DIY RUSTIC RANCH PINK + GOLD WEDDING | ruffled dresses, Bon Iver, cotton candy and metallic gold and yellow fringe = KILLER WEDDINGNESS, SON.

↑ I’m dying.  I’m dead.

Real quick before I get into it – did that Ashton Kutcher kid really leave Demi of Ghost?  I heard this recently.  I just sort of thought it would never happen.  Have you heard this, too?

Ok SO… Happy Friday afternoon AGAIN!  :)  As promised, here’s blog post numero dos, brought to you by none other than Brooke, one of our fabulous Knotty Bloggistas and it’s gonna KILL YOUR FACE.  But yeah, so today has turned out to be a much more loverly Friday afternoon than earlier.  At least where I’m located.  And I’m digging it.  Bam is at my feet, lettin’ ‘em loose like he just ate Mexican food or something, and still, despite that, I’m pumped to share everything that is THIS POST.  That’s how good it is.  Actually, speaking of Mexican food, I wanna share some words from the photographer responsible for shooting this KILLER A$$ WEDDING SHENANIGAN… one Taylor Lord Photography:

“What do a custom-made linen bride’s dress, homemade blueberry lemonade vodka and mexican chocolate chip cookies, a beat poet, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, driftwood, madlibs, cotton candy, a wedding march, and the cutest ring bearer entrance ever have in common?”

Seriously, I couldn’t have said it better.  ALL OF THOSE THINGS mean one seriously phenom wedding.

BUT FIRST.  Something that scares me… a mini personal story:

Two days ago when Honey got home from work, Bam and I were running suicides throughout the home and were generally in good spirits.  You should see him chase me; it’s genuinely the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life.  Anyway it was fun for 10 minutes, and then I COULDN’T BREEEAAATHE.  I actually had to go grab my inhaler (asthma shout out!), take a puff, literally – that elusive, grammatically correct ‘literally,’ not the other one – rest my hands on my upper thighs to steady myself, and then bend over slightly to regain my breath/composure.  Only then was I capable of giving Honey a welcome home hug n kiss.  Then there was the other day, when I was spray painting for hours on the roof, and I can still feel it in my hammies.  My hammies, they’re killing me softly with their song.  And then, a couple mornings ago in the shower, Honey aggravated a neck muscle injury he got during a workout which took place ohh about SEVEN YEARS AGO.  Like, emergency doctor’s visit kind of aggravated neck injury.

So does this mean we don’t need a *something old* for our wedding because we are it, already?  Because I’m not used to having a cramped forefinger just because I spent a few hours spray painting on the roof, not to mention two injured hamstrings, which is all of my hamstrings and I really need at least one of my hamstrings so that I don’t look like I’m working out the kinks of my gangsta walk on the way to the dry cleaner.  And Honey isn’t used to “aggravated muscle injuries flaring up” and other crap like that, either.  We’re effing YOUNG for chrissake.  This seriously puts me in a worse and weirder mood than Sarah MacLachlan commercials AND the absence of nutella throughout Shark Week (but specifically at the beginning, when it’s at its worst and it feels like there’s an alien with a cat tongue aggressively punching and angry licking your uterus from the inside).

Ok, enough of that.  I just had to share it with you because it freaks me out that I sometimes hear myself make a tiny groan when I’m getting up from the floor playing with Bam.  It’s unfamiliar, and so I regurgitate it here so I’ll either feel like A) I’m not alone because you guys experience this stuff, too, or B) I’m completely weird and not anywhere near normal and you pity my very existence.  But at least I’ll have your pity!   Yeah.  ANYWHOOOO…

Like I was saying earlier, Brooke, our lovely planning bride who writes Bright Wishes is back with another stunner of a DIY wedding, and this is 100% pure, uncut evidence that she’s got some seriously good taste, y’all.  Those bridesmaids’ ruffled frocks ALONE have taken my face in their hands, their beautiful, beautiful hands, and shook it so hard I don’t know which ways up anymore.  I mean just LOOK AT THEM:

And now look at them in a standing position, on peoples’ bodies:

TO DIE, right?  TO DIE.

Ok, here we go, with the lovely Brooke, of Bright Wishes!  Take it away, Brooke…

Hey everyone, it’s Brooke from Bright Wishes back with another fabulous wedding photographed by Taylor Lord Photography!  I love everything including the mismatched bridesmaid dresses to the cotton candy machine. Take a look below and see what the photographer had to say about that day.

This Austin, TX wedding was DIY done right! There were so many neat details that gave guests something fun to do as the wedding progressed! They had flavored water in ball jars during the ceremony, fan programs with mustaches and lips to stay cool, and then mad libs and cotton candy at the reception. It was very obvious how much Whitney and Stephen cared that their guests had a great time all evening! 

There were so many neat things about the ceremony that simply couldn’t be captured in a photograph- Whitney and Stephen had two friends at the beginning playing the fiddle and guitar. The bride walked down the aisle to Bon Iver. They had a friend do a beat poetry reading about their marriage, which was unbelievable. Then, to top it off, the sister of the groom and sang Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s “Home” and they blew it out of the water. Such a great idea.

The night ended with lots of sweet toasts, crazy breakdancing, and some amazing homemade Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies. All in all, I have to say this was one of the most thoughtful, sweet, unique weddings that I’ve ever seen, and I’m so glad they invited me to be a part of it.

↑ delicate lace ribbon over kraft paper brown packaging = my happy place. ~ Alison

I love how the bride is casually sitting in the makeup chair calm and collected. ~ Brooke

One of my (Alison) FAAAAAVORITE things, is yarn ball art installations. They are so sensational!

xo – Brooke of Bright Wishes

Thanks, Brooke!  I gotta say, I love me that cotton candy machine.  Seriously.  It’s a great idea, especially if you have kids at your wedding!  But also you might want to have some babysitters at your wedding, too, so they can deal with the sugar crash while their parents party hardy through the night at ya weddins, m’friends. ;)

So, I have a question for ya…

I’m curious, aside from the Kutcher-Demi sitch on which I would appreciate the lowdown thankyouverymuch, I’d love to know what your fave element of this wedding is.  Because that feels like an impossible question and I like that about it.  Please try though?  For me it’s a tie between the bridesmaids dresses, the heart fringe art installation, the yarn ball installations, the cotton freaking candy which is awesome and the beautiful bride and her groom and how much ridiculous fun they had!

Because isn’t it all about having fun, on your wedding day?  I mean, duh. :)

xoxo!  - Alison

Photography: Taylor Lord Photography / Venue: Vista West Ranch / Event coordination and planning: Kevin Molesworth from Brass Tacks Events, Austin / Catering: Catering with a Twist / Flowers and centerpieces: DIY! / Cakes and homemade cookies: Mother of the bride!! / Cotton Candy Machine: Train Quest / Poetry Reader: Peter Faile (friend of the bride and groom) / Makeup: Lisa Juaregui / Wedding dress: custom made by Austin-based Heather Stevens; it was entirely out of linen! / Co-coordination of decor: Jennifer Kemper of Truly Felicity

Label(s): Color, Pink, White, Yellow, {Details}

Love all of this...


  1. Casey on October 14, 2011

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I feel like changing my whole color scheme after seeing this. It’s brilliant. I love it and slightly hate it because it’s making me want to change my own wedding colors!!!!!!

    Those hanging balls (that sounds gross, sorry) are so cool! And so is the fringed heart! This is great inspiration!

  2. Cassandra on October 14, 2011

    I’ve been pressing the refresh button on the Knotty Bride all day in my browser waiting to see your second post for today and I am not disappointed! What a beautiful way to end a pretty miserable work day. Thanks as always for the smile :)

  3. Lena on October 14, 2011

    1. Ms Moore may need a new Twitter handle.

    2. You’re speaking (directly, of course) to a girl who thinks an appropriate bedtime is 10:30, and literally chortles with glee when the lights are off by nine, so who’s getting older now? What about the fact that I can crack (not pop, crack) my hip bones? Truly terrifying stuff, but as our COO waxed today-from the day we’re born, we’re all hurtling towards death. It was the perfect accompaniment to birthday tiramisu. Happy 29th, Oz!

    3. Can’t get over kraft + lace, am officially re-thinking Christmas wrapping theme.

    4. I feel like I haven’t been crazy up in your comments section in a long ass time so HIIIIIII, Missed ‘ya, sorry Bam’s bowels are misbehaving!

    5. Ring bearer entrance takes the prize for me, but that’s after an incredibly close race.

  4. Katie on October 14, 2011

    I don’t think Ashton and Demi broke up because I just so happened to have watched E! News today and it was not mentioned. If it’s not on E! News it didn’t happen right?

    Don’t worry about your “old” feelings, I think it’s just an off week. Sweetheart and I have been off too and I’ve noticed everyone around me has been complaining (more than usual) as well. I’m convinced that it’s the weather/universe/planet in retrograde/strange energy or something of this unexplainable type. Not sure if that helps, but one thing I’m sure of is you’re not old. :)

    LOVE this wedding! I can’t decide what my favorite part is neither so I’m going with the couple. They seem sweet, cute, have great taste and like a good time would be had in their presence, obvs. <3

  5. Ilana on October 14, 2011

    Ooookay. This wedding is AWESOME! For no (none?) other reason than the BRIDE IS SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY! She could be wearing a paper bag and getting married in the middle of the street and I would still say it was the most beautiful wedding ever. If I look that happy on my wedding day I will have considered it a success.

    I am also old, so fear not. And, I am probably younger than you. My FH is 2 years younger than me, so I hear about it all the time. Popping hips and bad back have nothing on this girl. So not to worry, there are others out in the wide world of the interweb who are just like you, if not significantly worse and/or chronologically challenged to a higher degree. (It’s really difficult still being in college [masters degree thankfully] but having a really grouchy “get off my lawn, you kids!” mentality. Seriously, who leaves the house at 9:30 to start their evening? not me…)

  6. Lala on October 16, 2011

    This is amazing inspiration! I love the details!!!

  7. Laura *You Stir Me* on October 17, 2011

    I’m with Lena on the rethinking holiday wrapping thanks to this post! Fringe, sparkle, wrap, repeat. Love all the homemade touches in this wedding.

  8. Lisa: Twine Wedding Decor on October 17, 2011

    I agree; the bride looks amazingly happy! You can just see her happy soul shinning through. What a beautiful couple. And I love the pink with with rustic feel. Perfect!

  9. Kristine {In Love, Engaged} on October 17, 2011

    Oh geez. I almost didn’t want to comment on the whole aging thing because then I’d have to admit that strangely sore muscles, groans when raising your body off the ground, and {sssshhhh} wrinkles happen to me too. But, alas, it does. You are NOT alone, my friend.

    And now you’re making me choose a fave element from this wedding?! Gah! The bridesmaids dresses? The signage? The cotton candy? I can’t choose. Can’t.

  10. The bridal and groom look deliriously happy!!! I can’t even pick out any specific elements, it’s all too gorgeous. Oh wait, actually, that lace ribbon is pretty spectacular.

  11. effie on October 20, 2011

    I am in love love love with this wedding! Thanks for sharing

  12. DR on November 1, 2011

    Love this!

  13. Jessie on November 2, 2011

    awesome blog, and love this wedding!!!!!!

  14. diablo 3 on November 7, 2011

    Fairly! This was a very fantastic article. Thanks to your furnished details.


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