REAL BOUDOIR | One hot to trot bicoastal girl shows us the *right way* to rock boudoir. Also, I stand corrected.

Because I like to consider TKB an institution on par with such esteemed news reporting outlets as the Nightly News with Brian Williams, The New York Times and of course Fox News, I would, in kind, like to note an error in yesterday’s broadcast (translation: blog post; just broadcast sounds cooler):

Yesterday, I quoted Bentley as saying “tickle my b***hole” when listing all the wonderful things that Ashley could do for him on The Bachelorette, and we all had a laugh at his expense.  But, ladies and gentlemen, that statement was incorrect, and I apologize to Bentley for misquoting his words.  To make the mistake of putting “b***hole” in Bentley’s mouth when it was indeed something entirely different that came out of his mouth, well that’s almost inexcusable.  So, my sincerest apologies to him and his family, for I was slightly off…

Well, actually more like an inch and a half off.  Or maybe two inches (??) off.  I’ve never had a chance to measure it, so I’m spitballing here.

Indeed, the actual quote was provided to me yesterday by Sara Carter, a wonderful reader and even wonderfuler lip reader to whom I am deeply indebted.  She informed me that what Bentley actually said was…

“tickle my pickle.”

OF COURSE!  That just makes so much more sense, doesn’t it?  I now see where I went wrong; as is the case with “i love you” and “olive juice,” when spoken, “b***hole” and “pickle” are just remarkably similar with regard to lip movements required to form the words.  And yes, you are correct; there is a great joke in there but I think I’ve made enough references to junk for today, DON’T YOU?

Moving swiftly along… we’ve got a hot li’l boudoir session today, submitted by the fabulous KrisD Mauga of KrashingMotions Photography, and I’m prettttttyyyyyyy pretttttyyyyyyy excited to share it with you.  Now, you know the deal.  When it comes to boudoir, the main message I’ve got for you is that you’ve GOT to let loose and enjoy yourself.  It’ll just be so awkward for you if you’re all concerned about smiling too wide or a boob going rogue or whatever.  Just keep calm and nakey pose on, as they say.  (They don’t say that.)  Add in a few adorable and possibly meaningful outfits?  Totally awesome bonus.  And finally, aside from a fantastic photographer – and I can’t stress that enough – great makeup and hair are KEY.  Of course, that’s old news if you’re a regular here.  You already know that’s a tenet on my boudoir top tips list, which is less a boudoir top tips list and more a random sprinkling of tips throughout the boudoir features on this blog.  So anyway, do it, aright?  You won’t regret it.

Let’s start the show, shall we?  MAGNIFICENT.

See that?  That’s Miss A’s sexy little shadow, and while Miss A is clearly not the shy type, it’s a great shot to capture for those who are a bit on the not-so-confident side, but really wanna do a boudoir shoot of their own.  Wouldn’t you say?  Heck, I’d show my nakey shadow to anyone!  That’s cake!  So go, THAT.

Back on track – Miss A is a special young lady who rocked the rockinest little getups and had a particular reason for doing a shoot such as this one:

What do you get the man who already has everything?  Pictures of me the way he knows me now.  The way I am now and who he fell in love with.

And here are some words about the session from her photographer, KrisD:

The shoot was light and fun.  We had music playing as we shot in the fabulous suite at the Avia in Long Beach.  Miss A was so giddy!  Of course with a little liquid courage the shoot progressed with her becoming more flirty with the camera and embracing the moment with laughs n giggles!  She would look into the camera and say “I’m looking into his eyes right now.”  :)

As for Miss A’s NY shirt – Miss A’s sweetheart lives bi-coastal and has a place here in Cali as well as in NYC.  The shirt in the shoot was a gift from him, so she wanted to wear it because they’re looking forward to living there together in the near future.

Now, enjoy the rest of today’s sweet and sassafras session!

By the by, someone asked me yesterday if Bambino watches The Bachelorette along with us.  The answer: yes, he does, when he’s not licking himself or polishing off some boards for me in Photoshop, or, his favorite, having a staring contest with anything eye level.  It’s mostly when I’ve invited him to sit on the couch, and it typically involves a lot of barfing on his end (barking + scoffing).  But actually also a lot of actual barfing, because the show sucks this season AMIRITE.

Speaking of Bambino…

I now present to you the conclusion to yesterday’s Bambino McPuppyPants cliffhanger episode (the kind of episode we all love to hate!).  Will he make it off the couch and get to the clubs?  Let’s find out:

He looks left…

No options.

He looks right…

No options.

Maybe left is an option now…

Not an option.

Maybe right has opened up??

It hasn’t.

He looks down… Oh man that’s far, he thinks.  But, not yet neutered, he summons the strength…

I said, he summons the strength…

Or actually he decides he’d rather be on the couch.  Because screw those clubs.



Where were we?  Ah yes…

Ok, so I have two questions for you…

I’m open to and happy to receive answers to: both, one, or none, depending on your mood today.  Aright, here we go:

Part 1: My sweetie wants to try out letting puppy sleep in bed with us.  Just once or twice.  My concerns have been exacerbated by Yahoo! Answers forums – aka I’m having a normal response to Yahoo! Answers forums – and so I’m hesitant.  Apparently pets get super territorial/dominant once you let them sleep on the same level as you…?  We’re obvs. not pet whisperers, so, any thoughts?  Thanks :)

Part 2: What do you think of today’s shoot?  Do you love it/hate it/want to do it yourself/wish you were her/wish you were in a pool right now because it’s so effing hot outside (at least where I am)/need time to think about it/wish I wouldn’t bug you with suggestive questions to get you to have a conversation with me/want my puppy/think she did a bang-up job of things…?  You are, of course, not limited to the answers cited in the previous sentence.


xoxo!  – Alison

Photography: KrashingMotions Photography / Submitted via Two Bright Lights / Reception Venue: Avia

Label(s): Mr. McPuppyPants, {Real Boudoir}

Love all of this...


  1. J (SparklyLove) on June 1, 2011

    In our experience, there is no such thing as letting him sleep in bed once or twice. We let Remy one night because he jumped on the bed while I was brushing my teeth even though he wasn’t allowed and refused to get off. I was too tired to take him back downstairs to his crate so I just let him stay. Well, he’s been sleeping there ever since. He now CRIES and BARKS if you try to leave him downstairs and keeps me from getting any of my beauty sleep! When he gets tired (usually around 10pm) he will walk to the bottom of the stairs, sit his butt on the bottom step, and start to SIGH… LOUDLY, until you tell him he can go to bed.

    You have a much smaller dog than me, so it’s probably not that huge of an inconvenience, but you need to decide if you are ready to have him in your bed for forever. In any event, Remy didn’t change his attitude at all towards us after being allowed in bed, except for the 10pm SIGH-FEST.

    ALSO, more importantly, I think I have a new found obsession with sexy shadows! Love it xo

  2. Kristin on June 1, 2011

    Our puppy was rescued from a kill shelter – and because of this he has extreme issues with abandonment and attachment.

    We tried to have him sleep in his kennel, but after many nights of whining and crying, he ended up in bed with us. He hasn’t gotten any more dominant or aggressive, but it does hinder the late-night lovin’. Just saying.

    The puppy just loves to snuggle and be close to us. And I felt guilty trying to have him sleep in his kennel. I’m a sucker.

  3. Sara Carter on June 1, 2011

    I never thought i’d receive praise for saying the words “Tickle my pickle”.

    Also, beautiful boudoir session! I’m getting married in August and thinking about doing one myself!

  4. Mimi Tilton on June 1, 2011

    Wow…A) Wish I had the body…if I did, I’d carry a large light and a shade screen around with me and only show my shaddow! Geeze-o-Pete that’s hot. B) Wish I was getting married so I could explain my obession with all things Knotty and C) I love cobb salad without bleu cheese – just needed to tell someone.

    Onto McPup-who’s-a-cutie-pants. SparklyLove is on da money. If you want them to always sleep with you, then go for it. If you want to maintain a distance and superior attitude becasue you have opposible thumbs and can open/shut a door – then keep him in da box. They end up being as wonderful to us either way you choose. Mocha sleeps with me, but has a cube for access as my beds a tad bit high for her tiny legs.
    IJS…go with in da beds….

  5. Erin on June 1, 2011

    I’ve had my cocker spaniel for 6 years, and she slept with me long before I ever met Mike. So in other words, Mike needed to learn to sleep with us! Ha! She has always had her dog bed next to our bed, and frequently starts in it, and somewhere in the middle of the night hops up. We have trained her to sleep at the foot of the bed. (Not that she hasn’t tried to c-block and sleep right between us, but we send her right back down to the bottom.) I have had no territorial/dominance issues with her once I let her sleep up there. BUT! She knows I’m the boss. That’s the key, as long as you are consistent with him, constantly reaffirming the ground rules you guys establish, you should have no problem.
    ps. I admire your strength in not having him already sleep in bed with you, he is so freakin adorable!

    In other news….
    I absolutely LOVE this shoot! I like how it’s very playful…in trying to find inspiration for my own shoot, I have found women too often go for the crazed sex kitten look. This is fun, playful, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the shadow pic.

  6. Rachel on June 1, 2011

    I love this shoot. She looks like she’s really having fun, which I think in the end makes for the best pics.

    DO NOT let McPup sleep with you. There is no going back. We let our puppy in bed when we first got him and it took four months and moving to a new place to get him to use his crate again. The good thing about the new place is that there is room for the crate in our bedroom. So we’ve compromised and he usually gets some cuddle time with us for about 30 minutes in bed and then he gets a treat to go into his crate at the other end of the room. We all sleep better and don’t have to navigate a 50 pound dog in the middle of our bed when we want to be sexy.

  7. Chelsea on June 1, 2011

    I heard this guy the other day and he wrote a book dispelling a ton of dog myths ( So, maybe you won’t buy the book, but maybe you head to your bookstore and take a peek at the dogs in the bed issue. He tackles a lot of the misconceptions about perceived dominant behavior. Obvs, there will always be opposing opinions.

    In my case, our pug is will be three years old in three days and she slept with us when I got her at three months old. Never had an issue, but it could also depend on their temperament. She is very sweet and playful. Our only issue has been shedding and lack of bed space (she likes to spread out, starfish style, or lay above our heads on the pillow), both of which we lovingly endure.

  8. Aunt Edie on June 1, 2011

    Hi! Haven’t written in awhile. Since I have Apollo longer than you have Bambino, I can tell you this,
    Apollo still sleeps in his cage, but it is open & he can get out of it at anytime. We do have a gate up so he
    can’t jump in our bed before 6AM. He sits and makes his little noises until we let him in. You can try but I would advise against it. Good Luck. Love Aunt Edie

  9. Cyn @ Cyn Kain Photography on June 1, 2011

    We have a 60 pound lab that sleeps with us..IN THE MIDDLE…UNDER THE COVERS, HAHA. But we also have a king bed. Only on some nights does it seem a bit crowded…but I love her cuddling us :)

    I am the type that thinks its a bit creepy to have a dog in the room when trying to get your loving on – so we have kindly ask her to leave and she waits outside ;)

  10. Chelsea on June 1, 2011

    Also, in regards to the comment above mine and the crate; our dog often willingly goes into her crate when we leave her out during the day. We will come home and find the bed empty and her laying in her crate (at first we thought maybe she did something bad and was hiding, but she does it when we are in the room with her sometimes too). Many dog trainers will tell you dogs love their crate because they instinctively look for a den. We have never used it as a punishment or put her in a place to be scared in it.

    She is also a treat hound to the max so rewarding her with a treat when she goes in there has made it a positive experience to be in there.

  11. Didi on June 1, 2011

    Our puppy, Finch, sleeps with us! He’s super cute, at night we call him Teddy Finch. There’s a couple things you NEED to know:
    1) if he is at all stinky, it might ruin your night.
    2) once you let him sleep with you he won’t want to be anywhere else.

    Unfortunately for us, Finch is not the type of puppy to sleep under the covers, so there’s been nights were I have to move him so I can get the sheets.
    But, all in all… I love sleeping with the little guy.

  12. BeeCustom Design on June 1, 2011

    Great photo shoot but still to scared to do one myself……letting puppy (as cute as he is) sleep in your bed is like letting your baby sleep in your bed once you start they will be there until they move out.

  13. Christine on June 1, 2011

    1.) I’m not a pet whisperer either but it is my experience that once you let the dog on the bed, he feels that he is allowed to go wherever (and onto whatever) he wants. That said, I would totally let him sleep on the bed. I treat my pets like equals…for the most part…(no eating at the dinner table or anything…but I wouldn’t mind if they DID decide to use and flush the toilet…ah well). So I say go for it if you think he feels left out and would prefer a snuggle buddy at night.

    2.) LOVED the shoot. I own that white underwear she’s modeling (my own pair, of course…not her pair)…lol. Too much info? My favorite picture was also the shadow shot. Wowza!! Or in Alison’s words: Amazeballs!!

    3.) Please don’t ever stop posting about McPuppy pants…the cutest dog ever. He (and your blog) makes me smile every single day!

  14. Megan Powers on June 1, 2011

    Don’t let him sleep with you unless you want to combat the dog hair on your bed. It’s fun for the snuggles, but they do become territorial and they always sleep in the most inconvenient spaces.

    This shoot is soooo cute! I love it. She had so much fun. How much would you recommend I budget if I wanted to do a boudoir session?


  15. Lena on June 1, 2011

    L O V E this shoot. L O V E this hottie, and her ballsy, fun, playful style. L O V E that shadow photo-definitely a winner.

    Now for some comments not really related to this post per se, but which I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to hear, I say a wedding first date is the way to go. Freak him out, see the whites of his eyes, find out whether or not he likes your favorite cake and call it a day. It should be a new dating trend, like retro bowling or tacos.

    Ashley makes me just so…sad. I think that’s the word for that helpless feeling. It’s like being on the phone with your friend who’s making all these mistakes and you can’t say, “STOP IT CRAZY GIRL!” John, on the other hand, actually thinks it’s hysterical. He likes to trash talk the men, but he often says the contestants are not as hot as my boss, which also makes me moderately uncomfortable. John has a pretty serious man crush on my boss.

    Oh boy.

    Now onto rearing your puppy, which of course I have no real experience in, I suggest that unless you always want to be sleeping in Bambino, you probably shouldn’t invite him in. Once or twice is probably not a realistic goal…you’ll never be able to resist him, and he’ll always want to get in there for snuggles.

  16. KrisD Mauga on June 1, 2011

    Whoo, hoo It’s up! Thanks Alison!

    As for the pup in the bed… I have two lil boys n my hubby hates having them in the bed. So they sleep under our bed or out on the couch when he is in the bed. Once my man leaves ( I mean within a half second), they lil ones come running in and sleep with mommy! I love cuddling with them but I do not let them on our sheets- they have their own blankie on top of my comforter. Ok so that’s my pup advice- dogs can be trained to do whatever you want them to.
    Best wishes!

  17. Nicole on June 1, 2011

    heck yea i want to do it. the more of these boudoir shoots you have the more i think i should do one myself. and her hair is freakin gorgeous!

  18. Jenn on June 1, 2011

    Budoir shoot is hot, but I’m too big of a wimp with a lack of photogenisis. So, budoir is probably out for me. But if I looked like her, I’d be totally in!

    As for the Baminator in the bed, I say no go.
    First, dog hair in places it shouldn’t be.
    Second, middle of the night booty with your honey is going to become more rare or awkward or you’re going to have to put the pause button on to move the pooch.

    I have a big bed near my bed that my pooch sleeps on and she seems to be just peachy with it.

  19. Alicia @CharityWedding on June 1, 2011

    On the contrary to what many of your dog loving peeps are saying- we let our pups sleep in the bed and they are also TOTALLY content sleeping on the floor in their own beds. In fact they love their own beds. It totally depends on their mood and once you let them in your bed, doesn’t necessarily mean they will never sleep anywhere else again. As we speak one of mine is on the bed next to me (he loves TKB) and the other is on the floor as happy as can be in a pile of blankets. I will say that if you ever plan to get another, one dog can be a pain in the bed but two is almost impossible. B. I sometimes have panic attacks in the middle of the night that Kyle will roll over on one of them and not notice and they will suffocate. and C. We have to wash our sheets constantly. But all in all I believe you get pets to be your buddies and not letting them sleep with you is pointless. So go for it.

  20. Katie on June 1, 2011

    1. I honestly think it depends on the dog. Our dog Emma would not have done well crate trained. Emma naturally has a dominant personality, and bed or not, she would have been dominant. She was the second we brought her home.

    We eventually got a trainer because I’ve never “dealt” with a dog like Emma, and our trainer had no problem with if she slept on the couch, bed, etc. They don’t believe it makes or doesn’t make a dog dominant.

    What makes or does not make a dog dominant is how you treat the dog. If you treat your dog like a person, they’ll run you over. If you treat your dog like a dog, like he wants to be treated, then it’s better.

    Treat your dog like a dog. If you want him on the bed one night, let him be on the bed, if you don’t kick him off. It’s when he gets on the bed, and stays on the bed when you tell him to get off the bed that it’s an issue. It’s a respect thing.

    If he puts up a fight, make him get off the bed, tell him no, and be firm. Don’t smile two seconds later or laugh. He’ll think you’re joking. It’s a matter of how you handle it :)

    So, I say to you, let him be on the bed when you want him to be on the bed, but also be a good dog parent and set up some boundaries! GL!

    2. This shoot is so fun! I’ve also seen some awesome silhouette shots, too. Wish I had one done of me when I had my boudoir shoot! Although, I had lots of fun rolling around in the sand at the beach, too :-P

  21. heather on June 2, 2011

    1. i’ve never really posted before, but i’ve been reading your blog for months now, and it’s FABULOUS, so a big, belated “HELLOYOU’REWONDERFUL!” for starters.

    2. i love, love, LOVE this shoot! it’s super fun, and Miss A makes it look so easy! there’s a little part of me that really wants to do a budoir shoot. i even called a photographer for pricing, but then chickened out. sigh.

    3. your dog SO ADORABLE I COULD EAT HIM UP!! even my hubby-to-be looks for bambino updates. =) as far as bed time advice, my dog has been sleeping in my bed since he was a puppy (he’s 11 now), mainly because at the time we bought him a puppy bed and he mistook it for a chew toy. he definitely sighs/whines/barks until you let him up, which isn’t SO bad because he’s a yorkie and he’s really little. the problem? we’re going to the vet today because he dive bombs off our too-high-for-tiny-dogs-with-old-joints bed and now he’s limping on one of his back legs. it’s hard to prevent because sometimes he’ll do it while we’re sleeping (and then wake us up to get back in bed because it’s too high for him to jump up himself). so anyway, i would just keep the long term in mind when you decide. it’s hard to break older dogs of their habits, and they’re really happiest and most comfortable with what they’re used to, so if you start him sleeping in a crate or a doggie bed, he should be fine with it. Plus you won’t have to worry about any kamikaze-related knee injuries down the line!

  22. Madison on June 2, 2011

    love the shoot, that shadow shot is amazing! i say no to the dog sleeping in the bed, they get used to it and also sometimes its nice to be able to get into your bed and have it fresh, not smelling of dog (although im sure bambino smells gorgeous :D)

  23. Miss A on October 22, 2011

    Well, Shucks! Thanks for all the love and thanksssss to Kris for “bringing it”, she’s the biggest photog-rockstar I know.

    P.S. I let my pup sleep in bed :)

  24. Adalita on January 4, 2012

    This is probably too late but I let my dog sleep with us, he usually stays for 30mins to an hour then sleeps at the foot of the bed on his own pet bed (saying this he is a cattle dog and is 22kg)

    I love the boudoir shots. I need some nice and sexy photos for our bedroom.


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