Keepsakes: A Bouquet That Beats the Real Thing

When I saw these beautiful brooch bouquets, I stared at them with the curiosity and excitement of a newborn baby discovering its mommy’s face.  You, too, will know a new level of joy when you see these exquisite creations, courtesy of Fantasy Floral Designs.  They are the absolute most sophisticated, most dazzling, and most enviable way to walk the road less traveled, without risking a cliff dive into “I’m trying hard to be unconventional.  Can you tell?”

These man-made floral bouquets are hand-crafted by Fantasy Floral Designs founder–and master creative mind–Amanda Heer.  This is what I call talent.  Interested in getting a bouquet that’s as stunning and unique as you?  For more information, or to make an appointment, you can contact Amanda at 949-240-3571.

Colorful brooch bouquet by Fantasy Floral Design

Remarkable, right?  The perfect arrangement of pretty pastels, with a glowing sparkle that makes the bouquet POP (as if it needed any help).  We found this next numba-one-stunna on photographer Alice Hu’s site

Brooch bouquets by Fantasy Floral Designs

Loving it?  Here’s another one, just as stunning, but in darker shades for a bride with black and white on her mind…

Darker hues brooch bouquet by Fantasy Floral Design

Here’s another photo, with two of them cuddlin’ up against one another, just because we LOVE them soo much…

Brooch bouquets by Fantasy Floral Design

… And one final photo of the glowing clusters, so you can get an idea of what it would look like in your hands…

Fantasy Floral Design 3pic suite

Ahh, just lovely.  I want it.

A Final Thought: they’re a wee bit expensive.  But remember, if you really love something, don’t let it go… trim your guest list.  ;)  (I’m serious.)

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Love all of this...


  1. stephaniegeezees on January 25, 2010

    Very cool idea!!

  2. stephaniegeezees on January 25, 2010

    Very cool idea!!

  3. sofi1234 on October 15, 2010

    are there any places like this in new york where i can have these made???


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