PINTEREST, BEST CAKE EVER & PHOTO CREDITING | Editor’s Notes + Bambino, The Credit Mascot | Also, I can no longer say, “I’ve never seen a porn star in Vera Wang.”

FYI, ↑ these cakes ↑ have got me by the balls.

First things first – happy weekend, folks!  An early Saturday morning post is happening right now.  Yes, literally.  It’s like midnight.  This is happening, in part, because I feel like communicating with you all before we inevitably lose power this weekend, but mostly because something happened yesterday that blew my Friday RIGHT UP.  So, among other things, here’s that story.

All I’ve been able to do is think about two major situations that are impacting the virtual world, and the physical world, respectively: One has to do with Pinterest, and the other is this goshforsaken Hurricane Irene that’s about to slam into my face.  And that’s when I realized something.  

I realized I could perish this weekend… even if not really.  But that’s what the news is telling me.  The fear mongering is strong in them.  Truthfully speaking, I could see death coming from two potential sources; 1) aggressive rain peltage to my person causing internal injury.  But I’m not a hipster wuss with rubbery ribs and a troubling addiction to Ambien during the daytime causing me to sleepwalk and use tractors in various places unbefitting of tractors, like city streets and severe storm zones.  So that’s out.  Which leaves me with: 2) death from the emotional aftermath of what I expect to be the sound of rain drops pummeling our a/c units with the fury of a thousand suns.  This, could happen.  (Seeing as we haven’t gotten around to throwing a towel on either of the units yet for sound muffling purposes.  It would solve the problem but, meh.  You have to open the window and everything.)

But then, THIS HAPPENED TO MY WORLD, mere steps away from our apartment on Friday:

As far as we know, no one was exiting the building when that M A S S I V E chunk of stone crashed into and crushed the stone walkway beneath it.  Chain reaction of stone-toppling-over occurred down the walkway, because of course it did.  The neighborhood thinks it’s linked to the earthquake we just had the other day.  Isn’t that GREAT??!

So now, we’re left with the feeling that the earthquake we had this week has rendered the city’s infrastructure unstable, just as we’re expecting a visitor this weekend that goes by the name of A Massive Hurricane.  So please, wish us luck… I mean I guess?  As for the hurricane, please… don’t Come On Irene.

Ok, getting back to it now… the realization I had: if this hurricane’s gonna slap our tushies somethin’ fierce (ugh, I just used the word “fierce”)…. how can I go out not having let them eat cake (with only their eyes of course, thus leaving them feeling hungry, but now also angry, as cake wasn’t supplied as per the cake party invitation that is the start of this sentence)?  That would be insane in the membrane, insane, got no BRAIN (← who’s with me, Cypress Hill, the 90s, nobody, ok).

↑ pleated and peach cake inspiration by Lael Cakes, photography by Jen Huang

How ’bout dem apples, eh?  Eh?  AMIRITE?  Ok alright ok cakes and jokes aside.  As you know, there’s a stronger purpose for this post, which I’m finally effing getting to now.  I just didn’t want to make this post a “Teaching Moment” and be all pedantic right from the get-go.

So here we go, I’m devoting this post to photo crediting.  ’Cause one of the coolest things about Pinterest is how great it is for cultivating the most amazing assortment of images to inspire your most perfect wedding.   I adore that about Pinterest, and know a lot of brides out there are using it for that very purpose.  In fact we recently featured a wedding that was Pinterest-driven.  It’s awesome.  But it also means the occasional image is likely being ‘pinned’ without proper crediting.  ’Course, I’m not a photographer, so I haven’t been personally affected by the lack of linking back, but knowing more than my fair share of professional photographers, I do know that it’s incredibly frustrating for them to find an image they created, just *out there* in the ether, with no credit, no nothin’ to bring the viewer back to their website.

Please know that this post is not aimed at anyone, it’s so not about that.  I’m not the police, and I’m not interested in “reporting” anyone who doesn’t credit properly.  That’s not my bag.  In fact no one I know personally has even done it, to my knowledge, so seriously, this isn’t a ‘you better shape up’ yell-down-from-up-on-my-soapbox kinda thing.  It’s soapbox-ey - I can’t help that, since I’m dedicating an entire post to it – but I urge everyone I know and don’t know to take this post as a straightforward refresher on proper ways to get your crediting on, like a BOSS.  This excessively wordy post is solely about creating a better world with regard to source crediting.

Ok, here we go.  Let’s go ahead and take those cakes up top, for example.  

The following is my cake trail of credit (I’m writing it in full sentences just to ensure clarity; you do not need to do it the way I’m doing it):

I saw one of the cakes here on Pinterest, commented on that bidniz, repinned it (repinned images within Pinterest automatically link back to their previous pins), then visited the source – an article written by the lovely Shira Savada, a very stellar gal over at The Bride’s Guide, where I discovered that all that cake loveliness was photographed by Jen Huang, that the cakes themselves were created by Lael Cakes, the florals by Poppies and Posies, and that the scene was styled for the summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  

Whew!!!  Lots of linking going on there, eh.  Which is why it can, on occasion, feel bothersome – I get that.  Especially in this fast-paced world, and with our fast-paced lives.  But (and I know you guys will agree – you guys know the deal, I know that) it’s also the super nice, right thing to do.  … In bed.  (Trying to break the tension with a little fortune cookie levity back there.  Hope it worked.)

As I get down from my soapbox, I’d actually love to know your thoughts.  Have you found this to be an issue?  Does it bother you?

Oh, and on a final note, I’m already disappointed in myself for the fact that I’m probably going to end up watching the Kardashian-Humphries wedding special coming up this weekend.  Hurricane Irene is coming, so what else are we gonna do, right.  Besides, like I said, I’ve never seen a porn star in Vera Wang before.  Should be a treat.  And in three separate Veras, no less!

… Should I resist turning on the E Exclamation Point channel this weekend?  Or give into the inertia of the tushie.

xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – Have you ever seen the photo credit poster Erin Loechner made, in coordination with Pia Bijkerk (with fonts provided by Yvette)?  You can see the large format here.  It’s hella useful if you’re ever in a bind about what to do.

P.P.S. – Bambino is such a supporter of credit graciousness, that he’s even willing to lend his likeness to it…

Feel free to grab the Bambino badge and use it on your blog, if you’d like.  He doesn’t mind; he enjoys meeting new people.

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Love all of this...


  1. Elizabeth on August 27, 2011

    Hi. My name is Elizabeth, and I am a pinterest addict. (hiiii Elizabeth) So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… I didn’t really think too much about photo crediting until I found something from MY wedding which was like 5 years ago on my very own pinterest homepage. I followed al the links and discovered that this aspect of my wedding had been featured in two wedding blogs, and I had no freakin’ idea! It is a very cool feeling, but I found myself wanting to scream from the pinterest rooftop that it came from my wedding… That I am the “Elizabeth” of (the couple formally known as) “Elizabeth and John”. Apparently details from the wedding are immortal… Anyway, it gave me a new understanding of how professionals must feel when not properly credited for their work. I think pinners should follow the golden rule. Credit others the way you’d like to be credited. Or is it if you don’t have anything nice to pin, don’t pin anything at all (unless it is REALLY funny!)?? Either way… I’m with Bambino- photo crediting is for lovers!

    Good luck as you brave the great Irene… I sincerely hope you don’t lose power because I need my daily knotty bride laugh! You are simply fabulous!

  2. Kathleen on August 27, 2011

    I just graduated from college with a degree in English. Giving credit where credit is due is my life. (No, really. Had I left out a citation in a paper, I would have risked being accused of plagiarism. Which means failing, which means no degree, which means not having the amazing job I currently do. So really, it’s my life) I feel sad when people don’t get credit for what they did, be it writing, research, a photo, or a recipe. The joy of finding something amazing is great, and not everyone has to change the world with their own photo, paper, or recipe. They just have to do it, and do it well. Cite your sources, link your pins, and thank the people who provide you with the beauty we so often find on the internet! :)

  3. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press on August 27, 2011

    Best. advice. EVER. I love Pinterest, but I don’t love the pinning without credits- it drives me absolutely nuts. Especially because my credit trails look like this: “Repin on Pinterest, click on credit link, random Tumblr blog (homepage), random Tumblr blog (actual post), repeat, blog in Norwegian, emailing Norway to find proper photography credit.” True story. Thanks for posting on this!!

  4. Kristen on August 27, 2011

    I agree with all that you are mentioning here with Pinterest! I have come upon many beautiful images, but I do get ticked when there isn’t a link to any source! There might a be a link to a tumblr site, but whom ever tumbled it, tumbled it from another, and then I begin searching for the actual source, which can be daunting, and love it when I finally find the actual source! Whenever I Pin for a blog post, I credit at least one source, if not a few. I don’t know how pins do not have a link, that seems bizarre to me, or even if an image is linked to a site, where the image isn’t on that site-that’s beyond my knowledge, which seems so spammy to pin from site yet not let the site be in the link.

    Good luck with the hurricane! I’m sure we’ll see you posting another fabulous post, post-hurricane, but you’ll get through it!

  5. Kristen on August 27, 2011

    Regarding Pinterest, I always check to see if there is a link to the source. If not, I don’t pin it. I’m sure in some of my insomnia induced late night pinning stupors I have missed a few, but it annoys me to click on a pin and be taken to repin after repin with no source. Time and time again I have found the issue being where the original pinner found the source and the majority of them are from Tumblr sites. I then click the image on the Tumblr site and 9 times out of 10 there is no link to the original pic. So, I don’t pin it. It only takes a minute or two to click through and I wish fellow pinners would take the time to do so. I have been known to audibly express my frustration over original sources being left out leaving my fiance and kiddo to think I’m crazy talking over the computer.

    Stay safe in the hurricane and Bambino just gets cuter every day.

  6. Brooke (A Wedding Cake Blog) on August 27, 2011

    Alison – brilliant post on so many levels. I’m hoping the rain pelting doesn’t do you in…but your legacy of reminding folks about the importance of photo crediting is pretty impressive :-) Good luck…and thanks for bringing the message in an entertaining way as always!

  7. First of all, I hope by the time I’m writing this, Irene has decided that the Ocean is a much better place to play and has diverted its course. If, however, Irene has already hit, then please forgive my ignorance, but I thought that replying to this post was more urgent than checking the BBC news!
    Anyway, what a beautiful and useful post! When I started blogging I was so serious about not using images from the web that I looked into stock images. Having realised that the price was incredibly prohibitive, I accepted that I had to use images the way everyone else does. Yes, crediting can get boring but it’s courteous and indispensable and a basic sign of respect. It does annoy me when Pinterest images link you back to a source that doesn’t credit the actual owner of the image. In that case, I tend to avoid using that image all together. 90% of the times, I will find a suitable alternative.
    PS: I love the way you credited in this post… I’m going to have to try it too! :)

  8. Nora on August 27, 2011

    Pinterest is so much better than Tumblr just for the credit purposes.
    This also happened to my friend’s dorm and miraculously no one was hurt. Why do they put giant chunks of rock up several stories? I don’t understand…

  9. Two things – I love those cakes! And thank you so much for high lighting the importance of crediting work. We live in such an image saturated society and so it can be easy to forget that these images are often someone’s hard earned living! Being a photographer I love sharing my work with the world but I also love being recognised as the creator! Thanks again for the post!

  10. Such a great post – always a good reminder. Love those cakes too. The colors are gorgeous!

  11. Rhiannon Nicole {Hey Gorg} on August 29, 2011

    It’s so tough to do the whole “find the damn soure of this photo even if it means clicking through 39854 photos” but yup it’s the nice thing to do. Sometimes I just don’t even share the picture. Cause I am THAT nice. lol

  12. Shawna on August 29, 2011

    yep i’m with rhi. credit original source please :)

    btw you should have a post…”my friend is ripping-off my wedding that she just attended 3 months ago”…. I’m tempted to credit myself all over her wedding website guestbook. to attend or not to attend?

  13. Thank you for highlighting the need for photo credit. I don’t think a lot of photographers realize how much of their work is ripped off.

  14. Maria Mack on August 29, 2011

    Wow, first off thank god no one was standing at the door when that massive stone chunk fell! I first discovered Pinterest because someone pinned one of my photos, so it was linking back to me and I liked the idea, so I joined, but I noticed that that’s not always the case. I recentley had a wedding of mine featured and a really popular blog on tumblr posted an image from my wedding, hundreds of people reblogged this image, but when you click on the reblogged image it goes back to the popular blog not me. My issue is that all these websites that let you create favorites boards, don’t alway link back to the creator, you almost become the creator because you created the favorites board. Clearly as a photographer I want my images to be seen. I get very frustrated when I want to pin an image that I like and I can’t find the creator, and I do what you did, follow all the links back and I get nothing more than the person who created the board! As far as hurricanes go I have to prepare my backyard, hopefully my tables and chairs will not fly away!

  15. Megan on August 30, 2011

    I just recently had to complete my Master’s thesis and had a whole heap of images that I used in my research that I didn’t have any sort of reference to. This could have been a nightmare.

    Insert, a reverse image search.

    I uploaded the jpgs (that I had saved to my desktop several years ago) as instructed and it came back with hits of that photo. When it worked, IT WORKED! I was able to properly site my photos and all was well with the world. Sometimes it came back with a few links but they were not the correct image. A few times my photo could not be found and I had to cut it out of my paper all together.

    It is a great (and fast) resource if you run into a dead end through the traditional back tracking methods!

    Happy Reverse Image Searching!

  16. WPI on August 30, 2011

    Wow Those cakes look yummy :) Love the combination of the colours on the cake :)

  17. Polly on August 31, 2011

    Could you please let me know the name of the font that you used for the words “Oh, How Pinteresting?”
    I’ve been looking for that font high and low!!
    Thank you!
    Ps- your blog gives me giggles

  18. Alison on August 31, 2011

    Hi Polly – I used a font called “Chevalier Stripes.” Enjoy it! And thanks; I love giggles the most, out of all the laugh types! ;) xx

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