DIY SUMMER WEDDING + OMG INSTAGRAM NEWS! | Laid-back, summertime shindig with metallic silver shoes and a couple destined to meet. | by Kisa Koenig Photography

Happy late Thursday peoples!

So, you’re saying *photos* are the orange part of my iphone memory, correct?

Yup.  That seems about right.  Certainly would explain why my phone takes an entire 1.7 seconds to do anything, ever.  HEY 1.7 SECONDS IS LIKE FOREVER THESE DAYS OK?!!!!  Whatever I didn’t ask you anyway.

Ok, if I’m honest, I have a habit of taking too many pictures of Bambino so it’s all my fault.  This intervention worthy?  Those seem like fun, low-pressure meetings from what I’ve seen on the Deeeep Deeeeeply Depressing Programming Network.  Or, A&E.

~ Interlude ~

Starting to think I should warn people before I keep talking about something with which some may not be familiar.  Ok, so if when I say “Instagram” you go, ”huh?”  And that this is what happens……

Old Man: “…. uhhh, hey honey – HONEY – what’s ‘Insta-gram.’

His Wife: “Whaaat?  Say again I couldn’t heah yah.”

Old Man: “INNN-STAAA-GERRAAAMM.  Kid’s talkin’ bout it on this hea blog ova heah, an’ I stahhted readin’ it when tha gran’kids got off the personal computah cause dayzz left it up heah.  Up on tha screen.”

His Wife: “…. oh.”

Old Man: “So do yah know it?  What it is?  IN-STAH-GRAM.”

His Wife: …….

Old Man: ……. Honey?  Do ya?

His Wife: “….. WHAAAT?  Say again I couldn’t heah.”

Old Dude: “So’kay sweet haahht.  Whatcha cookin’?”

Yeah so if that’s what unfolds, just skip down to where there’s a little pink flower part of the post, where the beautiful wedding I’m sharing today is, and forget about Instagram.

~ Interlude Has Concluded; Back to Post – Only People Familiar With Instagram Allowed Past This Point ~

Sooooooo… did you notice that the Instagram photo action going on above is seemingly spawned from what could most likely be the old school Instagram version, and not the after-the-update-Instagram version, which sucks?  WELL, that’s because SOMEHOW I GOT IT UPDATED TO SOME NEW-FANGLED SITUATION WHERE THIS HAPPENS!

If you know me on Twitter, you may have noticed my– well my *subtle complaints* about the worsened state of Instagram’s new filters and how distraught it made me… in the kind of way a person can be distraught when she is using a very awesome free app that has improved her life dramatically – on a shiny futuristic miniature hand-held people calling device, no less – and that she is lucky to have the, again free, app, but is choosing to find a way to be dissatisfied with some component of it even though again it’s free.

Thing is, much like the people who accidentally stumbled upon erection pills (aka, *let’s go ahead and masque that first-sign-of-a-much-bigger-illness limp dick’s sporting goods for ya* pills), I was going into the process in search of an older version, when I discovered this best-of-both-worlds-version, which by all accounts (mine, and… just mine) seems simply to be the latest version.  I can’t be certain that what led me to my current update is necessarily going to lead you there, as well, but I’ll tell you what- I updated my version to the latest and…

Schlemiel… Schlimazel… Hasenpfeffer INCORPORATED!

See how it has the frames again?  And how the photos aren’t jacked the eff up by processing, and instead, enhanced?

Ahhhhhhh.  Happy. :)

Okely dokely!  Next stop, Killer Wedding Station.  Please refrain from leaving your bags and/or children on the train, thank you.  Today’s beautiful wedding was submitted by the hella fantastic Kisa, of Kisa Koenig Photography.  And you wanna hear the coolest thing?  Kisa told me “Both the bride and groom grew up in Riverton, Wyoming, but met in Brooklyn where they live. They decided to come back west to have their wedding.


See, Attia and Jeremy got married, and not only do they totally get and expertly employ the “one fedora per crew at one time” rule, they are full-on happy-faced throughout their entire wedding day.  It’s as if they actually want to be together.  Whoa!  I’m being snarky but I have a crush on this couple and their dynamic.  You can tell they’re great together, and meant to be together, and I’m a big smile-on-your-wedding-day proponent so, I mean, open and shut case here.  (I simply don’t fully get the straight-faced-all-the-live-long-day-so-my-laugh-lines-don’t-show weddings.  Don’t you want to look like you were having at least a little fun that day, when you look back?  And show your kids?  Anyway that’s my piece.)  So I get to feature a gorgeous wedding, that happened outdoors, was shot by a stellar photographer, and involves a couple that’s totally in love and it shows.

Why do I get to have this job again?  Of sharing people’s love stories?  Because seriously this is just too good to be real.

Arighty, here’s the rundown from our gorgeous bride, Attia:

Jeremy and I both grew up in a rural Wyoming town, and now live in Brooklyn, NY. While we considered the convenience of a city hall wedding, the appeal of bringing together all the people from the different parts of our lives was too strong to pass up. We decided on a low-key ceremony and reception in the mountains of Wyoming, as well as a few weekend events to maximize our time with everyone.  

I can tell you about the invitations and the menu’s, about the custom koozie’s, the delicious peanut brittle that Jeremy’s mother labored over for favors, or about the family photos that we set out on the tables as our centerpieces. But while those things were fun, what really stole the show was the ridiculously fun crowd that we had celebrating with us.  

The Thursday before the wedding, there was a bbq so that everyone could meet and get to know each other, and enjoy the beautiful Wyoming night. You know the kind of party where you have to work to introduce people and get things started? Yeah, that wasn’t this party. People walked into the huge back yard and immediately mingled. They partied like they’d known these people all of their lives, and that’s how it felt – like it was a group of friends from years ago. That night’s coda was an impromptu fireworks show that a friend had planned as a surprise, complete with sparklers for everyone to hold.  

Friday was a hike, and that night brought our rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner remains one of the shining points of the experience. We in our favorite local bar in Lander, WY, with some of the most hilarious, brilliant, and lovely people that we’ve known across the many moments of our lives. We ate too much food. We drank locally brewed beer. A live band played downstairs, and people chatted, laughed, and made new best friends. At least one Lander Bar t-shirt was purchased as a gift for a new buddy, and discussions about Queens accents and Wyoming bison could be overheard.  

Saturday, our rock star bridal party helped us decorate the location that we’d chosen for the day. The Sinks Canyon State Park outside of Lander, WY, has long been one of our favorite spots, and we were thrilled to be there. It was a beautiful day with an endless blue sky, and people arrived early to take advantage of the pre-ceremony cocktail hour and lawn games. The ceremony was performed by a close friend, and the reception was even more perfect that we would’ve hoped. Everyone played games, ate, drank, and danced up a storm. The whole experience was capped off at the after party by a surprise ukulele song by my dear friend and bridesmaid. Love was in the air.

Now, enjoy!

This group is very active at pose striking. :)


“What ah YOU lookin’ at.”

Hehe.  Sigh.  Yes, there’s nothing like a kiddo in shades to close a blog post.  No sir ree Bob there is not.

omg.  I almost forgot a puppy update!  I really owe you guys one of these on the blog, it’s been a while.  This one’s short, but I’ve got some coming soon that I’m weirdly very excited about sharing – compilation/storytelling ones, like back in the beginning. ;)

K here it is, a moment in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants III, Esquire…

“yeah? what is it–you woke me up.”


I’d love to know what you think of today’s wedding.  I’m of the mindset that it’s fantasticness.  I mean it’s just so cool when you can like, feel the love through the screen.  AMIRITE?  They seem like to perfect pair.

And I’d love to know if you’ve heard about the instagram update, or if I’m some anomaly or whatever.

Kindly lemme know your thoughts, friendlies.  Really, about anything.  :)

xoxo!  - Alison

Photography: Kisa Koenig Photography / Submitted via: Two Bright Lights / Caterer: Gourmet Catering/ Floral Designer: Woodwards IGA / Reception Venue: Sinks Canyon Center / Dress Designer: Nicole Miller / Cake Designer: Alice Gantenbein / DJ: Rocky Mountain Sound and Light / Ceremony Location: Sinks Canyon Center

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Love all of this...


  1. Joy Lackey on December 8, 2011

    Yeah…URITE! Awesome wedding…love the casual air…wedding party looked like they were actually having fun *gasp* and the setting was 2diefor. Also, the chick in the cowboy boots dancing her a## off? Wonderful. Great blog, Alison…I enjoy it regularily. Hugs to you and Msr. Bambino….

  2. Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} on December 8, 2011

    This is so precious. So down to earth, and simply happy. That’s what it’s about, right?

    I love how they did everything. Makes me glad to be part of this DIY wedding world. Love what I do. Love what they did.

  3. Alison on December 8, 2011

    Joy – Wow, thank you so much! I truly appreciate the kind words, truly!! And I LOVE the dance moves, too. One of my personal fave parts of a wedding :) xx!

    Stephanie – Exactly. Exactly what it’s about. Gotta love it. :)

  4. Mindy on December 9, 2011

    Pinwheel cake, yes yes yes!

    And my Instagram still sucks. The updates don’t work with my oldass iphone. The upgrade works with my iPad – which has an awful camera. MY LIFE IS HARD.

  5. Alison on December 9, 2011

    Mindy – I know!!! The pinwheels are so cute! Also, LOL. :) xx!

  6. Jade on December 9, 2011

    So fun and everyone looks so happy! And they are one of the cutest couples I’ve seen!

  7. gigi on December 9, 2011

    Everyone looks so happy at this wedding. Not just the bride and groom. One good time had by all.
    Love that Bambino.

  8. Ruth on December 9, 2011

    I seem to have some boutonniere thing going on right now ’cause they are a detail that keeps catching my eye – and these ones are stunning! Love the bouquets too mind you, and the sandals are pretty gorgeous as well – in short, a fabulous wedding :)

  9. Lena on December 9, 2011

    Homigod, that short hair. That SHORT HAIR. I am feeling the itch to get to the nearest credible salon where they will tell me I cannot, should not shear myself, but I WANT TO BECAUSE OF THAT HAIR.

    And then the jaunty birdcage veil? I’m dying. Bambs, come comfort me in my final moments.

  10. Nikki on December 11, 2011

    @mindy – Gotta love those first world problems ;)

  11. nora on December 13, 2011

    We were watching “2 Broke Girls” and there was an Instagram joke. My BF laughed, paused, and then asked what Instagram is. First world problems when you don’t have an Iphone and know the joy of Instagram!

  12. Barn Weddings on December 17, 2011

    Lovely captures! I’m really inspired. :D

  13. Linda at Cedarwood Weddings on February 29, 2012

    Love the wedding colors and vibe…makes us wish we were there too. Any you make us smile. Always.

  14. Alexandr Marynkin on March 6, 2012

    Wow, very interest work!


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