DIY RUSTIC FARM WEDDING WITH RUFFLE CAKE, MINT GOWNS, SUCCULENTS & PIGLETS | Also: Bambino Outsmarts Me, and One Mega Embarrassing Fashion Fail. | Photography by Amanda of Boro Creative Visions

Happy Friday afternoon, bubelahs!  Welcome to post number two today.

Now, I know you’re looking at those mint dresses and the ruffly shoes and everything and you’re probably thinking, “whoa, this wedding is Alison’s baaaag.  She is probably freaking. out. over this wedding.  Crap, I bet this is going to be the longest post in the history of Alison posts!”

And yes normally that is how I would react to a wedding like this, and you are right to think I should have a lot of loving words to say about it.  But the problem is, I find it incredibly hard to write and to orgasm at the same time, so I’m actually going to be keeping it quite brief, as posts go.

Amanda Borozinski of Boro Creative Visions submitted this numba one stunna to the blog and I’m tellin’ ya, seriously I AM TELLIN. YA. it is a home run in the romantic and tasteful departments.  The ruffle department, too.  Also, the succulent department – a key department for me, as many of you know.

Prepare to climax along with me… I think I’m up for another one – though since it’s the second time around mine will be slightly lesser in strength for the effort expended.  And thus, a let down.  But hey, it’s still worth it if you’ve got it in ya.  Is what I say.  Until whoa whoa WHOAAA OK I’M GOOD THAT’S ENOUGH.

Here, my friends, I’ll let our gorgeous bride Danielle tell the story:

When it came to our wedding day Jesse and I knew that we wanted to have the ceremony outdoors and we wanted it to have a laid back feel. When I started out on my wedding planning, I came across a photo of a reception in a barn and I fell in love with the simple, rustic elegance. We had been going to the Red Apple Farm since we were kids to pick apples, and it was located right in our home town in Central Massachusetts, which made it even more special to us. With the barn and the acres of old apple trees, we knew it would be perfect!

For our DIY wedding we went to yard sales, antique shops and flea markets to collect mason jars, antique bottles and old advertising tins – pretty much anything old and rustic that wouldn’t break our budget. We wanted our decor to be a reflection of us, but to also fit with the farm scenery. The ‘Will U Marry Me’ carved into the piece of driftwood was how Jesse proposed to me so we knew we wanted that to be part of our wedding day. My husband was very involved in the wedding process and was so helpful. He’s a tattoo artist and a painter and is naturally creative. The wedding signs, wood centerpieces, invitations were all made and designed by him. We painted wood planks for the ceremony seating and borrowed the hay from the farm. The apple butter favors were made by the Bauman Family and I cut fabric squares to top the apple butters and tied on a heart tag with twine. Almost everything was a DIY project or we had help from friends and family. A dear friend of the family officiated the ceremony, and our friend Ray was kind enough to sing “You are the Best Thing,” by Ray LaMontagne and “She is Love,” by Parachutes as my bridesmaids and I walked down the aisle.

The most special and memorable moment for us was when we got to tell each other our vows that we had written for each other in front of our friends and family. It was so amazing to see all of our projects, ideas and collecting come together so wonderfully for our rustic apple farm wedding. If I had to give any advice to future brides planning a wedding, it would be not to get caught up in what is trendy or think your wedding has to be a certain way. There is a lot of wonderful inspiration out there with wedding blogs and magazines but it can be overwhelming. I think it’s important to remember what the day is about; you and your groom. Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and what is important to you. Happy planning!

Ok, I’m sorry, but I want you guys to see that moment up there on the right super up close and personal.  Because it’s just too damn cute and special and emotional and adorable and perfect not to:

How cute is she???!!!! ↑

This cake?  It’s so perfect I don’t want anyone to eat it.  So since I run things here, I won’t be sharing any images of anyone taking an ax (axe?) to it and then dining on its innards.  Because cakes this beautiful must exist into infinity for me.  Or something.  It’s Friday, I’m sick, I’m a little loopy.  So what, who cares.

↑ THAT’S what it’s all about.  AMIRITE?


It’s Fashion Fail Tiempo.  And for today’s inaugural Fail, we have a young lady on the Ellen Show who’s lucky she’s got a great tushie…

This happened to Sofia Vergara recently, too.  Ladies, always remember, tights are never as thick as you think they are.


I now present, your Friday installment of a Day in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants…

Today, Bambino stars in, “GIMME MY TENNIE WOMAN”

Turned out to be a long post after all, heh.  Look at that.  Funny how that happens EVERY TIME.

So, my dears, please tell me…

1. Are you digging this wedding?  Any specific details?  Personally, I’m hopelessly in love with her bridesmaids’ dresses.  The color seems to me a vintage mint, if that makes sense.  LOVE.  And her tats, they are KILLIN’ ME in the best way.

2. Regarding the Black Tights Fail… it seems impossible not to know that your tushie is on display when you leave the house.  I know they say it’s the lighting/flash but you must have had doubts during the outfit-trying-on-stage.  Have you ever made a fashion faux-pas?

3. Happy Friday my loves!  Kissin’ ya faces!  Not a question, just a statement.

xoxo!  - Alison

Photography: Amanda Borozinski/Boro Creative Visions / Flowers: Brooks McMannis / Ceremony/Reception Location: The Red Apple Farm / Wedding Dress:  Bridal Heirlooms/Maggie Sottero / Bridesmaids Dresses: Netbride/Bari Jay / Apple Butter: The Bauman Family

Label(s): Color, Green, Mr. McPuppyPants, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. Megan on December 16, 2011

    I loove your posts! This wedding just put a smile on my face…seeing the Bride look at her man in what was, I am sure, the most spectacular moment!! AAAAAnd your puppy really makes me smile :)

  2. Dina on December 17, 2011

    Stop checking out her ass, Alison.

    And yes, amazing wedding. And my McPup is pretty increds as usual.

  3. Barn Weddings on December 17, 2011

    Really cute! Love that dog. :D

  4. Casey on December 17, 2011

    Beautiful – I’ve really started to appreciate a simple, gorgeous cake if that makes sense. Nothing too overdone and I love the one here. Of course I love her tats and makeup – so pretty!!

    And nice trick, pup!!

  5. Emily on December 17, 2011

    I love how you make me laugh every single day. :) i think this might be my new favorite post. There’s Bambino being adorable as ever, a fashion fail that I see too often in real life (tights are not pants!) AND the perfect rustic wedding of my dreams?! And I cannot get over how beautiful the bride looks. She looks so happy! And her tats are beautiful too. And that CAKE!!!!! And everything else about this wedding for that matter. I’m pretty sure I love it all. I’m going to stop yapping now.

    I’m most obsessed with the color of those bridesmaid dresses. I wonder if anyone can tell me where they’re from? Thanks!

  6. Lena on December 17, 2011

    HOLY WEDDING OF HEAVEN. Seriously, the mint and the ruffles and that gorg bride and her badass tats and that sweet groom who was all, “Okay, let’s go to that flea market to score a few more teacups”. He’s my hero.

  7. The Blind Bride on December 17, 2011

    Loving the branch holder for the table assignments. And the tree cross section for the cake stand!

  8. Ashlee Raubach Photography on December 20, 2011

    This is unbelievable!! Absolutely in love with the colors and the location! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Sofia {Brancoprata} on December 20, 2011

    That cake is adorable!!!!

  10. nora on December 22, 2011

    Love MA weddings!! Or New England in general so I can stalk out venues or live vicariously through them! :)

  11. My Wed Deal on December 22, 2011

    Love love love it all, beautiful colors, beautiful couple, beautiful cake..

  12. gigi on December 26, 2011

    I truly love that last photo of that beautiful older couple embracing. You’re absolutely right; it’s what it’s all about after all is said and done. This is why I love your blog! xo :)

  13. JoyHey on January 20, 2012

    Wonderfully captured. So inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Courtney on August 13, 2012

    Beautiful wedding! Can you tell me where you bought your bridal shoes? I absolutely love them!

  15. Danielle on September 26, 2012

    @ Courntey, I got them from Zappos but I doubt they still have them- I got them a while ago. They are called Randall by Badgley Mischka if that helps.


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