SHOOT DETAILS THAT GET YOU PUBLISHED | Sweet treats, piglets, picnics, quilts, bunting, confetti icing… | Plus, Our Giveaway Winner! Oh and Bambino, obvs.

Ok so things may or may not have gotten a little out of control with this post, so I’m warning you up front.  Crazy ahead.  ……. yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaah.

By the way (did I just start off a blog post with “by the way?”) all day I’ve been blogging to the “tap tap tappity tap” of certain a/c units dripping ad nauseum onto other, lower a/c units jutting out from the apartments beneath them.  So, let it be known… this is how I roll.  But, my rolling aside, HAPPY LATE AFTERNOON ON THURSDAY, friendlies!  How goes it?  Well?  Not well?  I hope well.  That would suck if it was the latter.  Maybe the Bambino will do the trick, that is, if you are one of those at the mercy of the latter.  What in the EFF am I even talking about right now.  Enough.  Let’s start over.

I have sort of a smörgåsbord of “stuff” for you this afternoon, and I’ve been putting it together all day, ’cause you know I likes to takes my times with my bloggins, n such.  It’s weird; every single day all I want out of these blog posts is to make you guys smile… aaaaaand I’m starting to ramble again.  Yeeesh.  Ok I have one little *realization* to address right quick, and then some NEWS many of you have been awaiting, and THEN a shoot that shows you exactly what it involves to *get published* on a blog like this one.  Hint: it’s all in the details, details, details.  Ok…. now, about that realization thingamajig…

There are some things that make me sigh.  You know this.  And so I’ll go “sigh” in writing, like I’ll actually write it down here, to express my feelings to you on the internet.  And sometimes, when I’m feeling really like jeeeez louiiise over something, I’ll make the sigh French by saying “le sigh.”

Now, I don’t know if this new thing I’m noticing warrants a “le sigh” exactly but it’s got “sigh” written all over it.  Tell me, have you guys heard about this new “Ombre Hair” craze taking over the interwaves (airwaves + internet = interwaves to me)?  I tweeted my feelings about this earlier on Twitter, but I do want to assert my thoughts here on TKB, a place where thoughts thunk by me are playfully but aggressively asserted on the daily.  Ok, so this new “ombre hair” craze?   I just sorta feel compelled to make mention that it also goes by this other name – which it’s had up until the late 2000s – which is “Partially Grown Out Highlights.”  I don’t really know where the whole “ombre hair” moniker came from, but I think it’s got to have something to do with those cool-a$$ ombre cakes we’ve been seeing quite a lot of lately, and then a special someone out there made the connection that the cakes and their grown out hair had the same *vibe* going on, and so was born “ombre hair.”  Whatevs.  I guess you can call it what you want.  Maybe it’s the start of a new way of phrasing things in this economy?  It’s pretty expensive to color hair.  I could get behind that.  Personally while writing this paragraph I’ve been almost coming round to not minding the coining of new phrases to make things that are in reality linked to general apathy or laziness seem more like fashion statements and trends.  In that vein, I’d be interested in calling my desire to skip a hair washing day the “Water Conservation Stringiness” craze.  Or something.  On a final note, I love the way partially grown out hair looks, and think it’s one of the prettiest looking stages of hair growth.  Ok I’m pretty much done with this topic.


Like I said, congrats Leighann and Caitlyn!  Be sure to get in touch with us in the comments or via email so we can hook you up with Cameron and Tracy of Cameron Leung Photography!  Woot!  But that’s not all… and this goes out to our REMAINING TWO KILLER COUPLES…

Cameron and Tracy have a little surprise for you, too.  How fun, right?  You guys will be receiving a special email delivery from them soon… so, sit tight!  Ohhhhhh how I love giveaways and how they often work out so nicely and happily.  Aren’t they just the bestest?

Ooohhhhhhhh and speaking of giveaways… to everyone who’s ever loved lovely things, we’ve got quite a few giveaway coming shortly… such as that other Sarah Seven giveaway I hinted at recently, and another Tessa Kim giveaway is coming to your faces shortly, too!  GO, FREE STUFF!  Hope you’re excited.  I’m so excited I’m getting turned on by all this action, and I don’t even get to enter.  WTF, me?

Ok, so THIS SHOOT, you guys.  I heart it LIKE EFFING CRAZY.  Why?  Because it’s HELLA CREATIVE.  And HELLA FUN.  And these people probably don’t use the word hella as often as I just did in this one paragraph so they’re already like so much cooler than I am.  And the couple truly reveal there creative, fun love in these photographs.  That = the key to a) a great shoot, b) totally successful photos and – if this is something that matters to you, c) GETTING PUBLISHED ON A BLOG.  I tend to get a lot of people ask me tips for getting published, so I figured I’d dedicate a little blogging time to the cause.

First, check out a slice from the words that the lovely Wesleyann – one half of the dynamic duo that makes up VUE Photography – shared about this shoot:

… We did an e-session with one of our upcoming brides a few months back & while tromping around & laughing uncontrollably, your blog came up in conversation & how your bachelor/bachelorette posts we’re down right hilarious! After the session & falling in love with it, we figured what better blog to submit it to than to TKB {not to mention Carlie would die knowing her e-session landed on your blog}! Carlie is an interior designer, so we knew that she would come with all sorts of goodies! Little did we know her car would be packed to the brim, only to have everything from scrabble, cupcakes, a handmade yo-yo quilt, fabric bunting banner her and her crafty sister made, golf clubs, a globe, & even an iron pig all come toppling out of the trunk! To say the least, we had a blast! Hope you enjoy taking a peek at their engagement session & love it as much as we did!! Know that you have two chicks who are quite fond of your posts! Not sure if you’ll be doing any Bachelor Pad recaps {Vienna, Jake, Capt. Kermit…you have enough material for the rest of the year just with them}, but if so, I’m sure being bent over in stitches will most certainly occur & I plan to be ready! Hope you have a great evening! {shot to the heart…} – Wesleyann

Ok so obvs., I love that write-up.  But I haz a seweous kestjun fuh youz…

Do you guys want me to recap Bachelor Pad?  I need to get some feedback from y’all to know if this is something that’s wanted.  I did the Bachelorette recaps because they were requested… so lemme know your thoughts on it, if you’d be so kind to share them.


Statement necklaces really jazz up shoots somethin’ fierce.  And I don’t even LIKE the word “fierce.”

So do… piglet banks?  Yep.

Beautiful, colorful quiltifuls.  Totally the for a pretty little shoot.

I live for candid shots like this one.  That up there is essentially the expression I have on my face more often than not.

I don’t think I need to explicate what’s going on here and how it’s blog-worthy.

Love that shot up there!  I want my own, just like hers!  I wannit mommy, gimme one of my own!  NO, this one’s different – I WANT THE ONE SHEEEE HASSSS!!  *meltdown*

That’s what my baby nephew does sometimes.  He needs an EXACT COPY of everything his sister gets.  KIDS.

How freaking CUTE is ↑ this action ↑ going on up here??!!

Ok, as requested, here’s your Day in the Life of Bam McPuppyPants…

Sometimes, his lips get stuck.  … Somebody’s gonna need braces.

Say g’bye to *gettin’ any* in early high school, Bambo.  It’s ok though; dating can wait.  Mommy would prefer that, actually.


And yes, if you noticed, I definitely need to invest in some more modest shorts.  I don’t even think I can call what I have on “daisy dukes.”  If we’re honest with each other here, it looks like I’m rocking underwear, solely.

Le sigh.

~ FIN ~


SO!  What’s on your mind?  As always, let’s talk about anything.  If you’re looking for a topic, you can let me know if you want me to recap Bachelor Pad episodes.  Or let me know your ideas for your own killer e-shoot.  Or tell me you love glitter and sequins OMIGOD YOU DO?  I TOTALLY DO TOO.  That’s awesome.  We have a lot in common.

Or you can say, “I like cupcakes.”  Y’know, whatevs.  I’ll accept “you look pretty today Alison,” as well.  But it’s obviously up to you.  Obviously.

xoxo! – Alison


Cameron Leung Photography is a member of Vendor Love, The Knotty Bride’s Preferred Vendor Guide. To view this listing, click here.

Photography: VUE Photography / Submitted via Two Bright Lights / Bakery: Sugar Crave Cupcakes

Label(s): Color, Contests + Giveaways, Mr. McPuppyPants, Red, {Engagement}

Love all of this...


  1. Caitlin on August 11, 2011

    Love this e-session! And I love that you shared tips for getting published on a blog like yours. I will try to keep those in mind in like a hundred years when I finally find a man and convince him to stick around.
    And your opinion on the ombre hair craze.. totally the exact thoughts I had when I first saw that. No way I would pay someone to color my hair to look like I had some nasty roots going on.

  2. Heidi on August 11, 2011

    Beautiful photo shoot, and adorable Bam photo hehe

    And one HUGE YES from me to please recap the Bachelor Pad!

  3. Koru Kate on August 11, 2011

    Aw, Bam looks so tough & too adorable at the same time! Looove it!

    & wow, killer e-sesh!

  4. Lena on August 11, 2011

    HORRAY FOR LEIGHANN and CAITLYN!!! Here I am cheering for them like I know them personally, but I can’t help but be happy for winners. Especially kick ass winners, and feeling like TKB readers are people I’d let into my house. Because with the Texans I’ve been meeting lately, I was not feeling good about Amurica.

    And then, just to load me up with happiness, you throw in this gorgeous, heavenly, cupcaked e-session full of candids and a good looking couple? You’re really trying to make it okay that it’s not Friday yet.

    I CANNOT STOP OBSESSING ABOUT MY FIRST POST. I keep reading it over and over, and reading it outloud to John and then emailing it to him and asking him if it’s different read vs read to. And it’s all I can think about right now, hence the outburst.

    Please send me Bambs-I think it will help my blogging.

  5. Elle on August 11, 2011


    I love that I don’t see the weddings you have on TKB all over the wedding blogosphere. It’s fresh and seriously I get sick of seeing the same crap everywhere else.

    Also you and Bambino look stunning – I’m going to believe that you are just rocking hot pants. :)

  6. Leighann on August 11, 2011

    So I could lie and say no, I wasn’t trolling TKB all day *patiently* waiting for the winner to be announced.. but i’m a terrible liar… ask Caitlyn, I tell on myself ALL the time.

    Besides the urge to throw things around my office in hyper-excitement… I don’t even know what to do with myself!

    Thank you sooooo soooo much for this incredible opportunity and thank you to the random TBK readers who voted for two ladies who you’ve never even met! We’re awesome, we promise… your vote went to good folks :)

    ahhhh so what’s next????? Besides me letting all of our friends and family know that us torturing them last week paid off!!!

    eeeeeee thank you again!!

    p.s. I can’t control my salivary glands thanks to those cupcake pictures!

  7. Donna on August 11, 2011

    What was the final counts for each couple on the E-Shoot contest?

  8. Keri on August 11, 2011

    Adorable! Love the colors…We just did our engagement shoot a few weeks ago and just got a few pics back…I can’t wait to see the rest!!!!!!!

  9. Nora on August 11, 2011

    I have no idea what Bachelor Pad is. I think a tv show?

    The reason why I look forward to your posts is a. ridiculously funny things that I can show my manly boyfriend b. wedding things that I trick him into looking at by looking at hilarious things first c. french bulldog finale to the trickery. He hates wedding things and wants a “real” large dog. We are so getting a frenchie to snort and cuddle and snuggle with.

  10. Liesl on August 11, 2011

    So, so fun and I love the energy and cupcakes…I guess going with a quilt and picnic for my engagement session a few weeks ago was a good thing! LOL! Love everything about this and your oh so witty words! :)

    Liesl :)

  11. jacin {lovely little details} on August 11, 2011

    you are hilarious. and i think you look nice today.

  12. Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} on August 12, 2011

    That shoot is uh-mazing. I love how natural they are and it looks like they’re having so much fun! Super cute.

    I don’t think I’ll be watching Bachelor Pad this season… although it looks super juicy. I watched it last season because I guy I went to high school with was on it. (Jesse, whom they lovingly called “Kovacs” – he turned out to be an a** hole, which was no surprise, because he was one in high school.) But I always love your recaps regardless.

    And… *shameless self promotion ahead* if your readers are super sad about the ending/not winning of the contest, we are having a wedding photography contest of our own over on my blog. I’m not going to leave a link, because that’s stooping too low, but if anyone wants to check it out, you know where to find me! *Self promotion over*

  13. Jenny on August 12, 2011

    BAHAHAHAHA! Our boxer puppy has crooked teeth too and my fiance always says, “Geez, now how much are braces gonna cost us?” It makes me laugh everytime, cause obviously, they don’t make doggy braces. Right???!!!! Please recap the Bachelor Pad! Those shows just make me feel so much better about my life decisions. ;)

  14. Nicole on August 12, 2011

    i think you’re funny and i think you should do bachelor pad recaps.
    and that’s all i know right now.

  15. Shannon on August 12, 2011

    Such a cute couple – and the cupcakes look delicious… I’m now starving.

  16. Jennifer on August 13, 2011

    Its really not every wedding photoshoot that you get to see a pig, a cupcake, and a dog smiling! The pictures look terrific. The couple seems really happy together. You can tell they have chemistry just by looking at the pictures.

  17. Our Wedding Hub on August 15, 2011

    That’s a great photoshoot! I love the 4 photos in the field. oh and the cupcakes look delicious

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