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Because “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant: Baby in My Sweatpants” seemed like a show unbefitting of dinnertime programming, we watched the only other option our trusty little Tivo suggestions folder offered us, which turned out to be a couple of episodes from MTV’s “True Life” series.  The series happens to be a tried and true favorite of mine, because it’s one of the few the only show on MTV that has real life relevance and teaches lessons.

So that said… today we’ve got a bit of a Smörgåsbord post for your faces.  Woot, go Friday afternoon posts!  Ok, first up, I’d like to rant a bit about relationships and the effect money has on them, and then BOOYAH, second thing on the menu is a brand spankin’ new DIY that comes right smack after my rant, by none other than one of our fine DIY Contributors, Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted!  Yup, she’s back.  And THEN – because about 10,000 (being only slightly hyperbolic) of you brides out there asked where Bambino went away to yesterday – he’s back by popular demand.  :)  Sorry I took him away from you!  K, hope you don’t mind the triple whammy of post topicness!  ALRIGHTY, LET’S BEGIN…

Ok so the episode I watched – well, I actually watched two episodes back-to-back, so this one was right before we watched “True Life: I’m a Sugar Baby” which I think would be the nail in the coffin of my disappointment in certain segments of humanity if I let tv shows determine my emotions, but that’s neither here nor there nor anywhere at the moment.  Anyway, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself…

The show, entitled “True Life: I Can No Longer Afford My Lifestyle” touched on three young people and how their lives – and by association their relationships – were impacted when they lost their jobs.  Now, instead of recapping the show because that would be HELLA boring, I’m just going to bring out the message that was screaming from our tv screen: two of the three subjects had been in a significant relationship, and both of those people, one a man, one a woman with three children, lost their partners ALMOST IMMEDIATELY after they lost their jobs.

So, WTF.  As Honey and I were watching this program unravel, what seemed evident to us was that these relationships must have been slightly or maybe even wholly unstable in the first place – right? – given their lack of ability to survive when the sunny side of life turned into a busted egg.

Honestly, while watching this I turned to Honey, smiled and told him I really couldn’t believe what I was watching.  The way the girlfriend of one of the subjects was telling her boyfriend things like “just don’t turn into a bum,” and “if you’re deserving of a job, it will be given to you” – those seem like cruel things to tell your boyfriend while he’s already suffering, amirite?  Especially when he’s clearly trying to find employment, as was evidenced on the show as we followed his journey.

So, my question for you guys is:

What do you think of this?  Could you imagine giving your beloved an ultimatum or, worse, breaking up with him/her over the loss of a job?  It’s become pretty apparent that most relationship/marital problems arise from the topic of money, so this might not be so surprising, but to actually SEE IT UNFOLD, on our television screen – to watch people struggle over the loss of a job and then IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT, be left alone by those people upon whom they are supposed to be able to rely… well, that just struck me so hard.  I’d love to talk about it, hear your personal reactions to the topic of losing a loved one over the loss of a job.  I personally just couldn’t imagine it.

DIY TIME with Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted, y’all!  Take it away, Lauren!

Hi Knotty friends!  Lauren Elise here and I’m back today with an easy and quick DIY that involves one of the biggest trends in weddings…mason jars!  We see them all the time, in so many different types of weddings and events.  Their timeless design makes them so versatile.  You can buy cases of new jars at local grocery stores for less than $1 per jar so they are also economical options for brides on a budget.  And even the new ones have that hint of vintage appeal which fits in perfectly with vintage style weddings, also a major trend right now.

The paint markers used in this DIY make it really easy to write the numbers on the jars, easier than trying to paint with a brush.  And because the jars are glass, you can just trace the numbers, a perfect option when you don’t have the neatest handwriting.  Match the font with one you are using in your invitation suite or paper goods to tie the décor elements together.  Once you have made the table numbers, use the paint markers to write seating charts or menus on mirrors or old windows.  Or turn the mason jars into favors and write names or words onto them.  And once you’re finished with the wedding?  Scratch off the paint and use the mason jars as everyday beverage glasses or as vases or storage containers.

Mason jars may be big in weddings but I always love seeing them, especially when people get creative.  There are always new and fun ways to utilize these simple jars.  What do you think?  Are you sick of the mason jar trend yet or are you an avid collector like me?

Materials ::

◦ quart-sized mason jars

Elmer’s Painters paint markers in white

◦ masking tape or any kind of easily removable tape (I used washi tape)

◦ x-acto knife or scissors and metal edge ruler

◦ home printer

◦ something to fill the jars, I used coffee beans and dry beans

Directions ::

◦ Size numbers (in Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Word) to fit the jars {image A}.  For quart-sized jars, I sized the numbers to 2”x3”.  Choose a font that fits your design, I used Modern No. 20.  Print out each number and cut down in size {image B}.

◦ Tape the number to the inside of the mason jar {image C}.  Use a paint marker {image D} to trace the number onto the jar {image E}.  Trace the entire number {image F} and let dry.  You may choose to do some touch-ups later.  The paint markers do not always provide the most even coverage the first time.

◦ To make the numbers stand out more, I filled the jars with coffee beans but your options are limitless.  Fill with whatever works for your event: buttons, sand, or even candy are just a few examples.

♥ It has been a pleasure to be here with you today!  If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog.  I am also available to make anything you see.  I would love to craft something special for you!

xoxo!  – Lauren

And now, back by popular demand, Friday’s installment of A Day in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants…


Check out my rope.

So… you want in?

Check it out it’s really fun actually.

No really, it’s a good time.  See?

So… you wanna play with my rope with me?  You interested?


Sorry, false alarm.  Just that rainbow touched me, I wasn’t expecting it.

Aright… so you in?

C’mon Momma.  C’mon.  I don’t ask much, just your attention every single moment of the day.  But c’mon, let’s not kid ourselves… you love it, you know you love it.

… You *do* love it… right?


Ok, SO… coming up next week we’ve got, in no particular order: the rest of that amazeballs real wedding teaser I scooted in at the tippity toppity of this post on the right side (real wedding gorgeousness I cannot. wait. to share with your eyesies); some highly anticipated news re: our giveaway from last Friday; and just plain ol’ real weddings that’ll blow your effin’ mind to smithereens leaving behind just enough bits of brain matter to soak up the inspiration, and potentially apply it to your wedding to make it that much more amazeballs than it already is.  Not the brain matter, the inspo.  Do not DIY brain matter escort cards.

NOW, on a much more serious note – more serious than BRAIN MATTER – I’m excited to have a discussion today in the the comments below about that question I had all the way up top in this post on breaking up with someone over losing their job.  Crazy to you?  Have you seen it happen to people you know?  Can you even imagine it?

xoxo!  – Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Alicia@Charitywedding on July 15, 2011

    I would leave Kyle if he lost his job but only if it was because he lost it due to sleeping with his boss or some other crazy extenuating circumstance. MTV is somewhat like WalMart, they find a whole new breed of people that I never see in actual society. They must do their casting calls at WalMart in fact.

  2. Koru Kate on July 15, 2011

    Quite the opposite, when my then-boyfriend & now hubs was facing the very real reality of losing his job, I was willing to do anything & everything to keep our lives stable & our bills paid. In this crazy economy, I’ve known plenty of couples who’ve faced job loss, worked through it & grew stronger. They never would be these are the couples MTV should feature!

    Love the mason jar table number- very fun & creative. & (always) love the pup!!

    Happy Weekend~

  3. Nikki Lanser on July 15, 2011

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics of Bambino! He is great at making me smile!! Thanks!! You have a great pup there!

  4. Kristen on July 15, 2011

    Wow, my thoughts on the whole dumping someone you are supposed to love after their becoming unemployed = selfish. I love my fiance and adore him for how he has stuck by me after my health took a turn for the worse and that I can’t work as much as I would like. I left my full time job as an event planner in the alumni office of a local university about four years ago. I met my fiance a year later. It was he who came up with the idea that I should become self-employed so that I can control my work schedule and have the power to make my own choices about who I work for, etc. He also supported my idea of starting a blog and continues to support me in it, even though it takes up a lot of time. Right now I’m in the middle of a booking slump and he doesn’t hold that against me. He encourages me to keep plugging away and even helps with design elements and blog topics. I know that I am very lucky and that I have the most wondermous fiance that ever lived, but even if Mr. Wondermous lost his job, I love him more than air and would never consider leaving him. We may not have pledged til death do us part in our fancy clothes and signed a marriage certificate, but we are in it for keeps.

    PS…Bambino always makes me smile.

  5. Loe on July 15, 2011

    I think if you can break up with someone over the loss of a job is ridiculous. Obvi the relationship wasn’t based on much if thats what can make or break it.

    Now, if its been 5 years and your honey refuses to even *try* to find a job..well…thats different. And thats assuming this is all monetarily related. I also can’t watch anything on MTV anymore. Hahah! It makes me sad to think some of these kids are who is next. oh god. so scary.

    The DIY is faaaabulous. I love mason jars.

    Also Yes bambino- I’m totally in to play. I totally love it. You are just so. freaking. CUTE!

  6. Ariella on July 15, 2011

    I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger……sorry.

    I definitely feel that if you’re willing to break up with someone because of a loss of income you’ve got a whole ‘nother issue to deal with. But, that being said, I think money stresses can definitely harm a relationship. Like any other obstacle, a solid couple will be able to get through it.

    Chuck and I started out broke. I had lost my job 3 weeks before meeting him and his masters program was cancelled a week after we started dating. We were essentially unemployed together the first few months of our relationship. So we started our relationship off on a frugal foot.

    Now, three years and a wedding later, we’re both working, but really, really struggling. And, honestly, for us, it’s nothing new. We’re just used to being broke.

    So, while I can understand the stress that is caused by unemployment, a strong, committed and healthy couple will be able to work past it.

  7. The Perfect Palette on July 15, 2011

    such a great DIY project, Alison!

    Happy Friday! Hope you get into something fun!

    The Perfect Palette

  8. Lena on July 15, 2011

    First, I’m so glad Bambi’s back-nothing brightens up the office like his sweet little monster face.

    Second, I need some mason jars with those adorable numbers on them. Cutest thing ever.

    Third, I’m so glad I’m not the only person that watches True Life. I still quote True Life: I’m Getting Married (remember that one??!?) when I see someone behaving like a bridezilla. Or there’s a missing limo.

    And finally, I kind of love this topic. It’s hard to imagine dumping John’s ass if he lost his job-in fact, he happily quit last year! But then Alicia’s comment reminded me that there may be times when your sweetheart loses his job that should encourage you to kick ‘em to the curb. Like embezzling, or fooling around with corpses. It all depends on the job…

  9. Nicole on July 15, 2011

    I <3 Mr. Bambino! I have a Boston Terrier and I see those same looks every day.

    My fiance lost his job January 2010 and was unemployed for 6 months. He proposed a few months after finding his current job; which he loves. Two months after he proposed, I lost my job. It's truly a test. Never once did either of us think that we would leave the other. It's sad, yes, but it's also a fantastic opportunity. We grew closer, both as a couple and as a team. It was really, really hard, but we made it because we value eachother and couldn't live with out eachother. I found employment about 5 months after losing my job.

    Love, marriage, relationships all have challenges, you have to work together to over come them; no matter what. Through good times and bad right?! ;)

  10. Erin on July 15, 2011

    My honey didn’t lose his job, but was faced with bankruptcy. I had several girlfriends (married and not) who told me that I shouldn’t have to deal with his financial downfall and leave his butt. Because if it were their boyfriend/husband, they would leave. I, however, stared at them with this completeld shocked-and appalled look, and immediately thought…well our friendship just took the fast lane to OVER. To the married ones, I said, but what about “for better or worse” “richer or poorer” – they advised that financial downfall was not something they cared to “stick by someone” in. Again…shocked face.
    I come from a strong family, that no matter what is thrown at them…they face it, and face it together. Which is exactly how I faced his bankruptcy. (Which incidently we were just dating when it happened, we are now engaged.) My sweets was terrified to tell me, he said he figured I would bail. But rather, I sat down with him and we came up with an action plan. Ways to save money, steps he should take after the bankruptcy to raise his credit score, etc. I reassured him that WE are a TEAM, and together we can get through anything. I really believe that we are a stronger couple because of it. And when we take those vows on our wedding day, it’s going to mean something. They aren’t just words, they are VOWS that you make together.

    On a much lighter note, please keep the Bambino updates coming…he is soooo cute!

  11. Kris on July 15, 2011

    I can’t imagine leaving my honey because he lost his job. In fact I would be his biggest cheerleader – reminding him it would be an opportunity to do something he was passionate about.

    Bambino is seriously the cutest dog ever. I seriously send my honey photos of him every week asking for a McPuppyPants of my own.

  12. Christine on July 15, 2011

    Okay, MTV Real Life Topic: Who leaves their loved-one/spouse/sig. other because they lost their job? That’s the same as kicking someone while they’re down….leaving when they need you most…I could go on but you get the idea. Unbelievable to me! When my enormous student loans kicked in and nearly wiped away my monthly salary, my fiance chimed in and said “let me take on more of our bills so you don’t have to worry so much about your funds”…when my Fiance left his job two months ago to venture into the scary but exciting world of entrepreneurship …I fully supported his decision and, in addition to my full-time(consuming) job, I took on working for his business (for free) to do the bookkeeping.

    So am I missing something here? Isn’t it obvious to everyone in a relationship that these are the compromises/sacrifices we make to support one another? To build our relationship? What is wrong with these people? My conclusion here is that they could not have possibly loved that person to begin with…otherwise, they wouldn’t have left.

    The DIY Project: Thank you for posting a Mason Jar project. I am obsessed with them and have been trying to find ways to incorporate them into my wedding. Keep ‘em coming!

    Bambino: LOVE him! MISSED him yesterday! NEVER leave him out again!! (please. and thank you.)

    Great post as always Alison! Happy Friday to you!!

  13. Lauren Elise on July 15, 2011

    My little DIY + Bambino McCuteness is an amazing combination for a Friday post! Thank you for sharing it. Great topic for discussion too, especially with the economy the way it is. Losing one’s job is such an emotional and hard thing for a person…a time when that person’s partner needs to stand by them wholeheartedly. Paying your bills is obviously important but to me, the most important thing should be the support and respect a couple gives each other. If you have that, I believe you can work out the money stuff.

  14. Laura *You Stir Me* on July 15, 2011

    Lauren, you’re a genius – I can’t tell you how complicated I would have made tracing that number on the mason jar – taping it on the inside and drawing over it is brilliant! Definitely saving this idea:)

    And if you’re going to dump your honey because he/she lost a job, then clearly you’re not meant to be. There would have been other problems that would have popped up in the future if you’re not strong/supportive/understanding/loving enough to stick by your partner when they need you most. Unless, like Lena said, they were fooling around with corpses.

  15. Katie on July 15, 2011

    First off, these are my favorite pictures of Bambino! I think he’s getting cuter each post :) What a doll!

    Second, LOVE the DIY project, crafty little devil she is, especially about painting the numbers on. Love it.

    Thirdly, uh, no. Given, I’m married, and it is a vow that you will stick with your partner “for richer or poorer” and considering we are BOTH unemployed right now…ha! Or, at least with out consistent income jobs.

    A person’s priorities are obviously not straight, in my opinion, if you break up with them because suddenly “your” cash flow is gone.

    If you’re with that person through thick or thin, you need to be nothing but encouraging and supportive of jobs. However, if the person can’t hold a job b/c they don’t DO their job, or they are a bad employee (e.g., stealing merchandise, being disrespectful) then I might rethink who I’m with.

  16. Mimi Tilton on July 15, 2011

    I just can’t. I mean it. I’ll have to process, go home, love on Mocha and thank her for not thinking less of me because of a lost job or whathaveyou. Then, I’ll post from mai personals. Hmm….gonna be a long 45-minute drive home…ijs

  17. Lindsay on July 15, 2011

    Thank you thank you thank you for making my Friday by bringing Bambino back! Truly; he makes my day… almost as much as your posts!

    On the matter of breaking up over money –
    You got me to thinking, and I really cannot come up with a reason that would be the outcome, unless he – well – quit his job and refused to move off the couch ever again! Really!? I mean, I guess I can’t speak to others’ experiences, but like many of those posting, I just don’t get that one… sad times indeed!

    Happy weekend!!! Much love!!

  18. Megan Powers on July 15, 2011

    i would never leave my sweetie b/c he lost his job. that is just pathetic and cruel. now, if your honey is a deadbeat, or a scrub (ha ha, tlc just came on while typing this), that is a whole different story. you should leave that person immediately. money does cause problems, but so do many other issues during life’s bumpy journey. with the love should come respect and the desire to continue the journey together. if not….then really, why did you marry this person….

  19. obviously i love this one, because i love masons :)

  20. Rachael on July 16, 2011

    Boyfriend and I have both gone through periods of HUGE change and thinking that in some way we weren’t going to make it somehow, monetarily or emotionally or whatever. And every single time, we’re there for each other, reminding each other that we’ll get through this and we’ll still be there in the end, no matter what. It doesn’t matter who’s talking. It’s never “I’ll still be here” or “you’ll get through this.” It’s always we. And it always will be.

    He’s a doctor. I’m a creative writing student. I love that his profession will allow me to do what I love without worrying about the money I will (or won’t) be making, and I’ve had to mention that when people ask me how I ever plan on making money or something, and they always assume that’s why I’m with him. If he lost his license, we’d still be there. It’s not about the money. It never was. We are each others’ Plan A, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make Plan A work because we don’t have or want a Plan B.

  21. OMG. It’s like this blog was made for me! As Cam and I plan our own wedding – we were debating about our table numbers and how to incorporate the MASSIVE amounts of mason jars that are currently living in one of the rooms in the house and I think this project is totally is the running but we do have a few ideas up our sleeves too. EEEKS!

    Also – OMG McPuppyPants…ADORBS!! I just want to sit and lay with him on the floor. ALL DAY!

  22. Where to start…. OK: puppy. Ooooooooooooooh so cute! I want to play with the rope.

    And splitting up over money? Now that’s a tough one. A strong relationship is worth its weight in gold, and a hell of a lot more. I’ve been with my other half for 12 years and we’ve struggled at times – we’re very independent and while I wouldn’t say we rely on each other, when things get tight for either one of us it’s just natural to help out, stand together and work through the tough times as a team. We don’t even think about it.
    The idea of moving on if one of us lost our jobs is so bizarre I can’t even imagine it.
    Is it weird that in contrast to the comments everyone else made (and you’re so lucky up there to be so much in love) it isn’t even a conscious thing? Simply a “need money? Here you go have mine” moment?
    Claire xx

  23. first off, love the jar idea with the numbers! i definitely need to try this sometime. also, i died laughing at the rainbow thing. too funny!

  24. Megan @ Are We Wed Yet on July 19, 2011

    My husband and I have been dealing with unemployment for a while now. Granted we are both still in school, but it just seems impossible to find something to bring in money to make ends meet. It’s rough, but I could never even imagine leaving him for it. Especially, when I know he’s trying. As mentioned above, MTV showcases that “interesting” brand of people, that don’t quite get it.

    *180 Degrees* Great DIY post though! I love the look of the coffee beans in those jars! Beautiful!

  25. Brancoprata on July 21, 2011

    Again…. genius project!!!! Love how this turns out in a great idea!!! And that puppy… no words… NO WORDS!!!!

  26. Naomi on July 25, 2011

    If I could totally piggy back what Alicia said…whole new breed and the casting calls must be done in Wal Mart.

  27. Nicole Rene on March 26, 2012

    I think I am obsessed with your dog & I may or may not have just pinned like 5 pictures of it…… just saying.


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