OH, HOW PINTERESTING… | Second Installment of My Fave Finds While Wasting Ti- I MEAN WORKING, DOING FIELD RESEARCH. Also, “Secretly Pregnant,” TLC?

Hey so real quick first – guess what I just turned to owne tha teeluhhveeshun?  No really, please- please guess.

“Secretly Pregnant.”

I’m watching “Secretly Pregnant,” a show about girls who are secretly handling the task of pregnancy.

There is a show called SECRETLY PREGNANT.  On OUR TELEVISIONS.  This is happening!  WTF????  Aright sorry, it’s just, WTF?

Oh another real quick thing, I need to take a second here for a note to self before I begin – if I force myself to write it down somewhere I’m more likely to do it.  Thanks; ok -

Alison: Look in the mirror by the door before leaving the apartment on poppy seed bagel days.

Ok, let’s start.  Happy Wednesday evening, friendsicles!

Hey so if anyone was wondering what Honey and I discuss during the workday…

I present to you below, the answer, my fair maidens.

the bear is why i sent it to you. i have no idea what is going on though.
me:  is that a tiny stinger penis?
Honey:  that’s just matted fur from pounding his mate
me:  hahah
Honey:  i’m buying you this: zazzle.com/i_like_bears_tshirt-235404556379737103
me:  he has bambino’s eyes i like it
me:  you’re very good at finding bear things on the internet

*Update: I checked out thingsbearslove.com and – I’m dying.  I’m dying.

In other news, back by popular demand: pinnnnnnnnns I found!  Ohhhh look at us, we’re all excited and everything.  How adorable are we!!!  Oh-it’s just-it’s me?  Just, just me? who’s all excited?  Oh-ohh, ok I see.  Yes, I see.

Pin - pinned by Ez of Creature Comforts, these DIY brass tack baubles by Fellow Fellow are mothereffing AWESOMETOWN.

Pin - another pin by Ez, this sparkly Christmastime styling inspiration gallery over on Style Me Pretty is something I remember seeing last year-ish, and I’m just so truly, deeply glad Ez brought it back into my facial area so I could find it again and share it here with you.  How great is this?

I like how the glittery chipmunk ↑ is warming his hands by the fire.  Nice touch.  Unless I’m just making it up because my mind works like a cartoon.

Yup, I understand – you can go over there and check out all that inspo.  It’s pretty spectacular.  I’ll see you back here in a few, hopefully. ;)  FYI, it’s called the Kate Spade Holiday Shoot, was styled by Styled Creative, and was shot by Alison Conkilin.

Pin - DIY ideas for foil baking cups via Hey Look.  Also a longtime resident of AWESOMETOWN.

I noticed that Fellow Fellow mentioned Hey Look on their blog, too, as I was obsessively scrolling through it.  So yeah, obvs. Hey Look is kind of a big deal.  Good stuff.  Really creative.  You should totally check it out.

Pin – You know, as I look at what isanother great by Lizzie & Isaiah

… it conjures some beautiful memories of the last time I blogged a Lionel Ritchie related thing.

Well played, Etsy shop who’s selling this.

Then there’s this amazeberries DIY by Fellow Fellow involving pretty strips and mason jars, and makin’ those mothereffers into the prettiest little votives you evah seen IN YO LIFE, SON.  And so, clearly, I couldn’t NOT show it to you guys.

I happened to find it organically, but I saw in my pin stream that my girl Chandra of Oh Lovely Day pinned that ish, too, so I wanted to give her a shout out.  We have very similar taste.  Aka, we have great taste.  Also, Chandra – really dying to know how the Muppet movie goes.  I assume AMAZINGLY?  Probably safe assumption but I still look forward to hearing your take.

Aaaaaaaand now that I just talked about muppets I found this pin.  HAHAAH love it, Bakerella.  Brava.

Beaker was always my favorite for some reason.  I guess I’ll never know.

I’m not sure how I came upon this chalkboard-magnetic-memo-stand-selling shop but the point is I DID, and now there’s a chalkboard magnetic memo stand right in front of your face and you’re happy about it.  I have a tiny feeling that Lizzie might have pinned this, maybe.  Lizzie, did you pin this?

Just so aesthetically pleasing.  Soooo.  Pleasing.  You can own this badboy if you visit the Wanderlust (OMG I LOVE THE NAME, TOO).

Pin – DYYYYYING over this glittery teaspoon set and I have NO IDEA WHY.  You can’t use them?!!!  But they’re just so LOOK, PRETTY, WANT and everything.

Omigod you guys I just checked and you CAN, you CAN YOU USE THEM!!!!  For eating and stuff!

Any favorites?  Lemme know, I live for your feedback.  HAHAHAHAHH but seriously.

xoxo!  - Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press on November 30, 2011

    Oh. my. goodness. I didn’t think the pregnancy reality shows could get any more out there after “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and then I caught “Secretly Pregnant” the other day. That show is outta control. Completely.

    Annnyway- pretty pins lady! I LOVE the mason jar/fabric DIY, too pretty!

  2. Shannon on November 30, 2011

    This is one of my favorite posts ever. I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with Beaker and the bears. My husband does a mean Beaker impression (oh, the things that bring me joy), and I am just about dying over the bear thing because just this week I discovered this gem: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/wallpaper/photography/photos/visions-of-earth-wallpapers/bear-stretching-finland/

  3. Alison on November 30, 2011

    Jenna – Thank you! And yeah, it’s pretty redonk with all the pregnancy-based shows. I’m waiting for “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant: Ice Road Truckers” Edition to come out.

    Because it will. Oh yes… it will.

    Shannon – OMFG that Nat’l Geo bear you linked to. OMFG. Best thing ever. Ever. ever ever ever.

  4. lizzie on November 30, 2011

    FIRST. I DID pin that awesome chalkboard thing – but you may have found it elsewhere. She has some shit too cute to be kept off of Pinterest.

    SECOND. Love the bears conversation. You guys are adorable.

    THIRD. THAT LIONEL RITCHIE TEAPOT MADE ME LOSE IT. Supposedly, according to Klout, I’m influential about Lionel Ritchie. No shit. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned his name once, but, you know…Klout knows all, so.

    Loving your Pinterest roundups, lady.

  5. Nikki on November 30, 2011

    Dying over that black French manicure, WANT. NOW!

    Loving the Oatmeal – I think I just got lost in an oatmeal wormhole. Pug comic plz?!

  6. Elizabeth on November 30, 2011

    GLITTERY SPOONS! Definitely the glittery spoons have stolen my heart the way no man could (kidding… kinda). Also, I’m dying over the Lionel Ritchie greatness that has been appearing everywhere recently! Great post!

  7. Alison on November 30, 2011

    Lizzie – Yes! I knew it :) That makes me feel a little better about the capabilities of my memory – which are very limited, btw.


    Nikki – oh no, I think I’m lost! Which black french manicure, do tell! I’m like dying to see this, now :)

    Elizabeth – no no, I fully get that about the glittery spoons. ;) Thanks for the love! :)

  8. emily on December 1, 2011

    glittery spoons sold out booooooo i want i want i want. they are so shiny.

  9. bridal girl on December 1, 2011

    I haven’t seen that show, but I will search for it after a while. All the finds in here are totally awesome. The spoons made me laugh. Talk about born with a gold and silver spoon!

  10. Alison on December 1, 2011

    Emily – Seriously, I was all about getting them, too and then I noticed they sold out and I was like CRAPBALLS. Hopefully they’ll restock soon!!

    bridal girl – lol, the show’s really worth your time. Take it from me. ;)

  11. aurea @ pricewise events on December 1, 2011

    The mason jar DIY is really cool and very pretty. :) And I am in love with the glittering spoons, too! OMG!

  12. Annie H on December 1, 2011

    The fact that muppets are making their righteous comeback makes me about 16 different kinds of happy.

    Also…is it me or is there a HUGE glitter trend taking the world by storm? Shoes, spoons, nails, dresses face. It’s everywhere! Yet another example of my childhood being relived. Glitter when on everything!

  13. Alison on December 1, 2011

    Aurea – Yeah, don’t you love that mason jar DIY?! It’s so creative!! I HAVE to try it. I need to like, commit, to trying it. So worth it!

    Annie H – With you on the muppets. So. Happy. And yeah, glitter has been en fuego recently. Must be because it’s so pleasing to the eye. Makes styled photos that much more exciting :)

  14. francine on December 1, 2011

    glittery spoons ftw!!!! whyyyyy are they sold out?? my heart is breaking :( also, i caught about five minutes of “secretly pregnant” the other day and i am so glad it exists, haha :)

  15. Kathryn on December 1, 2011

    The spoons caught my eye, and then I immediately thought of what it would taste like to eat from them. And because I have ate glitter before (don’t ask) I can assure you those are impractical and not fun.

    But great wall art?

  16. invitation consultants on December 1, 2011

    GLITTER! I love it! It makes me think of that back to school commercial that Target had.


  17. gigi on December 1, 2011

    I LOVE the gold wrapping paper with the baking cups.
    GREAT idea!!!

  18. Kristine {In Love, Engaged} on December 1, 2011

    How come no one has mentioned that dog in a tutu?! OMG. Also, THANK YOU SHANNON for that amazing bear pic. Wtf? That bear is more flexible than I am!

  19. Jenna on December 1, 2011

    I watched that show too and was horribly disappointed. They’re not secretly pregnant really, it’s more like “I’m pregnant and I have a fucked up family”.

    It was just sad and not tawdry at all. Disappointment.

  20. Lena on December 1, 2011

    What is it about your curated pinterest posts I love so much?

    Oh right, everything.

  21. Nikki on December 3, 2011

    OMGEEE, I think I got lost in Pinterest world, thought I was still on your post, somehow managed to make it back to your post while not realizing I had left and then made a fool of myself. Oh my. THIS black manicure: http://pinterest.com/pin/291275456/


  22. Chris on December 3, 2011

    Love the little memo stand, thanks for sharing.

  23. Louise on September 9, 2012

    I love the dress with the silver sequins, really stunning. The glitter teaspoons are great!


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