with your work. I always learn something from your blog whenever I visit. Great entry. This is really inspiring me :)

  19. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on April 24, 2011

    Ohmigosh he is so freakin’ cute!!!! And that dress… those flowers… LOVE LOVE!!! Happy Easter to you!

  20. bridal girl on April 25, 2011

    I am so in love with this post! I love the cake and I loves everything. I love the dress as well! Where did she get that?

  21. Danielle | Studio Fleurette on April 25, 2011

    Great job Minneapolis Mn vendors on the Spring shoot! Just lovely…

  22. Cocroft & Delbridge on April 26, 2011

    This photo shoot is totally stunning! I am amazed by all of the wonderful elements!

  23. This wedding is amazing!! The dress is absolutely gorgeous… and those desserts look delicious! I may or may not go eat a cupcake for lunch now.

  24. Michelle Ellen Lee on May 9, 2011

    The ruffles on those dress… WOW!

  25. Sara on June 21, 2011

    Beautiful ornaments … I love the bouquet …love


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