SHORT DRESS LOVE + THE BACHELORETTE | When it comes to the wedding day, is a short dress… acceptable?


Good afternoon, darlings!  I hope I’m posting this one late enough; it’s 6:00 PM EST, and I uhhh, well, I think you know what that means…

.. Before I tell you what it means, let me just mention real quick that this post is actually about wearing a short dress on your wedding day, so I’m excited to hear what your opinions are on that…

Ok, now, here’s what it means: I could go on forever about last night’s episode, but of course that’s a complete lie.  Also, this is a wedding blog, not a recap blog, so it just wouldn’t feel right, y’know?  HOWEVER.  Because I received enough not-even-close-to-veiled threats hurled at my twitter face last night from actual brides (key words here in my decision) wanting me to take a helicopter ride into the sparkling, azure waters of Bachelorette land… well, here’s where we find ourselves.  For a jiff.  Really though, only for a jiff.  (Trying to bring back *jiff* one “jiff” at a time.  Occasionally two.  Mom, I know we can do it!!!)

Here’s where the Quittin’ Time timing of today’s post comes in.  I listened to your deepest desires this time around, and so, with the help of 40 puka shells on various tables and dressers, in combination with sheer bralessness, since that’s what helps Ashley make her decisions, I decided to wait patiently until the vast majority of you have had ample time to view last night’s episode of you know what.  So, this timing good?  (If you don’t watch The Bachelorette, don’t worry, this’ll be over soon, promise.  It’ll just feel a little like pulling off a too-sticky bandaid very slowly and on the hairiest part of your body, wherever that may be.)  Ok, let’s begin.

I’m writing this post from my Tatadra (dream house) so I think you’ll find the tone of today’s musings to be quite pleasant.  Quite pleasant, indeed.  But first I do need to get something off of my chest…

ABC, I’m a little upset with you.  You’ve teased the tease twice now.  That’s twice too many times.  When I decided last minute (and forced my better half) to tune in last night – and therefore accepting my fate of watching back-to-back-to-back sporting events for the rest of the week – I was fully expecting you to deliver on a sibling-on-sibling verbiage fight, complete with word swords being pitched into the faces of tattooed sisters.  But ABC, all you gave me was Constantine leaving early of his own volition and Ashley wearing shirts without bras again, if she was wearing any clothing at all, all of this otherwise known as utter predictability.  ABC, I for some reason expect more of you!

Ok, whatever.  ABC’s gonna do what ABC wants to do.  But mark my words: if ABC chooses Ryan “Wait… you don’t want to meet my parents?” McDoofsterson as the next Bachelor I will boycott the show and request the same of all of you.  I hope you’re with me.  That is, if you’re not already a non-watcher which makes me want to pursue an apprenticeship in addiction-control under your auspices.  Ok, back to last night’s episode…

I’m a method actor by trade (no I’m not), so actually I first jotted my feelings about last night’s episode in my green apple colored journal, to more effectively immerse myself in the life and times of Ashley Herrrrberrrrre.  I also had the assistance of several puka shells surrounding me as mentioned earlier, plus Chrisharrison’s comforting, not biased advice in my ears.  So yeah, I think all of those elements combined have actually worked to get me into Ashley’s mindset, because I already find myself thinking about taking tonight to “The Next Level” when Honey gets home.  Pssst… Honey, isn’t our bedroom “the per-fact place” to “fall in love” again?  SHUT UP, don’t even answer that.  Because it DAF-initely is, without a doubt.  If I’m going to walk around calling myself a method actor (which I actually don’t do; I’m not an actor), I’m gonna have to go fully into character here.  K, Honey?  So… I hope you’re excited, because I look FOH-ward to teasing you with my boyish charm and body, and… well, who knows?  As the night nears to a close, I might be handing you a Fantasy Suite card for you to reject, outright.

Ohhh… and if you show me serious interest, I’ll daf-initely stop wearing any makeup at all, because that will mean that I feel comfortable with you!  Just don’t make me feel the least bit unsure of your feelings for me, because I might bite my lips off of my face.  No one wants this.  So keep the reassurance that you like me coming, and I think we’ll do just fine.  K?  Wait, have you flossed today?  Honey, remember, I’m a dental student!  I’m smart and know what’s best for your mouth!  Inside, not the lips part.  I hope people still want me to be their dentist when I get home from this incredible journey.  I can totally take their dental care to The Next Level!


1) Ryan: (paraphrased) “I LOOOOVE YOUUUUU…” Ashley: “K bye!” exits by walking past the camera a la every SNL Weekend Update skit featuring Governor Patterson.  This is also known as comedy gold.

2) Mic packs do not go with sheer resort wear, Ben.  Toplessness, however, does.  Please note for next time (because I’m not having that great of a time looking at your face.)

3) Ashley’s outfits are directly correlative, it seems, to her level of “like” for you.  For Constantine, Ashley skipped the juniors department and went straight for Babys R Us to track down the 1/26th of an outfit she sported on their helidate.  Plus, Ashley’s bringin’ belly back – OPA!; Ryan gets The World’s Largest Pair of Shortswear when she goes to send him home, again.  Poor guy.  But yeah can’t stand him.  Ryan, don’t worry though, it’ll happen.  It’ll happen.  It’ll happen… yeah, it’ll happen.  It’ll happen.

Ok, enough of that.  I, Alison, would like to take a hard right turn into the meat and potatoes of this post right about now.  I hope you Bachelorette fans don’t mind! :)

SO, I believe you all remember yesterday’s shoot, correcto?  Methinks, since it was WHOLLY UNFORGETTABLE in its beautifulnessity.  Southern style is like a breath of fresh, pastel-colored warm breezy air.  Warm breezy air with a super sexy accent.  I loves it.  And Elyse Skansi of Tying.the.Knot, along with the amazing Greer G Photography and many, many other great vendors (listed in the credits!) put their all into this fabulousness, and for that we salute them.  (I think some Tosh.0 just crept into that sentence.)  Fantastic job, you guys!

… I’m just so glad I saved the best (or at least my personal favorite) part for last.  Tee hee!

Ok, SO – If you know me, you know I LOVE a great short wedding frock.  The perfect one, imho, would have equal parts lace touches, a flattering neckline/area, hit right around the knee for maximum leg visibility, and just overall have a certain flare that screams “I’M HERE TO HAVE SOME FUN AND LOOK PRETTY DOING IT.”  (I had to use all caps to convey the screaming… you understand.)

I present to you, EXHIBIT A:

And now EXHIBIT B, C, D, E, you get the point…

Some words from Elyse:

What better to dress the couple in than seersucker and lace! Perlis helped us to get our groom ready for his big day! The seer sucker suit is such a staple in a Southern gentleman’s closet so we thought he would have to pull it out for his gorgeous summer wedding day! There are so many AMAZING bridal styles and trends that I think a bride shouldn’t have to limit herself to just one dress :) I LOVE IT when a bride wears two dresses on her wedding day, so we got two gorgeous dresses too! Our bride wore short and sweet scalloped lace dress by Romona Keveza from Wedding Belles, then when the sun started setting, she slid into a STUNNING cotton lace bridal by Blush by Jim Hjelm from The Bridal Boutique by Mae Me!  I would wear both dresses on my wedding day in a heart beat :)

So… here’s my question: do you like the concept of wearing a short wedding dress?  Would you consider it for your wedding day/recommend it if your friend asked your advice?  Or do you see it as more of a change-into-it-for-the-reception kind of deal?  Or any other sentiment you’re feeling that I have failed to explicitly state here.  I’m excited to hear your thoughts on this!  It’s a pretty contentious topic.

Either way, as a final note, is that Romona Keveza not tha cuuutest little thang ya’ever did sayeee? (ok I have no idea how to write down a Southern accent.  Sorry.)

xoxo!  – Alison

Event planning and design: Tying.the.Knot / Location: Audubon Park / Photographer: Greer G Photography / Flowers and design: Bee’s Weddings and Events / Cake: Melissa’s Fine Pastries / Short lace dress: Romona Keveza / Suit: Perlis / Make Up: Make Me Up!! / Hair: Ginger Dickey / Tableware: Macy’s / Stationer: A Pinch of Lovely / Parasols: Pamela’s Parasols

Label(s): Color, White, {Fashion}

Love all of this...


  1. Loe on July 26, 2011

    I personally love the idea of a short dress, and I’m actually torn on which way to go (of course, budget might factor into it as I’m OBSESSED with a Vera Wang that I could never have *sobs*). BUT. Short dresses are way cute. I also love love love the seersucker flower on her dress that matches him.

  2. Rhiannon Nicole {Hey Gorg} on July 26, 2011

    I love short white dresses and think they are so chic and flirty and perfect. The one in this post is simply adorable!

    And is it just me or does anyone else think Constatine and Ben kinda look the same? :S

  3. Love You, Mean It on July 26, 2011

    That dress is precious and I absolutely love the blue and white seersucker! I’m usually not a huge fan of short wedding dresses (unless you change into it a the reception), but she definitely pulls it off here!

    • Einfach on December 21, 2012

      Christine and Brandon – Congrats Sam! We are so happy for you!!!! You guys will be amazing pnarets!!!! Going to be the SWEETEST baby ever because his/her momma’s so SWEET! Reply:, You two are so wonderful, thank you Christine and Brandon I adore you both! X’s

  4. Leighann on July 26, 2011

    Is it bad that the second I got to work this morning I realized that I completely forgot to watch le batshit last night so I totally closed my office door and a la hulu-ed that ish just so I could follow along with your post?

    Anyway… I really like the idea of a short dress, but someone *myfiance* does not. I’m at a loss as to how to fight this battle… but that dress is obnoxiously cute and i’m pretty sure I could pull something like that off.


  5. Kelly on July 26, 2011

    I love the short dress, but I love tradition more. After prom, a girl only has so many chances to wear a long, elegant frock and her wedding day is one of them.

    The short wedding dress isn’t my style or personality, but I know there are plenty of funky brides out there who can totally rock a short dress.

    I will be donning a short frock, but probably for e-pics, the rehearsal dinner or send-off brunch. Or maybe all three if the budget allows!

  6. Lena on July 26, 2011

    Timing is perfect. First I watched at work, then I got to enjoy this magical recap. I’m as happy as a clam.

    It might have something to do with just how ridiculous Ryan’s return and second rejection were, or how he blubbered like a fool. Or maybe it has something to do with the incredibly awkward dinner chat with Constantine (he’s the long haired fool still left, right?), where she asks him if he would TRY TO BREAK IT UP IF SHE FELL FOR HIS FRIEND. I don’t get this girl. She’s begging everyone to tell them how much she loves them, but is making it quite clear she’s really on in this thing to be adored and pumped up. I just DON’T UNDERSTAND. Also, PS, I’m pretty sure the girl gets a ring, but I almost hope for all involved that she doesn’t. This thing is sadder than poor Emily and angry Brad.

    Now onto the really good stuff: short, magical, full skirted wedding dresses. In my nuptial dreams, John and I exchange morning vows and throw a big ol’ brunch reception, all while I wear a gorgeous shortie not unlike, by which I mean exactly, like this dress. So maybe I feel good about the short wedding dress. But I also know that I wear a lot more gowns than most normal people, and when you’ve got a closet full of ‘em, the need for a full length gown seems less sharp.

    I also think that the wedding gown should feel appropriate for your venue, whatever those two things may be. That short lacy number probably won’t work so well at your black tie evening ceremony at the Plaza, for example. Make a choice that reflects the feel of your affair and it’ll be the perfect dress.

  7. Miranda Wheatley on July 26, 2011

    I love the short dresses. My reception is going to be outside on the fam’s farm, why would I wear a long dress to a barn? It seems too fussy to try and switch between the reception/ceremony. Plus my fiance is totally into it AND it gives me an excuse to find some killer shoes to show off at the same time! I’ve found one that I love (Justin Alexander) but I haven’t been to try on gowns yet so who knows what I’ll really end up with…

  8. Winnie on July 26, 2011

    The reason Ben and Constantine look alike is because they are part of the Floppy Haired Triplets (with Josh Groban) from the Kingdom of Doofus.

    I’m love this dress, and I had actually settled on a tea length dress until I found My Dress. This is definitely the right dress for the right person when they find it.

  9. Ok. I can’t even focus because I need to pick my jaw up off of the ground…that engagement ring is stunning. Ugh…I felt slightly blinded.

    I think that I have pulled it together now. Ashley just makes me so mad…I don’t understand how she has successfully completed her education thus far…boggles my mind. Anyway, I hope she picks JP because I think Ben might be a moron…granted if she picks either I say the relationship will last 8 months max. We sure as heck will not be watching a wedding special anytime soon.

    Hmm. Short dresses, I do really love the cute and flirty look that they give a bride…but this is really one of the only occasions (other than prom…which hopefully you would have already celebrated) where you can wear a full length gown. It definitely would have to correlate with the bride’s personality. This is one of those topics where there is totally grey area.

  10. Cara Beth on July 26, 2011

    I also love the idea of a short wedding dress. It is fun, flirty, quirky, and elegant all at the same time. When I was wedding dress shopping I tried on many long gowns with and without trains, however, none were quite right. I landed on a style called high-lo. My dress was shorter in the front and a bit longer in the back (barely skimming the floor). I absolutely love my dress and would not change it for the world!

  11. Nicole on July 26, 2011

    i like the short dress idea but i think it’s your wedding … you only get to be the one in the gorgeous white gown once. Go all out! get yourself a floor length gown!

    as for ashley-who-needs-to-invest-in-the-appropriate-undergarments-and-some-eye-liner-and-then-actually-wear-them-both … just pick JP and get it over with. we know you like him the most. On that note … why did Ben get the private pool situation in his fantasy suite and JP didn’t? they just went straight for the bed. mmmhmmm. and I’m with you on Ryan. he is the worst. he made the episode worse than it was.

    can’t wait (for the tattoo’d bitch slap) to see who Ashley gets engaged to next week :D

  12. Jordan on July 26, 2011

    Ashley boggles my mind. BOGGLES. Most ridiculous statement of the night: “Constantine needs time, which is something we just don’t have.” Really, Ash? Because I’m pretty sure the point of this whole to-do is to find the man you can spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE with. Not enough time? Phooey. And saying you’re ready to get engaged after no more & no less than one single night without anyone else around? And zero mundane days doing things like laundry, cleaning, errands– also known as not traveling the world to exotic, gorgeous, romantic locations, also known as REAL LIFE. Again, simply boggles.

    In other news, my mom and I also say “jiff.” I’m seeing a 4 woman revolution in our futures.

  13. Marty J. Christopher on July 26, 2011

    I’m all for short dresses when they look as lovely as this!

  14. Elle on July 27, 2011

    I want to wear a second dress that is short… I can’t deny myself the long white dress (no childhood dreams, I just feel so graceful.)

  15. BR on July 27, 2011

    I LOVE short wedding dresses. I think they are the shiz and you posted a awesome example above on why you should love short wedding dresses. I look forward to seeing more brides rock them.

  16. Liz on July 27, 2011

    First, good news is that i heard Ryan is not the next bachelor. I won’t spoil who I heard it was but thankfully, not Ryan. The M.O. for all bachelorettes and bachelors is to go with someone they feel ‘passion’ with (duh, who doesn’t feel passion with a hot bod and an exotic location). I believe this is the #1 reason why they never work out. They’re just attracted to each other and they forget the other aspects of the relationship. Ashley is ridiculous and has the weirdest opinion of attractiveness…ie – she called Constantine a “greek god” while in the helicopter. Wait, what??????????

    love the short dresses – wish I had the courage to wear one for the partayy portion of my wedding.

  17. The level of “like” comment relating to what she wears is SOO obvious! She wears the long flowy, I can fit right in at a winery, dress for Ben. Then… The skimpy black dress, fully equipped with bling for city boy J.P. Hmmmm… Maybe she’ll pick her husband by how she likes to dress best? On another note, I SO would wear a short dress for my wedding day if I could do it over. I used to think it wasn’t acceptable, until I got into the wedding biz and now I realize, “You can do whateva you like..”!

  18. Diana Rush on July 27, 2011

    Everything about that dress, the girl in the dress, and the shoot is pure perfection! I might even say it’s the Peach of Perfection! I love short dresses & the girls that wear them always rock the look!

  19. I think that whatever the bride says, goes on her own wedding day – she may never have another one (I mean, hopefully, right?) so her whim and dream must be fulfilled! And if the whim and dream includes a short wedding dress, then why not? There’s really nothing wrong with them~ They’re sweet and sassy and supercute when done right!

  20. Ashley on July 27, 2011

    See now this is more like it! They switched it up on us, now she’s got a little blue seersucker detail on her short dress and just a white bouquet, this feature is a bit more all-gender-loving! And yes, to answer your question from the first part of this wedding, it is all gorgeous, and together, the pink plus the blue does seem a bit more even keel. In this sense, it’s a tricky question because she was wearing a long dress in your first post of this wedding, so maybe that’s her reception dress?? But in my opinion, I say do whatever the bleep you want on your wedding day. I hate my skinny calves, I wouldn’t wear a short dress, but that little lady is adorable and I think she can wear whatever she wants, especially with those awesome shoes underneath!!

    Oh, and MORE BAMBINO!!!

  21. Once Upon Your Day -- Julia on July 27, 2011

    I love the short dress. But for me personally though, I love the long dress for the ceremony then switching it up to a short dress for the dance

  22. PSUnit on July 27, 2011

    I think the short dress looks amazing.

  23. The Perfect Palette on July 27, 2011

    I loved Ryan’s, it’ll happen, it’ll happen, it’ll happen, it’ll happen… OH MY GAH!! Enough already. And Ashley’s K, bye was priceless.

    he he.

    xoxo, chrissy.
    The Perfect Palette

  24. Gina on July 28, 2011

    She seriously is the cutest little thang I ever did see :) I would not have chosen a short dress, but I think it’s absolutely adorable on her and seems perfect for that style of wedding. Not to mention, I loooove the blue shoes. Question: where were all of those buttons?

  25. Oh yes – and this looks absolutely beautiful. It’s a gorgeous shoot in a location where a long gown would look a little out of place, I think!

    I reckon if you’re having a wedding outside, in summer, with a cute vintage inspired theme and such beautiful surroundings, then a dress like this is perfect.

    Plus – the bride just looks like she LOVES wearing it! That last photo makes me want one – she looks like she’s having so much fun.

  26. Briana on July 28, 2011

    Alright, kiddos! I wore a knee length dress at my *last* wedding in Vegas… So while I think it is an adorable and kitschy alternative to a more formal dress, it does suggest a certain casualness (or in the case of my 13-month-long-marriage, a lack of solid commitment to the event)

    Alison, thank you for legitimizing my love for “The Bachelorette.” Today, I did something I’ve never done before. I bought an In Touch (who AM I?)…because JP was on the cover. Oh, Bachelor franchise…My brain is going to melt out of my ears…and I. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    You made me laugh out loud with the mic belt/sheer shirt combo.

    AND…I find myself tuning in, not for Ashley…oh no…she lost credibility during the whole Bently, Bently, Bently fiasco…but for JP. I want him to “win”. But if he wins, he marries Ashley. And I think she’ll rock a backless, thigh length dress at the wedding. (Wanna bet they’ll get hitched on-air at the reunion show?)

    I wish I didn’t care so much. But Chris Harrison, I am hooked.

  27. Briana on July 28, 2011

    and YES! Ben and Constantine are the Neanderthal Wonder Twins!

  28. Kirsten on July 28, 2011

    I did it and Candace captured it! Love love love everything about wearing it that day.

  29. Kirsten on July 28, 2011

    And I just realized I butchered Candice’s name. Sorry Candice I wuv you.

  30. WrappedCouture on July 31, 2011

    The Romona Keveza dress in the post was simply adorable! I think short dresses are and can be cute…it’s certainly depends on the person and the style of the event to determine if a short dress will be a great fit or not. For me personally, I’ve always planned to wear a long elegant dress for my ceremony and a short, more sexy dress for my reception. As stated in your post, there is nothing wrong with a bride choosing more than one dress for her wedding day and not limiting herself to just one.

  31. Alessandra Perez-Rubio on August 1, 2011

    I love this amazing trend of going short. It is classy, a little bit sexy and most importantly comfortable on a brides most important day. The photo editorial is so classy and the colored pumps gives a whole new meaning to wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. Will be staying tuned!

    Alessandra from

  32. Suzanne on August 26, 2011

    I love short dresses too! If I do my wedding over, I’d wear a short wedding dress!

  33. Ilana on September 11, 2011

    I will be wearing a short wedding dress. I partly think it depends on your personal style and the feeling of the wedding, but I KNOW there are a lot of traditional -like people out there who would rather die a painful death than not be wearing a ball gown. I’m not a fan of changing during the wedding, though. I feel like you should be able to find a dress you love so much you don’t want to take it off. EVER. My personal feelings for wearing a wedding dress: 1) beach wedding. Enough said. 2) I am short and petite and have never been able to wear a dress past my knees in my life that doesn’t make me look like an oompa-loompa. 3) TALK ABOUT SASSY! my sass level is possibly exponentially high for my size so it just needs to be this way.

    Also, this has to be the best wedding blog I have every come across (and I am a compulsive blog-stocker). Where can I wax poetic about how amazing everything about this blog is?

  34. Ilana on September 11, 2011

    *Oops. I meant “My personal feelings for wearing a SHORT wedding dress” Duh, no one wants to hear my personal feelings for wearing a wedding dress…


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