CYBER MONDAY DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS | Hope you’re looking for smart, chic ways to spend your cyber money. Because they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

OMFG DO YOU HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT??!!  Because I’m hearing through the grapevine (read: news) that people are fully occupying Cyber Monday with the entire contents of their wallets.  But the important question is: are you getting a good deal?  I hope you’re not dropping your Benjamins on that lawn mower you started eying on Friday for the first time ever because it was going to be 50% off.  Because you live in the city, Alison.  You don’t NEEEEEED a riding lawn mower.  Especially not if you’re going to have to pay Manhattan Storage a monthly fee to store it until you move to the suburbs.  Which if you have your way, won’t be happening for at least 25 more years.

Yeah, so don’t buy the lawn mower, Alison.  I come from a place of love.

OK, ANYWIZZLE, I scrounged up some really stellar deals and discounts for Cyber Monday, and I wanted to make sure y’all know about them.  Because these brands and these prices are insane.  Here, check it out…

First off, Emici Bridal has an awesome Cyber Monday sample sale going on, and it amounts to FREE shipping on everything through today if you use coupon code FREESHIP!

I must say, I’m surprised she’s discounting these things.  She’s so successful without the need for sales, so this must simply be her act of kindness for the day?  Whatever it is, go to there and capitalize.  You’ve seen the Mini Catala Flower Bouquet in Orange Crush up in the lead image of this post, and here’s the Seattle Bouquet and the Lana Gemstone and Rhinestone Beaded Black and Ivory Silk Cuff - all options in Marie’s Sample Sale category, just to show you a taste of what’s to be had:

Next up, LuLu*s has some really great deals going on over in their Cyber Monday category.  I love LuLu*s and always dig their s**t.  Totally affordable and fun.  Capitalize, friends.  Some of these dresses would make the loveliest bridesmaids dresses!

LOVE this simple, modern frock…

And now for a few florals and prints…

And now the block prints…

Valencia Squeeze Orange Dress + Lucille Ball Polka Dot Dress + A+ Navy Blue Dress + Family Reunion Navy Blue Dress + Tulle Hollywood Premiere Black Dress + Historic 101 One Shoulder Floral Dress + Big Sky Country Floral Blue Maxi Dress Tropical Delicious Coral Dress

And next we have Stella Bella Invitations!  For Cyber Monday, she’s offering customers of her etsy shop 10% off, with the use of promo code CYBER10.  So get buyin’, peoples!  If you’re in the market for paper goods, she’s a DELIGHT to work with.  That’s like SO important in my book.

Oh, and personally, I’m really into this chevron print.  I mean, I guess me and the whole world, at the moment.

Tessa Kim is offering amazeballs savings and all you have to do to receive your discount code is “Like” their Facebook page, and then once you’re on Tessa Kim’s page, visit the “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” tab over to your left and BAM you’ve got the ability to get 35% off the entire store.  HOLY CRAP.  Seriously.

I mean look.  LOOK at this stuff.

Shot by Candice Benjamin, these images are what dreams are made of.  I want to walk around in my underwear with these delicate pieces on my head.  I feel like adding anything from my closet to an ensemble involving a Tessa Kim piece would devalue the overall look.

Not that my naked body would be the best case scenario ensemble.

Umm, alrighty, real wedding coming up, and it’s effing GREATNESS.  But for now, happy smart shopping day! :)

xoxo!  - Alison

Emici Bridal and LuLu*s are both sponsors of TKB.  Stella Bella InvitationsTessa Kim and Candice Benjamin Photography are members of Vendor Love, TKB’s preferred vendor guide.

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Love all of this...


  1. The Perfect Palette on November 28, 2011

    amazing deals. love it…

  2. Lena on November 28, 2011

    Call me crazy, but I have no more shopping to do. As in, I didn’t lose it this weekend, I lost it in JULY. But I could absolutely talk myself into a treat…

  3. Ashley on November 28, 2011

    Love everything!

  4. Evening Dresses on April 25, 2013

    So fabulous!


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