SUMMER WEDDING INSPIRATION + BEDROOM WRESTLING | One redonk inspiration shoot meets Alison wanting to, but feeling unsure about, discussing sexy time.


There’s a shoot that’s about to slap you in the face, amazeballs-inspiration-style, and I’m moderately thrilled to share it with you in a sec.

BUT FIRST… an *issue* I’d like to address, head-on.

As you know, here at TKB I thrive on talking about all things wedding and style, throwing in a pinch of celebrity dish, anywhere from a dash-to-a-horse-trough of fashion, sprinklings of tips from myself and industry mavens and… of course… some juicy, random, ridiculous, reDONKULOUS, totally WEIRD, totally AMAZEBALLS, and sometimes super-duper-private “I probably shouldn’t share this for the sake of my family name but WHATEV, my readers they need to hear this story so they can learn from it/enjoy it/make fun of it/throw up a little bit in their mouths over it/scoff at it/hate on it/thrill over it/whisper to their friends about it/totally identify with it” bits from my personal life.  And, as you’ve likely become aware, the personal life aspect is sort of my fave part.  It’s really too much fun to make fun of yourself and tell stories about those you love on a daily basis.  And, fortunately, everyone in my life rules pretty hard and *gets* that I’m mentally jotting down interactions for zee purposes of zee bliggity.  BUT.

It’s crazy hard to know where to draw the line on one front.  Yeah it’s just one, but it’s sort of a HUGERIFIC one.   Any guesses before I reveal?  The answer, after the jump…

It’s sex.  I’m talking about sex.  Or actually I’m not talking about it as much as I used to/would like to.  Which is SOOOOO unlike me.  But when you know your entire family, both nuclear and extended – but most importantly YOUR LITTLE BROTHER ON OCCASION – has access to and anywhere from intermittently to religiously reads your posts, it’s a mind-f***.  I want to be able to give you guys my personal take on/insight into sex and relationships from my perspective, and talk to you guys about how we have to take Bambino out of the room when we’re doing it because I’m tired of telling him “we’re just wrestling.”  I want to discuss the fact that when our apartment neighbor – who we ADORED and still miss… hey, Pamela! – moved out and left the place uninhabited for a month or so, we reached a peak (not to be confused with ‘peek;’ there is a difference and it’s important) sexually speaking, because it was like living alone on a farm in the country.  I want to be able to tell you that I’m happy to have a new neighbor, but slightly sad because now I can’t… umm… exercise my vocal cords in the manner I’ve become accustomed.  Which is loudly and with fervor.

Anyway, we’re going to introduce ourselves to our lovely new neighbor soon, and it’s going to come up that I run TKB and she’s probably going to check it out and this means I’m probably not going to feel comfortable talking about my sex-life anymore.  Which BITES.  Because I want to talk about it; not just for the sake of it, but because I get emails/texts/tweets/facebook comments/facebook emails (!)/phone calls (!!) telling me how much the wedding + tips + personal anecdote triumvirate is enjoyed and looked forward to on the daily…….. (Side note: omGOD I seriously heart all of your emails/tweets/facebook comments/facebook emails/phone calls telling me these things; they single-handedly push me and inspire me to create create create!  So thank you thank you thank you, as always!)……..

So what’s a girl to do?  Do I continue to exorcise from my mind the fact that my Aunt Edie (my real Aunt, who is real awesome, but likely doesn’t want to know how often and at what decibel level I *get it on*) reads TKB or do I keep my neighbor and my family and my… christ, my little freaking brother… tucked firmly inside my frontal lobe and at least attempt to keep things somewhat appropriate for their sakes?

(*Hi Aunt Edie and your entire office!  Erase this post from your memory, THANKS.)

Moving right along, without an effective segue…

You guys.   THIS INSPIRATION SHOOT IS BITCH-SLAPPING ME IN THE FACE WITH PRETTY.  And it’s leaving huge, flower-shaped welts on my cheeks which I sort of both love and am sad about because my wonderful mother is coming to town and I don’t want her to think honey abuses me with various available floral arrangements immediately after he gifts them to me.  Hopefully she’ll understand after reading this post, which I’ll have her do right when she gets in the door.  Anyway this shoot, which was submitted by the lovely Pauline Dennigan, makes me swoon for myriad reasons (yay, I used myriad!): I really love the look of those gorgeous wedding bouquet alternatives to the traditional bouquet, that feature everything BUT actual flowers.

Antique brooches, designer door knobs, various bits of jewelry, etc., can really come together to create a true keepsake for your wedding… and potentially your daughter’s wedding, if she isn’t a total biotch about it.  I also adore floral head wreaths ever since I donned one for a shoot way back.  Mind you, I thought they were REDONK before that day and WASN’T HAVING ANY OF IT.  Really gotta try everything once.  And finally, I’m totes digging the desserts, as per ushe (← that’s me abbreviating ‘usual’ like a ridiculous person who abbreviates too many words too often).  I’m just generally crushing on this inspo shoot HARD, and I hope you guys find some great ideas as well!  Behold:

Here’s the rundown on today’s whimsical wonderland, from Pauline:

Cakes and desserts involved:

  • Choco Cake Pops-chocolate fudge cake with candy coating.
  • Mini red velvet Cup cakes with raspberry frosting.
  • Red velvet cake with raspberry frosting.
  • Meringue Kisses.
  • Mini strawberry milkshakes with icecream.
  • Vintage rose wedding cake with antique french lace and sugar flowers.

Belgian chocolate, local free range eggs and madagascan vanilla are used by Cloudberry Bakery in all the cakes.

Flowers Used: Avalanche and sweet avalanche roses, vendella roses and spray roses. White and pink Peony roses and amaranthus. Carrie’s signature brooch bouquets also featured.

Our dog model: Coco the labradoodle, only 8 weeks old and the softest, most cuddly dog you will ever hold, belonging to Carrie, our florist.

Overall we wanted to emphasise a soft, romantic look using as many luscious, summer, blossoms that we could get our hands on. We thought it would be fun to have a rose tea & cake reception at Ballygarry House rather than the usual tipple. I love their green, lush gardens so we managed to dive in and out between the rain showers that are very much a part of our daily lives here in Ireland. I guess that is the price to pay for such amazing greenery!

This puppy is dedicated to Diana Rush‘s daughter, Kate, who LOVES adorable puppies…

Kate, this puppy’s name should probably be Sparkles, right? ;)

AAAAAHHHHHH right?  Right??

In closing, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a little girl, know Malibu Barbie is available and, as the times demand, she’s been coming with a wee bottle of SPF for a few years now!  You guys, this is so great.  Now little girls everywhere will know how crucial it is to be sunsafe as they aggressively hate on their bodies.  They may never achieve Barbie’s wholly unattainable physique, but at least they’ll be tanning safely as they wallow in their heartache!  Truly, sunburns only add insult to emotional injury.  AMIRITE?  It’s good to see that the times, they really are a changin’.

So, thoughts?  You know, on anything you’ve read or seen.  I’m game for anything today CLEARLY.

xoxo!  – Alison

Photography: Pauline Dennigan / Make-up: Kathryn O’ Neill / Hair: Tricia O’ Sullivan / Flowers: Carrie O’ Connor / Cakes: Sam Harrison / Dresses: Mags & Liz Horgan / Suits: Ryle Menswear / Stationery: Jill Blanc-McDermott / Vintage China: Pearl Collins / Hotel: Ballygarry House Hotel

Label(s): Color, Pink, White, {Inspiration Shoot}

Love all of this...


  1. claire on June 10, 2011

    Those bouquets are OUT OF THIS WORLD. That jeweled one is absolutely incredible. Like, out of this world.

  2. Jenna on June 10, 2011

    I love the side braid thingy, I wonder how it would hold up once I start dancing…

  3. Stephanie Elizabeth on June 10, 2011

    Hmm…I serisouly had to think about the too much sharing thing for a moment because on the one hand, I REALLY enjoy reading your funny personal posts. Yet on the other hand, if it were me blogging…about personal stuff…I mean reeeeaaalllly personal stuff, I’m not sure I could do it for all the reasons you mentioned. But I say go for it, only because I’m selfish and want to laugh while reading your posts ;-)

  4. Jenna on June 10, 2011

    I think you should go for it. I suffer a similar situation with wanting to share, but I’m unable to because my fiance is a really private person (has taken years to get used to this) and my blog audience is small and mostly family read.
    You on the other hand have so many many follower that love you and want you to share your craziness and I read your blog because it’s weddings with the knotty in it. I would hope your family would understand and make their own choices on reading it or maybe you could send them the family appropriate entries if they’re concerned about stumbling over something that might freak them out?
    Anyways I think the knotty is what makes your blog stand out and makes us feel like we know and care about you and I think you should go for it.

  5. Koru Kate on June 10, 2011

    Such sweet, striped stationery- LOVE!

    As for how much you share, follow your heart. In my humble opinion, I enjoy your blog as is but if you decide to share more, cool.

  6. Nicole on June 10, 2011

    i say share but only because i want to tune in and read it and think you’re awesome :)
    but i get your family reading it and pah-lease bah-lieve i would not be posting about our … uhh … personal life because i would die, absolutely die, if someone in my fam read about it. joint christmases from here on out would be awkward with a capital A. but you’re cool and your family’s probably cool too so go for it :D

  7. Lena on June 10, 2011

    This post is absolutely everything I love you for. So let’s just start there.

    First, there’s this absolutely GORGEOUS shoot, with all kinds of gorgeous flowers, and delicious sweets and a puppy that reminds me that Bambino’s not the only adorable creature on Earth. He’s still the first, but not only.

    Second, there’s the mention that Malibu Barbie comes with sunscreen. She may still be horrifically tan, and sure, maybe that bottle will only read SPF 4, but it’s progress, for skin cancer and for seriously fair skinned girls like myself. I like to think my doctors appreciate being able to see all my veins and arteries.

    Third, S E X. It can be tough to write a blog that people read, because you want to share with your buds and shield your aunts. Perhaps a NSFF (the second F being “family”) would be appropriate for any posts of a “loving” nature? Or would that only goad them to read on? I know my family would totally take that as bait.

  8. Aunt Edie on June 10, 2011

    I was glad to see my name in print. You can do whatever you like. You’re young, so enjoy every moment, it doesn’t matter who hears you, be as vocal as you want. I am not that old that I can’t read this. By the way, this bride is beautiful, her hair with the flowers on the side, her gown, the groom was not too bad either. Glad you are back. Love Aunt Edie

    P.S. the office says Hi!

  9. Mimi Tilton on June 10, 2011

    In my ever-opinionated way, I shall say, “what? Does your family not know you?” Remember, it’s their choice to log-in. I wrote a 450 page romance/suspense novel that my mother refuses to read because it’s “too much.” I still wrote it, though and now I’m working to publish. Who cares if they don’t read it – ya’ll will.
    Family is family…that’s just what they is. BTW – I’m guessing you come by your vocal exaggerations naturally a la Aunt Edie. :)

    Bouquet of broches -=- GENIUSNESSES

  10. Nicole (@BigDayfor10K) on June 10, 2011

    Gorgeous! And her eye make-up is to die for!

    Also, discussing sexy time is fun, I’m all for it! xo

  11. Laura on June 10, 2011

    This shoot really captures the beauty of summer weddings with some elegance thrown into the mix. I totally love all of the inspirations for summer weddings in this shoot!

  12. Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} on June 10, 2011

    Gorgeous shoot. I didn’t know it was physically possible to have that many large flowers in your hair. Good to know.

    In regards to sexy time convo, I have no real wisdom other than do what your heart tells you. Cheesy I know but somewhere deep down I think you know what is best. (This is not a hint, that could easily go either way.) Of course I find all your personal anecdotes hilarious.

  13. J (SparklyLove) on June 10, 2011

    Such sugary sweetness! I love it and you! On the topic of sexy time, I second the comment from Mimi… keep being you! Those who don’t want to hear it are not forced to read it and the rest of us want it!!! Have a lovely weekend :)

  14. Diana Rush on June 10, 2011

    Love this shoot & the puppy…. and when Kate gets home from preschool, she will no doubt fall if love with “Sparkles” & we will spend the next month convincing my hubs that we NEED a puppy!

  15. Rhiannon Nicole {Hey Gorg} on June 10, 2011

    Sexy time talk?! Yes please :)

  16. Elle on June 10, 2011

    Why don’t you just preface the blog with WARNING: Banging Material ahead or something witty and clever that you are so good at…. Or put the sexy time or personal stuff in a different color so little brother knows to pass over it.

    Loved the paper products… so beautiful.

  17. Megan Powers on June 10, 2011

    Your aunt is amazing :) go for it! write what you want.

  18. Diana Rush on June 10, 2011

    Quotes from Kate:

    Kate – “Who is this”
    me – “Alison”
    Kate – “Oh, I like that name”
    me reading about Sparkles
    Kate – “Oh Sparkles, I love her”

    The end!

  19. i say talk about it. it’s your blog and if you want to write about hot vocal sex..then do it! if anything it’ll make me laugh and give me something to relate to! lol

  20. Kelly Elizabeth on June 10, 2011

    So I’ve been roaming the wedding blog world since December and I am SO glad that I found you because honestly, this is the one that I look forward to getting to work (er I mean HOME from work…I’m not reading blogs at the office Dad I swear…) for so that I can get a little laugh and a little pretty (or a lot of both) at the same time…and a lot of it involves weddings. Honestly. What could be better? And yeah, keep the honesty coming. Who else could you be?

  21. Annie Byrne on June 11, 2011

    Go Ireland! A fantabulous {yes that is a word} job on the shoot girls! Talent and beauty everywhere. You make us proud!

  22. Chantal on June 12, 2011

    These pictures are beautiful and I love all of the flowers in these pictures. The ribbon around the spoon looks gorgeous, although must be annoying when it is time to eat. A picture with flowers in the shape of a heart is a precious idea.

  23. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on June 13, 2011

    haha… love that Aunt Edie commented!! Oh I’m SOOOO horribly behind on blog reading but I have missed you hilarious posts!! Only you could write about such things!
    And this shoot…. where to start… so many pretty details!! That bouquet…. I die!

  24. Nicky on June 13, 2011

    The bouquets!!! They are so beautifully done! Thank you so much for so much inspiration one post have given me. I want to try some of those sweet pink drinks… ♥

  25. Alicia @CharityWedding on June 13, 2011

    I feel your pain. My Grandma who could barely type an email before I started blogging has become an avid reader and I know I have to watch my words. She frequently sends me emails or calls to make comments about things I have said and I start sweating wondering what else slipped out that she might be judging. She doesn’t really judge but she is proper and new to this whole blog thing so the fact that I write just about anything for the whole world to read if they wanted to, much less super personal things is beyond her grasps. I keep in clean and as nice as possible for her sake. But me thinks your family probably knows that if you kept it clean it wouldn’t really be *you* and they come here to read it because of you. So I say go for it.

    On a side note this shoot is gorgeous. It is like a garden full of gorgeous people threw up. Which doesn’t sound pleasant but garden throw up is different and beautiful and this is it.

  26. Pauline Dennigan on June 15, 2011

    Brilliant post Alison! I am beyond thrilled that you featured our work all the way from Kerry in Ireland. I am just on my way to photograph some lovely American people who have come over to celebrate a 70th birthday here. If any of you are ever in Ireland, make sure to include Kerry on your list of places to visit. You are guaranteed a good time!


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