KNOTTY BLOGGISTA WEEK! | DIY Mini Tassel Garland by DIY Bloggista Natalie, of Mint Love Social Club!

Hello lovies!  Happy Wednesday to all of ya faces!  Ok, so I’m so so so excited to introduce to you our next newest Bloggista… her name is Natalie, and she’s equal parts absolutely fabulous and super duper handy when it comes to crafting beautiful wedding details.  She’s just got this incredible knack for stellar DIY projects, and it’s such a pleasure to have her join our team and share her creative world with all of you!  We think you’re gonna fall in love with her style, especially after seeing the very first DIY project she’s created for you guys! 

Enough out of me… I’m so proud to introduce you to Natalie, of Mint Love Social Club!  Take it away, Natalie…

Hi Knotty Bride readers!

It’s Natalie here from Mint Love Social Club and I am super excited to be chosen as one of The Knotty Bride’s Bloggistas!!  I am currently planning my wedding in Palm Springs, California for next April and I have become completely immersed in the planning process, more specifically the crafting.

So let me ask you a question…how much do you loooove Confetti System?!?!   But really how much?  I really love it, mildly obsessed even, but I just can’t justify the $120+ price tag for a 12 foot piece of garland.  I want to though…I reaaally want to, but I also want the people at my wedding to eat.  So I am here today to show you how to DIY a mini version of the confetti system garland.

What you need:

  • tissue paper in the colors of your choosing: for my 3 foot garland I used three different colors and only needed about two standard sized tissue paper sheets per color
  • rotary cutter & mat: this is by far the preferred method but you can also use regular scissors or a sliding paper cutter
  • glue dots- seriously buy them, they will change your life
  • ribbon or twine to string your garland on to
  • a cocktail- all wedding crafting deserves some sort of adult beverage

If you are using a rotary cutter then this project shouldn’t take you much more than 30 minutes or so for the 3 foot garland.  (The original Confetti System tassels have a twisted top to secure them onto the ribbon. I have excluded this part since I tried to make the tassels this way before and it is extremely difficult to do without ripping the tissue paper plus it is very time intensive.)  You can also modify this tutorial to make full sized fringe tassel garland by doubling up on the tissue paper and cutting it into rectangular pieces that are 40″ by 30″.

This would be a great pop of decoration for your dessert table or hanging from a menu board.   You could even hang this garland to designate the “reserved” section at your ceremony.  Or just make this to decorate your closet at home- the possibilities are endless!

So, do you love garland as much as I do?  Would you consider it as decor for your big day?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

xoxo!  - Natalie, Mint Love Social Club

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Love all of this...


  1. Kim Smith on September 21, 2011

    This was awesome and very simple, and I love it. I am going to be doing something like this for parties this season coming up. Thank you!

  2. Libby {Follow the Wife} on September 21, 2011

    Love this idea. I think the garland would be lovely for an outdoor wedding. And I’m so glad you drink and craft! My hero.

  3. Claire Martine on September 21, 2011

    Absolutely love this!

    This is great personalized touch to add to garland. I made coffee filter garland our of 100′s (maybe 1000′s) of coffee filters but when I hang them they all bunch towards the middle. My solution? I’m going to add some of these every foot or so to spread them out! It’ll be interest but we’ll see how it turns out.

    Thanks so much Natalie!!!

  4. Tim Duncan Events on September 21, 2011

    LOVE this! The color possibilities are endless…

  5. Aleah + Nick on September 21, 2011

    Super cute project! We also love the cocktail at the ready!

  6. Wedding Prints on September 21, 2011

    What a simple idea that makes a Lovely statement.

  7. Lena on September 21, 2011

    I love a girl who crafts with cocktails. Natalie, where can we meet up and do exactly that?

  8. Shulie [RobbinsBrothers] on September 21, 2011

    Wonderful project! So cute, I really love the soft colors. What do you use to keep the tassels in place when they are on the ribbon? I imagine my tassels will all droop down to the middle. A tack? Glue?

  9. Natalie on September 21, 2011

    Hi Shulle-

    There is nothing holding these in place- believe it or not they stay pretty well. Although if you wanted some extra assurance you can string the ribbon through one tassel and loop back through one more time before you string the next tassel on.

    Or you can tie it like they did in this tutorial:

    <3 Natalie

  10. Kristine {In Love, Engaged} on September 21, 2011

    First of all, I need to get in on this crafts and cocktails hour. Secondly, Natalie, LOVE this! I’m totally going to try it–seems so simple but so much fun!

  11. Anne on September 27, 2011

    I love this! Will have to try it!

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