STREAMERS + FRINGED + DIY = PROGRESS | Are you kidding me, piñatas? | Plus, majority finds weddings to be “the worst,” one study discovers. Also, babies.

↑ These ain’t your grandma’s pinatas we’re talking about.  Nosireebob.

Happy Wednesday afternoon/evening, ladies and gents!

Aaaannnnnd a quick aside before we start.  See that title, up there, the title of this here post?  The latter part, not the beginning part; the beginning part’s relevant.  However, the latter part?  That’s the kind of headlining of posts I want to stop encountering, internet.  I’ve been running into it a lot lately.  The kind of titling that has nothing to do with the content of the post, and therefore makes your eyes bulge out a little because you really wanted to read what the headline said, but what you found was a picture of a woman knitting.  So people on the internet who do that… stop it.  Stop.  Stop that.

Lovely afternoon/evening it’s shaping up to be, is it not?  I must tell you that, to my delight, the beautiful bride from this wedding - remember, the one who made me want to be up in the gym, just workin’ on my fitness? – well, she was totally cool and on board with the wet dream sequence that I told her [and the world] I was planning around her white ruffled clutch, so, that’s good to know.  Because you never know if someone’s going to be on board with it.  Wet dreams are funny like that.  Hehe.  Ummmmmmmmm.  Yup.

Moving on!  Let’s just move on.  As we so often have to do here, given my complete and unwavering submission to stream-of-consciousness blogging.

Okey dokey, today, I am attacking your collective facial unit with fringey, streamery, piñataey (piñaty? piñatish? piño? wait, piño is probably an actual word…?) party decor perfection.  You’ve probably noticed I have sort of a *thing* for pinatas on the blog, since I’ve blogged rather excitedly within the posts that contain them in the past.  Par examplaaaa:

A killer wedding we featured, shot by Amelia Lyon, and involving many a piñata occurrence…

The DIY ice cream cone piñata we kicked at you here

The fortune cookie piñata situation we featured here, which had this to say:

Photography: Little Wunders Photography / Event Planning & Design: MOOD Events & Production

That time we featured the S**T out of Confetti System

They call that a “crystal silo.”  It’s a piñata, by the way, but I’m all for making up creative names for things.  If that wasn’t obvious.

WELL.  There are sooooo many cool piñata projects and inspiration out there, and I would just DIE if you didn’t see it yourselves.  So, join me, on this, a journey into the world of diy piñatas and various other fringey delights.

Journey’s about three minutes.  Shouldn’t take more than three.

I LOOOOOVE this DIY from Jordan Ferney.  She calls it “How to Make a Number Pinata,” but I call it “How to Blow My Mind Into Little Pieces, Not Unlike the Fate of a Pinata.”

And then she had to go ahead and feature a project called “DIY: Fringey Monogram.”  I have other names for it, but you’re already pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here.

Photos by Michaela for Oh Happy Day

Man.  How freaking GREAT are piñatas and streamers and related s**t.  Hardly gets much better than any of this!  I’m tellin’ ya!  And yes, that installation is for a child’s birthday party.  Did the ’2′ give it away?  But obvs., the project’s highly versatile.  Sometimes, I think I try to make things clearer than they need to be.  Like explaining to you that you can adapt this project from a ’2′ into ‘something else’ that ‘isn’t a 2.’  I am making the sigh French today, my darlings…

Le sigh.

Spam Comment of the Day:

“How much will it cost to send this letter to ? female model chesty morgan nude male underwear models”

I can’t make these up, people.  But umm, I dunno, say, $3?  Do they live near you?

Anywaaaaaays.  Are piñatas your jam, too?  Or just fringey, streamery, ruffly things that look pretty?  And would you be able to start attacking one with a stick, with it looking as gorgeous as those featured up above?  I’d have some trouble.  If you’re me, you’d definitely end up featuring it as an art installation in your living room.  Forever.

OHHHH!  50 internet points if you can guess who is making their Bloggista debut on TKB tomorrow!  Probably only a handful of you are aware of our very first Bloggista at the moment, so this competition is totally fixed.

xoxo!  - Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Lena on August 17, 2011

    Oh sweet mother of fringey, piñata goodness, this is MAGICAL. I should make John crafty and then ask him for those giant numbers tomorrow-make the big 2-5 even BIGGER! As if TKB and all those Kate Spade gifts I demanded weren’t enough…

    But really, this is a story you’ll appreciate. My all girls a cappela group was pretty famous, and we sang for a lot of events, our favorite being the HiTOPS annual gala-they are an awesome, well decorated version of Planned Parenthood in my yuppy home town. And one year, Trojan condoms sent them TROJAN HORSE PIÑATAS for centerpieces. I still have one, they were that amazing.

  2. Alison on August 17, 2011

    ↑ this girl above? She’s one of our brand new Knotty Bloggistas. I think you understand why, my friends. I think you understand why.

    FYI: To everyone else who’s applied to be a Bloggista – just know that if you haven’t gotten positive news back yet, it’s because we haven’t sent all our invites yet! You see… the thing is… we love ALL OF YOU. So it’s been *SLIGHTLY DIFFICULT* to pare y’all down to just a handful!!! Just lettin’ ya know. :) xoxo

  3. Didi on August 17, 2011

    I LOVE IT!
    But there’s something I need to say before I keep saying how much I love these piNata ideas… please don’t be mad….
    I’ve had the HARDEST… {most difficult?}… time reading your blog recently! Are you kidding me! I get lost after every other sentence! I started re-reading, and after a while I just decided to pretend I understood what you were writing about… and then proceeded to not commenting in case I didn’t understand. Which was probably smart.
    So THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making this one understandable…. and free of anything that starts with the letters BACHEL…. (I’m not a fan of those bachelor/ette pad no-pad segments, but that’s just me! Silly girl who watches a lot of SyFy and never any reality TV shows… except for SYTYCD)

    BACK TO TODAY! OH MAN! I love piNatas! They remind me of my childhood!!!!!! I need to make one for someone… any one… who’s birthday is coming up!?

  4. Alison on August 17, 2011

    Didi – LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLLOLOLOLLLOOLLL :) You make my heart flutter with your hilarious and ironic comment. Did you hear that? My heart flutters for you! ;) xx

    … Also, I just realized that the way you were reading the blog sounds identical to the way I read books. I have to review sentences like twice or three times before I can move on to the next. And since I read only really kicka$$ books that I enjoy, I’m going to consider it a safe correlation that this ultimately means the blog is akin to really kicka$$ books FOR THE WIN.

    Or I’m just a confusing pile of word crap to you. But it’s one of those.


  5. Chelsea on August 17, 2011

    Soooo, I don’t watch the Bach (elorette, pad, whatevs)… BUT, I freaking love (that’s right, l-o-v-e. I’m not even like testing the waters by saying “Umm I really love… hanging out with you” or “I love you… in that dress” or even just, “I really like you. Like, REALLY. LIKE. YOU.”) your recap posts on the shows. Why? I have no clue, except that I’m pretty sure that your posts adequately exude the kind of madness and crazy sh** even the show fails to really get across (because even though I think pretty much everyone on that show is batsh** crazy, it’s like the producers still act as though it’s completely normal to be filmed 24/7 and be completely dramatic about EVERYTHINGALLTHETIME. Like even while you’re sleeping. (OMG seriously, did my pillow just call me a bi***?!))

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know… that. Probably in the most awkward way possible. Let’s just have a long silence where we stare at each other then turn and slowly walk in different directions. Ok? Ok.

  6. Didi on August 17, 2011

    I love to read, and I will only read good books! Same applies for blogs… and I seem to come back every single day, even after a couple of days in which I failed miserably to understand anything you were writing…. so my conclusion is that your blog must be a kicka$$ blog. It makes sense, right?

    ‘definitely kicka$$, definitely definitely kicka$$… ‘
    {said like Rain Man}

  7. Kristen on August 17, 2011

    I am SO in love with those wee little pinatas! I was in love with them when you featured them the first time and did a little “Squee” this time. I think we might use something like it for favors at our engagement party.

  8. Alicia @CharityWedding on August 17, 2011

    Let’s talk about a show I could be on True Life: When it comes to pinatas, I’m an ass. There are a few things I might hurt someone for and one of those things involves mounds of candy raining from a headless, tissue covered horse. So when I was at a bday party and a boy was up at his turn to hit the pinata, he hit it so hard that it broke but it also swung back in perfect formation to smack him RIGHT in the face. And knock both him down and the severed horse limb off. While the majority of children were horrified and parents ran to his aid, I went straight for the candy as if I was sliding into home base. I used my entire wing span to scoop up that pile only to find a bunch of eyes staring down on me. So I did what any kid would do, I offered to give up any candy that included raisins. And that was probably exactly when I stopped being invited to parties. I am sure those 2 weeks filled with smarties were totally worth it.

  9. Nora on August 17, 2011

    Where are the weddings? And babies? And puppy? I’m looking for all those things…

  10. Alison on August 17, 2011

    I’m sorry but you readers, you are hilarious. Sometimes I think you guys should write this blog instead of me.

    Nora, GOLDEN.

  11. Tamra {walks with Bella} on August 17, 2011

    HOLY PINATA!!!! Pinch me pinata are those for real! Amazing truly amazing. Talk about bringing back the pinata and making it cool again. I wish I was a guest at that wedding.

  12. Once Upon Your Day -- Julia on August 18, 2011

    I am loving the pinata theme! The colors are amazing and look so great when done with care!

  13. Matt Serrao on August 19, 2011

    I am so excited to see Enge and AJ on here with their fortune cookie pinata! Allison, what an exciting surprise! We made that pinata in our workshop late one night, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to make their own. There’s nothing like a hot glue gun, tons of tissue paper, and cardboard at 3am!

  14. Diana Rush on August 19, 2011

    Loving this piñata trend & I’m pretty sure that I had a piñata up until my 16th birthday, because who doesn’t love spinning around blindfolded swinging a bat!?

  15. Denise on August 20, 2011

    So glad I lingered to read the posts. Hilarious! Mostly because I can relate! Not a fan of Bach….something. Been feeling *alone* in my angst b/c I wasn’t “something” enough to be all absorbed in what I considered nonsense. **and Pinatas terrify me. What the hell party concept is this??? People, children beating the crap out of a gorgeous piece of art for what? Cheap ass candy? It’s no doubt a man’s idea for ubiquitous party entertainment.
    BTW: Where’s the pup pics???


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