BLACK VEIL LOVE | Twilight + Rustic Ralph Lauren Lake House + Elegant Gothic Chic = TO DIE FOR Wedding Inspiration. … Also Bambino. Also, I need costume ideas.

Oh, hello!  Happy Wednesday evening!  I, uhh, I didn’t see you there.  What is it, like 8pm here in NY?  You uhh, you sorta caught me off guard.  My pants are actually down.  You caught me with my pants down.  Actually completely off, they’re completely off of my body.  Here, see?  See what you’ve walked in on?

LOL.  Sorry guys, it’s Bambino.  Mom stepped away for a sec so I capitalized.  OMG you shoulda seen your face.  So funny.  Aright lemme go get Mom.  ……. Well…. actually, before I go…

… can I interest anyone in a game of rope?  This thing’s delicious, I can’t take my mouth off it.  No?  Nobody?  Ok alright.  Getting Mom.  MAAAAAHHHHHMMMMM!!!!!  Your readers want yoooouuuuu!!!!!!  Come baaaaaaccckkkkk from the kitcheeeeennnn!!!!!

WHOA, sorry about that everyone.  It’s me, Alison.  He’s obviously paying a lot more attention to how I work than I thought he was.  You can bet your butt that somebody’s gonna be taking on some new responsibilities.  Ok ANYWHO….

Hello hello, my friends and relatives and acquaintances and people’s fiances being forced to look at this blog because your girl wants a french bulldog and even possibly people just keeping tabs on my general whereabouts and activities!  Such a pleasure to have you here again with me today!  I so love it when you visit.  I even keep sucking candies out on the table for these very occasions.  I’m especially pleased that you’re here today, since I have some news… you see, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there’s this thing – I think it’s called Halloween? or something? – anyway it’s coming up and word on the street is that you have to dress up for this holiday.  In like, dead-looking ensembles.  Like, regular people clothing, but deadened, with blood dripping and stuff.  Sounds splendid, right?!  So, are you ready for it?  Are you going to dress up?  I’m dying to know what you guys are planning on being, so pleeeeaaaase tell me.  Are you gonna be something cool/weird/challenging/throwback/throwup/a Wayans brother/easy/hard/soft/cuddly/disturbing/yourself?  I hope so.  Just one thing… if any of you, and I mean any of you, decides to dress up as a super slutty version of some normally not-slutty-at-all occupation, like a slutty nurse, or a slutty bunny, or a Kardashian, or a slutty Bambino (nooooooooooooo) for Halloween, so help me G-d I will slap your face RIGHT OFF OF YOUR FACE.  But if you’re dead set on it, and consecutive unrelenting face slaps do not deter you, well then instead, I suggest dressing up in one of those costumes on a random Thursday when you get home from work, and surprising your darling, unsuspecting fiance.  Because trust, this is a far better way to employ a Halloween costume, imho.  (Reminder, *imho* is not me admitting that I’m a ho; it’s short for “in my humble opinion.”)

By the way, do you guys have any suggestions for me for a Halloween costume?  Honey, too – we’ll be going as a couple.  But we’re notoriously bad about planning our costumes out, so your suggestions would be crazy appreciated.

Speaking of death and darkness, today’s styled shoot inspiration submitted by the fabulous Sara Gray Photography and designed by Ellie Williams is nothing short of magical, with a hefty dose of the dark side, but in like the most elegant way I’ve ever seen in my life.  Like, if I was gonna go gothic, THIS WOULD BE MY INSPIRATION FOR IT.  I’m really drawn in by the deep, bold red and black hues, and the styling is just beyond, I mean, just, like, I mean… it’s just absolutely BEYOND.

The inspiration from the perspective of Ellie Williams, this beautiful shoot’s designer:

My vision for this shoot was to capture the striking natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The lush landscape and dramatic skies found in this part of the country are sublime, and I wished to compliment them with my design. I attempted to balance the rustic elements of life here, such as boating and woolen plaids, with the charm and sophistication of candles and roses. To do this, I chose a palette of deep bold colors to accent the character and appeal of vintage furniture. I then incorporated delicate laces and mismatched teacups to soften and set the mood. I like to think of my complete design as Ralph Lauren lake house meets elegant gothic chic. Becoming totally immersed in the dark undertones, I couldn’t help but toss in a few subtle Twilight references. With the blood red accents of the roses and apples against the stunning backdrop of nature, this is how I’d imagine a seductive vampire playground.

And now… the magic…

I die.  I absolutely DIE.

My friends…

1) I’m dying to know what you think of this shoot?!!  I never knew I could love dark, gothic inspiration until I freaking SAW THIS SHOOT.  Are there any details that strike you the most?  Personally, I die for the black veil.

2) How redonk is Bambino.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  He shouldn’t mess with you guys like that, it’s inappropriate.  I’m trying to run a company here.

xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – Guess who’s having a HUGE GIVEAWAY THIS FRIDAY?  If you guessed TKB, well then come on down, because the price is right!  This is like the best giveaway ever.  I know I say that every time, but really, it is.  It’s so great.  You’re going to crap your pants when you see it.

Photography: Sara Gray Photography / Via: Two Bright Lights / Hair Stylist: Madeline Roosevelt / Event Designer: Billede Design, Ellie Williams Design / Floral Designer: Geranium Lake Flowers / Reception Venue: Private Residence Invitation Designer: New and Blue / Dress Store: stephanie d. Couture, Anna’s Bridal / Dress Designer: Claire La Faye / Cake Designer: La Joconde Cakes / Equipment Rentals:  Marigold Vintage Event RentalsPeter Corvallis Productions, West Coast Event Productions / Makeup Artist:  Kirstie Wight MakeupCourtneyRtistry Makeup||MobileWax / Jewelry: Mandalena Jewelry / Personal Stylist: Rachel Konty / Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Duchess Clothier / Veils and headpieces: Jade Rose Designs

Label(s): Black, Color, Red, {Holiday}, {Inspiration Shoot}

Love all of this...


  1. Alicia @CharityWedding on October 26, 2011

    Pure black lace and evil apple perfection! I don’t actually know if the apples are evil but it kind of gives off that vibe and I am LOVING it. Plus how gorgeous is that Bride?! And your dog… hilarious.

  2. Claire Martine on October 26, 2011

    Hey, i’m going to be a 50′s Pink Lady. I wasn’t planning on anything and I usually put on a black dress and wear a pair of kitten ears I fashioned out of cardboard three Halloweens ago when i was bored and honey was working late. Anywoo, the office gals pressured me into it. I’m going to try and find a plaid jacket for husband to wear.

    As for you, i’m unsure. But for some reason I see your honey being dressed in obnoxious plaid as a 70′s disco stu… why, i’m not sure. :(

  3. Alison on October 26, 2011

    Alicia – oh yeah, those apples are without a doubt evil. How are they gonna nice apples in a gothic/vampire shoot? They’re bad apples. But soooo tempting! And please, don’t encourage Bambino. As evidenced by this post, he can read and write.

    Claire – yeah, no you’ve got Honey nailed, on the costume thoughts. Have you met him or something? ;)

  4. Sami on October 26, 2011

    Hello! I have been following this blog religiously for months because I’m obsessed with all things wedding, but this is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment. Shame on me for not speaking up sooner!

    Anywho, today I absolutely had to contribute to the discussion because one of my roommates owns a Frenchie (precious little Brindle) and her personal style is often gothic inspired. So naturally I HAD to show her this post in its entirety and we are sitting here DYING over every featured picture. Our favorite details are the candle altar that they got married in front of, her black lace veil, and that picture of her dress pulled up over her plaid rainboots in front of the water. DYING. Just so you know, she made me bookmark the page so that I could refer to this when planning her wedding in the future. This is the epitome of everything she loves in life so I thank you for sharing this amazing wedding with us!

  5. Alison on October 26, 2011

    Sami – first of all, thanks for your comment! I LOVE blog comments, seriously, like I’m obsessed with reading them, from the one liners to the novels. I love ‘em all. So as you might imagine, I ADORE YOURS!!!

    OMG. I am so with you on the candle altar. TO DIE FOR. It’s gorgeous. And I’m thrilled to hear that your friend is all about this shoot, because it wowed (wow’d?) me, too. And lastly, Bam and your friend’s frenchie will need to chillax one day, if she’s ever in town. ;)

  6. Koru Kate on October 26, 2011

    I love her black veil & feather flower headpiece- STUNNING! Everything is so dark & romantic, it’s fabulous.

    & Bambino- he is just too cute. He must get that comment a lot :-)

  7. The Blind Bride on October 27, 2011

    This is THE BEST shoot I have seen! Her face is porcelain and that veil is amazing! I can’t say enough!

  8. lizzie on October 27, 2011

    love that veil and i’m always pumped to hear from bambino! he’s growing SO much, alison!

  9. Alison on October 27, 2011

    Kate – Right?! I’m really digging on that whole head area look she’s got going on. Jade Rose Designs and Madeline Roosevelt really knocked that out of the ballpark!

    And about Bam; he does, he does get that a lot. :) And he freakin’ eats it up every time. I swear he knows what they’re saying. He’s pretty much the beauty queen of the block, and he’s intensely aware of it. The one thing I NEED to end though is how everybody thinks they have the right to apply kisses to his face when we go on walks. I feel like he’s gonna transfer somebody’s herpes to me or something. Yech. Yech!

    Blind Bride – Seriously!! I love that whole look!

    Lizzie – aaahhhh I know, I want it to STOP. It’s starting to look awkward when I hold him like a baby. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop…. just saying it’s starting to look awkward.

  10. Anna on October 27, 2011

    LOVE this shoot! It’s the kind of vibe and decor I’m going for for my wedding! Especially that dress, and the black lace veil. I never would have thought of a black veil as something to consider but now I’m addicted to how incredible it looks!!

  11. aurea @ pricewise events on October 27, 2011

    Oh gosh, the bride’s headpiece is really amazing with that black lace! It’s the first time that I have seen a combination of black and white for a headpiece in that birdcage style and I super love it!

  12. Alison on October 27, 2011

    Anna – Awesome, so glad it’s inspiring you! :)

    Aurea – I know, that black lace is PHENOMENAL. And I agree, love the black/white combo!

  13. marisa on October 27, 2011

    since our halloween plans are non-existent, i’m lending you the idea i had for me and my FH. you guys should go as rachel zoe and roger, especially given your recent pregnancy dreams! you can wear a fake belly with crazy high heels and obviously some sort of obnoxious fluffy fur vest. all honey needs is a justin bieber wig.

    also, bambino is amazing.

  14. Alison on October 27, 2011

    Marisa – uhh. muhh. guh. Rachel Zoe and Rodger? Uhh. Luh. VIT. Obvi. Die. Dying. (See – I think I’ve got the vernacular down!)

  15. Kristina on October 27, 2011

    Love the bouquets and the apples. I wore a black veil fascinator to my bachelorette party as a sign of respect…mourning my single days, lol. :)

    Do y’all like 90′s music? I’m going as Alice in Chains, yep, the band, er not really. My Alice in Wonderland costume wrapped in chains…

  16. Dina on October 27, 2011

    I really loved this shoot. I loved that the bride doesn’t weigh 2 lbs soaking wet. She’s beautiful, looks right out of a piece of late 1800′s art.

    Bam’s a piece of art himself. Mm-geeze.

  17. Lena on October 27, 2011

    My mother once overnighted us some leather mankini briefs and we went as the King and Queen of the Spartans, a la 300. But this year, I will be a flamingo, another Mom Costume, built during the Hollywood Years, 1978-79. It includes a pink spandex body suit with hood and a bikini brief covered in pink faux fur.

    Just think about that.

    In other news, I LOVE THIS SHOOT. Maybe that crazy mother of mine (why is my mom coming up so much today?!?!) would KILL ME for wearing that much black on my wedding day because she claims that black on a bride is the death knell of love and she’s seen it with her (ex) sister-in-law and the one after that and also with the lovely Gigi repro gown she built that lasted longer than the marriage but yeesh, she doesn’t know everything!

    All right, so she does, but a girl can dream. And I’m taking Bambs with me to snuggle. I’ve only watched that mom cat snuggle dreaming kitten video 18 times this morning, and I need something small to wrap up with my paws.


  18. Annie H on October 27, 2011

    That dress is SO Fluffy I. COuld. Die. And it’s that good flowy ethereal fluffly, not, like, unicorn fluffy…but then again, there’s nothing wrong with unicorn fluffy. Also fluffy and amazing- her cleavage, nuff said.

    Other things I love – books, clocks, pheasant feathers ohh yes. I have this hunch that the pheasant will be the new peacock at some point and when it does…I will be ready! Actually I will be, pheasant feathers will probably incorporated into quite a few aspects of the wedding cause I really do love them.

    And dogs really do find the craziest of positions to be comfortable…I’m trying to figure out what sorta angle Bam was at on that chair armrest…certainly one my spine wouldn’t appreciate!

    Lastly, costume ideas. Since my boy and I are super trekkies we got the red uniforms and are zombifiying them up. Cause, you know, red shirt is just another way of saying rocket and phaser fodder. If you wanna go for a sort of snarky idea, Have you and your Honey dress up SUPER nice. One of you wears a sign that says “apology” the other wears one that says “complaint”. There. You are a formal apology and a formal complaint…hah! Someone at a party did that, I nearly died laughing. I also recommend going for something 90s and nostalgic, that always goes over well with the party crowds.

  19. Ilana on October 27, 2011

    I saw a super cute photo of a couple and the girl was dressed up as a shark (appropriate for shark week, huh?) and her hubs was dressed up as a bandaged up surfer with blood on his forehead and a chunk taken out of the boogie board. SUPER CUTE! Not sure about how easy it is to make/find said shark suit, but I thought it was hilarious!

    I HAVE TO SHOW MY FRIEND THIS POST! she is planning an August wedding in the Pacific Northwest and going for a Steampunk/Victorian Gothic look and she would LOVE this. Awesome post!

  20. Shannon on October 28, 2011

    Ok, I had become a bit tired of styled shoots starting to look the same, and maybe it’s the cooler, darker weather this week, but this one knocked my freaking socks off. Pow. Done. I love it. Those galoshes…oh my…

    I am also a major sucker for a more muted palette with pops of deep, rich color. Ok, I kind of want to curl up under a blanket and read some vamp-lit now.

  21. Ariana on October 28, 2011

    This year my bf will be Han Solo, his brother is Luke, I’ll be Leia, and our dog is Chewbacca. I have a story I think you’ll appreciate…

    I went to one of those temp Halloween stores to look for my Leia costume. You know, the big white robe with the cinna buns hair? Well, I found the costume. It was SUPER tight, with high slits up BOTH thighs. Totally inaccurate. I asked a worker, “Excuse me, do you have a non-slutty Leia costume?” His reply, “This is the non-slutty version,” as he pointed to the Slave Leia costume on the rack below. So yeah, I bought my non-slutty but highly accurate costume online. ;)

  22. Krissy - Make Believe'N on October 29, 2011

    Words cannot express to you how much I love this wedding. All of the boxes for PERFECT are checked. Kudos to the great photog for getting everything right. A big woot woot to all the vendors for making it spectacular!

  23. Kristine {In Love, Engaged} on October 29, 2011

    At first when I heard the words “gothic” and “wedding” in the same sentence I was like, Eh. Not so much. But I kinda love this shoot. I’ve been having a major thing for dark flower pairings lately. It’s so dramatic and mysterious and romantic. And the pairing of black, white, and red–done in a super classy way of course–just looks stunning. So, consider me a fan. I’ve been converted.

    In other news, Lena, you have been ORDERED to take a picture of that flamingo costume. I’m gonna die.

    In other, other news. Have you decided? About Halloween? We are dying to know over here!

  24. Joanna on October 30, 2011

    Wow! Gothic-vampire meets Scottish-clan meets Parisian-chic…who knew you could mix all these elements with such stunning results? I particularly love the feathers with the deep red roses and the bride wearing small touches of black in her outfit. For me what really makes it though, is the male model…what a striking face he has! Thanks for sharing:)

  25. kiki on November 2, 2011

    thank you so much for all the amazing feedback on this shoot! the vendors we had working together were truly a dream team!

  26. Darrell Lyons on November 7, 2011

    It was awesome being part of this wedding extravaganza! Ellie was amazing and oh, so full of positive energy. My boat and I are still riding a high; not sure that a more beautiful lady will ever enhance my boat again!!!
    Thanks Ellie, for honor of rowing the Bride and Groom. I may have to name my boat “Heart Wood”

  27. Beckie McCann on November 7, 2011

    I am also so excited to see how vintage pieces are incorporated into the personal stories called weddings. Congrats to Marigold in Portland!

  28. Kara on November 10, 2011

    Is it just me, or do her bridesmaids look like Emily, Hannah, and Aria from Pretty Little Liars? Intentional? So insane.

    This wedding is so incredibly unique from the location all the way to the size…I am a fan of it all.

  29. Rachel Konty on November 20, 2011

    Thank you all so much for the awesome comments on this shoot! It was a blast to be a part of, even with the early, early morning start! I want to give a huge shout-out to the local couture designers that contributed pieces to our shoot, your creations are truly one-of-a-kind and oh-so-beautiful! Thanks ever so much to Claire La Faye (bridal gown), Jade Rose Designs (veil), Stephanie D Couture (bridesmaid’s gown), Duchess Clothier (groom), and Mandalena Designs (jewelry)–I couldn’t have asked for a better team! (oh, and those fab boots are from!)

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  31. Savannah Michael on August 30, 2013

    Would you be willing to sell your veil/hair flowers?!


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