OH, THE ROYAL WEDDING IS TOMORROW? You don’t say. Hadn’t really heard anything about it in the news lately.

You guys, he’s ready to stay up… are YOU?

SO!  It’s 3pm EST and I’ve got waaaaay too many puppy pics going on in this post for you.  But I promise there’s weddingy stuff packed in here, too.  High kick, woot!

And by the way, YES, that’s a remote in his hand, yes, HE put it there, and yes, you bet he’s staying up.  He’s the Knotty Puppy; his business is weddings-by-proxy.  Of course he’s staying up.  You think he’d miss “The Wedding of the Century (or so they say)?”  He also has a pretty big crush on Kate Catherine Middleton Windsor-knot.

At 5am-ish, he’s going to do his stretches…

And watch the shiz outta that wedding.  Watch the godforsaken SHIZ out of it!

In other news, the weather is being a bit of a bridezilla today, crying intermittently for no reason and then being all warm and pretty on the turn of a hat.  Ah well, you just roll with it.  In fact, I feel pretty inspired by all this sky fickleness, so I’ve decided that today’s post should be equally as random.  Because I like competing, even with the sky.

But first, here’s a peek (← that’s how it’s spelled, world) into life with McPuppyPants these days.  He’s slowly growing up, and his adorable quirks are developing into full blown personality traits…

You guys, my feet have NEVER BEEN CLEANER.

Here’s how he likes to spend most of his time… right up on us, or right up against us, nuzzle-style:

Or having a staring contest with the couch.  I actually don’t know who wins these, but they do end.

Or looking like Homer Simpson:

Or galloping like so many horses:

Or lounging on the couch watching the tele…

And not wanting to be bothered by a camera in his face whilst doing it:


Let’s getting weddingy for a bit, shall we?  Here’s a little FYI as far as the *Big Moments* go, if you’re following the Royal Wedding (barf paired with I wish it was my wedding paired with I hate the idea of wearing mostly pantsuits for the rest of my life):

Kate Middleton will be stepping into Westminster Abbey at 6am EST, and William & Kate will kiss at 8:25am EST.  I think we can all manage to get up n’ adam for that last one, amirite?

And now, here’s a random note to all my beautiful brides out there in the ether.  As you continue planning your wedding, whenever you start to get frustrated/frazzled/fed-up over even the littlest things, just try to remember these facts:

1. at least you don’t have to shake a thousand hands a day for the rest of your life, even when you’re on your period or have a really bad headache, or are just *really not feeling like shaking 1000 hands today*

2. at least you don’t have to trade in your wardrobe for a few pretty dresses and a lot of sensible suits.

3. at least you don’t have to worry about stupid shiz like this being made with your face on it.

Oh, fun fact, completely unrelated: I found out today, ON THE REALSIES, that pregnant women and their honeys should have absolutely no fear whatsoever about having the sex.  You see, the cervix separates your growing baby from his growing p… omgdidijustwritethat?


Stuff you should totally consider for your wedding day, etsy-edition.  (Ok so I think I officially win the randomness title for today, right?  EAT ME, SKY.)

The Ophelia, a black tulle bandeau veil, and The Sabine, a large, layered hair flower, both crafted by Vendor Love member Serephine and lovingly photographed by Kali Lu Photo, make my serotonin levels skyrocket and have become new favorites in the veil category of my heart.

I love the super-bohemian look of these mini veils.  Your photos would be bonkers.

Next up, a super simple, super gorg Pearl Necklace In Black Satin Ribbon, inspired by Carrie Bradshaw, or whatevs.

Love the cream one, too.

Just do me a favor – don’t wear those sheer mini gloves like Skinnyarms McThickfingers.  Looks terrible.  Pick finger-fitting gloves, so your fingers don’t look like bleached sausages.

A Garter more gorgeous than anything I’ve seen all day, by StudioWedbyMirela

Lovely, right?

Totes in love with hearty stuff, so obvs., me likey these upcycled creamy white or lemon heart felts by SewnNatural:

Kitschycutetastic, am I correct?  I know I am, don’t answer that.

on a final note, DON’T BUY THIS:

That’s an Ahoy My Hearties Beret.  Why does this exist?  Seriously, I’m asking.  Obviously someone’s buying it.  Can I meet you?  We should lunch.  We could probably teach one another so much.

OK SO, who’s getting up early/staying up late to watch this Royal Wedding business go down, live-style?  And really, should I?  Tivo’ing it is soooo tempting.

xoxo!  - Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Love this post and adding it to a Royal Wedding Links post I’m writing right now :)

    Your pup is way too cute and those ideas for a wedding are great. Love the garter!

  2. Koru Kate on April 28, 2011

    Awww, your puppy is the cutest! Well, besides my own darling pup :-)

    I caved & decided to get up early to watch it. My Mom woke me up to watch Princess Di so I’m continuing the tradition. Plus I can’t stand the thought of everyone knowing what she wore before me!

  3. Mo on April 28, 2011

    Ok. Officially in LOVE with the knotty puppy! I have English bullies and have always wanted a Frenchie! Such a doll!

  4. Alison on April 28, 2011

    Jenny – thanks, love! I totes appreciate that :)

    Kate – awwwww, that’s an adorable tradition. LOVES that your keeping it going.

    Mo – get one; he’s our honey bunny!

  5. J (SparklyLove) on April 28, 2011

    AHOY!! haha But.Seriously what is with this weather? It was torrentially down-pouring, then so sunny I couldn’t see, now it’s thundering. OY. Anywayssss I was not planning on wearing a garter because I feel like the garter toss has a 90% chance of getting awkward, but that garter is so pretty I might just change my mind. Or just buy it and not toss it :)

  6. HiLLjO on April 28, 2011

    WOW I have not been back in MONTHS. Wedding planning… shiz… has been craZY! Handmaking your own wedding invites… sorta crazy last month.

    I think I might wake up early… not sure yet.

  7. Kim C on April 28, 2011

    I’m obsessed with the knotty puppy! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of pictures of him. I’ve wanted a puppy for SO long…but I’m bound by my promise to my mother not to get one until after the wedding. She’s even threatened my fiance if he tries to get us one. Haha.

    Also love the necklaces featured. I’m a sucker for pearls!

  8. the Perfect Palette on April 28, 2011

    i love that you talk about your puppy a lot on here :)

  9. Lena on April 28, 2011

    Every night when John gets home, I show him the photos you post of McPuppyPants. So please keep them coming, because I’m wearing down his resolve day by day. And the cuddling and foot licking and the stretching featured in this post? Well, he might not need any more convincing after tonight!

    In other news, I will not be getting up at 3am (I believe the festivities are starting at 4am EST, so 1am PST) to watch the Royal Wedding. I cannot. I love myself more than I love tiaras, although we did have to have a pretty serious heart to heart.

  10. Erin (Serephine) on April 28, 2011

    Thanks Alison! Love it!

  11. Alicia@CharityWedding on April 28, 2011

    Waking up to watch the wedding means 3am in this neck of the woods. Which is absolutely craziness. But I am going to do it and probably drink a bottle of champagne out of a tea cup. This better not disappoint me like the time I stayed up to watch Dawson’s Creek reruns.

  12. Alison on April 28, 2011

    Lena – wheeeeee! matching puppies! make it happen.

  13. Naomi on April 28, 2011

    I’m guilty I am watching it, too! BTW love that garter!

  14. Mimi Tilton on April 28, 2011

    Love the garter, love the veil. Being a Lakeside property…the Ahoy is…nah, still silly. And the littlest hims…crazy about him! I’m gonna wake up to watch it (3 a.m. here)

  15. Kali on April 28, 2011

    Being a friend and LOVER of all things Serephine, I absolutely love this post!! I love the randomness and I’m a sucker for puppies…I have a 6 month olf black lab :)
    Regarding the whole Royal Wedding….well, they happen to be getting married on my birthday so they are taking away all my glory! LOL I don’t think I’ll stay up and watch it, I’m more of a watch the highlights later kind of girl.

  16. BeeCustom Design on April 28, 2011

    LOVE the pearl necklace on the ribbon……simply stunning that being said it does not hold a candle to that puppy dog…….I have been waiting to get a dog our last two were English bulldogs but the more I see yours the more I think I want a french bulldog……..

  17. jacin {lovely little details} on April 29, 2011

    hahahahah are you serious?? definitely most random post award goes to you :)

  18. The Demoiselle on April 29, 2011

    Is it wrong that I ADORE the ahoy hat?!! I swear I would totally wear that. lol. I’m a mess – I totally realize!!

  19. Liz L. on April 30, 2011

    Your puppy is seriously adorable.
    …but OMG… HOW do you keep your white couch so clean?! Does he have little Wellies to wear on rainy days? Do you follow him around with baby wipes for is paws?

    I had a white couch once… It is now a pleasant, puppy-loved shade of tan.

    In conclusion – I’m jealous.

  20. Tabitha on May 1, 2011

    Your dog is precious!! I especially love the one where he’s staring at the couch. Adorable!!


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