PAPER + PUPPY LOVE | Sponsor Spotlight | Like personalizing things? Fall in love with Storkie wedding invitations… plus, our first Knotty Puppy Video!

Why hello there, friendlies!  It’s a bit of a dreary Monday here, so I hope it’s brighter where you are.  And if it is, please do send over some sunshine vibes, if you would.  Thanksies :)

This past weekend we had our good friend’s birthday party, and Easter happened.  Both super fun happenings, to say the least, and if I get any pictures from the birthday girl I’ll be sure to share them with you.  I think you’d love my outfit.  Just sayin’.  :)  But anyway, let’s focus on Easter a bit, because for that I do have something super special to share with you!  Ok, so on Sunday we all hauled ass over to my aunt and uncle’s house, as per usual.  I always look forward to these family gatherings, ’cause we really don’t get to see each other all that often.  We’re all pretty spread out, so these times are kinda precious.  But perhaps more precious than the human reunion, was the first-time-ever meeting of the family pups, who had never set eyes upon one another before Sunday.  And ohhhh was it MAGICAL, friends.  There’s nothing like two adorbs doggies hangin’ out on a porch, fussin’ and sniffin’ and jumpin’ and bitin’.  Here’s a teensy weensy taste of their playdate.  We have longer videos, but I don’t want to bore you with the their fairly repetitive frolicking… unless of course you want to be bothered by it…?

By the way, fun fact: my cousin’s boxer’s name is Apollo (son of Zeus), so the honey and I thought it was be fun to eff around with my very, ehhem, confident cousin and say that we’re naming Nameless McPuppyPants “Zeus.”  Not surprisingly, my cousin came back with, “Actually, I named him Apollo because he’s my son, and I’m Zeus.  So…  yeah.  Good try.”

Somehow my freaking cousin one-ups me every freaking time.  Siiiiiiigh.

Ok, SO!  Let’s get to the heart of the matter today, shall we?  You guys know that TKB is devoted to the concept of making your wedding day truly you, and personalization is pretty much one of the best ways to achieve that.  Am I right?  Well, one company we’re pretty psyched about is Storkie.  They’re one of our newest advertisers, and we’re totes psyched to share them with you because they’ve got quite the incredible selection of wedding invitations.  We could spend half a day just playing around with their stellar customization tools.  For reals.  You can customize pretty much every aspect of your stationery!  Looooove that.  Of course, Storkie’s not limited to wedding invitations.  They also offer save the date cardswedding thank you cardsbridal shower invitations… even rehearsal dinner invitations!

Here’s a purty one I just wanted to share:

It’s called “Bold and Beautiful III,” and I’m slightly obsessed.  And it just happens to be a NYC wedding. :)

We approve of Storkie for a ton of reasons: they’ve got tons of experience in this industry – more than 20 years to be exact; they use high quality cardstock; they offer myriad printing options to fit your personal style (raised, digital and foil - a personal fave); the designs they offer are exclusive to Storkie, so you’re not just getting any ol’ design; they very affordable; they offer free digital proofing; and most orders print AND SHIP within 1 to 2 DAYS!!!!  That’s, like, unheard of.  Seriously.

Anywho, I highly suggest taking a little trip over to the Storkie site to check out your options.  But here’s a little bit from David at Storkie, so you can get a better understanding of my favoritest feature ever, the customization factor:

One of the many unique features at is the dynamic design capability (check out the Fancy Schmancy I and the Essenza with Foil and play around with the dropdowns beneath Options).  This allows you to mix and match color combinations and/or design elements in real-time (in addition to all of the text/layout changes you can make with our iDesign tool), to create truly unique invitations.  In addition to a fabulous selection of contemporary designs, we also have gorgeous classic options, featuring thermography (raised lettering) or foil printing, as well as ribbons and bows, embossed elements, shimmer cardstock, pockets and wraps, and a lot more!

If that gets you a little excited, go ahead and visit Storkie to start customizing the s*** outta your invites, peeps! :)

Do you guys want more videos of McPuppyPants?  Or are the pics sufficient?  Lemme know. :)

xoxo!  - Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Noelle on April 25, 2011

    i love the video i want one of his nose dives! i also think knots would be cute for mcpuppy pants

  2. Cate on April 25, 2011

    I’m liking that green one, too actually. Something about it grabs me. :)

    And omigod what a TEASE VIDEO! Soooooooo need to see more knotty puppy in action now! ;)

  3. Aunt Edie on April 25, 2011

    fun day. the 2 puppies had a great time, Apollo was
    exhausted. it is good to get together with friends and
    family. Love you

  4. Alison on April 25, 2011

    Aunt Edie – yay! I love your comments. It was great to see you, too, as always. :) Love you Aunt Edie! xoxo

  5. kim e. on April 25, 2011

    Love the video and the invites! Love that you share your puppy with us. I look forward to the inspiration + puppy combo every day. Can you say, addicted? :-)

  6. Lena on April 25, 2011

    Sweetest video, and just what I needed for a rainy/spitty Monday! You won’t be surprised that I vote for MORE VIDEOS-McPuppyPants is too adorable for mere photos!

    Loving that adorable shoe save-the-date!

  7. Mimi Tilton on April 25, 2011

    You totally have me hooked on McPuppyPants! Thank you for the smile!

  8. Melissa @ The Loveliest Day on April 25, 2011

    Dear Alison’s puppy, I love you. Fondly, Melissa.

  9. Cocroft & Delbridge on April 26, 2011

    Seriously…how wonderful is the ‘save the date’ with the shoes on it!? I so wish I had seen these before sending out my own!

  10. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on April 26, 2011

    OMG he is too too adorable!!! I want to cuddle him badly!! (well goodly, not badly… but you know what I mean :-)

  11. paloma on April 27, 2011

    more more more ALWAYS more when it comes to McPP!


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