A RUSTIC WEDDING TREND I HEART | Pies at weddings. Yes? No? Maybe so? We discuss. Also, Bambina makes a cameo. Yes, I said BambinA.

Happy afternoon, darlings!  Feeling good?  Feeling chipper?  Yes?  No?  Ok, maybe you’re feeling hungry?  For some food and some wedding inspiration… eh?  OMGOD HOW PERFECT THEN, because today is a dose of just THAT. *giggle* *cheering*

Ok, SO… who likes pie?  (There’s really no way for me to ask that question without it sounding sexual, so I won’t be trying.  Let’s just be good little children today.  Myself included.  Or not.  Your call.  Personally, I tend to revolt when asked to be a good little child.  Even if it’s ‘me’ who’s asking.  That last group of sentences probably means I’m a little weird.  I realize that.  Moving on.)

I’ve got something going on today that’s pretty pie-centric, and I’m moderately pumped about it.  Oh, why, you ask?  Well, first off, me love pie.  In my personal opinion, it’s got to be one of the raddest trends I’ve seen steadily emerging as of late in weddings.  I don’t really know how else to express my love for zee pies, but I’m going to try.  Pie is kind of *the best* and my Mom makes a killer peach and blueberry pie, which, ahem, I’m not so bad at fixing myself (ahhhthankyouverymuch) and she’s been rocking a traditional apple pie since before I was born.  Everyone in the family, nuclear and extended, looks forward to her pie.  I mean, no joke, family members call up to ask if she’s bringing her pie to Thanksgiving and all the other holidays that warrant homemade pie.  Yeah ok this is starting to sound like a SNL NPR skit.  So, ANYWAY.  (YEAH, NOT GOING THERE.)

So, because of my family’s obsessive love for eating pie (SHUT UP), I’ve been dying to do a roundup of quality pie options for your wedding day, should you choose to go the pie route.  Fun, right?  Now, as with everything I ever mouth off about on TKB, it’s hardly a *choice* you have to make.  You can have pie, cupcakes, cakes, heck you can have fruit rollups and bacon for dessert if you want to.  It’s your wedding and it’s your call.  Get it?  Got it?  Great.  But for the sake of discussion today, it’s all about pies at yo weddin’, FOOL.

Now, luck turned out to be a lady this week, because Shauna Ahern, of Gluten Free Girl and the Chef decided to throw a Pie Party on the internets.  A freaking PIE PARTY.  Yeah.  What does this mean?  Ohhhh it just means that everybody MADE PIES AND FIGURATIVELY THRUST THEM INTO EACH OTHER’S FACES.  Yeah.  So this post?  It was meant to be.

Real quick-like, here are some reasons I heart pies at weddings:

They are hiiiiighly photogenic.

They are hiiiiighly tasty.

They are hiiiiighly affordable.

Three’s good enough, I think.  Yeah.  Ok, it’s high time for pie time (← LAME)!!!!

For example, I’m really, really digging these lovely labeled pies, by Love Jenna

Gorg, right?


Sarah and Jason’s wedding, by my chikas Vania and Christine of Simply Bloom…

Janee and Alex’s wedding, by Serendipity Studios…

Yeah, those are cakes on the bottom left.  But they were too purty to leave out. :)

Andy and Alissa’s wedding, by Deborah Zoe Photo…

Those are wedding cakes that resemble pies, and I just loved them so I included them in what’s going on here today.  What the heck, Alison.  Whatevs, they’re pretty.  So what, who cares.

Gorgeous desserts and mini pies (!!!) photographed by Leigh Miller Photography

Meghan and Aaron’s wedding, by Andy Wakeman Photography…

And now, some of my absolute favorite finds from among those Pie Party entries!!!

Fantastically adorable pint-size cherry pies in jars, by With Style…

Next up, a gluten-free mixed berry pie, by Tartelette (because I mean, who else?)…

Next, we’ve got a fresh strawberry and gingered rhubarb pie, by Food for My Family…

Up next, a personal favorite of mine.  For obvious reasons, I’m loving this peach blueberry pie from Honey and Jam…

And now, for today’s installment of A day in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants, dress-up edition.  HERE WE GO:

Honey was *intrigued* by my decision to make the below happen last night…

But honestly, I think Bambi had absolutely no opinion about it.  In fact, based on his total indifference/lack of effort to get it the eff off of him, I’d even say he might have *liked* it a bit.  But I’m no dog wheeeesperer.

Now, back to pies and weddings, shall we?

Ok, FINE.  You got me.  I’ll tell you guys the real reason I want you to have pies at your wedding.  It’s because I want THIS, from Melissa and Eddie’s wedding, photographed by Amelia Lyon, which we featured way back…

… but in a pie-in-the-face version… the way it’s truly meant to be.  At least that’s what the cartoons have taught me.


Ok, so anyway, what do you guys think of pies at weddings?   And would you hire a professional to whip them up, or do you think you’d feel comfortable asking your family to bring them along?  When I spoke about it with my Mom recently, she jumped at the chance.  Of course, with pies, you can store ‘em days in advance in the freezer, and then defrost and bake for the Big Day.  So no real need to be scurrying around, day of!

Side fun question… what would you do if your groom or bride shoved a pie in ya face?  Roll with it because it’s all fun and games, or, well… what would you do? :)

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Lindsie on July 6, 2011

    I LOVE pies at weddings. Was going to do this myself, but then we decided on a French dessert reception. Creme brulee or pies? No contest. In the end, I like creme brulee better than pies. :)

  2. ashley barnett on July 6, 2011

    Okay okay. So pies are great and all, but the bigger issue here (and believe me, if you ask my boyfriend it is a HUGE issue)…is that I have to click that little “pin it” button every single time you post a new blog…because you always include a photo of mcpupster and I have an entire pinterest board devoted to frenchies. It’s sad really because everytime I look at boyfriend and ask “can we get one NOW?!”, he firmly shakes his head and points at the two dogs we already have. Sigh.

  3. Mimi Tilton on July 6, 2011

    @ Honey, well…we American moms like to ensure our children (fur-covered or not) are given options in their style of dress and color prefrences. We are not in Sweden where ‘gender-less’ is the new cool. Not to mention, he probably thought it was a “fancy new harness” and the apathetic looks were because he doesn’t want to go to the opera. He’d much rather wear his red harness and go play with Eastern European children. But, that’s just a guess.

    Either way – pass the ding-dong pie! I gots a sweet tooth with PIE written all over it.


  4. Alison on July 6, 2011

    Lindsie – OMG Creme brulee or pies? I totes have no idea how I’d decide between those two. Both? How about both. ;) Sounds like you had an incredible spread, LIKE SERIOUSLY.

    Ashley – laughing audibly over that comment. I’ll keep posting them so you can keep working on it. Happy to help the cause. ;)

    Mimi – ding dong pie! First of all, double entendre city. Second of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one of those before. Dying to now. OBVS.

  5. Kristen on July 6, 2011

    Real men wear pink! http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2010/09/meet-the-new-york-fashion-week.html

    Loving the pie in a jar. Might try that for a party.

  6. Caitlin on July 6, 2011

    Loving all the pies! And still laughing over your rant about your mother’s pie. You seriously have the most fabulously hilarious wedding blog ever.
    But as for having a mister shove a pie in my face on my wedding day.. I would probably freak out. But I’m a bit of a neat freak when it comes to stuff like that..

  7. Alison on July 6, 2011

    Kristen – Doesn’t the pie in a jar RULE THE SCHOOL? Me likey, too. So fun. I love how creative people are. Well, even though pie in a jar has been done a gazillion times. I still love it like it’s the first time I’m seeing it. :)

    And yup, I agree on the pink thing. Honey occasionally rocks a soft pink dress shirt and I can almost see a difference in his *swagger* on those days. ;)

    Caitlin – I’m blushing. Thanksies :) I’m really glad you enjoy the craziness. xo!

  8. Cocroft & Delbridge on July 6, 2011

    I do love a good pie at a wedding…I saw one wedding where they had an entire pie bar which was seriously lovely.

    I also adore mini-pies as favors!

    As for pie in my face…if this were to happen on a normal day…I would laugh…as for my wedding day…I just don’t want to pick cherry off of my freshly made-up face. :)

  9. Eleanor on July 6, 2011

    Ditto what Caitlin said. Laughing out loud, and a firm NO on being pied and/or caked in the face. I’d like to meet a bride who’d be ok with her groom doing that to her!!! I think I could probably learn a few things about patience and understanding. ;) I just know I’m not spending as much as I plan to on makeup and photography just to get all icked up.

    I’ll bet money that that last bride spent 30 minutes in the bathroom fixing up her makeup after he smushed her!

  10. Aubrey on July 6, 2011

    I love pies at weddings! We are going the traditional wedding cake route, but doing pies for the rehearsal dinner because I too LOVE PIE. We are having an August wedding so lots of options for fresh fruit pies! YUM.

  11. Lena on July 6, 2011

    Oh, PIE! There really isn’t anything better. John has been begging me to make my apple-gruyere, and I have a quiche session planned for this afternoon for lunches this week-yum! But there may not be anything better than wedding pie, or wedding pie in a jar. Absolute magic. However, I’m not sure I can get behind a wedding pie in the face. There might not be a honeymoon if such a thing happened. Maybe we can pie other people, or the bridal party? Because that seems more fun to me.

    And Bambino dressed as Bambina? Damn genius.

  12. BeeCustom Design on July 6, 2011

    Love the idea of Pies and they all look so YUMMY! Your dog seriously should have an agent and be in the movies……..so stinking cute and equally photogenic:)

  13. Elle on July 6, 2011

    We are having “mini-pies” at our Halloween wedding!! Pumpkin, French Silk and Triple Berry!!!!

    I think we may even create cute little flags, similar to what is pictured above so we can identify them!!!

    PIE!!! nom nom nom

    *It should be said though: we have a shit ton of pies, but we will also have candy, cake, and donuts. For reals – it’s Halloween yo!

  14. Kristin @ Bona Fide Bride on July 6, 2011

    a) I love pie. b) I love BambinA. c) is that a 24-pack of Coke in your fireplace? d) if so, that’s awesome.

  15. claire on July 6, 2011

    Pies are my JAM. I love them!! My favorite way to serve them are as pie pop favors or pies in jars!!

    Oh and I love cake/pie/cookie smushing in faces. I just do.

  16. Debbie @ Bridalhood on July 6, 2011

    I’m all about any dessert you want at your wedding – we had mini tarts and it was a huge hit. Pie is great too! And here in Oregon pie is perfect especially in summer and fall when all this great fruit is in season. I have a wedding coming up that’s all about pie so I’ll be excited to share it!

  17. Debbie @ Bridalhood on July 6, 2011

    Oh and the cake in face is not my thing so pie avoids that whole scene all together

  18. Rachael on July 6, 2011

    Boyfriend and I have already discussed the lack of shoving food in each others’ faces that will take place in our wedding. We agree that it should exist. The lack, that is. Especially if I give someone money to put makeup on my face.

    Wedding pie sounds excellent except for one minor problem. I don’t trust anyone else to make a tasty enough pie, and I don’t trust myself to make a pretty enough pie. Besides, Boyfriend and I have already decided on cannoli. We know a place. It does giant multi-tiered cannoli towers for weddings. YUM.

  19. Chantal on July 6, 2011

    Pies are a great idea. You can salsify your guests tastes and they enjoy having options! You can even get a caste iron pie holder and use that for your wedding cake photo! Not sure how I feel about the cake in the face but it looks like the couple was having fun.

  20. we are doing pies for a maine wedding i’m doing in september!

  21. The Perfect Palette on July 7, 2011

    Pies at weddings? My vote is YES, YES, YES!!

    ~ chrissy from the perfect palette xo

  22. Marie Summers on July 7, 2011

    Pies at weddings are so different and unique! Love the idea of doing this! They look delicious :)

  23. Madison on July 7, 2011

    Love the pie thing. I would totally consider cherry pies for the wedding and i think handmade is a great idea. You cant go that wrong with a pie and their homemade look is what makes them look so cute!

  24. Mimi Tilton on July 7, 2011

    Heeeheeeheee – I will ‘totes’ find the recipie for mai ding-dong pie!

    Just fo’ you and Honey. BamberMcIwantsmaiding-dongsbackPants, hims can’t have da chocolates. :(

  25. Miranda Wheatley on July 10, 2011

    I live on a farm and we’re turning one of our sheds into the reception venue, I’ve been debating ditching the cake for awhile (seems too formal for our reception) and all these pics are convincing me even more. A dessert bar with lots of pies not only pleases more people but gives the family a chance to show off our baking skills! -And anything you can prep ahead of time is great. The finance is convinced we need funnel cakes though…so he’ll still need some convincing…

  26. Miranda Wheatley on July 10, 2011

    blah, I meant fiance, and I’m only into pies in faces if my face is in no way involved!

  27. graciepie on July 13, 2011

    I love me some pie. Hense the name. ( and also the fact that im a Pastry chef) I got married last summer and had a rustic woodsy wedding. Complete with log rounds on the dessert table and lots of … you guessed it, PIE. It is pretty much the best idea ever and all the guests loved it. This is definately a DO.

  28. Sara from MarryThis! on July 19, 2011

    We had pie at our wedding! It was such a nice touch and people really appreciated it. I say go pie! Everyone loves it!

  29. Alexis on May 21, 2012

    LOVE the wedding mason jar pies! My FH and I did a practice round on March 14th (Pi Day- He’s a math nerd) and they turned out really well! It’s THE plan for our wedding next summer!

  30. Philippa Arnold on September 9, 2012

    The photo at the top – the very first one – looks like the groom is giving the bride a hankie of chloroform.

  31. Chris on April 21, 2013

    I love cake and love cake design even more. I want my guests to be eager to stick their fork into something that looks appealing. I’ve never seen pies at weddings and unless it’s made by someone with tremendous baking experience would be wary of offering it to guests.

  32. carrie on January 29, 2014

    I’m having a very small intaminte wedding…just family.I’m very country from out west my fiance is very city we live in new jersey. He told me I could pick anything for my wedding…so I told him a simple country wedding. B B que pies lemonade tea that sort. I love the pie its affordable and all the women can make what they want!

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