JOSE VILLA WORKSHOP | Lavender & Twine brings us stunning wedding inspiration that rivals that of the Royals. OH SNAP.

↑ yawn

Hey lovers!  After yesterday, you may be asking – how does one attempt to top a once-in-a-lifetime letterpress giveaway?  Surely this can’t be done.  And to that I’d say, uhhh, have you seen today’s shoot?  And don’t call me Shirley. 

Let me start by giving, as the kids say, mad props to Jose Villa, Jill La Fleur, Daniele of Lavender & Twine (who’s responsible for these fantabulous shots in particular), Joel Serrato who I’m pretty sure FILMED THE ROYAL WEDDING, and everyone else tucked safely into the credits area of this feature.  Because this is – I mean this is just beyond.  AMIRITE?

Ok listen you guys, I’m gonna be honest… I’m a little wet.  These pictures are made of hugs, smiles and unicorns.  When I received this submission I was like oh, hello there, epic photo shoot that speaks for itself but I have to write prose that somehow measure up (and ultimately will not).  Yesterday while I was arranging all of this glorious gloriousness, I hinted at the feature on Twitter, saying, “I’m getting all hot and bothered about tomorrow’s post as I weave it together.  It’s ever so slightly epic.”

Of coursicles, you called my bluff.  It is not “ever so slightly” epic.  It is a photographic synonym for epic, much in the way I am a photographic synonym for paleness.  Because holy bejeebus, Bambino, wait until it hits your lips!!!

The gowns, the hair accessories, the COLORS, the florals, the tablescapes, the overall design and flawless execution of the entire thing… it’s all pure, uncut AMAZEBALLS.

And a quick note before we dive in; Daniele just recently launched a fresh new blog design so you might want to mosey on over and take a look-see, for tickles and giggles.  (Pretty spiffy, Daniele!)

↑ Ick.  Terrible, right?

You guys, I came back to life from yesterday, but now I’m dead again.  Bambino, finish up the rest of this for me, will ya?

Oh!  I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you were asleep…

Yeah… it’s uhh, it’s alright, Alison.  Just don’t let it happen again.  We straight…

OH, no, never, I promise!  I’m really sorry for distur-


↑ Am I insane?  Is this what insane looks like? ↑

Here’s the lowdown from our beloved Daniele:

Where do I even begin in describing my experience at Jose Villa’s workshop?  It was a day of inspiration, beauty, fun, and friendship; a true comradery of the creative.  Although I’ve been taking photographs professionally for years now, I firmly believe that there is always more to learn.  In such an artistic profession it is a great joy to be able to learn from a true visionary such as Jose.  He is warm, inviting, funny!, and a completely open book.  He covered the gamut of professional photography, from the art to the business and everything in between.  If any photographers happen upon this who are considering attending a workshop to expand their creative horizons, I would hands-down recommend Jose’s.  Rumor has it that he is planning another workshop to be held in Mexico this Fall.  Consider it…justify it…GO! You’ll be so happy you did.  And I might even see you there :)

A big thanks to everyone involved in making such a memorable day possible.

I’m a bit speechless.  What think you?

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. BR on May 6, 2011

    Stunning photos and your pups is the cutest!

  2. Kerry on May 6, 2011

    I’m getting married at a lavender farm in Hawaii in Feb and this is great inspiration for me to break out of the lavender and sage colors I am choosing!

  3. This is le gorgeous. I am crazy about air plants and I love seeing them in this shoot! Perfect post!

  4. angie pham on May 6, 2011

    bam bam is too adorable. even more so when he’s sleeping like that.

  5. Alison on May 6, 2011

    Kerry – Hawaii? a) that’s so awesome, Hawaii is our permanent vacation spot! And b) can I come? ;)

    Alexandra – omg i love air plants. I’m right there with you. Right there.

    Angie – thanksies! :)

  6. Cocroft & Delbridge on May 6, 2011

    OH MY GOSH this is such a stunning venue! I love everything about this wedding…both gowns are stunning but the second lace gown…ugh…if only I hadn’t already purchased mine!

  7. Alison on May 6, 2011

    Cocroft – :) Get ready for a lot of gown second-guessing throughout planning. Happens to the best of us! There are just soooo many gowns out there. If you love how you look in the one you’ve already chosen, my best advice is to stick with it :)

  8. Oh gosh everything is so so perfect. I stopped at every single image. And let is soak in. So stunning :)

  9. Candice Cossel on May 6, 2011

    HAHAHAHA! Love that dog! So much! I might steal em…..

  10. Stephanie@Geezees on May 6, 2011

    This is a dreamy wedding…love the plants and the use of lace. And her bouquet is fancy!!

  11. Naomi on May 6, 2011

    This “faux” wedding is beyond, beyond, beyond my idea of gorgeous. Shall I proceed, yes indeed {what rap is that from} first of all to have Jose Villa do the shoot is BANANAS because he is amazing. Second, the cake is just so incredibly gorgeous…such creativity and detail beyond any cake that incorporated earth elements that I’ve every seen. The lace is perfect and makes the wedding ever so romantic but not over the top. You were right this wedding is all that and a bag of chips! Bravo to the vendors. This is the perfect meeting of the creative minds.

  12. Peggy on May 6, 2011

    Such beautiful pictures and a beautiful setting. I love the pic of them staring at the mountains.

  13. Greer Loves on May 6, 2011

    I LOVE Jose Villa. His work always takes my breath away. It’s soft, dreamy and now I want to get married again. :) To my husband of course!

  14. Katie on May 6, 2011

    Love this shoot so much, they did such a gorgeous job! I wish I could get even close to this level of immaculate styling for my wedding. I guess a girl can dream, though… ;)

  15. BeeCustom Design on May 6, 2011

    The design of the menu cards is simply elegant and coordinates so perfectly with this entire wedding.
    Is it bad that I scroll down first to see the puppy pics then go back and look at the wedding……….he is really making a name for himself in the world of weddings……..:)

  16. Erica OBrien on May 6, 2011

    Jose Villa is a gifted artist. That he shot this in film is that much more impressive.

  17. Amanda on May 6, 2011

    I just found your blog and I’m already COMPLETELY OBSESSED. OH MY GOD I luuuuuvvvv wedding planning!

  18. Really great photoshoot

  19. the Perfect Palette on May 6, 2011

    all kinds of pretty. wow! love the lighting. love her hair. love the styling. it’s all gorgeous. xoxo, chrissy

  20. He He…I am so very flattered that people think that this was shot by Jose. I’m taking it as a tremendous compliment!!

  21. Daniele did shoot these pics from Lavender and Twine Photography. She did use all film. They are amazing!

    Kerry, Lavender farm in Hawaii??!!!?? We are available for travel!!
    make sure to check us out!

  22. you’re right…AMAZEBALLS. love the colors and decor and overall theme. ugh can that be my wedding!?

  23. Jaime on May 7, 2011

    This venue is absolutely amazing!!! Where is it located?? I can’t get enough of the scenery!

  24. Madison on May 7, 2011

    oh wow i am loving all the dresses and headwear in this shoot!

  25. Lena on May 7, 2011

    I don’t know where to look, or what to love most-this shoot is incredible! Every detail is more gorgeous than the last, and the light is so dreamy-I’m in love!

  26. Michelle Ellen Lee on May 9, 2011

    Sooo romantic… I love the silver teapot!

  27. Laura *You Stir Me* on May 11, 2011

    there are no words. This is simply stunning and incredibly inspirational. I read somewhere that “it’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.” I’m taking that rope, floral and lace drapery idea to bed with me. I think that’s what they meant it for…;)

    And, as always, the pup never disappoints.

  28. Wow what amazing photos!!

  29. Elanie on June 1, 2011

    Omg…they are so amazing,so artistic….i love them…


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