ROMANTIC DIY ORCHARD WEDDING | Dreamy Florals, Pink Converse, Pies for Dessert, and a Wedding Dress from the Unlikeliest of Places…

Ok, so today’s wedding is so perfectly pretty and perfect that I threw up a little bit in my mouth IN A GOOD WAY.  It’s the wedding manifestation of a perfectly cooked delicious and ultimately belch-worthy meal in one of those European countries that consider belching a compliment (so I can only imagine throwing up a little bit in the mouth is surely the highest praise.)  — What’s that?  Belching isn’t a compliment anywhere and we’ve – well, actually, maybe just I’ve – been fooled this whole time into thinking it is?  Oh.  Oh I see.  Ok.

Moving swiftly along… and before I get into the weddingy part of this Real Wedding post…

Today, my darlings, is B-Day, or as we’ve been calling it on le Twitter, #BALLCHOP2011.  Yes, the day is here.

Now, granted, the decision to share the following conversation on the blog this afternoon comes immediately following a period of approximately three hours during which a shittae instrumental elevator music rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” had been playing on a loop, thanks to a photog’s site I’d opened up while the laptop was on mute and forgotten about long enough to not be able to track it down amidst the tens of thousands of tabs I currently have open within this browser, you see.  So, that being said…

Here’s a pretty-much-verbatim conversation I had just this morning with honey when he called to say hi:

ME: I’ve been thinking a bit this morning about Bambi.  I wonder if he’s had his balls chopped off yet.  Or if they’re still attached to his body.  Do you know the surgery time?

HIM: Hmm, no actually I don’t.  Hey, maybe they’re sitting on a little metal table just out of reach and he just woke up and sees his balls for the first time since going under, and he’s trying to reach out and lick them.

ME: Ohhh poor baby!  He’s probably wishing he had been given just one more chance to lick them.  Like a “I-know-what’s-about-to-go-down-and-while-I-do-not-agree-with-it-in-the-LEAST-I’m-glad-you-at-least-tipped-me-off-so-that-I-may-enjoy-this-final-lick.”  Like cigarette addicts.  Honey, he never got to lick them that one last time KNOWING he was about to lose them indefinitely.  That’s so sad.

… Uggh.  I’m just imagining they have him on his back, arms awkwardly jointed and restrained, legs awkwardly jointed and restrained, them with surgical masks on, and him just laying there, immobile.

HIM: I don’t think they have his arms splayed out like in an S&M video.

ME: What do you think?

HIM: You know the position he sleeps in?  They probably have him on his side.

ME: Oh right!  Yeah that makes sense.  And they’re probably just holding his leg up… or what if they have his one leg in a sling?  (*HAHAHAAHHAH* but also *tears*)

HIM: RIGHT… so this was fun.  Ok, I hope you have a wonderful day, honey!

Poor thing.  Never saw it coming.

Also we were laughing throughout the entire conversation.  Does that make us evil??

And another thing: those two pictures above were taken with my brand new iphone 4.  And they say they improved the camera?  I say CRAP.


Truly, the ONLY thing that could possibly get my furbaby’s surgical situation off of my mind today is a FULL TILT AMAZEBALLS WEDDING, but on the simpler side.  Also known as my ideal type of wedding scenario.  So it’s a good photographer Andy Wakeman brought this stunner into my life last week, because it is seriously filling the void in my soul like nothing else could.  Also, THE BRIDE FOUND HER GORGEOUS DRESS ON E-BAY.  Say WHAT??  I KNOW.  I’d say a round of applause is in order for that, ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s the rundown on her big day from our beautiful bride, Meghan:

We wanted an “Up North Experience”, encompassing a laid-back, vintage feel, using natural elements that remind us of vacation. Thus, we hosted the ceremony and reception in a cherry orchard, with Lakes Leelanau and Michigan as our back-drop. We served Walleye, Pork Loin with dried cherry chutney, asparagus, and redskin potatoes- all up north foods. We also offered Northern MI wines, Hard Cider from Tandem Cider (Suttons Bay) and Shorts Brewery Beer. The rehearsal dinner included a wine tasting at Leelanau Cellars.At the cocktail hour we had the Bluegrass Band “Sourmash” play, and the reception was kept alive by “MacDaddy”. I’m biased, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding!

Awwww… I suspect a little eskimo kissing going on there, eh?  EH?  Methinks.  MAXIMUM ADORABLENESS.

Ok, SO… I have a few questions.  And you can a) respond to all of them, b) respond to one or two of them, c) completely ignore them and speak my own mind THANK YOU VERY MUCH, or d) screw your questions, Alison.  And your little dog, too.

Ok, FIRST thing: Should I keep my conversations between me and my honey to myself from here on out?

SECOND thing: We have to wait all the way until TOMORROW to get Bambino back.  AAAAAAHHHHHHH.  It is torture, my lovelies.  How do I cope.  Howwwwww.

THIRD and most important thing: What did you think of Meghan and Aaron’s wedding?  Personally, I’m heavily digging their super simple, super delicate, but at the same time perfectly colorful florals, their decision to have pie at their wedding (a personal choice of mine) and their eskimo kisses on the dance floor.  But that’s me.  Are you digging the same things?  Different things?  Stop asking you what you’re digging?  Oh ok – sure, ok I’m sorry.  My bad.

xoxo!  – Alison

Photography: Andy Wakeman Photography / Ceremony Location: Private Orchard, Lake Leelanau, MI / Reception Location: Same / Dress Designer: Cassablanca / Dress Shop: E-bay! / Hair Stylist: Salon Verve / Make Up: done herself / Invitation: designed by Aaron (the groom!) / Rings: Miner’s North, Traverse City / Flowers: Groom’s Mother, Esther Perrault / Cake: Pie- Traverse City Pie Company (4 types) / Catering: Catering by Kelly

Label(s): Color, Mr. McPuppyPants, Pink, White, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. rachel thomas on June 22, 2011

    bambino did not see the great ball chop of 2011 coming at all! he looks so happy about having his balls in today’s pictures.

  2. Lena on June 22, 2011

    ONE, I love you sharing your conversations. Especially when they’re as hysterical as this one. And laughing all the way through does not make you bad people, but rather wonderful, caring people with finely tuned senses of humor.

    TWO, Bambino will be okay, and he probably won’t even notice he doesn’t have those balls anymore. But if you think he needs them…Neuticles.

    A link, for your afternoon reading:

    Also, they have something called “PermaStays” that keep up ears. My mind is reeling.

    THREE, That wedding! It’s funny, your favorite things are my favorite things. Those flowers are so perfect and understated and sweet without being bland, I love that she scored that fabulous gown on eBay (eBay!), and that eskimo kiss melts my heart.

  3. Alison on June 22, 2011

    Rachel – HAHAHAHHAH doesn’t he? He WAS so happy to have them. So very happy. He licked them every day. Poor, poor currently sackless child.

    Lena – OHMYGOODNESS I know about Neuticles and they are terrible terrible terrible. The simple fact that they exist?!!!!!! I mean, can you believe ppl actually put fauxballs on their dogs? (No offense people who have dogs with fauxballs but C’MON really?) Until I see a study proving ballsless dogs feel insecure around other dogs who have cojones – no scratch that, the things have no reason to exist.

    However. I had not, before today, heard of PermaStays. Go, society!

  4. Lindsay on June 22, 2011

    We’re doing pie for our wedding, too! We’ll have a small cake to do the “cut the cake” ceremony and maybe some face smushing if he gets naughty ;) but we’re having a few pies as our main dessert. Because really, who doesn’t love pie? :)

  5. JenW on June 22, 2011

    That wedding was beautiful! Perfectly sweet in all the right ways. Loved that they served pie. When couples break out of the box for even just one big tradition, it makes the whole wedding feel more intimate.

    We must have gotten our puppies around the same time because my little guy just went in for his “B-day” last week. My boyfriend took it the hardest, but the pup was back to normal in no time.

  6. Catie on June 22, 2011

    I am in love with their color scheme. And your puppy is getting cuter by the minute! I am definitely going to need to borrow him to walk me down the aisle. :)

  7. Alison on June 22, 2011

    Lindsay – You know what, if I’m honest, I’d have to say no one. NO ONE doesn’t like pie. You’d have to be insane in the membrane! Insane, got no brain! Wowww I’m really dating myself with that one.

    JenW – Funny, my Dad and I took the chop waaay harder than the honey. He seemed chillax about it. And this, from a guy who says “ball shots aren’t funny” and winces in phantom pain over every ball shot commercial he sees. Whatever it is what it is. :)

    Catie – Hmmmm. Well if you don’t mind a puppy who will do his damnedest to steal the spotlight from you, and gets so excited when he meets new people that he shakes his tail so hard that it flies RIGHT OFF, then maybe we can work something out… ;)

  8. Janine on June 22, 2011

    I have been enjoying your blog for a while now – especially Bambino… I actually look forward to Bambino pics daily. lol.

    I think something might be wrong with your iPhone camera though – my iPhone 4 takes AWESOME photos, not grainy at all.

  9. emily on June 22, 2011

    Oh, dear… as previously mentioned on the twitters, this post in particular had me in tears. cause you’re so damn funny and I love how you *seamlessly* blend doggie nutsax with gorgeous weddings. Bravo. There’s got to be a talent award for that – and if so, you are reigning champion. I’m thinking you might want to get a line on these things called Boo Boo Bunnies? Maybe Bambino might like one to a) ice the offended area, and b) chew/lick dreamily as he recalls the testicles of his youth… So quickly they fade from memory… And Neuticles? I’m purty sure those are for the dogs who belong to the guys in the big-ass trucks with these hanging from the tow hitch… Keep it classy, America.

  10. Jenn H on June 22, 2011

    1) your banter with the hubs almost got me in some Shiz with the ol’ Chem teacher tonight because I was trying to hold in laugh/snorts and not doing so well

    2) Bambs will be just fine. For boy dogs it’s such a tiny chop they hardly notice. Much easier than the girly bits getting scooped out. Also, turn on the HDR setting for your iPhone camera (button toward the top of the screen when you are in the camera) and right before you snap the pic, tap the screen to focus on whatever you want to focus on and voila improved pic quality.

    3) wedding = amazballs (or should I cut the ball part so as to sympathize with bambino’s plight?)

  11. Alison on June 22, 2011

    Janine – Aww, thanksies! I’m so glad you enjoy it :)

    Emily – omgomgomg. → “love how you *seamlessly* blend doggie nutsax with gorgeous weddings” might be the best line ever. For reals. I heart your comments so hard. Also, I do my best. :)

    Jenn H – lol!! That was hilarious, and I’m flattered. :) I hope you pulled it off! This is exactly why I encourage people not to drink milk or pop while reading. ;)

  12. Elle on June 22, 2011

    I love that the word balls frequently shows up in your blog alongside gorgeous weddings…

    No one commented on the headband – but for reals…. HEADBAND, how cute?!

    a) If your honey doesn’t care that you post your convos – I will admit I love to read them.

    b) You’ll barely make it without McCuddle Pants, but perhaps you can have a nice romantic puppy free night ifyouknowwhatimsayin…

  13. Andrea on June 23, 2011

    How perfectly romantic!

    Just discovered your blog, would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  14. Liz E. on June 23, 2011

    hope Bambino is feeling better today! If it makes YOU feel any better, our puppy had an “undescended testicle” – aka it was trapped up inside. They had to make 2 incisions…one where his ball was supposed to be and one near his pee-pee. And he had to wear a cone for a week. i was completely MIZ looking at him. We did, however, decide to let him sleep in our bed because we felt so bad. I could not stop crying when he’d look at me with that cone on…terrible.

    Love the warmth of this wedding…the colors make me happy :)

  15. Kelly Elizabeth on June 23, 2011

    My first thoughts on all of these questions was 1. don’t stop the conversations between you and the honey, they just add to the hilarity and 2. I don’t know if you’re the baby-type person but seriously, if you ever have one, I can’t even imagine the level of attachment you’ll have. That is, unless Bambino still trumps all!

  16. Annie on June 23, 2011

    I thought your convo with Honey was hilarious…also kinda similar to the ones I have with my Honey. :-) And don’t feel bad about Bambino…I did the same thing to my kitty, Dempsey last year. He also didn’t know it was coming, but seemed perfectly fine after. He even tried to sneak out of his carrier and onto my lap when I was driving him home!

    And I love the embroidered date on the Converse!

  17. Nicky @ JAF Gifts on June 27, 2011

    I absolutely love the cherry blossoms! It made the photos much more pretty and charming. And I want Chuck Taylors on my wedding, too!

  18. Bia @ Brilliance on June 27, 2011

    What a beautiful wedding. I’ll always protest the use of Converse sneakers with wedding gowns, but those shoes are adorable, though!

    Digging the pies. There can never be enough pie!


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