NERD CHIC AT SECRET HEADQUARTERS | Bacon-Centric Food Trucks, Nintendo & The Pigsingtons | FYI, Tuuhh-daay i-is Friiiiii-daaay, Friiiii-daaay. Also, Bam.

I’ve had this pair of boy short underwear sitting on my desk – my desk, on it – for four days now as a visual reminder to buy more boy short underwear for a vacation we’re going on soon.

Guess if I’ve bought more boy short underwear yet.  Go ahead, guess.

Anyway.  It’s late Friday afternoon, friendsicles!  And I’m excited to leave you with this magical post, as we head into our weekends.What is it, like 3:30pmish PST or PSD or LSD or PPS or PCP ooohhhhmygoodness I’m gonna reel it in; it’s too early in the post to drop all of my marbles out of my bag, I still need some of my marbles.  So… Everybodyeez lookin’ frrrrward to the weeeeeekend weeeeeekend?  Good, good.  That’s good.  You know what else is good?  Rebecca Black songs aside.  I’m talking about dinner.  I highly recommend it.  It feels like it’s been ages since a bunch of us went out and dined on the town, subsequently painting it red, and then holding our bellies in a coma 0f fullness and non-allergic reaction for some.  Eating food outside is sort of the best and it makes you feel like so totally fancy and such.  Anyway that’s not actually where I was going when I started that paragraph – shocking.

I was talking about an e-shoot {click here to check it out… it’s by Amanda Rynda Photography} that’s been making the rounds on the internets today.  This is, of course, only if you happened to miss it, which was kinda hard to do today.  What’s that?  You don’t spend all day on Twitter and perusing wedding blogs like I do?  You have other things to do?  Ohhh, yeah, ok then you might have missed it.  About 17 people (literally.) sent it my way, and I’ve had some rewarding conversations about it; all in all an excellent experience.  So I thought you should see it, too, if you haven’t already, that is.  Boy, that was redundant.

So yeah, I was like totally gonna feature a killer wedding today, but that’ll need to wait ’til Monday, because when I saw all that hilariously wonderful zombie nonsense, I thought about an email I received with a submission from the lovely photographer wife, aka Joanna Wilson, of a fellow blogger – you may know of him; he writes a blog that goes by the name of “The Groom Says.”  Cool kitteh.  Anywho, HAD TO FEATURE IT, TODAY STYLE.  I love how *I’m* the blogger people think of when they shoot something like this.  I’m definitely taking it as a compliment.  So thanks, y’all. :)  And for the record, I ain’t the one calling it “Nerd Chic.”  That’s how it was delivered unto me.  So… yeah… just so you know.  I’m still not all-the-way around to comfortable identifying couples’ photo shoots with the words that used to be hurled as insults at my face in grade school.

Too soon.

So!  Anyway.  In honor of *unique* engagement shoot ideas on this lovely Friday afternoon, here you are, a Nerd Chic one, for you to eat up, bacon and all.  Friends, I gotta say – I’m really digging the idea of making your engagement session a totally fun/redonk-in-a-good-way/relevant-to-you-as-a-couple experience.  Such creativity is popping up out there!!  I really hope you dig it, too.

Here’s the rundown from Joanna:

We had so much fun with this nerd chic engagement shoot! Sarah and Jimmy both love video games and comic books, and are self-proclaimed nerds, so the Secret Headquarters comic book store in Silverlake was our first stop.  We used downtown LA as our backdrop as they battled each other on their matching Nintendo game consoles.  Finally, since they both share a true affinity for bacon, we stopped at The Lardon Truck for bacon tacos and pancakes.  Mr. and Mrs. Pigsington (characters they created) joined us for the day.  They’ll end up as cake toppers at their October 15th wedding.

This girl in this shoot needs to be my friend.  Can we be friends, girl-in-shoot?  Your name’s Sarah, right?  That’s a pretty name.  And that’s Jimmy, right?  Cool.  Yeah so I’ll just wait by the phone, here, for your call indefinitely.  No, no, it’s cool – no rush!  Take your time, it’s a big decision.  I’ll just go ahead and give your photographer/family/coworkers my phone number so you can get in touch whenever you feel comfortable.

I like bacon.  Do you like bacon?  Oh HAHAH look, I just noticed you have bacon in your shoot – how funny/coincidental!  I hadn’t noticed that, before.  We really are meant to be friends.

Now… your Friday Edition of A Day in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants… work week vs weekends – a life in pictures:

during the workweek, it’s all about resisting the punim.  he even knows I like them stacked neatly at my feet, instead of haphazardly so.  he tries so hard.

… but then on the weekends, it’s all about…


So, peeps, what do you think of Mr. and Mrs. Pigsington and their owners, Sarah and Jimmy?  I love a couple who can laugh and play around with one another.  Such a key ingredient to a Relationship Win.


xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – Up up down down left right left right b a b a, select start.  It’s the only way to beat Contra.

Photography: Joanna Wilson Photography / Caterer: Lardon Food Truck / Location: The Secret Headquarters

Label(s): Mr. McPuppyPants, {Engagement}

Love all of this...


  1. Ella on August 19, 2011

    Oh how I love this couple’s charm! I honestly dont think I could go through with devoting my shoot to this, even though I think it’s perfection. Because last minute, I’d probably chicken out. How silly, right? I just know myself. But this couple did a bang-up job of it!

    Please don’t worry about calling it nerd chic- it’s the perfect term to describe it :) plus, if being a nerd in your youth meant turning into the person who brings me my afternoon blog desserts, then we should all be nerds in our youth!!! Hehe ;) happy friiiiiiiday!

  2. Tracy on August 19, 2011

    OOOOOHHHHH MIIIIII GOOOOSH! This is so freaking adorable. I cannot handle it. I heart the whole concept and the uniqueness behind it all. Great way to end my Friday. Warm, fuzzy, and full of love! xoxo

  3. Lena on August 19, 2011

    GAAH. As a total geek myself, I really love when someone lets their freak flag fly. Of course, these two are far too adorable and clever to ever have gotten shit for their love of Nintendo or bacon-I’d like them to stick up for my on the playground.

    And then, just when I thought I’d had all the goodness on Earth, there’s Bambs, napping away and making sweet faces. You kill me, you know that?

  4. totally thought this shoot was cute! not many girls are willing to be nerdy in an e-shoot (it’s all about being romantic and all that) but this girl and her man pulled it off!

  5. Leanna on August 19, 2011

    This is one of my favorite engagement shoots. Like ever.

  6. Rachael on August 19, 2011

    I am totally considering making origami flowers out of pages from Spiderman comic books for my big day. Spiderman is his FAVORITE, and I think we’re doing red and navy for our colors…so…yeah. That may happen. Geek love FTW.

  7. Elle on August 19, 2011

    This is my favorite engagement shoot ever!

  8. anna and the ring on August 20, 2011

    Dang they are just too cute!

  9. Amma // Beyond Beyond on August 21, 2011

    That is just so awesome! I adore the jumping shots – fantastic!

  10. bridal girl on August 22, 2011

    Such a great idea for a cool engagement shoot. Nice job and cool couple you have here! Congratulations!

  11. Once Upon Your Day -- Julia on August 22, 2011

    I love this shoot! and the lil pigs sooo cute!

  12. Sarah on August 25, 2011

    Thank you so much for posting our engagement shoot! We had a blast, and Joanna and Brian were truly the best. They picked us up at our apartment and drove us all over LA from new, surprising, awesome location to new, surprising, awesome location. I mean, they’re Vegans, and they took us to the bacon food truck!!! Ridiculous!!

    And would definitely love to be internet friends with IRL possibilities if you ever want to go out for the best bacon in LA.

  13. CR on August 29, 2011


  14. Angela Steorts Smith on October 12, 2011

    Wow! My nephew is famous!! Love the pics and wish we could be at their special day!! Love you! Can’t wait to meet Sarah!


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