RUFFLES, TULLE, LACE, SATIN AND CHIFFON | PRETTIEST DRESSES IN THE LAND 2012 | No, seriously. These are the prettiest ones. [Bridal Market Coverage]

Happy Friday afterno-errr evening, ladies and gentles!  HOLY MOTHER OF HOLYNESS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS POST.  Hey Alison, why don’t you go on a date with photoshop (that’s fancy speak for ‘sit at your desk all day’) and break a hand-holding record with it, without pee breaks or water or other sustenance all in an effort to compile an up-to-snuff list of only your favorite pulls?  Because it’s not like anybody’s anxiously waiting with baited breath to see these dresses or anything.  Really.  Be a perfectionist about it.  It’s cool.  No no, it’s cool, really.

I’m weirding myself out talking to myself in third person.  Going to stop that.  I’m sorry to post these a tad later today than I’d hoped, but I truly hope it was worth the wait :)

Yeah, so you know how I had that little press preview Thursday morning to see Elie Saab/Manuel Mota’s 2012 Collections for Pronovias?  WELL………..

FYI that’s the lovely Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings in the black boots on the left on stage.  I note this to make sure no one who doesn’t know Darcy Miller’s appearance starts going up to Darcy Miller and saying ‘hi Alison!’ to Darcy Miller since a lot of you don’t know ma face and might think that’s me(?).  So it isn’t; it’s the lovely Darcy, and for the record, she always looks AMAAAAAAZEFACE.  I don’t understand how she always looks SO AMAZE.  Like 24/7, AMAZECAKES.

Aright, enough about that.  I have other people to talk about.

You guys, I’ve loved Grazia and Tatiana of Wedding Salon for quite some time, and I’m sure we’ve met in passing at events in the past, BUT we’ve been mostly that *Twitter friends* kind of friends that you become when you work in this business and meet tons of people in your industry without literally meeting them which has a great way of making you feel a special, highly potent kind of dorky and uncool.  It was kind of a barrel full of ridiculous that it took us until now to meet, but anyway we FINALLY got a chance to hang, face to face, and now I fully comprehend why they’re so successful at what they do.  They’re the freaking loveliest girls, inside and out.  It was so great seeing you ladies, with your lovely faces and personalities.  Thank you for having me :)

Quick but very important shout out/thank you to everyone at Pronovias for generally being an excellent bunch, committed to putting out gowns that actually LOOK AMAZEBALLS ON THE FEMALE FORM.  Not every designer out there makes this a priority for some reason, so I always appreciate it where I can find it.  Now, check out the professional pics they gave me to share with you guys.  I think they’re a little bit better than mine.

… a smidgen.

 Next week, more real weddings, more personal s**t about my life as per usual, more scintillating Dear TKB reader questions AAAAAAAND the Pronovias 2012 Collection.  GEEEEEE!!!

Oh, you thought that just happened to your face, I bet.  The Pronovias 2012 Collection.  But it didn’t.  Elie by Elie Saab and Manuel Mota for Pronovias happened to your face.  Next week…

… the collection given the name Pronovias – which includes that there dress above this sentence – hits the blog.  OMG.  Just, OMG.

Do you have any favorites?  I’ve tried to attach each and every dress from the professional pics with it’s specific dress name.  Hope that helps in your dresses searching process!  It takes FOR. EH. VAAHHH but I always wished it was easier to figure out the name and/or style number of dresses so I hope this is useful.

xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – I’ve got a Vera Wang Collection event this weekend, so I’ll be sure to take a flurry of photos during that, too, as I generally like to take way too many photos of everything.  Did you know I took so many photos on my iPhone that it’s full up?  Like, literally, I can’t take any more photos until I clear some other photos.  Photos I don’t want to clear.

Life’s so hard.

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Love all of this...


  1. Marie on October 21, 2011

    Life is hard Alison. I would be happy to help you document all of this enormous workload as a favor. No not a favor to you, a favor to me! Love of all this! Have a blast. Xo

  2. Mindy on October 21, 2011

    OHHHHHHH, THE BACK OF THAT ONE DRESS! I know that isn’t helpful, BUT I LOOOOOVE EEET. I am super digging the “illusion” look of this season.

  3. Bean Benson on October 21, 2011

    Too. Much. Prettiness!!!! I’m going to need the weekend to recover now;)

  4. Ilana on October 21, 2011

    I am really loving that there is so much lace this season – and illusion as mentioned above. Everything is so light and floaty and I love all the organza and texture coming out.

  5. Mindy on October 21, 2011

    Puma …. that’s the one.

  6. Janna lee on October 21, 2011

    I am dying over the Escarlata! I want sleeves just to be different from all of the weddings I’ve been to and stand out- also it will be Autumn and may be chilly! This is the best I’ve seen it done.

  7. Ilana on October 21, 2011

    Hi, me again. I don’t know how I got sucked into the engagement files again – but they rock. I think you should do another call out because I HAVE A TEAR-JERKER/ADORABLE engagement story

  8. Lena on October 23, 2011


  9. Amanda on October 23, 2011

    Oh my goodness all of these are so amazingly gorgeous!! I absolutely love love love the Escudo gown and the back lace detail of the Puma! Absolutely stunning!

  10. Ashley on October 24, 2011

    Love it!! Thanks so much for posting all this!! Pronovias is one of my favorite designers, period. I also love Elie Saab as much as you do! My favorites are Escudo and Neftis. GORGEOUS!!!!

  11. from fun to mum on October 31, 2011

    lovely dresses. I got married in pronovias and my dress was so light that I danced all night! I just wrote a post on my blog ( reminiscing of my wedding and when I saw this post I couldn’t help but peek.


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