THEMED BRIDAL SHOWER WIN ~ What I’d want my shower to look like. … and you know I rarely if ever feature bridal showers, so… | Also, Who Doesn’t Wanna Boink Ryan Gosling?

I’m sure you’ve seen me express my love and affection for Ryan Gosling over the time you and I have known one another.  Especially if you use Twitter, because on Twitter you know I do it on a regular basis.  Because I love Gosling like McAdams loves Gosling. That’s right I’m Alison, that girl who tweets about Ryan Gosling and also weddings.  In fact my Gosling tweets are like in my top five most retweeted, so you’ve given me no reason to put a stop to this.  Fun fact: coitus- and kindess-related tweets are in the top five, too.  Coitus and kindness, they go hand in hand!  Or minimally so.  And kindness has no place at all if you’re kinky.  I’m moving on. 

I mention this because a video that you may have seen by now (?) reached the internets recently, and it has effectively brought my affection threat level for Ryan from The It’s Affecting My Ability to Focus on Anything But Your Face Level to You’re Only Hurting Yourself If You Don’t Just Go Talk to Him Already Level.  This is a reverse threat level barometer.  The threat is on him.

It’s funny.  Because I don’t remember being in that area of the city that day, but I definitely recognize the exact way I’d react while filming Ryan Gosling doing anything even remotely attractive or manly or good samaritan-like.  Please note also – and Honey knows this – that I have a serious gift for recognizing actors (don’t all congratulate me at once), so I would have been both the girl who immediately identified him as Ryan T. Gosling from “that movie,” but also – and certainly mostly – the girl who just-short-of-poops-her-pants at the realization that she’s staring directly into the musculature of Noah from The Notebook. Ok so seen it or not, it’s worth a looksee:

“Are you SERIOUS????? Are you SERIOUS????? You’re lying. You’re lying. You’re lying. You’re lying. You’re lying. Omigod it is. omigod it is.  Ohh *crying* myyy *crying* god.”  At this point the girl is too overwhelmed with emotion to continue holding her camera.  Or camera on her phone.  Or camera app.  ← I’m getting too old for this.

The way Ryan Gosling walked over to that fight was akin to the way I imagine someone like Jesus would look walking over to a fight, had he flown down on a unicorn right after having an upper body focused workout earlier that day, and sweetly but with full use of his arms – which were really starting to see some results, from those upper body workouts he’d started a month ago – and calmly and lovingly breaking up that fight over that painting in the middle of that street.  I would hope that if I ever have to break up a fight, that it’s been two guys who are in a quarrel over a painting.  That can’t be too taxing, breaking up that fight.  Consider the people involved.  If you’re in a brouhaha over a painting, you aren’t the type who’s leaving crazy threatening over-the-top non sequitur comments on youtube videos about puppies at 3am.  If you’re in a melee over a painting, you’re probably not running around town in all blue, or all red, or all gold, indoctrinating newbie gang members.  If you’re in a scuffle over a painting, you aren’t the type who’s regularly getting into scuffles.  Painting altercations = entry level scuffling.

STILL, it’s hot.  The Ryan intervening part not the scuffling part.  Are you a Ryan Gosling fan(atic) like me?  Are there any other people out there I should be developing the hots for, actor or not?  Lemme know.

And now, you may be asking: and howww, exactly, is this relevant to the bridal shower you’re about to share with us?  And to that I’d answer: define relevance.  And to that, you’d answer (gimme a sec- looking up definition of relevance real quick, back in 2… ok got it): “The relation of something to the matter at hand.”  And to that, I’d answer: Ryan Gosling is the only thing missing from this party.  And to that, you’d answer: lame.  But I’ll take it.  (Please, answer that way.  I just really wanted to talk about Ryan Gosling today.)

Ok, that antithesis-of-smoothly brings us to the bridal shower I’m really, really excited to feature today, because it’s a bridal shower for Sara Lucero, who happens to be an incredible photographer herself, and all around great person.  She just had a day after session with Amelia Lyon, one of my schoolgirl crushes in the photography world, and I figured what better person to blog about today than Sara?  Right.  On with it!

Oh, and she’s gorgeous, inside and out.  Just fyi.  It’s like, if you made her loveliness on the inside perfectly match what external loveliness tends to look like… well you get my drift.  She’s pretty in many ways, is what I’m saying.

(stop blushing, Sara.)


Here’s Sara’s rundown of this pretty incroyable party awesomeness:

What can I say… i LOVE themes! My birthday party last year was 1990′s themed and this year my friends and I all dressed as Waldo (where’s waldo?) and paraded around like fools at a country western bar. So, it only felt appropriate that my bridal shower was themed too. A few months ago we were brainstorming a theme for the shower when one of my friends shouted out “WHAT ABOUT CIRCUS?!”, and at first it was a joke, it really was. We teased about the shiny bright reds and various vibrant colors (not my thing), the child-like (and horrifying) painted clown faces, and the cheesy music when suddenly the trailer for Water For Elephants popped in my head (ok, maybe it was Edward, i mean Rob Pattinson that popped in my head) and i realized a vintage carnival/circus could be a BEAUTIFUL theme. So, there it was! We decided. I am lucky enough to have a crafty etsy store owner in my family (A Cozy Cup of Tea) who volunteered to throw my shower and then I volunteered to take the photos of the day, since I am a wedding photographer.

The day was PERFECT. My sister in law didn’t miss a beat. There were red & white pennants hung from the ceiling, popcorn holders filled with flowers, martini glasses filled with cotton candy, and favor bags full of caramel corn! Adorable! The food was unlike any bridal shower food i’ve ever eaten… shoestring fries in cupcake holders, corndogs, soft homemade pretzels, ketchup and mustard in glass jars with labels instead of plastic bottles, coca cola in glass bottles, and ice cold lemonade!

My favorite detail of the day was my tiny top hat that my other matron of honor, Kalie, made for me. It was perfectly playful. She also made the old school ribbons that the bridesmaid and mothers of the groom/bride wore to distinguish themselves among the other guests. I want to keep using the word “perfect” over and over again because it was COMPLETELY WAS. Such a fun and totally adorable way to spend a sunday afternoon.

Sara (the ring master, bride-to-be, and photographer) 

So, what do you think, peeps?  How great are the people in her life, eh?  And are you digging that cotton candy-via-martini glasses idea?  Me too.  Me too.

Also, I believe I love Ryan Gosling more than you love Ryan Gosling.  But I welcome any and all runs for my money.

xoxo!  - Alison

Photography: Sara Lucero / Stylist, decorator, crafter and matron of honor: Crafts by Carter / Cake: A Cozy Cup of Tea / ETSY STORES: vintage tags / popcorn & peanuts bags & straws

Label(s): Color, Red, Ryan Gosling, {Bridal Shoots + Showers}

Love all of this...


  1. Suki on August 24, 2011

    You crack me up!!! Thanks for not being the same old same old wedding blogger and forgive me for not saying so much earlier.

  2. Ann on August 24, 2011

    You and I are in the same Ryan Gosling over-the-top fanatic boat :)

    Loved the shower and all the little details that made it special. And the cotton candy in a martini glass? Killer.

    One of my favorite lines in the post: “The way Ryan Gosling walked over to that fight was akin to the way I imagine someone like Jesus would look walking over to a fight, had he flown down on a unicorn right after having an upper body focused workout earlier that day, and sweetly but with full use of his arms – which were really starting to see some results, from those upper body workouts he’d started a month ago – and calmly and lovingly breaking up that fight over that painting in the middle of that street. ”

    Loved today’s post – I can’t quit TKB.

  3. Alison on August 24, 2011

    Suki – awww, shucks, you trying to make me blush? Because mission accomplished. Thanks so much for the kind words, they’re always appreciated and touch my heart :) xx!

    Ann – we sound like two peas in a pod. Even though we’re just now meeting, ahh buhlieve ahh cain’t quit you nayther. ;) xx!

  4. Casie {@TheNameIsCasie} on August 24, 2011

    I have been informed (by males) that I am *NOT* allowed to “embarrassingly attempt” to stalk Ryan Gosling while in New York City next week. AND….I have been told that I most definitely absolutely SHOULD (by females) “stalk” Ryan Gosling next week while Im in New York City.

    It’s REALLY difficult to see theses guy “Friends” of mine points of view. I mean…what do THEY know about Ryan anyway? And what if I just *happen* to bump into him? What THEN? So…this probably means that you’re 100% in for re-creating a ninja like street fight in random parts of the city with me until Ryan just HAPPENS to appear, right? (Ive calculated that’s the EASIEST way of finding him)

    *LOVE* the themed Bridal Shower idea too! Super cute & dreamy! Juuust like that Gosling guy. ;)

  5. Alison on August 24, 2011

    Casie – Sounds like SOMEONE needs a partner in crime on that mission. I like your deductive skills, my dear; fighting DOES seem to be extremely effective as a Goslinglure. Brainstorming an entry level scuffle scenario… hmmm… what. could. we. scuffle about…

    After exchanging pleasantries, of course. Seeing as we’ve never met one another previous to this. :)

  6. Winnie on August 24, 2011

    I want to go back and get married all over again, just so I can have cotton candy at my bridal shower.


  7. Sara Lucero on August 24, 2011

    “Blushing” doesn’t even do it justice, Alison!! I’m over here trying to eat my turkey sandwich (on a hamburger bun because i want to use the buns before they go bad) and i hop online to have my heart completely melted. You are so kind! Thank you thank you!
    And it’s so fitting that my shower is paired with Ryan because my maid of honor, Liana, actually goes to school with RYAN’S SISTER and she got to see him at graduation and yes, she’s always been in lust with him! :)


  8. Lena on August 24, 2011

    This shower is a magical circus place that I’d like to move into (and swin in a sea of cotton candy). I would like to have friends like this gorgeous gal obviously snagged herself-sadly, all I have are those photos I printed out of Bambs.

  9. Claire Martine on August 24, 2011

    Oh my goodness. The number of times I watched this mini doesn’t-do-him-justice-take-off-that-hat-so-we-can-see-your-beauty video is probably embarrassing. Mmmmm..

    Also, props on being able to pull off the top hat Sara. This bridal shower is so cute! :)

  10. jamie loop on August 24, 2011

    ok so I lurrrrve ryan g. too!!! so much that my boyfriend just caves in anytime the notebook is on tv and has accepted the fact that our first born son will be named noah.

    did i mention i live in la and go to the SAME gym he works out in? did i also mention i STALK the gym and don’t work out on a weekly basis hoping to get a glimpse? sigh. he’s so hot!

  11. Lauren B on August 24, 2011

    I too love Ryan Gosling…and there is no shame in this fact. I’m pretty sure my fiance knows I would leave him for Ryan, and I am not afraid to admit it.

    Also, the tiny top hat? Adorbs.

  12. Alicia @CharityWedding on August 24, 2011

    I’d leave my husband in an instant for Ryan. He knows it. Also for Prince Harry not because he is super sexy but because Princesses have the BEST shoes. We did have a slight low point in our relationship the other day when I found out that Harry would not be coming to AZ but rather CA. I shouted, “Now, I will NEVER be a Princess.” As if a trip to Az was the ticket I needed. Anyway I am not sure my non-Prince husband loves that I’d leave him for a closet of Princess shoes. We all have priorities.

  13. Laura on August 24, 2011

    Lol. You are too funny.

    That shower is a adorable. And so is the bride. Such a lucky girl!

  14. cutest story about how the shower came about. i love it! also, i’m completely digging those martini cotton candy. yum! plus, love the ribbons with the “bride” or “mother of the bride” and stuff. so cute!

  15. Wholesale Roses Co on August 24, 2011

    The red and white shower theme reminds me of that TV program, Love American Style…ha, ha…I guess that shows I’m old, huh?

  16. Elle on August 25, 2011

    Ryan Gosling is the epitome of a beautiful man… Not to be confused with “man pretty”. Who could McAdams date after him???

  17. C on August 25, 2011

    That’ bridal shower is fab. I loved all the details even the special mother of the bride ribbon.

    Ryan Gosling is SUPER yummy. I loved your description of him and I would probably be also secretly freaking out if I had also been that close to him. I arranged a girls night to watch to “All Good Things”, promising my girlfriends that there would be a shirtless moment so we can oogle at his glorious 8 pack. In that movie, at one point, he cross dresses as a woman, but we still enjoyed the view before that all happened. The hubs also recently commented that he noticed that I’ve been renting a lot of Ryan Gosling films from itunes. So, yeah. Let’s stalk him together. How about it?

  18. Jamie @ snacktress on August 27, 2011

    Another Ryan-lover here. My ex-bf actually posted that video to my Facebook wall, remembering how I used to pine over him. Some things never change.

    That bridal shower is too cute.

  19. LS on August 29, 2011

    Love. This.

  20. Miriam Corona on September 2, 2011

    This shower is incredible! I am working on a carnival theme for next year and I will definitely use this for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

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