CELEBRITY DRESS INSPIRATION | Blake Lively + Chanel | Are these looks wedding appropriate + Who wore it better?

Ok, SO it’s approximately 4:30pm EST and, as I sit here eating half a cinnabun from last week (I really need to go shopping), I’m feeling pretty high-spirited, because I’m quite sure I have some really solid evidence that those supposed Blake Lively nakey photos leaked to the internets were not real.  And I’m basing my entire argument upon one specific dress choice…

Take a look at that photo for a moment.  I’m happy to wait.  In fact, here’s another four of them, for a better front and back understanding of what I’m angling at:

Ok, have you soaked it up?  Ok, here we go: her decision to wear what is essentially a see-thru ornate curtain sourced from my friend’s grandma’s windo- I mean, Chanel’s 2009 Couture collection, reveals, among other fun round things, the truth.  Because here’s the thing: typically, when a sweet lil gal gets mixed up in a nakey photos and/or sex tape scandal, there’s a path she takes right out of the gate following the incident.  Because, you see, the number one rule of “nakey photos released of me” club is ‘don’t wear anything that makes me look nakey.’  Now, as you can see, clearly, this is nowhere near Blake’s current concern.  It’s not even in the same state as her concern.  Her concern lies squarely in the state of ‘pretty dress? GIMME!” and not at all “I’d hate to do this, but I should probably have my bits lie low for a while – SOB.”  This, friendlies, is enough evidence in my estimation to disprove any claims to the contrary.  Therefore, case closed.  Blakey ain’t nakey.  Also, I’m completely over it and want to talk more about dresses instead of Blake’s lovely lady lumps.

Now, while I like where it looks like this dress was going, at a point when it wasn’t quite ‘there’ yet but was on its way there… my problem is that I don’t think I fully like where this dress ended up, which is in More-is-Mores-ville.  It looks like the short white frock part of the dress is where it should STOP, but that at the last minute, the designer was told they didn’t have the right ratio of long vs. short dresses for the runway show THAT EVENING, and so a bright little bulb who had taken off lunch to visit grandma and got the company-wide text had the ‘good sense’ to rip some curtains on his way back to work… and this dress happened.  At least that’s how I envision it.  Because the back of this dress gives me a bubble butt feeling, when I don’t think I’d have that feeling had the story been over at the base of the floral gathering.  Thoughts?  Maybe I’m way off on this.  You can slap me in the face, retort-style.

Addendum: I just thought of this – it kind of looks like she accidentally snagged the shorter skirt 73 times and that these photos are taken at the end of that day.  Hence, the gown-like effect.  … no?  Should’ve left that one inside the noggin’?  Yeah you’re probably right.


She may look high as a kite, but that doesn’t mean she lacks in style.  In fact, it might be helping her… because this white striped frock with pronounced shoulders and the perfect amount of subtle ruffle detailing, again, from Chanel Spring 2009 Haute Couture collection, especially with the sorta kinda matching square toed platform Lolo 69 pumps by Christian Louboutin (because I mean, who else) is just overall KILLING IT for me in a good way.  I would like to procreate with the look and have super fashionable Chanelbabies who escape my womb having already perfected their runway walks during gestation. ← Does writing things like this mean I’m clinically insane?  Lemme know, OK THANKS.

Here’s a pic I took of Bambino with my brand spankin’ new iphone which by the way has been occupying my every free moment.  Honey says he’s lost me.  It’s funny; I’ve never been much of a tech geek, but I’m SERIOUSLY DIGGING MY IPHONE Y’ALL.

I’m SO RELIEVED that he still fits in my lap.  This has been a serious concern for me.  True story.

On a final note, that floor-length frock looks like it would be the perfect double duty dress for a wedding and/or tear away ensemble for an impromptu dance number.  AMIRITE?

Aaaaaactually… since we’re on the topic of recycling looks from seasons long passed, I’m going to take this opportunity to show you some picks from Chanel’s 2009 collection that were especially ideal, imo:

And finally… let’s have a little fun, shall we?



So, do you guys like her look?  On another much more relevant note, would you consider these getups wedding-appropriate?

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Kristin on June 20, 2011

    I want to be her.

  2. Alison on June 20, 2011

    Kristin – I hear ya loud and clear. I think the only thing I have over her is my ability to live a private life and a man who isn’t afflicted with serial dating syndrome.

    Aahhhhhh… I still love you Leo. Siiiiiigh. Please serial date your way over to one of my close friends so that I may touch you. WHAT? NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

  3. J (SparklyLove) on June 20, 2011

    Maybe she’s protecting her legs from mosquito bites. Those are the nets right? That you can call and donate money for? No? Hmm… I’m with you, love the stripey one… and the sleepy bambino!

  4. Lena on June 20, 2011

    Ah, Blake. I think you’re right about her rumored nudie shots-a girl who just showed off her nips doesn’t go out in a sheer white gown weeks later. Or she has a dummy publicist/stylist, or they don’t speak. These things seem unlikely to me.

    As for her first outfit, I think it’s perfect for a tear away. Oh, or Lauren Santo Domingo née Davis and that gorgeous feathered reception dress she cut half way through? I’m in heaven. That said, I’m not sure I’m quite cool enough to pull that sort of thing off. I’d end up cutting a giant slit or stabbing myself in the leg. Oh, well.

  5. Courtney on June 20, 2011

    I don’t completely hate the tear-away, although I agree I think I would like it without better. As for the second dress, to what exactly does one wear that? Because it seems a wee bit over the top for an evening out unless your evening consists of the MTV Music Awards and in that case, it’s not spunky enough.
    In the first of the WWIB contest Blake wins. Model wins in round two.

  6. Alison on June 20, 2011

    J – lololol. :) And the stripey aspect of it is totally what gets me. I NEED.

    Lena – I don’t think I even have any words this time. None. :)

    Courtney – Wow, that was a killer assessment of the appropriateness-or-lack-thereof of that shorter frock. If this was the 90s and I was a college basketball recruiter, I’d sign you with two whores and $50,000.

  7. Laura on June 20, 2011

    No…and no!

  8. Kerri on June 20, 2011

    I loooove the way Blake dresses. I’m a big fan of her style. I would die to wear any one of these dresses! And yes the long one does look like it could/should be a tearaway – mostly because it would be ideal to be able to tear away the bottom netting!! ;)

  9. Lisa on June 20, 2011

    The short ruffly Chanel dress is pretty much the perfect arrangement of material ever created and I think I need to wear it right. now. Please?
    If you ask me, I think she looks as you would say, ‘amazeballs’ in everything she puts on! And I’m all for the great wedding dress inspiration! :):)
    And in closing, your argument against her nudey pics being real is airtight, so I’m on board. Though I did see them and they seem pretttyyyyyy close to an exact copy of her image!

  10. Kelly Elizabeth on June 21, 2011

    Blake wins out on the “who wore it” for me… but also, keep saying things that albeit may be for the “clinically insane” because I think things like them too. Nice to read them on the line (as my mom would say)

  11. Lorraine McCullough on June 21, 2011

    The model on the runway for sure!! Blake should have gone 100% copy then we can compare! Wedding worthy? No! Party Crazy Beach Wedding sure! Why not However, only the long one… Then opinions are individual as to ones experience, likes dislikes and over all taste. They are beautiful creations like for a pageant

  12. Yen on June 22, 2011

    Yes! Totally wedding appropo. Especially the Chanel paper flowers they did for the Spring 2009 show — sooo beautiful.

  13. Mimi Tilton on June 22, 2011

    Mai Hates Her! Oh, the dresses…eh. I wouldn’t want to wear either of them (cause I don’t look a thing like her). Horizontal stripes have been a no-no for me since my early shopping days in the Sears “Husky” section. What? It’s da trufs.

    Hims will always be a lapdogs-even after BC2011. IJS

  14. Monique on June 23, 2011

    Kinda hmm…. dont know what to call it but I dont really like first dress, its just that it look like nets


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