PINK + PEACH + WHITE REAL WEDDING | Simple, inexpensive details are SO KEY. Also, I like it when men cry.

↑ yup.

I accidentally bought unsweetened peanut butter at Whole Foods the other day.  Never again.

Never. again.

BARF, you guys.  I get that it’s probably healthier for me but I really don’t care if that’s gonna be the flavor I’m working with.  Big fat passola.

Ok, anyways, WE HAVE OURSELVES A WEDDING TO ADDRESS, AMIRITE?  And, UHHHHHHHH, I’m excited about this one, y’all.

You guys, first of all, we’ve got a real love story on our hands, today.  Granted, we have a real love story EVERY time we feature a real wedding, so this shouldn’t be anything new… but today’s is just getting me, *right here* in my heart’s face.  Lemme share their story right quick on y’all ( you like how I Erykah-Badu’d that s***? Eh?  Ehh?)…

What follows is in our beautiful bride Ntima’s voice:

I fell in love with Steven in April of 2008. He was my neighbor and friend for a little over two years before this. We both lived in Japan at the time. Our fathers are both in the air force. It was absolutely unexpected. I didn’t want a boyfriend, he didn’t want a girlfriend, but everything fell into place so wonderfully. The thing was, my family had orders to be shipped off to America in June. Knowing this, both of us tried our best to keep a hold on our hearts. Distance scared the heck out of us. & up until May, we had made the decision to not put ourselves through that. When I left, we would be friends, and nothing more. He managed to mend everything broken inside of me. He filled voids I didn’t even know I had. I couldn’t imagine everything that happened within that month’s time being thrown away. So one day I just said “What in the world are we doing..?” & He told me he’d fallen in love with me, that as much as he can’t imagine being apart, he’d rather try & fail, than not try at all. So I moved away, and we made the distance work for us. We became so strong, and so happy, and I know that without that distance we would not be what we are today.

BOOYAH.  That’s a love story.  Sometimes there are stories that kinda make you feel like your own love story is a freaking cakewalk in and around the township of Ourrelationshipwasthesmoothestofsalingcomparedtothisville, and the only tough part about your life is how much it’s going to suck having to write that address in the upper lefthand corner of your invites.  That town name would never fit!  (Hmmm.  I promise I’m not on hallucinogenic drugs right now.)  Anyways Ntima’s and Steven’s story is definitely one of those special love stories.

I wanna note here that long, looooong ago, way before TKB, I used to think long distance COULD. NOT. WORK.  No way, Jose.  And I think you might know my reasons.  wink wink nudge nudge.  But clearly, when your concerns are focused on the love and connection of your relationship, it is TOTES POSSEEBLAY, as evidenced so perfectly by Ntima and Steven.

Ok, moving right along, let’s get into the heart of this wedding.  It excites me because it’s a bit off the beaten path of your typical wedding feature on T to the K to the B.  Lots of details typically grace these pages, and ooooooohhhWHEEEEE do we love ourselves those details.  Some might say that I LIVE for them, and those some wouldn’t be mistaken.

But.  I also delight in simplified, heartsy weddings that rock the traditions out without all that much attention to the itsy bitsies.  And that’s where Paige + Blake Green – the lovies who submitted today’s wedding – come into play.  If the photography’s important to you, but bringing a lot of details together on your big day isn’t the priority, you seriously don’t need a lot of details to get amazeballs pictures back.  Because a creative photographer can turn out to be your magic weapon.

With Ntima and Steven’s wedding, all they really needed, beyond their amazing love of course, were a few really cute, really simple AND it turns out, really CHEAP elements to bring out some fun bursts of pinky, peachy color.  And you know what?  ME LIKEY…

↑ Piercing blue eyes?  CHECK.

Oh, a simple mason jar filled with colorful candy that costs like .2 cents in total?  YES PLEASE!!!

P.S. – A quickie Bam McPup for your faces…

… if you think 100 degree weather can stop this boy’s appetite for playtime… think again.

Oh, and by the by…

… is it TERRIBLE that I love love LOVE it when a guy cries?  It’s only the happy kind of cry I love… the kind that reveals to the world that guys have feelings, too. ;)

So, what think you?  Do you feel that super simple, super family-oriented, super color popping weddings are just as fantastic as their highly detailed counterparts?  I love both, so much.  But each one has its own unbelievable specialness!

And, on a final little organizational note… this went over pretttttttyyyyy, pretttttttyyyyy well on Twitter today, so I thought I’d share it on the ol’ bliggity bloggity for tickles and giggles.  Alright, here goes it:

HOW TO TACKLE YOUR TO-DO LISTS: Step 1 ~ Close your @Pinterest, @HootSuite and @twitter tabs in your browser. That’s all, just one step.

It’s tough, I know, but if you can follow that single step for like a whole 30 minutes, the stuff you’ll be able to strike off your list will blow your face off.  Blow it RIGHT OFF.

xoxo!  – Alison

Paige + Blake Photography is a member of Vendor Love, The Knotty Bride’s Preferred Vendor Guide.  To view this listing, click here.

Photography: Paige + Blake Green / Submitted via Two Bright Lights / Reception Venue: Joseph Smith Memorial Building / Cake Designer: Granite Bakery & Bridal Showcase

Label(s): Color, Mr. McPuppyPants, Pink, White, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. Mimi Tilton on July 19, 2011

    My Anna-Wintourian-heart is melting a bit at this young couple. The adoration is quite clear and as I’ve mentioned in a past comment – yeahIlovethejars!

    I <3 the look she's giving him as he's tearing up!

  2. Mimi Tilton on July 19, 2011

    I totally forgot!

    B U T T E R


  3. Cocroft & Delbridge on July 19, 2011

    This wedding is chock full of feeling…which I love. I think with some weddings the emotion of the day is surpassed by the importance to of getting the details perfect. I mean I love details as much as the next person…but the whole point of the day is to marry your best friend.

    Ok. I am done being cheesy. :) Love the wedding, love the love.

  4. Andrea on July 19, 2011

    The cake is beautiful! And that Bambino is a doll. :) I love that you share him. It’s fun getting my wedding inspiration and my puppy fix in one place. :)

  5. Alison on July 19, 2011

    Mimi – Me too, allathat. Completely in love with their love, which seems completely complete. Also, RIGHT?? Who knew, butter! Nice touch, P & B. (Paige and Blake, not peanut butter jelly man.)

    Cocroft – Love the cheese! Never cut cheesy short if you’re feeling cheesy. These are super fun and love-filled weddings, not the presidential election. ;)

    Andrea – Believe me, I fully expect death threats if I *cease* the Bam factor. Very glad you enjoy this one-stop-shop ;)

  6. Kelly on July 19, 2011

    That last photo of the groom tearing up and his bride looking at him so lovingly, it make me tear up, too. I’m such a sap.

    This makes me so excited for our wedding day.

  7. Courtney on July 19, 2011

    Love the way you write. So so easy & amusing to read. Such a pretty wedding and a beautiful story.

  8. Megan Powers on July 19, 2011

    love those cap sleeves. so classic!

  9. Alison on July 19, 2011

    Kelly – Nice to meet you, welcome to Saps Club. Only wholesale happy tears available here.

    Courtney – Why thank you kindly, Courtney! So glad you enjoy! :)

    Megan – It’s been forever and a day (is that a movie title I’m biting? methinks) since I’ve seen a sleeve on a gown. She looks gorgeous.

  10. Sara on July 19, 2011

    Gaaaahhhh my mouth started drooling within seconds of checking out this post, right when I saw that mason of sweet treats. My eyes want to eat the peachy contents! :) Such a great touch, and you’re right, it’s majorly low-cost, which I love, too. Keeping a mental note of today’s post… I love a good budget idea, and I typically don’t find ones as chic as this. You always keep the chic in mind, I love that. Thanks!

  11. Lena on July 19, 2011

    Oh sweet, sweet wedding. Seriously, those mason jars filled with wrapped candy are the most perfect detail-who would have guessed something so simple would be so lovely?

    And when a man cries? I’m melt.

    But I’m a little distressed that I watched the Bachelorette here at work just so I could read today’s post, and zip! The whole time I was coming up with clever things to say to you about it, and ways we would laugh together and then braid each other’s hair…

  12. ange on July 19, 2011

    sooo being a vego health nut: I just had to say – stick to your unsweetened – unsalted healthfoods peanut butter: just add a touch of honey /// or sliced banana on top! so yummy and waayyy better than processed sugar etc in regular peanut butter!!
    trust me – you will love it

    (or a crazy mix that my dad does – vegemite and natural peanut butter)
    oh yeah I am in Aust :)

  13. ange on July 19, 2011

    ps – loving her gown, vintage?

  14. Paige + Blake on July 20, 2011

    Thanks so much for the love! (remember Xanga and e-props? Those were awesome.)

    N’tima and Steven are an awesomely amazing couple and oh so fab to photograph.

    And Ange, N’tima purchased her dress at a thrift shop and had it altered to fit her.

    Loving the Knotty Bride and your oh-so-fun blogging style.

    Keep it up, sister!

  15. The Perfect Palette on July 20, 2011

    i love the how to tackle your to do list steps!!

    I need to listen to that advice sometimes!

    xoxo, chrissy

  16. Pastel colours are such a classic. You just can’t go wrong with them, really!

    And men crying are adorable. Adorkable? It’s so sweet when they can be sensitive like that~

  17. N'tima Preusser on August 16, 2011

    Hello Lovely! This is the bride here. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about our blessed wedding day.
    I also wanted to share the video from the day, as it adds a different perspective, but is the perfect icing on the cake.

    thank you again!

  18. Erika on February 23, 2012

    This is gorgeous. I love her bouquet!

  19. BoitwobSeerie on July 4, 2012

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