GLITZY GLAMOROUS DRESS LOVE | If Elie Saab Makes It, Apparently I Covet It. Plus, Mr. McPuppyPants.

Happy Monday, darlings!  How are you doing?  Have a good weekend?  I hope you did because mine was SUPER WEIRD.  Nothing a few pretty dresses can’t fix though, amirite?  I am, I am right.  I think you know it.  Because it’s AMAZING what pretty dresses can do to perk up a weird day.  Surely I’m not alone in this thinking, eh?  :)

Ok, so here’s the thing: I’m a little lost for words today, and I don’t know why that is.  Ok, well I sorta do know why that is, and it has everything to do with the fact that neither of us got much sleep last night.  And here’s why…

The great thing about installing a fantastic new air conditioner is that it cools off the room in seconds (which, previous to last night, I didn’t think was even POSSIBLE, because I’ve never had a ‘new air conditioner’ in my life), tends to makes everyone a bit happier because they’re comfortable and not having to worry about being hot/feeling tired and instead can focus on life, and, finally, it totally makes you feel like a fool for ever buying anything off of craigslist.  We got ours at PC Richards for just over $200 bucks (what lots of people charge in nyc for USED a/c units on craigslist! Pshaaaa!) and it’s pretty much THE BEST THING we’ve brought home this year, aside from McPuppyPants and that couch we bought from Macy’s which I talked about ages ago.  Anyway who cares about couches.  No but it’s an awesome couch, you’d love it.  It’s like, *the* thing people comment on when they come over.  My routine for when company’s coming over is to look better than the couch.  … That bitch.

As I was saying, the main reason we couldn’t get much shut eye for a while is because we didn’t anticipate our brand new air conditioner having the equivalent of a steel drum casing to it.  Combined with rain showers, you receive into your home, without invitation, a football game size marching band-esque SLAPPING on the unit which does not lead to calm slumber.  However, our concern was not for us; it was for the Bambeeeeen, whose area is like rightupagainst where the a/c is.  When we came out to check and see if it was bothering him, he was on HIGH ALERT, so there ended his living room living situation.  He is now sleeping in our bedroom, and he… and we… could. not. be. happier.  P.S. – we took your advice into full consideration, and will not be letting him sleep with us in our bed.  He’s tucked safely in the corner on his own bed, where I can continue not to sleep and instead pet him all night.  It’s going to be like Christmas every day.


Today is like totally like all about pretty glamorous dresses and it’s making me feel so fancy.  Fun fact: my mama was OBSESSED with the last post I brought to your faces on Elie Saab, and I was smitten by the contents of this baby, so I figured why not bang out another bit of incroyable for you to eat up, glitter, beading, sequins and all?  I just ask that you adopt a high fiber diet for the next week or so, just to avoid any difficulties of the “I stupidly ate sequins for lunch and all I have to show for it is this lousy inability to go number 2″ variety.

Enjoy the prettiness, pretties!

I’m DYING over the sleekness of this foursome below ↓

For those who wanna slut it up a bit…

And now, for today’s installment of Bambino McPuppyPants… in “Two Ways to Get Pooped”

We recently bought a brand new air conditioner.  The difference is AMAZEBALLS…

Before the new unit, Bambino tuckered out rather quickly every day, even though he insisted on cooling his bal- er, ‘jets’ in the sun:

With our new air conditioner, Bam Bam enjoys tiring out in other fine ways, such as, but not limited to…

*Rope Play*

Oohhoohhhhoooo ooohhhhhhh she’s got my rope.  Let’s DO THIS!

i love love love my rope soooooo much


PHEW, here’s my rope, here it is!  That was close, right mom?!!  omigod SO CLOSE, right mom???

i enjoy petting my rope while i softly chew at it in order to rip it to smithereens

oh no… losing… mouth energy… quickly… must… keep… working…

zzzzzzzzzzz.  (i sleep with one eye open and one mouth open WHEN NECESSARY.)

by the way, nice dresses up there.  i’d marry those chicks.

So, any faves?  Are you a fan of glitzy, glamorous frocks for weddings, or would you opt for something a bit… tamer?

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Mimi Tilton on June 13, 2011

    I’d totally go tame, but my brides mades — they would rock the blue and peach (4th from bottom) gowns. Nevermind that my left thigh is as wide as that girl – geeezeopeete. Love the head piecea tons.

  2. Mimi Tilton on June 13, 2011

    So excited I forgot that I know how to spell and type, both!

  3. J (SparklyLove) on June 13, 2011

    There’s a wide strapped, deep v necked blueish grey desk up there that just changed my life!

  4. claire on June 13, 2011

    I just want to kiss that doggie’s face off! Yeah, our pup sleeps with us. but it works out fine since he’s 7 pounds. haha. Um, I love the blueish-grey dress. I’d wear it, totes.

  5. Alison on June 13, 2011

    Mimi – You kill me. :)

    J – I love that one TOOOOOO!!!!! So much!!!!

    Claire – right? J and I are FREAKING. OUT. OVER IT.

  6. Jenna on June 13, 2011

    ok this is the first post that has made me sad. These dresses are like my fantasy dresses for life and I’ll never get to wear them.
    Ok I’m going to go cry in the corner for a little while, carry on.

  7. Sarah on June 13, 2011

    Oh hai TKB. Don’t be silly, I won’t eat those dresses. Instead I am now licking my computer screen. Unfortunately I had to scroll down to write this. I hope my words are coming out ok as I cannot see my screen for drool marks. Now back to the pretty dresses.

  8. Ashley on June 13, 2011

    Holy Balls! I meant to tell you my favorite and I looked at them again and can literally tell you something I LOVE about each and every one. The lines, the movement, the COLORS! her draping, her unique ruching, her asymmetrical elements…

    This is where I get into trouble. I’ve already bought three wedding gowns in search of the right one, and then you throw this at me?!?! After all the other Elie Saab posts already!!! Why do you hate me?!?! And why do I love them so so much??!!!!!

  9. Alison on June 13, 2011

    Jenna – lol. Who says you can’t wear them? Aside from our bank accounts. :) But you never know what you’ll find on discount sites, such as and various other sites that resell gowns! Worth a search if you’re THAT in love with the gorgeousness and don’t want to pay the gazillions. ;)

    Sarah – you made me laugh out loud with that one. :) Licking your screen is safe; easy in easy out with that one ;)

    Ashley – Shockingly, you’re not alone in your 3 wedding gowns purchasing efforts. And if it made sense, I’d buy 30 and celebrate every day for a month. (I never got to do those “birthday week” things so many girls do. Big miss out there. Oh, the possibilities! They are endless, those possibilities!)

  10. Lena on June 13, 2011

    Good God, these gowns are GORGEOUS! I’m in love, and I’m not ashamed! Although I’ll admit, I probably won’t be the girl wearing a glitzy gown on my big day-who wants to take me to the Oscars? Hmm, anyone?

    And BAMBINO!!!!! I LOVE THESE PHOTOS AND NEED MORE OF THEM! How can a single creature be so damn adorable? I’m glad you guys survived night 1 with the AC, and delighted that Puppy Pants will be nearby but not too near.

    xoxox, Lena

  11. Cocroft & Delbridge on June 13, 2011

    Those gowns are so stunning…I love all of the soft fabrics!

  12. your commentary for bambino just made me smile, so thanks for that :) ahhhh…. mondays.

  13. the gowns are amazing. heck, if i had those chick’s legs, i’d totally slut it up with them. those dresses with the slits are gorgeous! and mcpuppypants is so stinkin cute. i love how he got all tuckered out!

  14. C/Bridal Rehab on June 14, 2011

    Love love love dress #14.

    Mcpuppypants is adorable like you! :)

  15. The Perfect Palette on June 14, 2011

    what? no bachelorette recap? ha ha! I was looking forward to hearing your rant! Lovely post! Thanks for always keeping it real. xo, chrissy

  16. Didi on June 14, 2011

    The dresses all look like.. underwater/sea creatures? You know…?
    I don’t think I would wear them.. though some have potential, definitely!

    and I love your puppy!!!

  17. Feather - Akemi Photography on June 15, 2011

    I think they are gorgeous! I’d wear 3 or 21 for my wedding in a heartbeat if I could afford them! And spending the day photographing a bride in one of these dresses would be heaven to my eyes.

  18. Madison on June 15, 2011

    oh if i had the cash i would sooo buy one of those babies (this applies to dresses, couches, bambinos). I would so get a slutty dress for the evening haha!

  19. Marie @ Emici Bridal on June 24, 2011

    This post makes me melt. Seriously just a puddle over here now Alison. A melty pool of dress desire. I hope your happy!

  20. Giselle on November 2, 2012

    Wow! I am so inspired by these gorgeous wedding dresses. Thank you so much for sharing!


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