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It’s Thursday my friends, and you know what that means…

Children all over the place are adorably impersonating Nicki Minaj songs for the aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas they’d never get to see if it weren’t for the holidays; puppies and kitties everywhere are being escorted on endless road trips and spending the duration trying to achieve the ever elusive balance of standing perfectly still in a moving car; people everywhere are forgetting to defrost the turkey and/or preheat the oven (or is this just me?)… and you and I are taking a couple minutes break to relax and read a wedding blog.  Ha!  WHAT?!  If you’re in the US, I mean.  Actually, if you’re from the US, what are you doing over here with me?  No but seriously I’m psyched you’re here, all of you, now let’s kick it for a sec…

Thanksgiving is happening.  And it’s kind of a big deal, for kind of a ton of people.  It means different things to different families; a heartwarming time of year for many, a difficult time of year for others, depending on where you’ll be seated, and with whom you’ll be rubbing elbows.  A while many look forward to this time of year, just as many, if not more, are a tighty wound ball of excited and stress.  C’est la vie, right?  I’m not going to paint this post with rose colored glasses-err, paints.  Yes David After Dentist, this is real life.

So, using some of my favorite images from a few lovely submissions we’ve received, I put together a fun, slightly-too-close-to-sounding-like-I’m-trying-to-be-like-so-totally-profound-which’s-actually-kind-of-annoying-because-I-promise-that’s-like-almost-completely-off-base-ok-it-may-be-a-little-on-base-ok-it’s-standing-directly-on-top-of-the-base little message-in-pictures using images you’ll be seeing in some upcoming features on TKB.  It’s one of those corny self-helpy type messages-in-pictures, but I’ve been feeling schmaltzy lately, and I spent an insane amount of time on it, an amount comparable to the amount it would take to go shopping at the three different types of markets for all of the ingredients of whatever I’m baking for the Thanksgivings I’m attending (fyi, that translates roughly to *a lot* of time since I haven’t figured out what I’m baking yet which is terrible.  Ecchh.  But anyway, quick note – it’s not just for Thanksgiving; the message kinda applies to any time of year when your immediate and extended family is closer in proximity, and I hope you enjoy it!

We’ll start with a little inspiration…

And when you’re ready to get this holiday in gear…

Alrighty, Happy Thanksgiving, friendlies!!!  I gotta say one last cheesy thing… I’m thankful for a lot of things, but one of the biggest is all of you.  Thank you for being such cool readers and encouraging my no holds barred weirdness.  You guys mean more to me than you know.

Now go eat.

I do have one question, actually.  For what are YOU thankful?  I’d love to hear it, no matter how corny you may think it is.

xoxo!  - Alison

Heather Scharf Photography and Tessa Kim are members of Vendor Love.  You can explore more of Heather Scharf Photography and Tessa Kim in our guide.

Submission credits, from top: 

Lead: A Photo by Ashley / 1-2: Heather Scharf Photography / 3: DSMeeBee / 4-5: Styling & Coordination: Urban Style the wedding network, Photography: Siegel Thurston Photography, Floral & Decor: Camellia Wedding Flowers, Restaurant: Sessions Public, Menus, Tags, Invitation: Paper Scissors Print, Headpiece: Tessa Kim – White Flower, Hair: Amanda Moore, Goblets,Chairs: Pow Wow Vintage Rentals, Dessert Table: Tailored Sweets, Chargers + Napkins + Candle Sticks: White Wedding Day Events, Shoes Worn by Bride to Be: Disco Toes, All Jewelry on women: Mimi & Lu, Brown Cocktail Dress worn by Bride to Be: The Bridesmaid Boutique, Carried by all women: Cady Briar Handbags, Videography: Classic Filmworks / 6: Love Light Images / 7-8: Kisa Koenig Photography

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Love all of this...


  1. Sofia e André on November 24, 2011

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!!

  2. Alison on November 24, 2011

    Sofia & André – Thanks my precious poodles. Can’t wait for you know what!!! xxoo!

  3. Katie on November 25, 2011

    I am an English teacher in Brazil (so, yes, I missed Thanksgiving this year! *tear*) and this year I’m thankful for my students! No matter what kind of day I’m having they always cheer me up and put me in a better mood!

  4. Alison on November 25, 2011

    Katie – That’s absolutely lovely. I heart that! Thanks for being a teacher, by the way. Not to be excessively cheesy, but we’re thankful for people like you :) xx!


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