ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE + COLOR | Proof you don’t need props to rock a killer shoot. Plus, *One Fedora Per Crew* rule, The Bachelorette, and OUR GIVEAWAY WINNER!

You’re probably expecting me to wax concussed on the topic of last night’s Bachelorette episode.  And believe me, I want nothing more than to flippantly mock the ins and outs of reality television right now, because anything’s better than thinking about the fact that Bambino is getting his balls chopped off tomorrow.  But friends, I hesitate, because my biggest pet peeve, ahead of women humiliating men by forcing them to wear pink boxing uniforms, and women forcing men to whom they’re moderately attracted to fight for their honor while they talk to cameramen about how much they miss other men who are not present… even ahead of women who orchestrate televised ultimate fighting matches in a public forum between gentleman callers who are made up entirely of equal parts testosterone and competitiveness and say “I hope they don’t take it too seriously“…. yes, even ahead of that… my biggest pet peeve is when a tv network teases the teaser.  And ABC teased it like a college girl at a frat party in a wet t-shirt contest with an iron-on across the back of her bikini bottom that reads “I go both ways.”

So, what does this mean?  Well, other than the fact that I think next week’s episode will be my last, it has become aggressively apparent that the show is nothing if it is without Bentley.  Even before I realized the “He’s in this hotel” – “SHUT. UP.” tease from the episode before last night’s would not be bearing fruit until next week, I was so cognizant of the s***iness that is this season that I advised my sweetie to fill up on ESPN for a good hour before we started the show.  Because without Bentley, we get Ashley crying, Ashley missing someone who isn’t there, Ashley trying to feign interest in other bachelors but not doing a great job of it, Ashley skipping around calling things per-fact but not meaning it, mediocre-looking men at best moving around the television screen, Ashley taking the one guy to whom she claims to be super-attracted to the best spot in Thailand to take someone to whom you are not attracted – which wasn’t awkward at all – and, above all else, Ashley mentioning the name Bentley enough times to inspire the latest college drinking game.  And actually, I wish I’d played the game myself, because at least I would have been too s***faced to care that I was WASTING MY ENTIRE EVENING ON WHAT TURNED OUT TO BE A NETWORK TEASING THE TEASER.

Also, Chrisharrison needs to stop being a douche about this.  Although I will admit, he did try to get it through her thick skull that Bentley’s just not that into her.  She seemed to completely ignore it, though.  So, we’ll leave it at dot dot dot for now.

Anyway, with that behind us, I’d like to completely switch it up with two pretty killer doses of stellar today.  The first is announcing the winner of our letterpress giveaway with amazeballs letterpressers [←COINED?] The Aerialist Press!  HOLY CRAP I KNOW, this has been a long time coming!  Don’t hate me…? :)

And the winner is…


… who said, “I love love love Palmer and Baker. Our budget is super small since we’re funding this shindig ourselves, and the classic styling of both of these designs is perfectly us.  I read every day, and cannot get over how cute that little pup of yours is.  Thanks for sharing him with us!

My PLESHA, Megan :)  Be sure to get in touch with us in the comments or via email so we can hook you up with your winnings!

Next up, I have something important I totally want you guys to know, via the amazeballs work of stellar California photographer Candice Benjamin, who sent along all the loveliness you’re about to behold…

Ok, SO… while adorable/chic/vintage/what have you props are always absolutely great ways to amp up your engagement and/or wedding pictures, they’re not necessarily going to make or break you.  Which is potentially hard to believe, given the unbelievable detailing going on these days as far as love shoots and weddings are concerned.  So, while I ADORE THE F*** OUT OF DETAILS, today’s twofer is for everyone, but even moreso for those of you out there who may not be big on on little details and props.  Or even for those of you who would just really like to see something different… an alternative, for tickles and giggles.   And today’s back-to-back shoots are just that.  They’re all about letting two things – your location and your love – do the talking.

Here’s a quick intro to Part I – I’ll call this one Jr and Diana, as a *Blonde Bombshell* – from Candice:

Diana and Jr have been together for over 4 years.  They met in their hometown, then both decided to find their way to LA.  They chose China Town for their session because of all the color surrounding the square.  Walls of every color and red lanterns line the rooftops. Because of all the color surrounding them, Diana and Jr wore neutral colors for the first half of the session.  But they still wanted to stand out from each other-so Jr wore stripes. After we all went out to eat the best Korean Pizza ever. Only in LA. ;)

Hot pink walls and red and purple doorways are superior finds for a minimalist shoot with neutral clothing like this one.

Seriously you guys, I AM SO DIGGING HOW THIS LOOKS!

↑ Of course… all you really need is love.  But anyway, ME WANT MORE COLOR:

Moving on to Part 2…

Here’s the rundown from Candice on Jr. and Diana’s second shoot, which, to further assert my extreme ridiculosity, I will dub *Brunette Bob-alisciousness*:

For this shoot, Diana and Jr wanted something different.  Rather than picking props, they wanted to be in a location that was “the prop”.  We found a random Ghost Town in Nevada and took the drive from Southern California.  Diana styled both herself and Jr, and it was refreshing to see something that really was diy.

Isn’t using your surroundings pretty amazing when your surroundings like this?  Location location location.

Well, I guess you can accuse them of using props, if you’re going to be all uppity about it and call a CRASHED PLANE a prop.

… But that’s like saying they used a prop by posing atop the double yellow line on this interstate.  So let’s be cool about it and call this essentially propless. ;)

… Ok FINE the antlers are definitely a prop you’re right.  Let’s just go with the *you’re allowed one* rule.  Great it’s settled.

Though they do win one award, and this one’s uncontested…

Diana and Jr are the fine recipients of the Well Implemented *One Fedora Per Crew* Rule…

Well played, friends.  Well played.

And finally, I share with you a picture that’s especially close to my heart, in today’s installment of A Day in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants…

Ne’er again shall his tender little ballsack rest ever so sweetly against our sofa cushions in this manner again.

My heart breaks.

P.S. – now that I’ve got my shiny new iphone, my newest obsession is Instagram.  Instagram, letting people take forgiving, Barbara Waltersy photos of themselves since 2000-whenever-it-came-out.

Here’s Bambi eating a blueberry:

The End.

So, what do you guys think?  We all love the look of the perfectly chosen and placed details, but would you say this is a great alternative when trying to keep things raw and minimalistic?

And do I need to stop feeling bad about BALL CHOP 2011?

xoxo!  – Alison

Candice Benjamin and The Aerialist Press are members of Vendor Love, The Knotty Bride’s Preferred Vendor Guide.  To view Candice Benjamin’s listing, click here.  To view The Aerialist Press’ listing, click here.

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Love all of this...


  1. Susan (BravoBride) on June 21, 2011

    I know when is she going to quit with the whole Bentley thing! I can’t believe the producers flew him out to Hong Kong. All they had to do was show Asley the tape of him saying he wasn’t interested. That would have been closure enough! :)

  2. Candace {} on June 21, 2011

    Diana is so gorgeous. I love the two hairstyles. If I had to pick my favorite – I’d go with the brunette version. Stunning!

  3. Mimi Tilton on June 21, 2011

    Wholy Margolis! Original and sassy- <3 it. Adore that the new 'trend' for photography is to allow leading line interpretation up to the viewer.

    BC 2011 – hims will be fine. It's for his future good health. prayers for hims (and yous!).

  4. Alison on June 21, 2011

    Susan – Oh but Susan, then we wouldn’t have such a wonderful, highly entertaining and completely not annoying season to enjoy, now would we? ;)

    Candace – I love her two hairstyles, too! It takes serious cojones to switch up your look like that. It’s quite evident that Diana’s all kinds of awesome.

    Mimi – tee hee. heart your comments every time :)

  5. kristi wright on June 21, 2011

    These two sessions are gorg!! I love the outfits from session #2 but I think I prefer the color backdrops in #1! Great work, Candice.

    I shall make an effort to read more Knotty Bride. I like your candid blogging!! And thanks for showing something with a lot of color!!

  6. The Perfect Palette on June 21, 2011

    I enjoyed your recap. You’re right, no one likes to be teased. We so got played with that. UGH! And Ashley! She’s hopeless. I mean, what does she actually expect with Bentley? I wish Chrisharrison would just hand her the book “he’s just not that into you’ – i’m sure he’s contracted to not reveal his true colors, but damn!! i feel like she deserves to know. i bet she’s hating life right about now. And feeling so stupid. stupid girl. xo, chrissy.

  7. Elle on June 21, 2011

    Seriously loving the engagement sessions today!!! They are gorgeous! I am going to send them to our photographer (Sean Flanigan – who is AMAZING and will travel ladies)….

    And puppy…. oh puppy. How I love your adorable face!

  8. Alison on June 21, 2011

    Kristi – That’s excellent, I look forward to your continued readership :) And I have to agree; those colorful walls are simply devine.

    Chrissy – I seriously think Ashley has never heard of the book ‘he’s just not that into you.’ She can’t have. Even without the commentary only we viewers see, she can’t not see the signs. I mean, c’mon. C’MON. :)

    Elle – That’s stellar! I’m so glad they so inspire you! Candice does one heck of a job, faaaar better than Brownie. ;)

  9. Claire on June 21, 2011

    Location, location, location!!!! Wow, that is incredible. I want to find a random ghost town for a shoot. How gorgeous is that girl?

  10. Brandi |BellaCartaStudios| on June 21, 2011

    Hello from Canada! First of all let me say that I love, love, LOVE your blog and have recently become an avid follower ;) Secondly, these two sessions are super awesome! I think the locations definitely speak for themselves, and are a great alternative for props and other details. I think I like session #1 better – the light in session #2 is, to steal your phrase, “amazeballs” but the colours in session #2 (that’s Canadian for ‘colors’ :) knocked my socks off! Wow!!

  11. ok my problem with bachelorette is that the previews give it away!!! so we knew that the nice guy was going to go to the hospital, because he was the guy wearing pink. and that both guys on the double date would go home, because she ditched the rose in the fire. oh, and the commentary from the turd furguson who made fun of her at the comedy show, was definitely from the comedy show night, not from his getting-kicked-off-the-show night. that’s all.
    oh, and pretty pictures.

  12. Cocroft & Delbridge on June 21, 2011

    Ok…seriously…I am so over the Bachelorette…I sort of think that Ashley should have been punched in the face in last night’s episode. Too mean?

    I am loving all of the luscious colors in the first session…however the ghost town is SUCH a neat idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Catie on June 21, 2011

    Love the use of color in that first shoot! We have an engagement session coming up with our photog and this is so inspiring. Gets me excited to do ours :)

    And please don’t stop with the bachlorette recaps – theyre hilarious and I prefer reading your posts so I don’t have to sit through the shows!!! (Not kidding!)

  14. Lena on June 21, 2011

    You guys will get through ball chop, I promise. And Bambino’s little balls will be missed, but when he doesn’t start humping the legs of young girls and middle aged men, you’ll be relieved.

    I always have to wait to watch the Bachelorette before I can read your Tuesday posts (so much better than Tuesday Shoesday, really), and this week I did it QUICK so we could talk about whatever was about to happen with Bentley. BUT THOSE BASTARDS LIED!!

    I rarely get upset about mindless, reality TV show programming, not withstanding my comments here. But really? I think every single person on Earth expect to finally have this nonsense out last night, but instead we’re waiting another week. I told John I wished Chrisharrison would send Ashley home, because this is miserable. She’s terrible at this, and I can’t imagine some happy place in the future where she falls in love and gets engaged. And yes, I’ve read some “final episode spoilers”, and I’m not entirely sure I’m buying it. But sadly, we know there will be a final episode.

    Thank goodness there were two gorgeous shoots to make up for my high anxiety level, and two seriously stunning pairs of lace up boots. Those brides-to-be got style!

  15. Kerry on June 21, 2011

    Firstly, I have to admit that I have been reading you blog for a while but haven’t commented until now, which i hope doesnt make me a freaky blog-stalker…

    Secondly, I love to read your reality show updates even though I haven’t a clue what youre on about 90% of the time (I live in Portugal, we don’t have the Bachelorette) because you are hysterically funny and i feel like I don’t ever need to watch one show to know whats going on, all I need is TKB.

    Thirdly, I think mc puppypants is just about the cutest thing ever and if you didnt have such good taste in wedding stuff (which you do, and that was what brought me here in the first place) i would have to admit that he might be my favourite part of the blog. and he’s really not going to miss his balls, promise.

    so basically what I’m getting at here is that you write a kick-ass blog, love your work lady!

  16. Super Burbs on June 21, 2011

    I personally love the crash a plane prop. Perhaps that could take the place of mustaches…or maybe the antlers? Anything but the stache.

    Also, I LOVE instagram.

    Also, we can’t chop Otto until he is over a year (because he is a big dog and supposedly it’ll make him grow funny or something). we haven’t had a humping issue yet, and I am hoping this continues until we get the green light. I am also predicting that i will be a full on mess and give Otto a bell so I can run to his every need after his surgery.

    Also, I don’t watch the bachelorette – please tell me we can still be friends. :)

    I think that’s it for now.

  17. J (SparklyLove) on June 22, 2011

    It’s perfectly natural to feel bad about “the chop” but it’s more healthy for the pup! Also just a warning, because humping is a way that dogs show dominance and not always sexual, “the chop” will not stop humping altogether. Remy was chopped a year ago and he still occasionally has his way with his bed in the middle of the living room. Awkward when we have company.

    Anywhoooo that’s enough hump talk for one post I think. Loving the ghost town shoot! So amazing. We need places like that in the tri-state area.

  18. Candice Benjamin on June 22, 2011

    Thanks for the shout out! Much <3

  19. Brancoprata on June 22, 2011

    Love them both! If you have a cute couple and a great photographer you are in for some magic… but if you add some cool details… it’s perfect!!! I don’t like to go over the top but i have to agree that some details work beautifully!! BTW i love these two sessions!!

  20. Madison on June 22, 2011

    love the pics, everyone looks super gorgeous!!

  21. Megan on June 24, 2011

    Sooo, after checking the post, and the comments, and verifying that there were no other Megan’s who could have been the winner, I’m having a late heart attack because my fiance and I just moved in to our (brand! new!) house together, so I’ve been neglecting Google reader this week, but I won I won I won! I cannot tell you how incredibly excited we are, and I saw my mother for lunch today and I swear there were tears in her eyes when I told her. I can’t wait to pick out our suite, and am so incredibly thrilled! Thank you!

  22. Bia @ Brilliance on June 27, 2011

    I can’t express how much I love colour, and the way it’s used in that shoot is just fabulous!

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